Opening to LOVE 🌹 Guided Heart Chakra Meditation


This is Rasa. Welcome to your meditaiton. Please sit or lie down comfortably. And begin to simply relax. Begin to enter a state where you begin to
let go and surrender into calmness. With your body starting to relax now, bring
your attention to your breath. First, notice the sensation of your breath
as it enters your nose or your mouth. Allow your breath to come naturally. Notice the quality of your breathing. Notice where you feel the sensation of your
muscles moving. Witness the expansion of your belly and chest
as you inhale. Feel your abdomen settle as you exhale. Now begin to control your breath: inhale deeply,
exhale slowly. Once more. Now breathe naturally once again. With every inhale, feel your body becoming
more relaxed. With every exhale, feel yourself sink deeper
into your conscious mind.Allow your body to slowly become quiet. Begin to become aware of your spine. Bring all of your attention into the length
of your spine. Imagine your body has disappeared into the
darkness of relaxation, and all you can sense is your spine. Feel the pure energy contained within your
spine beginning to activate. Your awareness may bring the sensation of
warming or tingling to your spine. Use this sensation to imagine a green light
slowly building from the base of your spine. Maybe you can feel your tailbone glowing. Silently affirm to yourself, ‘I am a being
of pure light’ Take your time, feeling each vertebrae individually, allow the warm feeling
of light to spread up your spine. As you draw your awareness up your spine,
imagine the light growing more intense.Now rest your awareness in the area behind your
heart. Feel the area around your heart begin to warm
with the feeling of love. A feeling of positivity washes over your body,
blooming from the centre of your chest. Feel your entire chest warming and glowing
with green light. Allow that light to radiate out from your
body like a spotlight, reaching all far corners of your being. Feel your body becoming more relaxed, touched
by the warm glow of radiant love. In your minds eye, see yourself walking through
a lush forest. Everything you see is a different shade of
green. You see an opening of a cave. Follow the light emanating from the centre
of your chest through the forest, allow this sense of love to guide you towards the cave. The entrance is partially obscured by vines
and moss. A secret, ancient place. When you see the entrance to the cave, you
feel safe and at peace. Shine the light from your heart into the cave
and step inside. Allow the light emanating from your heart
center to illuminate the cave. As you step deeper into the cave, you begin
to see there are other people inside. This place represents the outermost layer
of your heart, containing all of your interactions with others. Everyone you know lives in this part of the
heartcave. As you shine your light on each person, feel
yourself being filled with love for others. Now walk through the cave. As you pass each person, thank them for their
contributions to your life. Allow comparison to drift away, replacing
it with gratitude instead. Continue walking toward the back of the cave,
past all of your loved ones. Hidden at the back of the cave is a tunnel. As you shine your light through the tunnel,
feel your sense of self expand, now completely filled with the love of others. Begin to walk through the tunnel into another
part of the cave. Allow the darkness around you to become light. Begin to see this cave is also filled with
people. You notice something particularly special
about these people: they are all you. See yourself in all stages of life, from childhood
until now. See your future selves. See how you’ve grown and changed. Shine your light on each version of yourself
you pass and silently affirm ‘my love is the best love for me’ Know that you are already
complete, just as you are. Feel yourself drawn toward the back of the
cave, past all the versions of yourself. At the back of the cave is a small opening
just big enough for you to fit through. Gently climb through the opening and feel
yourself drop deeper into your heart-space. As you look around, you slowly become aware
of a tangible energy in the form of humming green light. Observe the light radiating al around you. Feel your entire body begin to vibrate, from
the centre of your chest through each toe and fingertip. Feel the light in your spine expand upward,
past your heart and out through the top of your head. As you relax here and continue drifting deeper
into your heart center, feel that you are no longer your body. You are now your purest sense of self. Where you are drifting now, this space is
full of universal love, the life force that powers all beings. You are the pure love. Sit here in this space for as long as you
would like. When you are ready to end your heart opening
practice, silently affirm to yourself ‘I am love’ and allow this feeling to guide you
back to your body.


38 Responses

  1. Veritas Vincit

    July 23, 2019 10:15 pm

    As if by magic, perfect timing again.
    I'm just starting to get my mojo back (if you pardon the expression) after a lonely period following cancer recovery and divorce.
    It feels natural to want a good quality woman and her love in my life just lately. Thanks, Rasa!

  2. vanniegrace

    July 24, 2019 1:14 am

    I've been afraid to let my heart open. This was not hard and not at all painful. It was actually fun! And I loved myself without any mean judgement. Big transformation for me. You, Rasa, are surely an angel. Thank you from every part of my heart ❤️. You are serving in an exquisite way. Thank you 🙏

  3. Devion Kee

    July 24, 2019 1:29 am

    Thank you for this spectacular meditation, Rasa! I send lots of love your way ❤️

  4. Stacey Crist

    July 24, 2019 2:00 pm

    Rasa Thank you I needed exactly this "My love is the best love for me" Much love to you and the gifts that you share with us.

  5. baya el hachemi

    July 26, 2019 3:27 pm

    Thank you again for this amazing journey!! All in, all here and now! Blessings Rasa!

  6. Geneve Steenkamp

    August 2, 2019 6:55 am

    Thank u for your videos! I have bipolar and you are who pulls me through! Your voice plus the content is awesom! Thank you very much! I recomend u to all my friends! U are the only one on youtube i use! Lov lots! Xx

  7. nia ling

    August 6, 2019 10:44 am

    This guy who I thought was interested in me but I wasn’t sure started acting totally different the next day after I did this meditation for the first time lol.


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