Parallel Reality Shifting: From Possible to Probable to Inevitable


This video, I’m going to be sharing with you
how to go from possible to probable with parallel reality shifting. This video is going to show you exactly what
to do so that you make what you want to experience a reality. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand
their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be sharing
with you that a parallel reality shifting, understanding the timelines in a new way to
where you know practically what you can do to make something go from possible to probable. And a lot of this has to do with understanding
the energy dynamics when it comes to parallel reality shifting. So the first most empowering idea that I know
of when it comes to Prello reality shifting is knowing that the reality you want to experience
it already exists. It’s already something real. Somewhere. It’s about matching the vibrational frequency
of it so that we begin to perceive of it. You know, um, it’s a funny thing and going
to see Bashar today and uh, uh, he’s at here in Vegas and a lot of what he teaches is on,
you know, parallel reality shifts. And one thing that he says a lot though is
that manifestation is not attracting something from over there to India. Here it’s more so about making what is invisible
visible because everything exists here in now. So think of it as just different rates of
vibration. So when we think of this, think of how can
I match the frequency of the version of me that’s already doing what I want to do. And when we start to come at it from that
perspective, we see that things happen easier than ever when it’s about frequency matching
versus trying to go through the process in our mind. And, and I get it too because we grew up believing
that everything had to be very linear. We grew up thinking that things had, it’d
be like a past president of future. There was a beginning, a middle and end. And because of that, we go through this process
in our mind of what it takes for us to create something in their life when I can be much
easier when we focus on the vibration, the vibrational feeling of what we want to experience. So first off, understand that the reality
you want to experience, it already exists. It’s simply about making what is currently
invisible, visible. And the way you make something go from invisible
to visible is by matching the frequency of it. Now the funny thing is too, is if you go to
a Bashar thing, some people go up there and they’ll ask, they’ll say, is this possible? Is uh, me doing xyz possible? And Vashar will always say it is not a matter
of something being possible. Anything is possible because there’s an infinite
number of parallel realities that exist. Even things that seem to be ridiculous, those
are possibilities. It’s just maybe not a probability. So the key to this is not asking ourselves
a question, is something possible? It’s about asking, is it probable, is it probable? And the way you increase probability in our
reality is by simply setting more intentions. When we set intentions, we increase the probability
of something happening. And this is also if you study, there’s a guy
named Thomas Campbell who is a guy that is a been studying the simulation theory has
something called a big theory of everything. Be Big toe is what it’s called. I was, I was funny because he’s got this like
really legit scientific. He’s a physicist. It’s really big scientific book that’s like
this thick. And on it it says my big toe and it’s got
like the big simulation tow things. So it was kind of funny, but tow theory of
everything has to the understanding that we live within a virtual reality. Now this may seem a little bit scary. It’s not scary though. It’s very empowering. We are immortal, spiritual beings, living
temporary human experiences and we forget who we are. And because of that, what happens is we go
through that veil of forgetfulness. But in the reality system that we have, what
increases probability? His intention, he says that all the time,
the Thomas Campbell guy that I’m talking about, he talks about how anytime we want to experience
something, we set more intentions and intentions are the compass needle putting us in a certain
direction. So think about it more in terms of intention
increases probably you might say, what is intention? What is intention? Intention is a determination. And even beyond that, I would say a declaration
of something that you quote unquote wants as a present fact. So they give it like there’s a difference
between just desire and intention. Like if I have, this is a reality transferring
concept. If I have a desire to put up my hand, that’s
just the desire to put up my hand. But it doesn’t actually become actualized
and size. Set the intention because what did I send
once I set the intention, I just naturally do it. But the thing is is a lot of people may be
stuck in the desire and when we’re stuck in desire, we’re stuck in a reality where that
is the case where we desire it. We always get that which we are the vibration
up. So there’s a difference in the vibrational
feeling or the vibration of wanting something verse having something. So intention helps to close that bridge because
then we go from the vibration of wanting something to the vibration of already having it. So it’s about being aware of the energy dynamics
that go on with this process of knowing what we want already exists. So if it already exists and what, how do we
match the frequency of it and setting the intention is the most powerful thing. Set more intentions when it comes to segment
intending. For example, segment intending is when you
intend for certain parts of your day to go in a certain way. So you could set intention for many different
