One Day’s Contemplation #54

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A Grandpa’s Thoughts from Contemplating
one day on October 16th 2010. Life is simple. You reap what you sow. Only you are in control of your attitude. It’s not someone else’s fault. Stuff happens. Life may get better, or not. Now is the only time you can actually do
anything about it. Regret is wasted energy. Worrying about tomorrow is
wasted energy. Thinking ahead about what could go wrong so it can be prevented is
not negative it is being optimistic about why the future will work out.
Pilots and sailors are the best at this skill. Taking action to be happier today
will make you happier today and tomorrow. Not worrying about tomorrow and being
happier today will make tomorrow better also. Because we’re right today doesn’t mean we’ll be right tomorrow. Because you’re right once does not mean you’ll always be right. If you think you are right be
bold and believe in yourself.


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