NOTION: The Gamification Project


Hello everyone and welcome back to keep productive YouTube channel, it is Francesco here and in today’s video We are very lucky to be joined by Konrad Lynn Who is the co-founder of thin trucks? He also has been working very very hard of last couple weeks on the gamification project which sounds really exciting and it very much is What we’re doing today in this video is we’re gonna be looking into how he is enabled Gamification inside of notion and how you can get started with that and in our second video. We’re actually gonna be touring his account So it’s gonna be quite exciting Konrad how are you doing? Thank You Francesco I’m doing well. Thank you for having me. Yeah. No, it’s great. It’s gonna be really fun and Like you said, it was cold over there, right? Yeah, I’m currently in my hometown in Toronto. I’m usually based on a Singapore and Yeah, this I’m back for the holidays and it’s been a part of a temperature shift for me Yeah, I mean, we’re both wearing Jumbo’s like I think I feel like Toronto is gonna be a lot colder than it is here But I’m wearing a second per which It’s the season definitely. Yeah Definitely, so maybe for those who are totally new to the gamification won’t be been doing Maybe a bit of a if I missed anything in terms of like your bio in terms of filling in the gaps Yeah, so I’ll do a short introduction. My name is Conrad as Francesco has pointed out and I’m an entrepreneur That’s very passionate about building mixed generational solutions by leveraging on smart technologies I normally dedicate my efforts towards initiatives that impact the world positively and benefit the global community As the co-founder of in trucks network recently named by CNBC as the world’s top 100. Most promising startups in 2019 I think on many roles and manage multiple global teams to deliver the results in the short amount of time So I’m always constantly looking to team up with innovators equally passionate about tackling global Challenges and unleashing breakthroughs through co-creation collaboration and community and the most recent challenge of my mind is how can we create a sustainable? Structure in which the human brain is self-motivated to accomplish much more in the limited time we have every day Wow, that’s a good mission That’s a strong mission Um, so yeah You’ve been working obviously hard on The gamification side of notion now see this project say maybe for those who are totally new to it Can you give us a short introduction to it? yeah, so the whole idea of gamification is that you know for Every action that you do in your everyday Should be gamified with good behaviors reliably rewarded and bad behaviors reliably disincentivized this can be achieved by introducing concepts found in gaming of experience points and gold rewards and the importance of this is that You have to teach your brain to learn how to learn It’s very obvious Especially when you go and do meditation for example is that we don’t have full control over our brains and every day we come up with little You know bits and pieces of motivation to spur us into doing something productive For example, we might tell ourselves after we do this productor thing. We might get some ice cream We might get to go to the movies We might go out with her friends so many things that you put to your mind to you know Kind of goaded into doing the things he wants to do the things, you know, you should be doing to be as productive as possible Now the gamification project is a template that I created that increases productivity by building gamification into your everyday life Awarding experience points and gold rewards as you successfully accomplished milestones throughout your day Additionally, I further boost your productivity by enabling live leaderboard functionalities So it promotes friendly competitions between your friends family and community. Oh It’s gonna be exciting. I’m gonna get this sort of dig a bit deeper So maybe we can jump over to your demo and sort of roll into this. Obviously. Yes There’s there’s lots of like different apps out there that I know of like habit RPG but I think as you said we were talking before like a lot of people like the notion side of things like having You know the graphical interfaces. You said a notion. It’s like Attractive say I think this gonna be quite cool Yeah, well I mean the idea is that there’s always been a few great applications out there that has been trying to gamify habits goals Achievements you mentioned, you know hepatica, you know, some other apps like that But there always has some sort of constraints when it came to the reality of the work We wanted to accomplish from day by day basis So why I really wanted to do was to create my own application where everyone can have full control over the customization? Enabling features to be added and shared at any time So the beauty of this template which is built on notion is that is a hundred percent customizable You can choose which milestones awarding points are gold and how much to award at a time you can also choose how much you want to penalize yourself for missing deadlines and Inversely how much you reward yourself for closing tasks early and you can choose to reward yourself a component completing 