Psychology Vs Spirituality – Know The Difference

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The word psychology can be translated as the
study of the soul, and even from its meaning we can see that psychology is less than what
it could be. As the soul cannot be scientifically proven,
psychology denies it altogether, and isn’t true to its name. Psychology is more about the study of the
mind while spirituality is what really studies the soul. The goal of psychology is to understand the
mind, while spirituality strives to go beyond the mind altogether. Psychology wants to create a better, stronger
and healthier ego, while spirituality wants to drop the ego altogether. Psychology can help you live a better life,
but only spirituality can help you reach your full potential. So, spirituality is beyond psychology, but
instead of looking at them like enemies, they should be considered complementaries. Spirituality without psychology leads to spiritual
bypassing, while psychology without spirituality confines you in the realm of the personality. We can also say that psychology is about the
personality, while spirituality is impersonal and universal. Even if you are a spiritual seeker, it’s best
to start with psychological methods. Whether you know about it or not, you need
therapy, because it’s very hard to just drop your ego like that. Why? Because you are unconsciously preoccupied
with strengthening your ego, even if you use spiritual methods for that. Basically, there are two very different states
that help you to drop your ego. The first is when your ego is so weak that
it becomes a burden. Your suffering reaches such a high point that
you can’t carry it any longer, and you either commit suicide or the ego simply drops by
itself. This state happens by itself, it’s full of
pain and suffering, and even dangerous, so let’s see its opposite. The opposite state is actually the goal of
psychology: a well-functioning, healthy ego. This is the state when you love yourself,
feel good in your skin, and you’re free of any mental problems or traumas. Your ego becomes literally so light that it
ascends, you can easily peel it off your skin. You’re not preoccupied any more with trying
to make it stronger, your attention can now be directed to the higher purpose of life. So, I suggest you to use psychological methods,
heal your emotional wounds, work with your traumas before you start any spiritual practice. Get acquainted with shadow work, and go through
a mental and emotional cleaning, and you’ll already feel reborn. But don’t stop there, explore the very depths
of spirituality as well, and in the end, experience an even bigger rebirth than the first. In this free report, I’ll reveal my number
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