OSHO: भीतर ध्यान, बाहर प्रेम Bheetar Dhyan, Bahar Prem


I am ready to leave politics and am ready to dedicate my life to poetry. Now at least say something that what is the religion of a poet? Rajendra Agney, Can politics be left so easily? You will become a poet, but you will still do politics. To leave politics is only possible, when your ego disappears. All the politics is hidden in the ego. Ego is the seed of politics. That is why you will see poets also involved in politics. One poet is pulling the leg of another. One poet is trying to make the other fall. Somebody is sitting on somebody’s chest, someone else is sitting on another’s chest. Poets also have groups, have herds, have leaders. Amongst poets also all the troubles are there. There is no difference. Politics is not so easy, Rajendra Agney, that you say it and you have left it. This will be left when you step into the depth of meditation. It will not leave because of your saying it. And what poetry do you do? Send me some samples at least. Let me see what poetry you do. Because in the name of poetry what rottenness is happening if you do poems like that, then it is better you do politics. Alcohol in your stomach cigarette in hand there is hashish in the cigarette this songwriter is a very big fraud. Sentiment he borrows from the litterateurs something from here something from there he throws up. Writes in wholesale, Cheap is sold as expensive! It is awesome, magnificient it is a popular hit The flop in literature is a hit in the films In the name of songs it is just non-stop crying The critics say — ‘It is an ugly blot’ The intelligentsia say — ‘ Nirala (famous hindi poet) dreams are being greatly troubled.’ They are foolish, he is making his building bigger! Plays in banknotes Publicly does pushups on the chest of literature. What does he have to do with the eternal value of literature Has to row a silver boat in a river of gold! Politics and poetry, what they have to do with each other? and how will you leave it so quickly? But I will assume that if you are saying that you can leave it, then of course leave it. I do not feel that anyone can leave it so quickly. Leaving politics is only possible for Buddhas. Otherwise wherever they are they will do politics. There is politics of money also, there is politics of literature also. In universities there is politics of the teachers. The saints – monks, the bases of the abbots, their arenas are named, there is heavy politics happening there. There is politics in every direction. There are many colors of politics, many aspects. But if you are saying then I will assume, I have no hindrance. If you can leave it so easily then it is an auspicious thing. Even though it cannot be, if you have to leave politics then submerge yourself in meditation. Meditation will do both things; politics will be left, and if, poetry is your natural genius then it will manifest, if it is not your natural talent then at least you will be saved from writing trashy poems. But you ask what is the religion of a poet? In the old days there was one religion,
it was clear that talk of love, conversations of love! Other loved; those who could not love they talk of love. The smoldering evening is slowly being extinguished, Soon the night will arrive bathed in the fountain of the moon, And the desire of my eyes would be fulfilled, And my longing hands would touch those hands Is it her dress, or her face or the veil? There is something that is making the curtain so colorful, I wonder if behind the dark shade of her long tresses, That earring still twinkles or not Today again her beauty will speak and captivate my eyes, Those dreamy half closed eyes, the “kajal” (kohl) that outlines her eyes, That faint cloud of powder and that rose color on her cheeks, Those hands fragrant of sandal, still faintly lined with Henna This is the world of my thoughts and my poetry This is the soul of my words , this is my darling theme. Till today under the shadow of centuries old dried out ink, What has befallen the children of Adam and Eve? In the daily countless battles of life and death, How have we fared, how have our ancestors fared? The millions that swarm our glittering cities, Why do they live with only the hope of death? The lovely fields and the bloom that busts out from them, Why do these forever produce waves of hunger? Those harsh walls that stand in every direction, Where the youth of countless has been wasted away. The execution grounds of dreams at every step, Which light up thousands of candles in the minds of men I agree that these too are subjects for poetry and there may be more. But look at the slowly opening lips of that beauty Ah! The alluring lines of her body. Now you tell me, can there be such magic anywhere else? So the theme of my poetry cannot be anything but this! The native land of my poetry is this and nothing else! This was the old religion of the poet. My thoughts — my creations — This is the world of my couplets and my thoughts. This is the world of my creations, my poetry. This is the essence of my writings, the life of my subject is this. This is my darling theme, This is witness to the meanings. What? So the theme of my poetry cannot be anything but this! The native land my poetry is this and nothing else! The nature of the poet was this. This was the old definition. This definition is defeated. Its age is ready to go. Those days are gone. The circumstances have changed. Now this much is not enough to work with. This was for those could not find love they would sing songs of love and satisfy themselves. In my view a poet can only be the one who has experienced love; not love alone, with and alongside love, awareness also. Love and meditation, two words are my foundation. Meditation inside, love outside. Meditation inside oneself, love in relations. Flowers of meditation bloom, fragrance of love spreads, then if your natural capacity is of poetry, then you will be a poet. If your natural capacity if of a musician, you will be a musician; of a dancer, then you will be a dancer; of a sculptor, then you will be a sculptor. Then you will not have to impose anything through effort. Because all that is imposed is fake and untrue. Then whatever is your natural capacity, only that will emerge. And whenever a person lives out of his own true expression, whether he is a poet, a painter, a sculptor, a dancer, or if he is none of these, is not something that the world can recognize, is just an ordinary person, even then there is poetry in his life, there is beauty, there is sensitivity, because inside of him there is meditation.