70% of all the routine habit building class you want to accomplish today? Or you can reward yourself only when you keep complete 100% It’s all up to you So that’s the beauty of what the gamification project can do inside notion. Yeah I mean you’re gonna Ventricle, you’re gonna build me a little like profile, right? So All right, so I’m gonna share my screen now and let’s see it how we can Walk through this lovely so you can access this template by just going to the link I’m sure Francesco will show it on the screen right now Somewhere in the description as well, but Essentially what it is. It’s just a one-page Template that has a bunch of embedded databases within and you see that right here I have something called the hero’s leaderboard and for examples sake I have two avatars First one is my avatar, which I privatized on my data But of course there’s also your avatar here Which is the first avatar that I’ve set up for you to get started very easily once you’ve duplicated the page The steps on how to get started. It’s just right here above you can check it out like this I’ve already duplicated it on a brand new account just as a demonstration purposes, so I’ll get straight into it So for the example here is I’m gonna run through your avatar here. And then later on. I’ll be building a avatar Francesco here But the idea is that you have various tasks that are you know, pending throughout your week you may have five tasks you have ten tasks, but the View of the success plan here that the view of the database which you can build inside notion Shows cases for me. All the tasks are going to be due from a week from now to today so for example If I wanted to set clear KPIs in the target date was December the third and let’s say I finished a progress to a hundred Percent and the closing date was today So I’m one day early and you see there’s a difficulty rating of three which means that I expected it to take three 25-minute chunks of time to complete and the 25-minute chunk is important because Psychologically wise you should not be concentrating on something more than 25 minutes at a time You should take a 25 minute, you know straight flow states of productivity. Take a 5-minute break Look outside, you know take a breather drink some coffee then get straight back into it So when I say three chunks of 25 minutes that’s why I mean you’re taking five minute breaks in between and if I change the status to Complete you’ll see that immediately jumps down to here in my recently completed which is just another view which I filter out Completes you see that I’m early by one day fantastic and if you notice up here, my exp actually goes up I’ve leveled up to level six from level five if you missed that I’ll do it right again So if I change that from in progress, I drop down to level five if I change this to completes a little up to level six So all the formulas are baked in and you can start immediately the second need to plate the template I can also go into some further detail about other aspects of gamification So let me also show another thing called upcoming key results So it’s very important for you to map out the outcomes that are related to your tasks your everyday tasks It’s for the visibility’s sake right? So you know that when you do your maybe sometimes menial and trivial tasks during the day You know that they’re actually relating towards a greater goal and a greater key results a greater outcome That comes at the end of the day So for me, for example I want to set measurable targets for life goals right unless I click it open and I say that it’s twenty-five percent It’s a hundred percent and I complete it today as well. And this one is two days early So if I finish this and I say my progress is complete you’ll see that it also jumps to my recently completed I’m early by two days and my level has gone up to seven now, and the levels will keep getting Incrementally harder by a factor of two. So the Experience the amounts for next level every time you level up but of course you can also set these by yourself However, your curve you want to be you want to have a handicap you want to have a harder time leveling up It’s all up to you. And that’s the flexibility. We’re building in here now for the third example, I’ll show you is habits and building habits is very important because if you don’t put together The list of the routines that you want to build into habits every day You might not do them and if you don’t even even miss one day it’s so detrimental to your habit building because you missed the momentum of How you want to continue proceeding throughout your day and building those strong tasks that you need to be? Accommodated in your life. So what I’ve done here is that When I say for example, I have an example of around 16 Habits, I want to complete every single day and I start checking them off You’ll notice that my avatar has keeps going up the EXP and now I’m not going to eight. It keeps going up It keeps going up. He’s going up and you also see that I have a formula here that checks how much percentage I’ve completed all my daily habits of the day and As mentioned before I’ve said it so that when I hit 70% of all my daily routines done I now get additional rewards which for me is in the form