small things. I set an intention like when I’m getting up
in the morning to have a great meditation. That’s why meditation, to have a great cold
shower and then to have a great video that I’m filming. And then after the video I’ll set the intention
to enjoy going to the gym and to have a great workout and we have to drive safe going to
the gym. These little intentions compound over time
and intentions, increased probability they’d done these scientific experiments as well. When it comes to physics with intention, with
depending on the focus of the Observer, what happens that affects the result of many different
types of experiments. And the reason being is because there’s many
different probable system’s been different probable realities, but what determines which
one we perceive of depends upon our intention and our focus. So understand that for parallel reality shifting
in and timelines in general, the way you make something go from possible to probable is
first off, simply intention. It’s intention. And the second thing I want to talk about
is believability. This threshold of believability. Belief. If you don’t believe it to be true, if you
don’t believe it to be possible or probable than it will stay in that possible realm. Yes, of course it’s possible, but is it probable? It depends on your belief about it to start
to ask yourself the question. You may say, well, I believe you know, I,
I want a certain amount of money in the bank, but do you believe that you can have it? Do you believe you deserve it? Do you believe you know what the steps to
take to get there? Do you believe that it’s, it’s a present fact
or is it something you just desire? Because remember, if you desire, the parallel
reality of desiring something is very different than the parallel reality of having something
or intending for something. I imagine it’s like the universe is always
giving you a message of an answering you with, yes. This is something that I got from Dr Neil
Donald Wash, I believe if he’s a doctor, but he has this thing where he’s like using the
metaphor of like, imagine you say you want something and God says, yes, you do over and
over again. So you’re like, you’re like, I want to be
happy. And God’s like, yes, you do want to be happy. Yes, you do want that, but it’s emphasizing
that you don’t already have it. So it’s like we’re always projecting ourselves
to the future. So instead what we can do is realize that
the vibrational frequency of the reality, we want to experience it already exists. And we can live in that frame live as if our
cup is already that full. And by doing so we begin to experience it
more in our life. But the question I have for you and the question
that I like to always bring to the table, because this is like my, my thing that I like
to talk about a lot is like belief. Do you believe you deserve that? What you want? Do you believe it’s even possible? I was listening to Tony Robbins last night
or yesterday. I was at the gym and he was talking about
how he, uh, he was talking about this coach that he was coaching the swarm NFL team and
he was coaching a coach, the coach that he was coaching. It was coaching a team who was, who has over
to world class athletes. And what he said, the reason the coach wasn’t
able to really help the people, one of the things he was doing is after they lost a game,
he would go in there and he’d be like, listen everyone, we’re going to give 25% more than
we’ve been given. And we said 25% more. A lot of the world, these are world renowned
athletes and NFL players. They looked at each other and they said, we
can’t give 25% more. We can’t give that much more. We’ve been given everything are all. So what Tony told them to do is totally told
them to do a little bit of reverse psychology. So instead what he did is he went in and he
said, you know what? I apologize for saying, do 25% more. It’s impossible for you guys to do 25% more
because you guys have already been given it your all. The reason Tony told him that was impossible
because they didn’t believe they could give 25% more because 25% more when you’re already
gassed out, it’s like, how can I do even more? How can I give even more? I’m already so tired. So when he told them to say instead was, listen,
you guys are already given it everything you possibly can. Let’s from this point going forward, let’s
just understand we’re doing the best we can. And um, we did the best we could, blah, blah,
blah, blah. Maybe we’ll get a little bit better if we
try really hard. Now the purpose of Tony telling him to tell
the team that was because if you tell world renown athletes that you did the best you
could, you have nothing else left to give the way they work. As they say, I’m going to prove you wrong. I’m going to give you even more. You’re telling me I can’t give 1% more? No, I’m going to get 10% more. You see, it’s the psychology of it and the
belief of believability, the threshold of believability. So when it comes to this, the reason I’m sharing
that is because it’s like the threshold, the believability before they thought that was
impossible to get 25% more. But if you have four or five players giving
1% more, that adds up over all the different players and then you may actually have 25%
more an increase, but it’s because that 1% 1% 1% increased the level of believability
and it makes it even more profitable. But also they were using psychology there
too, in a way. Mess with these world renown athletes because
if you tell, I know I’m like that too. You tell me I can’t do something, I’m going
to do it. This is kind of like this rebel part of me,
but many people are like that as well. So understand that when it comes to this process,
