Power of Now 10-Minute Meditation: Embracing the Present


Hello and welcome to Michelle’s Sanctuary. I am Michelle and you are listening a guided
10-minute daily meditation for embracing the present moment and living in the now. This recording may be listened to on it’s own or as
part of a 7-day meditation series. You may think of my voice as the voice of
a dear friend, who is on your side and aligned with your best intentions. Find a safe place where you won’t be interrupted. You may close your eyes and focus on your
breath. One of the easiest ways to be present and
stay in the now is to ask yourself, “am I still breathing?” Chances are, you will be. But you may have a tension filled or shallow
breath. You may be catching your breath in angst. So right now, notice your breath
as you exhale all your air. Now inhale deeply for the count of 3 and exhale
for the count of six. Inhaling for 3… maybe holding at the top
before exhaling for six. Just continuing
this rhythmic breathing however it feels right to you. Eckhart Tolle, writes that “Now is all there
ever is; there is no past or future except as memory or anticipation in your mind.” You may return your breath to normal as you
focus on this idea. Depression is often tied to regrets about
the past that cannot be changed. And anxiety is considered the anticipation
of what has not yet occurred. And if ever you find yourself dwelling in
what could have been or you are worried what may be, you may simply focus ask yourself,
“Am I still breathing?” And after this self check, you may focus on
a part of your body, perhaps your hands or your face and just feel the aliveness of being
in the now. This is all there is. Right now. Feeling and observing all that is around you. By staying in the moment as it unfolds, you
are able to function at your highest ability. And these little moments compound themselves,
empowering you to exist in a state of ease and balance. And as you inhale and exhale. Right now. Because the power to create a better future
begins with being aware of the fine details of right now. Not wishing away what is in the present. But embracing it. Surrendering to the moment. And even as you are consciously breathing
in and out, living with mindfulness, you may honour the past and set goals for the future. But in doing so, you need not be swallowed
by them. As the living happens in the now. You are alive and present to all the wonders
of being alive in this very moment. And when mind chatter becomes louder, you
may find solitude by just becoming aware that it is happening. You may think of a time, right now, when you
were so actively in the present moment that you were lost to your motions. Your mind quelled. Perhaps while swimming or exercising or cleaning
or creating something. Being so involved with each step and process
that the mind chatter turned off. The time just passed without you noticing
it. Because life is now. Again, you may think of this… life is now. And perhaps you have seen the cartoon of a
person and a dog atop a beautiful summer’s hill, surrounded by nature. And the cartoonist questions why man is never
happy. And in this image a thought bubble appears
over the man, and in it contains all these worries about what needs to be done at another
time. But in the thought bubble for the dog, every
thought is about something living and breathing and existing in the natural setting that surrounds
them. A lesson that resounds true… the dog knows
how to find bliss and balance in that moment, more than the wandering thoughts of man. You too may exist in this un-tethered present
moment. Coming back to your room, to the now. Taking a deep inhale and then sighing it out. Wiggling your fingers and your toes. Stretching your arms overhead as you flutter
open your eyes. Alive. Present. In tune. In the now.


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  1. Michelle's Sanctuary: Sleep Stories & Meditations

    April 18, 2018 3:43 am

    Right now. It's all we have. One of the biggest life-changing moments for me in my young adulthood was discovering Eckhart Tolle and "A New Earth." I had constantly been striving and worried about the future; a future that I used as the basis for all potential happiness and success. Whenever "it" happened I would be able to live the life I wanted and feel safe and fall in love and have enough money and stop worrying. I spent years toasting to the day when I was successful, instead of toasting with gratitude for what I had right before me. It was the first I had heard that depression can thrive on dwelling on an unchangeable past and anxiety can grow when we worry about what has yet to happen. But right now, this very minute, we have life. We have breath. We have the gift of the present.


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