of gold earned And as I continue doing this, let’s say I fill this all out all the way You see that I have now gotten a star It makes me feel good about myself and I also get some additional gold earned. And of course the normal exp returns as well Another thing that’s really interesting about this and this just a bonus that I’ve added in is a reflection template So let’s say I create a new page and I call it December 2nd, 2019 Create this new page, and I open it up. You’ll see that if I set the date to today and let’s say I set a template I immediately populate this with some key questions I think are very important for you to ask once in the morning And once in the evening in the morning, you should figure out what you want to accomplish for that day one of the five things that are important for you to learn and grow and at the end of the day you want to recap To see if you really accomplished those five learnings And if not, then what could you have done better and on top of that? What have you might have done wrong during the days that you would definitely want to change in the future? I think this is a bit of very useful reflection that can help a lot in your daily planning and of course your daily productivity as well and Let’s say I add a cover here just to make things a bit look a bit nicer let’s add just you know some colors for example and I set my mood to you know, I was successful for example, and my effectiveness was five stars I borrowed that from Mary Pollan, by the way though if I scroll down I’ll see that for my last week, you know where all my Journal entries go and this is very important for you when you do your week and planning and you see that okay So my last week, maybe this was my mood overall. This was my effectiveness. What can I do better in the next week? So I can improve on top of that. So all this comes together into a very kind of a standardized way for you to take Notes of your life and be able to organize it and you know live better which is why I say that you know this Gamification project really was built for my friends family and community To motivate us to live our best life and hopefully inspire a global movement as well Yeah, that’s really wicked. I feel like everyone’s gonna be selling their Ps4s as we speak So they can get it set up. This is this is really awesome. And I’m just curiously in terms of like How long did it take you to build this entire set up? Because I can imagine it didn’t I wasn’t an overnight thing, right? I Think it was maybe three sessions in a row This worried about this was actually quite interesting. You know, I I’ve always had the idea of wanting to gamify my life I mean, I’m pretty sure of some childhood fantasy that I did live in an RPG world You know collecting XP and gold for things. I really hated to Do you know that my parents forced me to do that probably were good for me but I had no idea why or how right so Come I think around a month ago I had the opportunity to look into notion that bit more because I was setting some workspaces off for my team for my company and I realized that you know There was a potential for me to be able to set better. Ok ours for them and for those who don’t know ok ours means objectives and key results and you know, I was just Hypothesizing to see you know how this could all correlates with, you know, getting little bits of motivation throughout their day How can I make it so that people could feel motivated? To complete tasks that have been set up for them and of course How can they see this ability into how their work relates to a bigger picture because as we all know the biggest reason for interactivity Unprofitability. Sorry is that you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing It’s almost like you can see banging against a drum You know, you have no idea why or how so you know that kind of sparked the idea I spent a weekend looking into it and building it up. And then I presented the initial idea to some friends. They Live like this so much. They wanted to play around with it immediately So I think a few days after that I made a video about it And as you guys know I kind of exploded on Reddit and also our faces Here we are now and I’m very excited about the additional Roadmap as well because there’s just so many new ideas that you can do with this As I said notion is such a flexible and wonderful tool that It’s possible to build this above and beyond anything that you have seen on the market before and I’m be happy to explain a bit of the Implementation roadmap that’s been being planned out later on as well. Of course first we need to build francesco an avatar Yeah, let’s do this. Yeah Go on an avatar. Yeah, lovely lovely The there also, I think the thing that’s quite impressive about this Is that like even if somebody want in it because like one of the things people I think struggle with inside the notion is a task management aspect like some people don’t know how to build a task management aspect and this actually Pretty much does it for you in terms of like it’s a very bait it can be a very basic concept But then it weaves in this sort of gamification side that just get some going so could be good for people looking for to-do list experiences – yeah, I was talking to been laying