Principles of Peace: Prayer #PrinceofPeace


[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Eric Sosa. I live in Los
Angeles, California. I’m actually a digital sculptor. I work in the toy industry. I’ve done hundreds of different
types of toys and action figures. I’m just going to
build up the muscles. Being a dad, being a husband,
and having to deal with deadlines, extreme deadlines
many times–it’s a little tough. But in terms of challenges,
everybody goes through them. Almost six years ago, our
daughter Erica was born. She was born with Down syndrome. It wasn’t only that. She had some major
health issues. So they told us that
she would not make it. It was really shocking. I couldn’t see into the future. All I saw was a problem. And the problem was like, “My
daughter is going to die.” And then I started thinking
all these negative things. “This is going to create some
huge stress in my marriage. This is probably going
to end in a divorce. I’m probably going to be
at my daughter’s funeral in a couple of weeks from now.” The gospel of Jesus
Christ actually helped me stay anchored
to my hopes and my faith that God would actually
work things out for us. One day I remember, after
coming back from the hospital, feeling particularly depressed. I started listening to a sermon. And he was talking about
trials and things like that. And he said, basically, God is
our Father, and He loves us. And if we need His
help, we can ask for it. I remember closing my laptop. I went into the room. I knelt in prayer and basically
just poured my heart out and told God that I really–I
really needed His help. This overwhelming feeling of
peace completely surrounded me. And all the feelings
of unrest, pain, negativity–they
were completely gone. What an amazing blessing it
is to have a strong connection with God through prayer. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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  1. Ron Smith

    March 15, 2020 6:19 pm

    God is there for us, always reaching out. We only need to try and listen, and reach back to him.


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