Partner Yoga Challenge Part 2 LEVEL UP / 双人瑜伽挑战

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If we want to further open the chest area, we may practice Cobra Elva can lie on her belly on the yoga mat
I will be standing to over her right by her hip area. Elva can give both hands to me, I will have a firm grip on her hands Elva’s hand is on the outside, my hand is on the inside. Elva takes a deep breath, then gently I will pull her up I can squat as I pull back, my legs are at a 90 degrees Can Elva come higher? Taking a deep breath The great thing is that since we are practicing partner yoga, your partner can help you deepen your pose So you can go deeper into your pose and it is more beneficial It feels really good! Then put your partner down slowly. When we practice the cobra pose, we press ourselves up, but with a partner, they can help lift us higher Let’s lift higher It feels really good Always communicate with your partner because is easy to get hurt if you pull suddenly
So be sure to communicate well and take your time Of course Elva is very gentle Now lets practice the warrior poses My inside foot are in the middle of my partner’s feet, and her inside foot are in the middle of my feet The foot outside will point outwards. Bend your outside leg Then, extend your inside arm up, twist to the right and grab your partner’s hand with your outside hand Now like a flower blooming like up to the side. If you hold onto your partner’s hand, you will feel more resistance for the pose This looks simple, but it is actually quite challenging! It is! My legs are shaking! Coming back to centre Alright, now on the other side Extending our arms parallel to the ground, bending our outside leg, coming into Warrior 2 Twisting back to our left and grabbing our partner’s left hand with our left hand Deep inhale reaching up with our right arm, exhale bending over to our left Coming back to centre The next challenge is… So first, one person lays in front the other lays behind on opposite ends We can measure the position My feet are positioned infant of Elva’s hand
Elva’s feet are positioned at my hand level Spreading our five fingers, our hands are widespread under our shoulder when we come into the side plank When we are ready, take a moment and first press up into a side plank When we feel stable we may lift our left leg up in the air Are you ready for the challenge? Yes! Let’s do this We’re doing great! Let’s see how long we can hold it for! That could be the yoga challenge – see how long we could hold this pose for! Should be better on this side
I’m left-handed, you’re right-handed Alright! Let’s see if this is the case! 1.2.3 Nice start! I feel quite stable Let’s see how long we can hold it for Why don’t we make this our challenge? Let’s challenge others and see if they can hold it for longer than us! I feel myself shaking when I laugh! Remember to try this at home! Remember to take tag us! (#BonnieElvaYogaChallenge) I’m sweating! A 10 minute yoga practice is great cardio! We burnt a lot of calories My cheeks definitely feel rosy! Try out our yoga challenge! If you can hold it longer than us, remember to post and tag us! (#BonnieElvaYogaChallenge) @misselvani @bonnieschan Why don’t we hashtag #BonnieElvaYogaChallenge Wish you all the BEST of luck! Hope you guys can beat the challenge Yay thanks Bonnie I had fun Thank you for being here Elva! Alright! Let’s do this again next time. Bye Bye! Hope you guys like my video Remember to subscribe to MindBonnieSoul And turn on notification bel In the future I will make more videos of Yoga, Nutrition, Fitness, Mindfulness and Beauty to share with you. See you next time! Bye Bye!


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