Pipsy Tip 2: How to Meditate in One Minute

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hi this is Jane Piper and welcome to the
second of Pipsy’s Tips on how to be more productive so you can get home and
earlier from work. These first four tips are about how to be less
stressed. That is much easier said than done. Last time we talked about how you can reframe this thinking so that you don’t
cause yourself to be more stressed out when you have a difficult issue or
problem. In this one I want to teach you a quick life hack that you can use it
anytime to try and calm down and be in a productive state of mind. When you say
meditation often people think that you have to be sitting cross-legged, something like this and wearing an orange flowing robe, in India
somewhere in an Ashram, hanging around for several hours meditating. But what
you can do is a very quick tip where we just calm your brain down for
in one minute. What I suggest you do is you grab your phone and on your iPhone
you’ll have a clock app. You set it for one minute. Then sitting
somewhere close to your desk or something like that you can just close
your eyes and in that one minute breathe in counting 4, hold your breath
for one second and breathe out counting 4, hold your breath for one second and
breathe out again in and out and for one minute. It’s really simple you will be surprised how much can you feel. It’s
basically a trick for calming down your body which also helps calm down your
brain. Join me for my next tip where I share more ideas on how to improve your
productivity at work.


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