Quiet Time with Transcendental Meditation Programme in Sweden


In 2017 Quiet Time based on Transcendental Meditation programme was implemented in four schools in Sweden. The project is co-financed by the EU and the objective is to enhance equality, social inclusion, nurture mutual respect and bring basic democratic values to the students. Society today puts more demands on young people than it used to. It demands greater responsibility and ambition. The whole society is faster. Absenteeism is a growing problem in schools. A lot of students have performance anxiety, It is important to help them cope This is very important. It is chaotic in the classroom sometimes, but after TM it’s all much calmer. That’s really nice. You reach such a profound stillness, it is almost as you forget yourself… and this happens almost at once… and we were told, that is what would happen. It’s fascinating that you can reach these depth’s with this simple means. Then you understand that this is complete rest. There was a teacher approaching me, and he told me that he had been working
with TM in several schools with good results. And I felt results after two or three sessions of meditation. I could focus
better and had more energy. I found it very intriguing especially all the research on troubled children, children that were at risk, but there was also research that showed that TM strengthened
cognitive performance over all. The students immediately wanted to start. After that we emailed the
parents and there was a huge response! 100% where interested! My wish in that students can focus on their studies so that they are awarded higher grades and have a better future. They get a job and as a side effect – a good life. We teach this early in life. This deep relaxation. The ability to focus. Just to be able to go into a noisy class room in the upper grades, filled with hormones and just say – let’s close our eyes, and all of a sudden there is silence. That’s an unmatched experience. So if we give this 6 more months I am sure we will see more improvements.


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