Raise Your Vibration with Archangels, Archangel Protection Meditation, Guided Meditation, NO MUSIC

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welcome to becoming a better you by skeed
welcome to this guided meditation using the elements and the Archangels
it doesn’t matter whether you believe in the Archangels or not it doesn’t matter
what religion you are from if you are from a religion because all of these
Archangels are found in other names and other
religions I just use these names but you can substitute them if you know the
names within your belief system this is a meditation to be done sitting or
standing not lying down to begin this meditation we need to be
facing north so work out which is the direction north
to Union and as you do this I would like to tell you that this meditation has
been taken from a book called the Archangels of magic
now if you wish to go and look up this book by all means do so are we facing north good I hope you’re comfortable free from
distractions close your eyes focus on your breathing slow it down deep slow breathing in and out with no
pause at the top or the bottom focus in on your body how does your body feel with each breath slowly release any
aches pains tension of stress in your body in your mind within Neal energy take five breaths
here doing this one breathing and when you ready exhale and release
attention stress – relaxing deeper still going down three relax four down we go by d calm relaxed save you’re facing and to the nor you’re going to call
before you the Archangel Uriel so sing to yourself
before me stands Uriel before me stands the ark angel of the earth element No behind you in the south appears Raffaele and say to yourself
behind me stands Raphael the Archangel of air you’re real the Archangel the element of
Earth is in front of you behind you to the south
is Raphael and air-sea the element of Earth imprint feel the air flowing mine now to the east comes Michael Michael
appears to your right to the east with the element of fire feel the element and
fire feel it heat the colors red yellow and orange to your right now to your West on your left
gay rail and the element of water to my left stands Gabriel
feel the water the crystal-blue cooling Lord Uriel earth is now in front Raffaele air
is now behind Michael fire is to your right
Gabriel water is to your left you focus in your imagination in front of
you beyond where Uriel is beyond where the earth element is all the way further
than half the horizon comes a light a beam of light this beam
of light passes through Uriel through the earth element comes towards you
through your heart through your heart out the back through Raphael through the
air and off into the horizon behind now from your right from the east often
the horizon comes another beam of light it comes through Michael through the
fire through your heart sideways through your body out your left through Gabriel
or Gabriel through the ward enough pass the horizon to your left be be here in peace and now above you you feel another
Archangel Metatron Metatron or the universal source element and from above far in the distance
comes a light a beam of light through Metatron straight down through the
source through the crown of your head through your heart down to beneath you
and there it starts to form a discovery light beneath where you’re
standing or sitting in this disk of light grows wider let it grow as much as it needs perhaps
it’s only half a meter in diameter perhaps it’s a metre or two or five or
ten just let it grow to where it needs to grow you are now connected to you realer
Rafaella Michael fire Gabrielle water Metatron universe all connected to
you through beams of light all connecting in
your heart open your heart sitting on your desk save now as you’re here open
you’re a winner imagine you’re sitting on your desk or
standing on your desk in a vast desert all surrounded in the distance by
high mound when you’re comfortable seeing the stars
in the universe overhead imagine the desert burst into flames
the flames surround you you are course protected by your death the flames burn and then flames subside and leave a fertile soil enclosed by the
mound now imagine the desert fill up with water up to your waist you’re
sitting in an ocean enclosed by the mountains of water now the water drains away and the space is fertile gives way to new grasses plants trees
and fills this what once was a desert with a massive lush grassland woodland
surrounded by mound you and now feel the stars above
still connected with this light through your heart to your Ellerth in front of
you Rafael air behind you Michael fire to
your east Gabrielle wood to your Wes Metatron universe above feel the stars above you feel the Stars
start rushing down down towards where you are down they come at a rushing
sensation they come towards you closer and closer
and pass you by and everything disappears into darkness as everything
goes dark as the stars disappear beneath total darkness except those beams of
real light coming through you from Uriel to Raphael
from Michael to Gabriel and from Metatron to your death feel the most powerful beam of light leaving
Metatron coming down that beam of light down through your crown chakra into your heart feel a beam of light
from your West from Gabriel from the water it travels along you’ll be more
alight and meet Metatron’s in your heart and from the east a beam of light which does it the same
and meets in you are from Rafael behind you comes that beam every light and then
from your rail it was a beam of her light from a friend all five beams of light percent right
stars in Doha just sit here was Stanley for a
while with this beam is powerful star the star
takes over your heart is a powerful from right so this star becomes so powerful
it can no longer be contained in your heart
it fills your entire body it fills all the areas around me
your encompass completely by this white bright white star you’ve been listen to
your heart beings and radiating out further and further and me now feeling bless the connectivity this end stay here for a minute would
you you now it’s time to let the light so let the light slowly fade slowly
fading as it fades if you feel a need to bring your hands together in front of
your heart into a prayer position and do so
and if you wish to bow in things you may use and as you do this bring your
attention back to you breath you
breathe in and out bring your attention back slowly 3 2 1 and when you’re ready open your eyes welcome back remember you can do this
meditation as oft as you wish your experience is your own remember
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this with everyone you know on social media or privately thank you namaste


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