the other day from the notion team of horse and I remarked that you know, one of the important aspects of any collaborative project such as this one is that it’s able to attract new users and I’m very passionate about being able to attract The community and bring together community and how we can all collaborate as best as we can and The important way to do that and this is something that Ben had said as well as that You know without a lot of good templates people just don’t know how to make sense of this app I think when I shared some of my setups on the Facebook group that you run francesco people were saying that you know I’m about to give up on the tool. It doesn’t seem as intuitive as I thought It’d be you know And there’s a lot of things that they were Struggling with and for me the answer is well If I can provide them with a template that’s intuitive and engaging and yet obvious in its benefits and easy to learn Well, that’s the winning factor right there and I see no reason why you should be scared of using something like this especially when the customization and the additional functionalities are just so much to be wanted and Again, it’s so excited about that. Yeah, I definitely Agree with you because like even when you see this like from a total newbie point of view you look at it And you sort of freak out you’re like what’s happening? But then when you when you go through you’re like, oh my god, this makes total sense. So it’s it’s sort of a no-brainer I love it. It’s really clean. So yeah, let’s run through this and I’ll set up a Avatar for you, and I’ll be following the steps as I’ve set them out in this page So I’m proving to everyone that it can be done just by following the instructions. That’s always something that people are worried about Hey, maybe you say it’s easy, but you know, I can’t do it So all the instructions I’ve taken the care to notice how all the formulas that matter in this document in this Template so if you do change something, you know what to change in where to changes So hopefully that helps you all as well, but let’s get started first. So for example your avatar here. I’m going to click this I’m going to duplicate it first step. Very very simple. Now. I’m going to change the name. Let’s call that Francesco See Am I typing it? Oh, it’s lagging me a little bit Lovely, okay Perfect. I’m going to change the cover to a picture. That’s I just got I’m gonna be terrifyingly big haha right here and then Perfect. So what you have to do first is you have to duplicate these templates for every new avatar unless you want to Share the same success plan and daily routines as your spouse Probably you don’t want a new one. So what you do is I’d highlight all these three just for the example So let’s highlight all these three. I’m going to duplicate this and Let’s just move it into a new space just so that it’s a bit Organized here. Let’s add a divider and I’m going to rename all these in a second as well So let me open all these up and then I’ll show you what they look like and That’s the third one opened Lovely, so let’s call this Francesco D’Alessio, so how I say your last name? Yeah, that’s pretty good Good effort good effort right, right and then a as well and for good measure, I’m going to make this also FA so Just to recap I’ve done I’ve duplicated three databases and I’ve renamed them to FA Very simple. Now. There’s also one more step. We see something called master tags here So I’m going to also open up in a new tab Under master tags, you see that I have four for each avatar Essentially what it is is just four different ways. You can assign winds and each one has its own base exp basical that awards and of course these things can also be Completely customized as he wants right here in the formula. I’ll show you guys how to do that all later as well So you’ll see here is that I need to duplicate. So let me just also copy this and you see it’s very simple I’m just basically copy and pasting everything Let me um, let me to get this So now I have that and this copy of 5-minute tasks. So I’m gonna change that to FN a lovely and then I’m also going to change this one to F a and I’m going a bit slow here but you guys can definitely see how it could take even under a minute if you’re Quite adept at this and have used it for more than one time. So adding, you know your whole family to this It’s really no big deal at all. I think I was talking to a Christian Church and they want to add their entire 1000 people congregation to this That’s amazing. I’m quite Pleased about that. So, okay, so you see all the ones named FA I’m going to remove your avatar here from that one And the ones obviously for why I’m gonna keep your avatar here. So I’m just assigning the person that’s supposed to be a Sword it with this I can also Some just lift it up quickly. So this is suppose ey a this one supposed to be F a This one’s supposed to be F Y only this is FA This is quite good because people are gonna be able to do this well sir home as well So if you like do it you won’t actually do this now you pull out next to us and to the exactly Yeah say up. So I’m also going to do something here where I’m going to just copy over this stuff so because I so the one thing about an ocean is that’s quite