when it comes to prello reality shifting, it’s about, it’s about understanding the believability
you have with it as well. Do you believe it to be Julie? If you don’t pay attention to the version
of you that does believe it to be true or does believe it to be possible because as
you pay attention to that version of you, you begin to take on the characteristics of
that version of you. You begin to take on that thought patterns,
that version of you take on the habits of that version of you. That’s something else I want to talk about
is the difference between action and intention. You want to know the difference between action
and intention. There isn’t an what you do is a direct reflection
of what you believe. First off, someone might say, I entered the,
I intellectually understand that if I were to let go of this bad habits than it would
benefit my life. But if they intellectually understand it,
but they’re continuing to do it, then they don’t really get it. Because intention and action and belief are
all in alignment. Do you must still have some negative belief
that’s keeping you from making that jump, making that shift of letting go of that habit
because you believe that somehow that habit is comfortable or whatever it is. So there is no difference between intention
and action. They’re both the same thing. So ask yourself, what do you believe to be
true? If you say, oh, I believe that I can, you
know, make more money. We’ll are your actions back in that up? Or is it just some intellectual idea? Are you going out and are you finding ways
to do that? Are you finding people that have done something
similar before? Are you modeling their behavior? Are you creating it for yourself? Are you creating your own weight? Because your actions will be mirrored that
with intention. So the last whole thing I want to talk about
is something I think it’s so powerful. It’s called assuming the wish fulfilled from
Neville Goddard is where I first heard it. Assuming the wish fulfilled every night when
you go to bed, assume the wish fulfilled. Assume that that reality is currently yours. Assume that you are the best version of yourself
and tend to for it, but, but live in it live as that version of you don’t want any parallel
reality because you think the things you have and it will make you feel better, be it because
it is who you are. You see there’s a difference in the subtlety
there. One we’re using as a side effect. Sometimes meet was like, I want to make a
certain amount of money. Money is a side effect of you doing what you
love and if you adding value in the marketplace, that’s what money is. Money is a side effect of it. However, when we focus on just the money,
we’re focused on the side effect instead of getting to the cause of who you really are,
what are you passionate about? What do you feel like you don’t really have
to work at? What is easy for you to put your energy in
a certain direction for? We’ll get you in the morning to where you’re
excited to wake up. These are things that if you haven’t found
yet, it’s okay, but set the intention to find out what it is and understand that the more
you exist in that energy state, the more things come as a reflection, but the energy state
is the focus, not the money, not the side effects of that. It’s the energy state. So focus on the parallel reality you want
to experience in body. This state of being, the vibration, the beliefs,
the assuming, the wish fulfilled of that version of you by focusing on the energy of it versus
the side effects of it and by doing so over time it will become easier and easier for
you and you will turn something that’s possible into probable. There’s a fly that keeps coming on though
possible. The probable that’s what you can begin to
do. So something else that I have for you right
now is the top meditation I have for raising the vibrational set point. It’s on the top, the description box below
listed for 21 days that he could change your life. Also, I’m going to be doing more live, can
use an Instagram. So if you can follow me on Instagram yet,
you’ll see that right here. I post a twice a day there. Plus I do live Q and A’s all the times they
have questions for him. He can ask me questions. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed this video. Feel free to like this and if you liked it,
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  39. Jeff Johnson

    September 8, 2019 8:24 pm

    I wonder if parallels shape our reality to a degree and a collection of them shape our memories and ech of us having memories within our own personal perception. Maybe if things seem to chang fast and oddly in society and the way people act would mean your on less parallels. less concious of the parallels, ha

  40. Journeyoflight&love

    September 9, 2019 2:30 am

    Im blown away right now!!!! you are speaking to all the incites I have been reviving the last few days… each day you are speaking about what ive been researching…

  41. Marvin Alfers

    September 9, 2019 10:16 am

    Is it possible that the video-art, before you watch it, shows aaron with 666 gesture and virtually 3 versions of him ( mk-ultra-sign)?.. Seems obvious. Sometimes my intuiton bell warns me, simillar to Infinite Waters and his cabalistic/luciferan handsigns and video-art.

  42. Laura Sophie Bessette

    September 9, 2019 11:30 pm

    You've really helped me a lot… I'm no longer looking for results because I believe in myself & my own intentions. The results I have right now are a shift within myself. Listening to your videos every day has an impact in the way I perceive things and love & trust myself


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