Prayer | Leon Fontaine at Coastal Church 2019


and more for God father help me to speak
today I pray that the peace of God just saturates this place that every mine
just is it rest and that father your word father would just touch lives in a
powerful way I pray in the mighty name of Jesus amen tell you the truth years ago I used to
hate praying oh you all look so what’s wrong with you
I see I didn’t like it I anytime I’d start to pray I’d start thinking of all
the things I wasn’t doing good enough and and I just kind of my idea of
praying was bugging pleading you know bouncing as many requests off the sky as
I could in the hope that one would get through and that I would get at least an
answer to one of my prayers and so prayer for me I knew it worked my
parents were wonderful prayer warriors operating in the gifts of the Spirit
beautiful pastors I had no doubt that Jesus was real I just couldn’t seem to
connect okay I believed he was my Savior at my lord I had given him my life but
when it came to prayer as what in the world is wrong and so I would study
stuff and people had a lot of opinions about unanswered prayer like well you
must pray and destroy the brass guys you must bring down the devil and I thought
Jesus did that but okay so that’s what prayer is doing is bringing down the
devil or if you pray and you’re pleading your cause that you’re getting God to
move oh I’ve got to get a reluctant God to move do why with my praying and I
tell you I was just confused about prayer okay I just knew that we’re
supposed to I love God loved his word and so I would pray but it always kind
of bugged me and so I begin to get into God’s Word it for myself but you say God
I got to figure this out because it shouldn’t be that my most boring time of
my day is talking to you and so I began to look into the word about some things
I’ll just share a thought or two today and it radically changed me and so I
want to share some of the things that I went through and nowhere near arrived
it’s just really helped me what is normal Christianity it’s a good question
what is normal Christian is that what you have is it what I have what is
normal what’s normal for the people I have met in Asian countries is it normal
for the people and it’s just such a difference but if you want to know what
normal Christianity looks like who would you look at Jesus Jesus was God with us
Emmanuel and Jesus came to show us the Father he was the firstborn if I tell
you I’m gonna give you I’m gonna do you a favor this is the first one just means
by inference and I’ve got a few more favors I’m gonna do for you so when
Jesus is the firstborn then we know that when we give our lives to Christ were a
part of the family of God he’s the one that said in John chapter 14 15 16 habit
we’re gonna do what he does how that he’s in us and we’re in him and gods and
him and well we’re just kind of all mixed up together we’re we’re God’s
wonderful family and so what what normal Christianity should look like it’s Jesus
and you say well but Jesus is perfect and he had all faith and yeah but you
see our life in Christ according to Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with
Christ nevertheless I live yet not i but it is Christ that lives in me and the
life that I now live in this flesh I live by faith in the Son of God
so this matter which way you look at new covenant prayer Jesus is saying the
things that I do show you do also so our first thing I realized was oh dude I am
way down the ladder from where I could be just to be normal and I begin to
crave that kind of a relationship with God and I pray that wherever you are
today if you’ve been a believer for decades or maybe you’re just checking
Christianity out and and you’re wondering about this I pray that today
something will touch your heart I’m probably gonna raise more questions and
I give answers in the 34 minutes that I’ve got but if I can get you to take a
to take a fresh look at talking praying being able to release prayer in a way
that causes things to happen it’s worth it and in John 8 and 32 it says and you
will know the truth and the truth will make you free not sometimes it’ll make
you free the verse before says if you abide in my word in my word abided he
was talking about then you gonna be my disciples indeed I got the two verses
mixed up but if you abide in me so God’s Word does something to us and once you
know truth there’s freedom freedom where anywhere that the truth comes you’re
free well if freedom is truth than what is
bondage a lie so if truth brings freedom then what brings bondage a lie or a lack
of knowledge well the church has gone well what brings bondage what brings is
they the devil and then they go way off course or it’s a reluctant God but
that’s not what this verse is teaching it is this is a major principle of New
Testament doctrine that when you know truth it brings freedom so to not know
truth my people perish for a lack of the devil know my people perish for a lack
of knowledge knowledge of God this truth comes and it’ll set you free and so I
begin with this premise if things aren’t working for me in my prayer time if if I
can’t seem to to get then I’m gonna stop screaming at the devil wipe the spit off
my face I’m gonna stop pleading and bugging with God would you please you
reluctant God do something you know can you imagine if 7 billion people right
now are praying prayers to God and he’s got a string attached to each of us and
he said oh you get your prayer and not you not you not you not you not you
you you you and you ha ha ha yes but you haven’t cried enough you haven’t prayed
enough as though we have this reluctant God and that didn’t make sense to me
either but I knew that prayer was special that
there was kind of two areas of Prayer one is communication with God not