nice to me is that so normally I hide so I if I opened this up You’ll see that I actually hide a bunch of stuff under here and the stuff that you would never know about, right? because in this view I hide all those columns, but when you duplicate a Database and has relations. It’ll actually open up another relation in here So it means that it saves me the trouble of having to do the relation again, which is wonderful honestly So you’ll see here is that this is related to you. Right? Wonderful. I’m also going to Just let make sure everything is proper FAS here. Why a is here This is fine. This copy of y8. This shouldn’t be here. So Make sure that’s cleaned up Why a shouldn’t be here either. So these are all why Eames this should all be cleared Okay, lovely so I’m gonna open this up and You see that I have a little like empty space is just to filter them out And of course, there’s a lot of improvements that can be made to a whole organization of this. This is just definitely an early No, I really look and feel and touch in the beta Sure, but I’m very excited about the upcoming refined versions as well that makes it more easy and intuitive to use um I think one of my friends is working on something where if we’re able to Have a question there Like a kind of onboarding questionnaire kind of look what notion does But we ask them what they want to achieve all this how many users they want, you know And we can automatically generate all the databases for them and all the templates for them as they need it So that’s another thing on the roadmap just to keep you guys interested, but that’s something interesting to us So I’m duplicating this so just to drag it down here just to have like a little divider for my visual Aesthetic reasons I’m going to clock on this down I’m going to call this An F a success plan tags, I’m gonna call this F a daily routines tags And you already see that I’m almost half done. Well, Alice has left you ask well, very easy So you see that I have two roll-ups here and two roll-ups here These are important roll-ups and these are the rollers that we’ll have to touch upon right now. So Let me show case this now. So F a also needs to get rid of this stuff here Okay, so I need to delete all this stuff and Also, let’s close all this stuff And the thing is once you once you to do this ground rule work, right? It becomes a lot easy to be able to manage because you don’t have to do it again, right? Yes, it’s just one time. That’s the beauty of it. So So which is why like I say if you’re just starting off as to one person. I mean go ahead use this. No problem But if you want to set up a new character, it would take me for five minutes Just five minutes to clear out everything make sure it works for you. That’s all it is Okay, so o is SS flat and what I’m doing right now is I’m just making sure that there’s no residual duplication information so for example everything in this Y column should be only dealt with Y a and everything in this F a column should only be dealt with F a and looks like it’s like that so far so I’m gonna hide these again and I’m gonna hide these again and Lovely, so let me just finish what I was showing casing here. So I’m gonna task so I have F a or a sorry F a Okay, I have two roll-ups. I’m just gonna finish those up real fast. So I’m gonna add a property Actually, let me just duplicate this property. It’ll be very easy. I’ll stick with this property. I’ll duplicate this property here as well I’m going to copy this over here a copy this over here. I’m also going to Duplicate this one here And to put this one here And right here and of course this is as complex as you wanted or as easy as you wanted honestly That’s definitely answer here but um I do hope that all the Documentation makes it as easy as possible people who do want to jump in and kind of kind of instill this rolling with it Want to punch kind of thing? No, this should go to the F a success plan. This should be the multiplier And again, I’m just showing you exactly if I’m just copying the above right? I see that I want to calculate the sum So I want the sum here. I think did that go to the why a success plan right that one Oh, this one went device with a your item. So FA success fine Lovely, and then this is going to be the multiplier and it’s going to be the sum, right? So you see there’s always already some calculation is happening, right? and again, if I do this is this is FA success find difficulty number and some so F is a Success plan and Difficulty number right here, and then I can also do to some right here So that’s already it all done. Next daily routines multiplier some you’ll see a pattern here so FA daily routines, I want to do the multiplier and I want to do the sum and next one is difficulty number and sum so FA daily routines difficulty number and some lovely, so let’s go back to this and We’ll see that we already have Francesco lovely, so you see it’s on private. Why is that well because you have to link it up so right now the tags that it’s linked to is only huge winds and big winds you want to link it to also your 5-minute tasks and your 25-minute tasks for FA and Once you link all that up, let’s see it all works out Alright, there’s a few there’s one more thing you have to do here So if