Positive Energy Guided Morning Meditation and Gratitude | Ethereal Meditations

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Welcome to Ethereal Meditations. This guided
meditation is intended to help begin your day with gratitude and to invoke positive
energy and motivation for the day ahead. How we begin our morning, often sets the mood
for our entire day. Recognizing what we are grateful for each day, can actually rewire
our brain and help us to feel more happiness and joy. The more that we focus on what we
are grateful for, the easier it becomes to count the smallest blessings of each day.
In this meditation, I will gently guide you through a series of uplifting and positive
affirmations followed by a short meditation. Before we begin, please find a comfortable position
and gently close your eyes.Take a deep breath in. Allow your belly to expand with the inhale,
and let the oxygen flow out naturally. Today is a gift. Each morning, I wake up with excitement for the day ahead of me. Today is a clean slate.
I am capable of absolutely anything that I put my mind to. I am grateful for my health
and this reflects in the way that I take care of my mind, my body and my soul.I am surrounded
by friends and family who love me unconditionally and who support me and encourage me through
all moments in my life. I am always patient and kind to myself. I
love and accept myself in all moments.I focus on and give energy to positive and uplifting
thoughts which make me feel good and help me to attract abundance into my life.I am worthy
of all that I desire.I am grateful for my intuition and how it guides me to the people,
places and experiences that are in my highest good. I am confident, motivated and determined.
I know that I have everything within to achieve my dreams and goals. I feel free to be my authentic
self and to self-express in ways which feel right to me I let go of the thoughts feelings
and sensations of yesterday and move forward through today with gratitude and an open mind. I
feel energized, happy and healthy and I am open to what today will bring. I
am having an incredible day and I’m so happy to be alive. Now
lets take the next five minutes to meditate on these words, allowing the positive energy
and sensations continue to flow through our bodies. Gently bring yourself back to this
present moment. Begin to slowly move your fingers or toes, bringing sensation back into
your body. Take a moment to thank yourself for using this time and energy to begin your
day with gratitude and for creating a positive and uplifting vibration that will follow through
for the rest of your day.Thank you for listening to this guided meditation. If you are interested
in listening to other meditations, please visit our YouTube channel Ethereal Meditations
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