monologue dialogue and the other is the ability to speak to mountains to pray to
intercede to stand in the gap all these beautiful terms that people have often
taken so far off for every mile of truth the church is famous they don’t have
every mile of truth there’s two miles of ditch and we’ve got to be down center of
the road prayer is powerful it’s amazing and when you begin to understand that
Holy Spirit’s job is to lead you into all truth and to show you things to come
what kind of truth well doctrinally in the Bible of course he is well is it
like where do what career who do I marry what house what yeah you’ll guide you in
those truths but I have found in my life that Holy Spirit would lead me in truth
where I cannot seem to produce results you know it says in proverbs chapter 4
verse 23 talked about guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flow
the forces of life and the word forces of life when you click on it and go to
the Hebrew and then really means that out of your heart flow the boundaries
that contain you in that interesting three definitions in the Hebrew that you
know forces rivers and then it says though it is boundaries so if you’ve got
boundaries in your life you can’t break through addiction you can’t seem to make
relationships work you can’t seem to to get close to God whatever area of your
life you cannot seem to have results the Bible teaches us and Jesus teaching does
it in mark chapter 4 I mean literally parable after parable he begins to speak
to us about our hearts and that it is soil and that the heart determines our
future and so I began to get fascinated by the heart I began to recognize it if
heart is soil I could compare that to in a plane they have what’s worth a look
for they guide the plane they hold it in place autopilot thank you
they have an autopilot so once you get up above the clouds they pass the pilots
just dial it in and that plane will move locks right on and as if a pilot goes
well I don’t want to go to Denver I want to go to Winnipeg and he grabs the
yogurty and Winnipeg but he doesn’t change the autopilot he has a snooze
what does the plane do can you wakes up and goes we’re going to Denver I want a
little Winnipeg but he doesn’t change the autopilot he goes for a coffee then
the plane goes and that was my life I would try so hard I would grab the yoke
of my life and I would try to to break sin I would try to get results I would
try to live for God but anytime there was it got too crazy of it it was kind
of like mm-hmm it would just go straight back on a
direction I didn’t want and I think in to recognize that the heart is the
autopilot of your future the bible says as in proverbs as a man thinks in his
heart so he is so he lives I begin to go through all their mentions of the heart
in the Bible and I haven’t got time to just dive in and just kind of talk but
the heart is the deepest area of your beliefs and if you haven’t consciously
on purpose corrected the deepest beliefs of your heart then your parents and your
upbringing have created your deepest beliefs and therefore your life is going
in a direction that you have no control over so what do I do you change the
autopilot you change the heart belief so how do I know what beliefs to change
it’s easy the Bible teaches a lot about and you know if you if you’re looking at
a tree and there’s no fruit you can tell you can tell the kind of treat is by the
fruit it has if you’re growing you know it’s lemons it’s a lemon tree if you’re
growing grapefruit it’s a grapefruit tree and Jesus begins to teach there a
about this thing called heart that it controls our future so I began to look
at that and I begin to recognize that the the church meant and as I travel now
get a chance to see the church I’m recognizing that we seem to have moved
away Jesus talked about the heart a lot God even mentions through Samuel were it
talks about Samuel says God’s as a Samuel you guys look at the exterior but
God looks at the heart and I was trying so hard to change
things in my outer life and I began to realize that I must change first in my
inner life and that I could grab the yoke of my life in any area from
relationships to health to finances to career and try to move my life
externally with my behavior but that behavior always comes out of the deepest
beliefs that you have you don’t believe me if you believe you’re stupid let’s
say you were raising an awful family where there was no indication no
recognition of your value your significance how special you are and so
you were raised believing that you’re not as good as everybody else that
you’re not as smart as everybody else that somehow you’re at the bottom of the
pole see that belief will determine how much you reach for who you befriend what
you try to achieve with your life just because of one simple belief that that
says you are not as good as everyone else now I could go on to all kinds of
beliefs that deal with sexual things that deal with financial things that
deal with relationship things and they literally say that me by seven years old
the direction that you’re going to go in your beliefs about you have been formed
and so when if we do not take ahold of the deepest beliefs that guide our lives
then we allow our upbringing and the heartaches and the hurts that we’ve
experienced because all extreme emotion can plant instant beliefs in your heart
and so when you look back at your past so I got a hurry so when
look at your life you got to make sure you understand that people Lee and I are
you saying that where I am is my fault today no but what I’m saying is that
where you are today is your responsibility to change now you haven’t
been the person that is built into your life your deepest beliefs about your
identity and who you are but now that you have grown up and you know God’s
Word it’s very clearly saying that you can go and you through learning his word