you scroll down you see that I have a lot of code that essentially tells you what you need to change So this is when you want to change your XP earned the multiplier takes How much exp to the next level the total exp now if you want to add more? Avatars you need to add something here. This is the thing that you have to do, unfortunately At this moment you have to do that. So right here is a total XP. So this actually became kind of like a formula walkthrough Disclaimer there. Yeah. This is like notion advanced level 10 It’s sick okay, so what you see here and your eyes might burn by seeing this but let me just try to say is that if This if the character tests, it’s Conrad Then we would use Conrad’s multipliers and Conrad’s multipliers to add onto the base XP Otherwise if it’s you know your avatar here then we would do that’s why a success plan and then y8 daily routines Right, so it’s very simple here where we understand that now All we have to do is just add another one for Francesco’s, right? So let me show you that here and the beauty of it is that you change it once here everything else changes So what you have to do is just change the total exp and the total gold and then once you do that everything works So I mean just do this here and this one you might have to speed up a little different. Disco. Yes. I just yeah Yeah, you can do like a little skip video magic That’s it. It’s like Did you have ground falls in the UK in Singapore? No ground forces like a UK program, I think Don’t worry It’s like a gardening program. I don’t know why I watched it as a kid But they had this segment where they just sped it up Okay, so ELLs very easy, I just copied a paste that you saw that right, okay so all I have to do here is now change the name of the person so Your avatar here was there so now this one is Francesco Should I spell your name right? And then this is it’s my a this is FA, right? I’m gonna gave you just follow this in nature is so easy and I’m done. So plus that now you see I yeah Now I’m gonna do the exact same thing here, right? So I’m gonna copy just from the if statement and Then I’ll paste from the if statement and I’ll add another Bracket here. Oh, I’m sorry We undo that. I’ll redo that So I need copy from this if statement, I believe I need to Paste it back into here And I just add a bracket here lovely. So you’ll see that again. I just need to change this to Francesco And I have this SFA and I have this SFA and now I’m done now as gold fit Perfect. Now I go back you’ll see that I scroll up Francesco you are now level 9 congratulations Ivan even uh, nothing Good about yourself is good. So yes It is certainly so if you start now if you start implemented if you for example start adding tasks to success plan And start implementing the tags it all just starts flowing, right? Exactly. So for example, just remember your level here at level 9, right? Yeah, let’s say that now I’m also going to have you finished some tasks So yeah, let’s say that there’s something in progress up here There’s a key results You wanted to hold deep focus for 30 minutes on any task right chance at 100% You say you finished it today? You say the difficulty was a 5 or it took very long time for you. Yeah, and now I finish to complete Now you’ll see that you have bubbled. Yeah, I’ve got amore speed and level up though. This is the hard-ass you don’t know Yeah, let me also that we’re gonna work harder go work hard. I’m sorry about that Let’s see completed a goal and it goes a huge win, right? So yeah, all would actually get you alone unless you a lot of points. So let’s say this was a hundred percent and your goal It was today, for example Right and you closed it today and you finished to complete then that one definitely levels all I got me to 10 Yes, exactly. Oh my god Conrad how like like how do you even think this up like And to but like in a good way, it’s mental like hahaha. That’s so good. Yeah, I mean, how did you just go right? I’m good. I know the Statements because there is forming there aren’t easy today Yeah, I think it was a bit of this touch-and-go I do have some coding experience And you know what our past Workplaces as actually a company I still associate with quite closely now too is that they have a low code database platform where they can build mission-critical Database systems, they mostly geared towards banks and you know all and gas companies insurance companies but I had some experience of playing around with their application there and that definitely gave me some of the Basics for doing what I wanted to do here. Yeah. Oh so good and I said and if everyone watching along they can take advantage of the gamification template below cuz you guys can go and apply all that and if you watch this video or Conrad’s video like at the same time to like map it Then go and do say cuz yeah, oh my god, this is awesome. Oh Yeah, so I need to take the opportunity to yeah, where can people find you? Yeah So guys can definitely find me. Uh, let me just pull up my website here. Yeah this is also I Do like the to a lot so yeah, so this is my work-in-progress Website just for now But you can definitely find me at conrad lynn calm and you can see what I’ve been working on This is just a sample of what I just showed