Oprah and Dr. Ornish on the Power of Meditation | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

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DEAN: The swami taught me to listen to that little voice. DEAN: And what he said is that the power of meditation is it quiets your mind and body down. So first of all — you begin to focus better. When you can focus energy, you gain more power. Lasers just focus light and you can break through steel. You begin to — whatever you do, in the school, in music, in sports, you do it better. But the more important thing is that you rediscover, and I began to rediscover inner sources of peace and joy and well-being and realized that that’s our natural state. OPRAH: Right. DEAN: And more importantly than that, even, is I began to — so when I began to feel stressed or anxious, the question shifted from how can — how can I get what I need to be happy to, what am I doing that’s disturbing what I already have? And how can I stop doing it? OPRAH: Oh. DEAN: And that’s something I can do something about. OPRAH: It’s recognizing that that sense of stillness, groundedness, the center, is always, always, there. DEAN: Its’s always there. OPRAH: Yes. we all have this inner swami, this inner guru, the still small voice within, the God within, the guru within, whatever name you give to that. OPRAH: Yes. DEAN: Even to give it a name is to limit what’s essentially an ineffable limitless experience. OPRAH: Yea. Because that thing is connected to every other thing that’s in every other being. Yeah. DEAN: Everyone and everything. Exactly. OPRAH: Mm-hmm. DEAN: And it’s the voice that wakes me up at 3:00 in the morning that says, hey, Dean, listen up. Pay attention. You’re not doing something that’s in your best interests. And I learned to trust that voice. OPRAH: Well, everybody has the voice. DEAN: Everyone has that voice. And so — OPRAH: And I think you are successful in direct proportion to how you listen to the voice or don’t. DEAN: Exactly. OPRAH: Yes. DEAN: And so what the voice — what he taught me to do is to say at the end of the meditation, when you can access that voice more, because it’s the one that speaks very clearly but very quietly because it’s drowned out by the chatter. OPRAH: And by meditation, you mean getting still enough to — DEAN: To hear it. OPRAH: To hear it. DEAN: That’s right. OPRAH: Yeah. Because I think people get really intimidated by this idea of meditation. DEAN: Oh, I understand. OPRAH: Even though more and more people are talking about it. And they think, well, I tried to do that. I did that for 10 minutes and nothing happened, you know. It’s like — that’s what somebody said to me once. I did that for 10 minutes and nothing happened. Yeah. DEAN: Well, what I’ve learned to do is at the end of a meditation to ask that — to say hello to that voice. And it will say hello back. And I’ll say, what am I not paying attention to that I need to pay attention to? And just listen.


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