Night Routine (guided meditation in Portuguese with English Subtitles)

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Evening Routine
Guided Meditation by Fatima Teixeira Gratitude for my day for the things that made me feel happy for the challenges that made me grow for the insights that made me move forward Gratitude for the people I came across for the hugs I exchanged and the smiles that I shared Gratitude for the love, kindness and health in my life Special thanks for the people I love the work the friends the money I continually receive I am especially grateful for the abundance of good things in my life and the constant positive thoughts in my mind thanks in particular for feeling such a grateful person. Now I will have a calm night my body will relax and regain energy My mind is calm able to rearrange events and ideas
in a relaxed and positive way and I detach from all that is not positive for my rest my body is as calm as
the lake in the middle of the mountains and I breathe in goodness and breathe out peace I fall asleep with a very pure positive energy each moment while I sleep is spent in perfect harmony and while I sleep, I attract what I desire because what I need is coming to me I will wake up exactly at … at that time I will wake up naturally feeling full of energy and motivation to start the day I will wake up with a lot of energy and I will wake up wanting to meditate and I will wake up happy I always wake up with a strong sense of love because love is my nature


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