you there a video that I’ve made just to showcase How I’ll call put together, but of course this video is also very important as well And I also have a road map where I talk about what’s coming up next and what collaboration opportunities? Can be for everybody and that’s something very important to me actually because why I built this for you know It’s really just to get the ball rolling. I really want to see more collaboration From the community, you know when I first shared this template, I already had fantastic ideas pouring out You know from the woodwork people want to do so much Notion, but they didn’t know how and they wanted to work together on Something like this and of course, you know people have tried, you know life our junior life RPG I think and also have Attica and all those kind of apps but Really nothing compares with the ability to add your own tasks the way you want them assign values the way you want them and really the world is your oyster when it comes to this and If you don’t mind francesco, I could spend a little bit to talk about what’s coming up next Yes lovely, so What’s coming up next and of course the timeline needs to be updated but because we’ve already done a batch of events events Functionalities, that’s when we release really soon actually, but let’s talk about what’s happening now so we’re building tasks experience points to be rewarded toward specific traits, and this is really important because our Nowadays a lot of people Face a lot of uncertainty in your life, you know, they don’t know if they should tackle that next challenge in their life They don’t know if they should be you know Taking on new responsibilities and most common, you know My background is actually in neuroscience and psychology and when I was used to talk to patients the most common thing they would say is that I Don’t think I’m smart enough. I don’t think I’ve trained hard enough. I don’t think I know enough, you know to tackle this challenge That’s coming up in their lives And for this I say this is the answer if you can see clearly all the traits that you’re currently fighting towards, right? Let’s say it be strength mobility Exterior T intelligence, whatever have you that you want to, you know build towards your goals What if you can see exactly what you’ve done over the last year? Two years five years ten years for you to say that I am good at this And with that there is no excuse that you can’t fight that challenges in front of you so that’s something that’s very very passionate about I hope I don’t know if that comes across yeah Yeah, I I agree with you like yeah, it’s about taking you know, responsibilities and sort of pushing forward with them Exactly. Yeah, so I’ll breeze for the next ones Um, so, you know having bosses two fights essentially like the challenges I just talked about for the hero to visualize and beat their inner demons Gold spending for rewards right now. The goal isn’t really spent for anything, but we would have an item shop for guilty pleasures Maybe some corporate sponsors flags. I don’t know the, you know talking to a lot of people Achievements for leveling up having badges having level of rewards be able to break down wins per month quarter and shwoo lytx This is definitely something someone is working on right now They said that they’re trying to break down everything per quarter so they can see you know What kind of level ups they’ve done and then how they can see the progression of that enough? So maybe they level up only ten levels on last quarter but next quarter they want to do 20. For example. Yeah having negative reinforcement to build stronger habits So for example having incomplete items lower future rewards, so essentially putting a multiplier on things. So let’s say you’ve been Diligently hitting 80 percent of all your habits every single day also need miss one day. Like I said missing habits It’s really tough on your psyche. You should never do that Try to do all your habits if you miss that, then maybe you don’t earn as much rewards next time So that’s some kind of negative reinforcement I mean push notifications public recognition for accomplishments. We’re trying to build a newsfeed of Successes, so being able to epi out all the levels of everyone within the community So there’s a you know, sort of website that can show everyone, you know Someone levels up you all see it We all congratulate each other You know having a discord channel something like that Having automatic progress bar for upstream milestones as I complete this drunk stream items at the moment. Let’s say ice finish something downstream Let’s say, you know, I finished a task which relates to a project which then relates to a key results in a goal Right if I finished the task, it wouldn’t automatically finish everything else. You have to go in and do it So that’s something we’re trying to do to make it automatic Having an all burning quiz. I talked about that do all regenerate the relevant tables Community contest with deadlines set by the community. We have some creatives in the community that want to set, you know certain Contests for their own community to say hey You know draw dist today draw that today create this infographic create that design and then see Whoever gets the