Positive Affirmations for Kids Bedtime ➤➤ Sleep Meditation for Kids (Listen While Sleeping!)


imagine you’re in a safe and peaceful
jungle we’re only happiness and positive
thoughts exist relax settle in and just listen along
as you enjoy drifting off in the happy jungle to these powerful positive
thoughts in your wonderful mind I always believed in myself I can do anything I always think positive thoughts I am always loved I can create anything my mind is powerful I am intelligent I feel so super happy I am brave I make friends easily I play well with others I am very special there is only one of me in the whole
world I have so many people that love me I have so much fun in everything I do you I love to laugh I am a fun-loving free spirit I love to explore and discover I have so much exciting energy I love learning new things I am perfect exactly as I am my opinions are important I am worthy of all great things I am worthy and wonderful as I am I am enough as I am I respect other people I respect myself wholeheartedly I deserve all great things I am kind to others I am kind to myself I love my family my family loves me I can create anything I want I create with goodness and ease bad times don’t last long the Sun always comes out to shine I feel peaceful and calm I love my friends my friends love me when I make mistakes I forgive myself
quickly I forgive others easily I am so grateful for everything gratitude feels so wonderful there is always so much for me to say
thank you for in my life it feels good to use my manners I am a marvelous manifester I can be whatever I want to be I love dreaming big with my imagination I am very resourceful I have every resource I need I am a problem solver I can easily find answers and solutions you I am gorgeous inside and out I love my body I love being me I am completely capable of doing
anything I remember everything I learn easily I am a brilliant child of the universe I belong everywhere I go I am always safe and protected I always make good choices I am inspired in my mind body and spirit I am so excited now about my magnificent
future I am loved and I am loving love surrounds me and is always in my
heart my ideas are valuable I love to contribute my talents to the
world I always trust my feelings I know that my feelings are very
important smiling makes me feel happy I am always super healthy every cell in my body is pure and
healthy I have everything I need I am always safe I always do my best you I am a creative genius I have incredible talents to share with
the world I am abundant in every way inspiring ideas flow to me constantly I am proud of Who I am I am proud of my family I am proud of where I come from I am proactive I love taking positive actions I am empowered by positive thinking positive thoughts make me powerful well done for listening along to these
inspiring positive thoughts about the wonderful person that is you may you
drift deeper and deeper now into your most blissful sleep wishing you every happiness and sweet


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  1. Happy Minds - Sleep Stories & Guided Meditations

    August 11, 2019 10:20 am

    We hope you love sleeping well with these positive affirmations! If you're looking for even more affirmations for kids, we have an entire playlist for you right here! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLml0XEPcCJzLPKYnLs1jr3Wk-vrhTkdM_


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