Partner Yoga Part 1 / 双人瑜伽挑战

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Hi everyone I’m Bonnie
And this is my good friend Elva! Hello everyone
I am very happy to practice partner yoga with Bonnie I am also very happy today
Everyone can join us for a two-person yoga challenge. In fact, we can ask our friends, the other half, or.. So many people we can ask! As long as it is not a pet.
It should be a human being You can practice yoga with pets now! But partner yoga with dogs and cats would be difficult. When you practice with someone it is more fun.
You won’t feel bored. When everyone does it together, it’s a happier environment. We can laugh at each other. So doing it at home is very lively, a good atmosphere. And doing partner yoga will also allow you to practice with your partner, friends, siblings. OK. Let’s begin! Starting off we can sit back to back
Cross-legged, Back to back Take a breath. So that you can relax. First I can fold forward
Then my partner slowly lie back and open her chest Partner’s hands can be opened by her side. Keep a relaxed posture and I fold forward is a relaxed position Then slowly we come back to the middle seated position. This time Elva will walk her hands forward and come into a forward fold and I lie backwards This feels so good! Then I spread my arms, opening my chest Because we may sit for many hours at a time
The body may get used to bending forward Now we have a chance to stretch it out Take another breath
Now lets come back to the middle This time we will take our right hand and place it onto our the partner’s left knee Take a breath, lengthen your spine and
Twist your body to the right. Take another breath
Turn body back further This action helps the body twist and open It also helps to deepen the communication and breathe between you and your partner If you can, you and your friend may slowly slide your hand down to the shin of your partners’ You will feel your body deepening in the twisting Now let’s come back in the middle
Turn to the other side Inhaling deeply lengthening your spine,
turning back when exhaling A small tip:
When we breathe in, we grow taller with our spine. Every time you exhale,
you may twist your body more towards the back Our shoulders are leaned back against our partner. This may also remind each other to go deeper It’s very simple and it feels really good! Coming back to centre Next we put our feet on the right hand side.
Back to back Place your right hand in your partner’s thigh.
Take a breath Then, as if we are a flower blossoming,
opening up, leaning sideways, Finally turning your body up to the sky
Opening the chest This pose is considered relatively high intensity It will give you a really good stretch Then pressing yourself back up slowly Turn to the side first
Then push yourself up with your right hand And now on the other side. Place your feet on the right side Was it comfortable just now? Yes, great! The weight of your body can help me deepen in the pose. Then we put our left hand inside the partner’s thigh coming down on the side, Twisting our bodies to the ceiling Taking a breath and then tilting our body to the side Slowly pushing yourselves back up with your left hand Already loosened a lot! The entire waist feels loosened Hope you guys enjoyed our video Remember to subscribe to MindBonnieSoul And turn on notification bell I will make more videos about Yoga, Fitness, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Beauty to share with you. See you next time! Bye bye!


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