Rămâi așa cum ești – O meditație ghidată (Remain As You Are – A Guided Meditation)

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ok Oh in this moment I want you to just be aware first we can begin with just your bodily sensation the awareness of your the presence of this body and naturalness and simplicity of this awareness it is just here and now they’re doing nor undoing the body can only be perceived because first one awareness is here and this awareness itself is what we are actually what we appear to be is the functioning of the body and mind and the sense of personality this is also watched in the awareness whatever appears in the mind or body or appears apparently external also to the body all this is being perceived effortlessly in the awareness that is on moving you are naturally aware of this but in this moment it should be very clear for you there isn’t functioning for awareness but functioning of body and mind and all movements are taking place and are perceived in the awareness itself you’re here you’re not behind awareness or in front urd awareness itself as pure awareness you have no self-image and images only another phenomenon appearing in awareness and watch by your own self awareness create no relationship to anything that appears our arises in you remain self-aware the sense of coming and going is also a movement appearing in you because your body-mind thought feelings all these arises movements in that one moving awareness whatever appear elected to pier by itself and there is no need to follow or to analyze or interpret now let them come and go like this nothing will trouble you you’re not that which comes and goes no appearances can be you they come and go appears disappears you are the witness of both the appearance and disappearance but now you’re not concerned about this stinks series of presence silence still less which is hereby itself there is no door of it no creator of this still less it is simply here in you with you it is the fragrance of your own self there is nothing to do about this it is naturally present this fragrance of peace spaciousness it is the fragrance of your own being you have no farm of your own you are Thomas white and beyond void because a very wide yourself perceives it your own self the pure awareness is not perceived by another it is self-aware you are the witness of for all names and farms they appear in front of you may report to your presence you are the witness of time time does not witness you your senses mind emotion all this arises in you naturally you are naturally aware of them but none of them stay or comes and goes even the attention is watched by you when I say it is watched by you it is not in some personal way the person itself is on the idea watching off the idea of person also appears in you you are the onboard there is no date of birth for you there’s no date of end for you you are like on bound space is not a death or life for you your immaculate awareness there is not a high or low for you either inside or outside all these appear through the mind mind itself is only ideas appearing in your own self let all things arise them appear remain in your natural detachment this is effortless for you remain without identity identity adds nothing to value but limits your your openness you are pure being there is a silence now this silence is also present with you indivisible it’s a subtle current of our joy that there’s no one behind it no one to keep it or lose it be aware of this knowing this you will not be troubled remain in your own natural spaciousness when I say remain it means simply remain in your natural self awareness there’s no one to do this you are already this do not create any relationship with any object any appearance also do not create any relationship with the idea of even subject let object and subject appear keep no labels for yourself remain as you are you are the unborn the undying the timeless you were never born what is mine is this farm in the name that came into being and this coming into being appears in your own timeless infinite self you are pure awareness beyond names and farms beyond what comes and goes all these all these appearances they are watched effortlessly in yourself if you remain without identifying with what appears then your own timelessness will become self-evident for you you are the witness of all appearances or phenomena you are the eyes that sees our but this all-seeing eyes they cannot be seen because it is itself pharmacist ideas such as becoming yourself or knowing how to be leave these ideas and these ideas will leave you they do not serve what you are do not tie yourself to any intention not to time don’t anticipate to become something in the future and you’re timeless ever-present being will reveal itself more clearly remain like this ok


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