best design could get rewarded some gold right and then definitely translate into some other perks Having integrations with Google assistance. I was looking at some very good documentation about integrating the assistance You know an also Syrian Alexa with notion and I’ve been able to reproduce their efforts so very soon You can actually finish all your habits. Let’s say you’re doing something Intensive you’re doing yoga you’re doing I don’t know meditation a too lazy to open ocean to click on that button You can just you know, tell Google right? So that’s something that can happen Python scripts to add tasks to certain template using you know, just sort of widgets That’s something that’s coming in as well. And there’s just so many you see already There’s so many comments coming in from the community saying that they want to add more So all you have to do is just come to the website, you know Check out the roadmap and see how you can contribute to all this and definitely We have so much to look forward to We’re even thinking about you know How can get big achievements that we won’t fight against as a group maybe a GoFundMe maybe a marathon maybe something that people are really Passionate about that you need a lot of people to do. How can they instantly say? Okay people with this kind of stats that they’ve been working Towards I can now participate in this and somehow their gold can be leveraged up all of that Maybe they can bet on them on be able successfully finish this or raising this amount of money. I don’t know There’s just so many things out to be achieved here and definitely the works not over yet. So very similar god, this is insane yeah, I mean that all that stuff is like gonna be so exciting because Like it it will also like just extend the way people think about notion as well and it’s like a community within a community so yeah, like oh that’s with you know, I’ll make sure to include the Website because obviously people can then go in and any of their thoughts in the comments So Conrad, it’s been amazing having you is there anywhere else people can find you? Yeah, well, I recently set up a YouTube channel for You know obviously to tell people about this I definitely have people to check it out and subscribe if you want to see more videos coming from me as well Normally if you want to reach me I can be found on Twitter. I’m pretty active there but if you want to collaborate with me as I said I am very passionate about working with innovators that want to tackle global challenges just about anything really, uh, Please send me an email, you know, or sign up to my newsletter or whatever you want I’d love to work with you and Let me know this is so good Thank You Conrad taking the time out And if anyone wants to check out all the links, you can find a below Um, but I hope you have a lovely is it is it evening there, right? No, it’s morning for me. I just run Yeah why I be have a good rest a day and we’ll we’ll catch up soon. Yeah lovely Thank You Francesca Lisa Kara, thank you You


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  2. John Marshall

    December 6, 2019 12:50 pm

    I want to love Notion but there are just some things about it that make it not good for me. Mainly their web clipper. Hopefully they spend more time fine tuning it.

  3. Conrad Lin

    December 6, 2019 2:03 pm

    Hey Francesco, thanks for the fantastic video! I had tons of fun sharing, and hope your community enjoys and continuously lives out their best life with the help of your channel and #theGamificationProject. 😄 For those who enjoy self-improvement and want to stay tuned on the latest updates to this project, especially all the amazing integrations on the roadmap discussed at 35:03, please do follow my socials including my new YT channel where I share and co-create with my community whenever I come up with cool new ways to solve everyday challenges. Thanks for watching! ✌

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    I tried to do a complex system like this in the past (not nearly as many formulas, but a similar amount of DB relations), and in my experience, the performance/speed of Notion DBs fell apart very quickly as I added more and more entries, especially with a lot of relations… It was pretty much unusable after a few weeks of doing 20-40 tasks per day.

    That was a while ago, so maybe Notion's gotten more optimized? Or maybe we're being overly optimistic as the system hasn't been out for more than a few weeks. I think I'll give this a "stress test" simulating a few months worth of activity (by duplicating tasks) to see how it performs.

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    What a great use of Notion! I've been using Habitica for gamification for several years and have been happy with the results. While Habitica has some fun incentives, using Notion like this is certainly more flexible. Great video and thanks for helping me discover Conrad.

  6. ahall3823

    December 7, 2019 5:52 am

    So if you manage to successfully get through all the steps (in less than 2 hours) outlined in this video, give yourself 25,000 huge wins… Great concept, but in the current form, it's way too complicated to set up.


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