can know truth and the truth will set you free from the boundaries that
contain you in your relationships you can be set free from the boundaries that
contain you in your career you know when you meet people who are incredibly
successful in your in your domain in the area that that you believe you’re called
to you’re gonna be surprised when you realize they’re not smarter than you
okay there’s other things that they believe
that they just can go they just get up and have a go and things begin to happen
and so the Christian world thank you I was wondering I was stuck at 33 minutes
but I got to keep going I got to keep going about to keep going and and so so
this issue of the heart and the fact that God does not determine what your
heart believes you must this thing called free will is so powerful that God
allows you to make the decisions that you want he allows you to do the things
you desire now there are consequences that go with all anything you believe
good or bad there’s consequences that go with what you do good or bad but because
of free will you are allowed to believe to focus on to act to behave in the way
that you desire but it always has consequences because of these immutable
principles that governed the earth and so I what I began to do in my life was I
stopped this belief that what was hindering me was this fallen angel I
stopped believing that God was with whole
living things from me because he wants to teach me something so put cancer on
you and steal a friend and kill this and and all these crazy beliefs that are
that that I don’t know where I got him from but I know lots of people have them
and I begin to recognize that God is a good God that God is in love with me and
then I begin to understand that instead I could get a hold of his word and that
Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus to be my comforter and to be my helper now the
very word help her know this and this is what this is kind of this dichotomy the
Christians struggle with we all want to be led by the spirit and I do too but
Holy Spirit is our helper that’s not a leader like if I say to someone hey
would you come up and help me do something up here so he comes up and
stands here and goes well what do you want well I’m the initiator
he’s the helper I have to declare what it is I want the helper I’ve called up
on the stage to do let’s carry this thing down and so Holy Spirit is saying
to us that yes he will guide us of course but then there’s an area of our
lives and we are the initiator he is the helper and so we must begin to desire
truth we must begin to pursue his word not just the dry letter of the law but a
real living relationship with Jesus Christ so your prayer time becomes alive
as he begins to show you things about you about truths ago yes you think
you’ll never have a relationship that works you bought the flowers you figured
out the disk system you read the six love languages it’s only five and all
the rest that goes on and and and nothing seems to work
that’s because somewhere a belief through trauma or repetition has been
inserted into your heart and that belief is there whatever it is all men are pigs
or women are just all the stuff that I we counsel with in our offices and these
deep beliefs determine your future so the greatest thing you could ever do it
would be to with Holy Spirit who is your teacher your helper begin to go into
God’s Word and ask for help begin to you need the true
to begin to come in that’ll set you free there’s somebody right now struggling
with finances and you even know if you trust God anymore because the Bible says
the blessing of the Lord maketh rich and he addeth no sorrow to it and and God
isn’t you know getting you to have a career but it should fail people have a
problem with succeeding and I’m saying nobody gets a marriage and goes I hope
it fails nobody starts a business and goes I hope it fails no-one has kids and
go I hope we fail there too anything you attempt you should desire to see it
succeed and rise up so there’s nothing wrong with that
so wherever you cannot get results listen to me you have a broken heart
there oh you have a misbelief that is governing your lives and and I often
tell people you’ll know you know we talked about being brokenhearted because
it affects your ability to get results it affects your ability to have
relationships that work and the Word of God comes in the Holy Spirit in his word
and he be and this truth goes oh I could probably take time I’m not and just show
you in my life the most strategic amazing aha moments and I’ll tell
someone my aha moment ago all right they don’t get it because it was for me it
was something about God’s Word changing me at the deepest level and from that
pointed on that issue I got past that boundary oh I’m still growing and
learning at it but I’m no longer hitting my head in the ceiling in that area
I’m no longer running into a boundary that I can’t get past and Holy Spirit is
our helper in this so many of us don’t realize that the doorway to the kingdom
of God living in his kingdom with the results of his kingdom is a heart that
believes not a mind that is informed the great majority of a 21st century church
has rejected the finished work of Jesus as the absolute basis for knowing and
experiencing God you can ask yourself how can I believe what is the basis to
faith because faith is not of the head faith is of the heart and I’ve
discovered that absolute basis for faith is to
understand the death the burial the resurrection and the Ascension of Jesus
that when you begin to study these things and believe not in the historical
Jesus but in the spiritual G the historical Jesus of course we believe in
he walked on the planet between these years we have other letters that write
about him and so everybody believed pretty much in the historical Jesus but
