[Pumpkinology] How To Meditate? Benefits of Meditation

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Our lives are fast-paced and complicated. Modern people have so many things to think
of at once. We juggle family, work, and relationships. The stress of trying to balance so many aspects
of our lives can be overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice to empty our brain of
all the worries? This is indeed possible: through meditation. When we meditate, we clear our minds of all
thought, both good and bad. We simply experience the present moment, instead
of dwelling on the past or the future, where most of our worries lie. And meditation has numerous benefits for our
health. Meditation has been proven to reduce anxiety
and depression, improve attention, and bring about emotional stability. Meditation brings us to a calm inner peace,
and helps us understand who we are through what we think about. Meditation is easy to do. To start, all you need is a few minutes a
day and , and breathe deeply. Try to focus on the different aspects of your
present self. First, focus on your physical self. Is your body relaxed or tense? Which parts are tense? Which parts are relaxed? What sensations are you experiencing at the
moment? Feel your body, focus on your breathing. Next: focus on your emotional self. How are you feeling? Do you feel calm, or anxious? Do you feel agitated? Try to feel through these emotions one by
one and gently let them go. Finally, try to assess your mental self. What are you thinking about? What thoughts are entering your head? Each time you notice yourself getting carried
away by a thought, gently let go of it and recenter yourself. Again, focus on your breathing. It might be difficult at first to let go of
distraction, but you will get better as you do it. Do it for five minutes at a time, and slowly
increase the time. Meditation is truly worth your time, and with
just a few minutes a day, you can see significant improvements in your mental health.


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