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Hey, friends! Welcome to Practice Room
Yoga. My name is Claire, and this is yoga for marching band. I was born and
raised in Texas, and I still live in Texas to this day, so I totally
understand the significance – the importance – of marching band, especially
during the summer and fall months. But I also totally understand how sore
your body can feel after those grueling rehearsals, back-to-back performances. So,
this video is specifically designed to target the hips and the hamstrings, the
lower body muscles that have to carry you across the field. To actually to get
into those spaces, you will need a yoga mat, a place to kneel down, a place to get
down on the ground for this practice. If you don’t have a yoga mat, I highly
recommend having a blanket to place under your knees, or a soft carpeted
surface that you can do this video on. If you are a brass player or a woodwind
player who’s feeling a lot of tightness and soreness in the shoulders, I have two
videos that would be perfect for you: yoga for the shoulders and yoga for the
shoulders 2.0! So, if this video isn’t exactly what you were looking for and
the soreness that you’re feeling from marching band is primarily in your upper
body, check out either one of those videos, and then circle back here in a
couple of hours when that soreness starts to sink into your low body, too!
If you like practice room yoga and you want to help support what I do on this
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for being here. Let’s get started! To begin, find a comfortable seated position.
So maybe your legs are crossed in front of you, or maybe your shins are on the
ground, sitting on the heels. I recommend starting in this place if it’s
comfortable for your body. Hands can be on the thighs, they can be on the belly,
or maybe one hand is on the heart. Soften the eyes, gazing at the ground, or close
them if that’s comfortable for you. Take your attention inside. Ask yourself why you are here doing this
video today, and how you can move in a way that
supports that intention. Take a deep breath in through the nose, and
sigh out through the mouth. Gorgeous. Gently open the eyes. Send the hands forward in
front of you from this kneeling position so that you can curl the toes under
behind you. Press down into the base knuckle of the big toe, send the sitz
bones to the heels, and check in with the soles of the feet. So maybe this is
pretty intense for you, and if it is, that’s perfect, just stay right here. If
this is too intense, you can lift the sitz bones away from the heels, or if
you’d like a little bit more intensity you can come to a seat, bringing the
hands away from the mat to put the full weight of your body on the heels. So,
wherever you’d like to be, we’ll take two breaths. A little gratitude for the feet, for
the way that they work for you and move you through the world. Exhale, send
the palms back down to the floor, to the mat in front of you. Slow motion, uncurl those toes. Be gentle with the toes. Thank you, feet! Nice. Find your way into a
tabletop position, so hands are underneath the shoulders, knees
underneath the hips. Spread the fingers as wide as you can to keep a wide
and stable foundation. Inhale to lift the right foot back behind you. Press that
right foot away from you, and as you exhale, curl the right knee in towards
the chest. Step the right foot in between the hands.
So, from this place, you might start to feel sensation in the front of the left
hip. If you do, that is already perfect – stay right there. If you’d like more sensation, you can curl the left toes under, scoot the left
knee back. Imagine sending your pelvis straight down towards the ground here.
Right knee is over the right ankle. Fingertips can touch the mat, or if it’s
more comfortable for you, and you can find greater length in the spine, you can press the forearms into the right thigh. So, we’re
really getting into the left hip flexor here. Sending a little love to
that area in the body. You can also imagine sending the breath there: With
each inhale, imagine creating space in the hip flexor. With each exhale, releasing
sensation. Very nice. Exhale to release the palms
down to frame that front foot, if you haven’t already. Send the hips back
over the left knee, lengthen through the right leg, flex in the right foot, hinge
from the hips drawing the heart towards the right knee. So, if this feels really
intense ,you can stay as tall as you need to, belly far away from that leg. Or you
can keep a gentle bend in the right knee to protect the hamstring. We’re not
trying to force the body into any shape, just inviting the body to find a little
more spaciousness. One more breath here. Exhale to send the hips forward once
again, right knee over the right ankle. Hands frame the front foot. Walk the
right hand to the inside edge of the right foot and then heel-toe the right
foot over to the side. So, if you have a yoga mat, maybe it’s the side of your mat.
If you don’t have a yoga mat, maybe it’s just a little bit wider than your right
shoulder. That’s okay, too. Hands can stay under the shoulders. Check in
with the right hip. You might be feeling sensation in the right hip.
You can also rock onto the pinky toe edge of the right foot, sending the right
knee away from the right shoulder, if that feels nice for your inner thigh, for
your hip. And if you’d like a little more sensation, you can come down to forearms for lizard pose. If that doesn’t feel great, I always welcome you to place
blocks under the forearms here, or maybe just find a little bend in the elbows if
you don’t have blocks available to you, wherever you are. We’ll be here for one more breath on this side. Ground down through the
right foot, lengthen through the arms, heel-toe that foot closer to the
centerline of the mat. Right hand returns to the pinky toe edge of the right foot.
Slide the right foot back to meet the left into tabletop position again.
Maybe here you’d like to sway side to side in the hips, move through the spine
in some way that feels good. Take a deep breath here. When you’re ready, inhale to lift the
left foot. Press that foot back behind you. Exhale, draw the left knee in towards
the chest. Step the left foot in between the hands. Curl the right toes under.
Scoot the right knee as far back as you need to so that you can feel sensation
in the front of the right hip. Keep the left knee over the left ankle and
imagine sending the sitz bones straight down towards the ground.
Fingertips on the mat here, or forearms on the thigh. Exhale, release the hands down to frame
the front foot. Send the hips back over the right knee. Lengthen through the left
leg. Flex in the left foot. Don’t forget you’re always welcome to come up as tall
as you need to here, or to bend in the left knee. Moving – originating motion from the hips, begin to send the heart towards the
left knee, folding forward. We’re just trying to get into the hamstring, the
left hamstring. Walk the palms forward. Send the hips
forward once again, left hand comes to the inside edge of the left foot. Heel-toe the left foot out to the side, as wide as you would feel comfortable with,
here. Palms can ground down, or you can come down to forearms. Maybe tipping
that left knee out to the side, and rocking on to the pinky toe edge of the
foot. Just check to see how that feels in the left hip for you today. You might
also be feeling sensation in the right hip. That is perfectly fine, as well. Keeping attention inside. Can you feel
sensation in your body from the inside out? One more breath here. Very nice. Press the sole of the left
foot down onto the mat. Heel-toe that foot back in towards the midline. Left
hand comes to the pinky toe side of the left foot once again. Draw the left foot
back to meet the right. Maybe you’d like to sway side to side with the hips here,
or draw some circles with the hips. Just checking in with what’s happening. Whenever you’re ready, send the sitz
bones back over the heels, coming into that seated position once again. Hands
can rest on the thighs if that feels nice for you. Sitz bones pressing into
the heels, or if this doesn’t feel comfortable, you can always cross the
legs in front of you, as well. Take your attention inside and begin to notice how
you feel. Drawing the palms together in front
of the heart, in honor of your body, your practice, your willingness to be here,
today. Thank you so much for watching Practice Room Yoga. It was an honor to
share this space and this time with you! Happy practicing, my friends!


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