but when we give our lives to him we must understand when he went to the
cross and everything goes silent the disciples don’t know what’s going on
other than he’s gone what did he do and as you go into the Old Testament
into the major prophets in the minor and you begin to and all of these beautiful
teachings begin to rise up and and you realize that he went to the cross and he
dealt with the sin he dealt with it and that you are right with God so when you
begin to believe God for something in your life the enemy is not reminding you
of your past because you died with him on the cross and to believe that sets
you free from every demonic attack that drags up your past and if you don’t then
your faith will always be spotty there’ll be some things you’re able to
believe in but in other things he’ll continue to drag up your past and people
think that righteousness is is you have to earn it
but according to Romans chapter 5 and verse 17 righteousness is a gift you are
in right standing because of Jesus which gives me the ability to believe him for
something and my faith is not based on my ability to be right with God but
might be leaving on Jesus whose behavior and whose life pleased him and I’m
working on mine like you are but my faith is not anchored in my ability it
is anchored in Jesus and what he did on the cross and this burial that he died
in and people you know they talk because you can find all these beautiful little
pieces of verses what did Jesus do when he was dead but but he suffered death
for all of us and he took the curse of the law Galatians 3:13 says and he
became a curse for us so God will never use the curse on you or allow the curse
on you and kind of a way where he’s doing this to
you because Jesus took it and why would people take it twice and so what to
understand his his death on the cross his barrel and then his resurrection I
was talking to somebody other day and I said hey are you a believer he goes I
gave my life to Jesus when I was like 12 I said do you believe your name was
written in the Lamb’s Book of Life my name is there and if I die I’m going
to heaven I said do you realize that you have been invaded with a new life what
do you mean but this life that you used to live is old and Jesus very clearly
teaches now that his life I mean John 10:10 the thief comes to steal kill
destroy but I’m coming you might have life is Oh a life and more abundantly
and in the Greek it means superior in quality innumerable in quantity that’s
what he came to do this life this when you look up the word Zoe
it literally means it is the life of the person who gives it life of Jesus
I got his kind of joy hey the Bible teaches us that the kingdom of God is
not meat and drink it’s not all about the external things that disqualify you
and you know you but it is internal it is righteousness peace and joy in the
Holy Spirit that to live in this kingdom to have this life of God isn’t to be
like the typical Canadian 83% of them so stressed out they that they’re
struggling it’s of influencing their relationships their health no there’s a
peace that passes understanding a joy that is unspeakable and full of glory
and you don’t just sing about it you live it you’ve got it when you begin to
recognize the cross to the throne what Jesus did and begin to believe there
then it’s easier to believe any of his promises because 2nd Peter chapter 2
chapter 1 4 it says that that all of the promises have been given to us in
Corinthians it talks about all the promises to qualify for them are yes and
amen you know that all but every promise in the Bible has an if and everybody in
the Old Covenant had to fulfill the if if my people who are called by my name
if there’s ifs everywhere but the Bible teaches us that all of the promises for
the new covenant believer are yes and amen when you begin to understand the
finished work of Jesus on the cross it changes your faith it changes what
you believe in how you believe you’re no longer anchored on to your own
performance in fact you can actually change your behavior at a much greater
rate when you trust the power of Jesus that has been given to you because of
him and now this power you know when you look at the word authority and when you
look at the word power I’m a sorry in Acts chapter 1 and 2 we’re touching we
can fill with the spirit and how that this power that is yours in mind one of
the six things that it talks about in the Greek the kinds of a power you’ve
been given one of them is to live morally I mean literally the way to live
right isn’t on your own muscle or effort but but to believe on Jesus what his
death did for you what his burial did for you what his resurrection did for
you when he ascended to the right hand of the Father what did that do for you
all authority is in Jesus it’s not yours it’s Jesus’s and so when I believe on
Jesus and that he’s within me then I’m going and doing things because this
Jesus has commanded me to do that in all authorities in him I won’t encourage you
with something take a fresh look as you read through the epistles what does the
cross mean in my life what does his death his burial mean what does his
resurrection mean am i experiencing this new life and why not
are you instead you know many of us have been taught to believe God for a promise
and and I think that’s okay because the word promises this but if you try to
believe God for a promise that is in his word before you believe what Jesus has
done on the cross you don’t have a foundation for consistent faith so you
must begin to recognize it’s Jesus it is all about Jesus
we’ve got to make sure we understand that no truth no doctrine no theology
has the power to change your life if it’s just information
it’s got to be believed in the heart first John 5:4 this is the victory that
