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Focusing is a lot like ice skating. If you do it well, it looks gorgeous and incredibly
easy. If you do it terribly, it’s very obvious that
you don’t know what you’re doing. Hello Beauties. Happy No Fear Friday! Today we are going to be talking about how
to practice our focusing skills, because, let’s be honest, we’ve done a lot of different
techniques of focusing but we don’t really know how to practice our focusing skills. We’re just so focused on focusing that we’re
not focusing on how we’re focusing, if you know what I mean. This is going to be the first part of a four
part series: Four Steps to Better Focusing So, how do we practice focusing? Focusing is a strange thing when it comes
to the human brain. There’re lots of studies about how you can
only focus on something for so long, you can only focus on one thing versus multitasking. What I’ve been realizing in the last two of
weeks is that I cannot multitask. I thought that I was the queen of multitasking. And then at the end of the day and I looked
at everything that I had accomplished, it wasn’t that much. You know, it’s like all these little tasks
and it was so frustrating because then I felt like I was expending all of this effort and
not getting very much done. And so I started researching on different
focusing techniques and then this idea of practicing to focus and the most common thing
about practicing to focus is meditation. And focusing on one thing. Now, I know you probably want to reach through
the camera and slap me, because I’m sure you’ve heard about meditation. And probably even tried it. You probably sat down and thought, ‘Oh, this
is going to be breezy. I’m just going to sit here and calm and serenity
will just overtake me.’ Only to find out that your phone has suddenly like 25 notifications, you’re hungry, you have the lyrics of random songs
running through your head, and you have inspiration for all of the things that you should be doing
instead of meditating. But that’s because you started off at a marathon
instead of starting off with walking. The walking version of meditating is an app
called Headspace. And Headspace sounds like any other app of
meditation, but it’s guided meditation. Yes, it sounds kind of strange, but it’s really
great, because it’s enough guided meditation that talks you through saying “if your thoughts
are wandering, just focus back on your breathing,” but it’s not so much that you feel like someone’s
almost condescending telling you “It’s okay… It’s okay if you feel frustrated….it’s okay….lots
of people get frustrated, lots of people have things they worry about.” That will probably make you more anxious than
not doing meditation at all. So, Headspace is a great medium. It’s a free app. There are add-ins. I have never bought those add-ins and they
all these little mini courses in there (that are free) that are great. They have the basic set up that you just go
in and after you download the app, you press “Day 1” and it guides you through it. It also works with VoiceOver. It doesn’t have audio description for the
videos but the videos are pretty self-explanatory in the narration. And so it is accessible with VoiceOver. For anyone who is deaf, I have linked an ASL
guided meditation, which I thought was really cool and I’ve never heard of before. I would suggest looking at one of those because
guided meditation is a great way to focus not 10 minutes, not 5 minutes, but just 3
minutes a day. And I know you have 3 minutes a day, because
this video is at least 3 minutes, hopefully under 3 minutes. Just turn off the computer, sit back from
your desk, you don’t have to sit in any fancy yoga position. Just sit in your chair, pull out your phone,
and try the app, because that’s your first step to practicing focusing is just focusing
on your breath and it sounds silly and it’s very frustrating to try to block all of it,
but it does help. So I hope that you’ll check out the app or if you have other meditation
techniques, I’d love to hear about them in the comments. What do you do to practice focusing? I hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure to subscribe for more Beauty Beyond Fear so that you can check out parts 2, 3, and 4 coming up in the next couple of weeks. Remember to live confidently towards a better


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