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  1. Crazy Bhairav

    April 14, 2019 9:55 am

    आहा!! ओशो प्रमाण 🤗 सुनकर ह्रदय भरपूर हो गया 😍🤗

  2. Trupti Trips

    April 14, 2019 6:20 pm

    🙏प्रणाम ओशो!!💐
    चार वर्ष पश्चात् पुनः, हिंदी vdo upload करने के लिए ओशो इंटरनेशनल को लाख साधुवाद!🌹
    यकीनन आपकी जरूर कोई अड़चन रही होगी लेकिन अब आइंदा से हमेशा हिंदी ओशो प्रवचन देखने मिलेंगे ऐसी आशा करते है।
    ओशो का आना हमारे आनंद को द्विगुणित कर जाता है,
    भर जाता है -ध्यान से।
    पुनः एक बार,साधुवाद!🙏🌷

  3. Felix Commonman

    April 14, 2019 10:07 pm

    Sex guru is stil collecting clicks from frustated kids looking for a big daddy figure. Clap 👏
    Osho's was selling crap And he knew it. But Poona is still attracting Hindus who wants a taste of white trash. Russian cougars. Tooold. Toofat. Or too wasted.
    "I loved many bitches"Osho
    He was the romantic type alright..


    April 17, 2019 1:36 am


  5. Satish NS

    April 24, 2019 6:56 am

    ध्यान की ताकत

    जब 100 लोग एक साथ साधना करते है तो उत्पन्न लहरें 5 कि.मी. तक फैलती है और नकारात्मकता नष्ट कर सकारात्मकता का निर्माण करती हैं।
    आईस्टांईन नें वैज्ञानिक दृष्टिकोण से कहा था कि एक अणु के विघटन से लाखों अणुओं का विघटन होता है, इसी को हम अणु विस्फोट कहते है।
    यही सूत्र हमारे ऋषि, मुनियों ने हमें हजारो साल पहले दिया था।

    आज पृथ्वी पर केवल 4% लोग ही ध्यान करते है लेकिन बचे 96% लोंगो को इसका पॉजिटिव इफेक्ट होता है।

    अगर हम भी लगातार 90 दिनो तक ध्यान करे तो इसका सकारात्मक प्रभाव हमारे और हमारे परिवार पर दिखाई देगा।
    अगर पृथ्वी पर 10% लोंग ध्यान करनें लगे तो पृथ्वी पर विद्यमान लगभग सभी समस्याओं को
    नष्ट करने की ताकत ध्यान में है।
    उदाहरण के लिए हम बात करे तो महर्षि महेश योगी जी ने सन् 1993 में वैज्ञानिकों के समक्ष यह सिद्ध किया था।। हुआ यूँ कि उन्होने वॉशिंगटन डी सी में 4000 अध्यापकों को बुलाकर एक साथ ध्यान (मेडिटेशन) करने को कहा और चमत्कारीक परिणाम यह था कि शहर का क्राईम रिपोर्ट 50% तक कम हुआ पाया गया।

    वैज्ञानिकों को कारण समझ नहीं आया और उन्होनें इसे`महर्षि इफेक्ट" नाम दिया।

    यह ताकत है ध्यान मे।

  6. Shubham shubham

    April 29, 2019 5:34 am

    ओशो के प्रवचनो में एक बात होती है कि आप ध्यान में प्रवेश करो

  7. shivam mishra

    June 14, 2019 4:21 pm

    Please upload vedio after 5months (where u take these vedio . How much money you make from this . After all u die. )

  8. anil sagar

    July 26, 2019 1:11 pm

    he is best person who wanted all people to be happy and lively , we miss him but thanks to you tube which is making it possible to listen him now .


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