overcomes the world even our love oh no this is the victory that overcomes the
world even our prayer no this is the victory that overcomes the world even
our faith and so many people think they’ve understood faith but when we
look so much at the head you see our culture doesn’t understand faith we have
moved into intellectualism you know we are externally focused our carnally
minded culture has confused the functions of the heart with the
functions of the mind we operate in our intellect and we call it faith we think
being positive is faith and I think we need to go back to a biblical definition
of faith is a heart thing not a head thing the language of the head is
reasoning the language of the heart is the visions and the dreams holy spear
puts in there for your future the language of your body is feelings which
one are you listening to you know and make sure that you are connecting with
God at the heart level that your devotion time is finding his word and
asking Holy Spirit to help you until you are able to influence your own heart and
you are to do that it says you guard your heart teaching in mark 4 jesus says
the sower shows the word into the heart and the heart determines whether or not
that word grows so what’s going on in your heart
somes too shallow somes too hard somes – filled with the cares of the world and
deceitfulness of riches and everything else and nothing seems to grow and
literally it’s showing us that three quarters of the soil talked about there
it’s not bearing a harvest but then one of them it bears fruit and it’s showing
us this in in Jesus is so clear the soils your heart that his word needs to
go into your heart and and look at it instead of just results look at it his
beliefs you see psychology and we’ve got
wonderful doctors and psychiatrists and psychologists and counselors in our
church but they don’t offer much help other than to help you deal with your
behavior behavior modification is the best that the sciences can do in the
area of counseling okay because they don’t understand the spirit world or the
heart and that you can change the deepest beliefs of the heart and when
the deepest beliefs of the heart are changed all behavior changes and begins
to change that’s why Jesus said that my yoke is easy and my burden is light if
you find Christianity hard and almost impossible then you’re relying upon your
own ability and you haven’t changed the deepest beliefs of your heart but you’re
not even responsible for getting there but now you are is it your fault that
what has happened to you has happened to you no but now it’s your responsibility
to recognize this beautiful ability God has given you to take his word planted
in your heart and you can bring forth the future that you desire it’s not the
devil so powerful it’s not that God is so reluctant it’s not that there’s
something wrong with you everybody else has it so easy and I’m so messed up and
people walk on Christianity because they can’t seem to get results with what’s
being taught and we must bring people back to understanding the foundation of
great faith is the death the burial the resurrection of Jesus and what it means
in your life as well as his ascension to the right hand of the Father in all
authority and Jesus says of all of four is given to me in heaven and in earth
another than to think about he didn’t have all authority on the earth because
earth was given to the sons of man and they Authority that they had I mean when
you be you are gonna get so fascinated with the Bible when you dive in and go I
want to begin to understand what’s taking place here etc you’re gonna just
fall in love with the word all over again you’re gonna want Holy Spirit and
you just to spend time together to those who know Jesus stop begging bugging and
pleading for him to make an external change all external change in your life
starts inside in your heart and grows first the sea then the root then and
then harvest so all change starts there God’s Word meditating in your heart and
then as you change that you will find that it becomes easy and it becomes a
lifestyle of change and of growing would you bow your head with me you know if
you’re here today and you’d say to me pastor this all sounds amazing but I’m
not sure that I know this Jesus as my savior and as my Lord I’m gonna lead you
right from your seats and the most powerful prayer I know a prayer that I
can’t pray for you your mama can’t your pastor can’t your spouse can’t only you
can pray this prayer a prayer of getting right with God
I’ll lead you in the words so that you have an understanding but until you
speak them and give him the opportunity to come into your life God’s a gentleman
he will never force himself into your life but today in these few moments that
we have together you can make a decision that’ll change you forever and begin
this amazing life of being a new creation of knowing God of Holy Spirit
his his Spirit guiding you in every facet of your life
if you’re not sure I’m gonna lead everybody in this room in this prayer
but for those who would say to me Leon would you include me today I want to
give my life to Jesus Christ what just you folks open your eyes and all of the
auditorium give me a quick wave say pastor include me I’m making this
decision for Jesus all across the auditorium you cook hands up say thank
you keep hands up we could wave for those who are watching us right now
wherever you are pray this prayer with me and that’s all
prayed out well how’d it goes like this just say dear God thank you for sending
Jesus who died in my place so that I could have a new life Jesus come into my
heart I’d give you my life I want to follow you for the rest of my days in
Jesus name Amen welcome to the family of God that’s how
beautiful how powerful that is now two things though


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