Real Alien? The Russian Proof!

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I always enjoy finding a new story regarding
UFOs and extraterrestrials. Today I have an interesting tale which originates
in the former USSR. The Russians have a long history with UFOs
as long as almost any other country in the world. The Dyatlov pass incident and the secret base
at Mezhgorye that have both been covered here on the channel. I also recently looked at the alleged alien
remains found in South America it would seem, Russia! Also has alien bodies. So let’s dive into The Bizarre Case of Russia’s
Kyshtym Alien Welcome to if………………………….. For the longest time there have been reports
of carcasses and other types of remains from mysterious creatures turning up in all corners
of the planet. These bodies and parts are sometimes attributed
to cryptids and other times they are said to be from another world. These dead bodies are usually discovered having
been in some way preserved, be it natural mummification or a process carried out by
a man or possibly other beings. The discovery of these corpses sparks intense
interest from many different groups this due to the thought that they could be the evidence
that proves life exists outside of this planet. I looked at the three-fingered mummies found
in Nazca and the mistaken human remains which were discovered in Atacama Desert Peru both
of these stories dealt with remains of what was thought to be extraterrestrial in origin. The Russian case is slightly different because
the alien in question here was found alive!! This supposedly alien creature was said to
have lived with and been taken care of by humans, it then vanishes and leaves storm
of questions swirling in its wake. Going to back to 1966 and elderly Russian
women by the name of Tamara Prosvirina, the old lady enjoyed taking walks around her village. Living in the picturesque Ural region of The
Russian mountain ranges the old women was part of the small community of Karlovy village,
this village found close to Kyshtym Chelyabinsk Oblast. It was from one her walks that she returned
clutching a small bundle, when asked what she was carrying Tamara replied “my baby”
When asked where this baby had come from the old lady described how she had found, what
she was calling her child, under a tree near the local cemetery. Most thought that the women were beginning
to lose her sanity the onset of dementia is to blame and the idea of the child being a
fantasy but when they asked to see the child the women insisted it was real but that they
were not allowed to look at it. They should, however, know that the child
was to be called Alyoshenka and that was enough. As time passed Tamara let her guard down and
a select few got to see the baby. What they saw was shocking!! The creature they saw wrapped in swaddling
was no human child, these few people looked upon a being that was around 10 inches in
length grey in colour and had mottled brown spots on its head. This description has my mind jumping to the
Atacama mummy both described in strikingly similar ways. The Atacama mummy was said to be human this
conclusion coming from DNA testing but as I mentioned in the story those remains had
an 8% discrepancy in the results, could this error actually be correct and the remains
be alien. The small humanoid was very animalistic in
its appearance being completely hairless, with large bulging eyes which had vertical
pupils like those of a reptile or feline. Its face had a very small, thin-lipped mouth,
small holes in either side of the skull rather than actual protruding ears, it had no eyelids,
and was reported to make “squeaking noises”. Its breathing was laboured as it inhaled air
through its tiny flat nose. The small body was also very strangely proportioned
it was obviously small, its limbs were long and slender it had long thin fingers topped
with sharp claws. It also exhibited no discernible navel or
genitalia. This small body and slight features seemed
to leave the creature with an inability to care for its self. This meant that the old women became the primary
caregiver for the creature. She fed the “foster baby” milk and curd
as it was unable to chew more solid foods. As a treat, she said that she would allow
it to lick caramel candies. The “baby” also behaved strangely rarely
moving or stretching its limbs and it also sweated heavily, the sweat smelling sweet. All this adds up to what would seem to be
the only possible conclusion, this was not a human child. The story was corroborated by Tamara’s stepdaughter. She explained that she would visit her mother
in law a couple of times in a week. She would check in and make sure that old
women didn’t need for anything and that she was taking care of herself and managing
to live alone. It was one of these visits that she was shocked
to find that the women were not alone. Tamara showed her daughter in law the “child”
She described the encounter saying “she showed me to the bed. I took a closer look at it and saw him. He was on top of the bed, squeaking some funny
sounds. I could see his mouth shaped like a small
pipe. His tiny scarlet tongue was moving. I also spotted two teeth inside. In a way, he looked like a little baby. His head was brown, and his body looked grey. I didn’t see any eyelids. He didn’t have any genitals either. His head looked like an onion. And the pupils of his eyes were widening and
narrowing just like the cat’s eyes do when you turn on the light and turn it off again
several times in a row. The fingers on his hands and feet were pretty
long. I only bothered to ask my mother-in-law where
on earth she’d got the monster from. She told me she’d found him in the forest. She kept calling him ‘Alioshenka’. She gave him a candy and he started sucking
on it. I thought it was some kind of animal. The thing was giving off that smell, you know,
one of a kind. You can’t take it for any other smell. Actually, the smell was pretty agreeable yet
somewhat nauseous at the same time. And he didn’t pass any liquid or solid waste
matter. He was sweating, and that was all. I saw the mother-in-law wipe the sweat off
his face with a rag. The story spread through the village and eventually
it reached the ears of the local officials. They expressed concern for the women and assumed
that this story was a sign of detreating health. They decided to step in and take the old women
into care. They went to the village house of Tamara and
took her to an intuition. As the women were be taken away she struggled
and protested all the time saying that her baby would die if she left it alone. Thinking the women delusional they cry fell
upon deaf ears. As the news of the old women’s departure
spread through the village curiosity grew as to what was in the house, a couple of days
passed by and then a man named Vladimir Nurtdinov decided to investigate the home. He uncovered the creature, dead and somehow
it had mysteriously become mummified. Maybe this a natural process, the sweat of
the creature was said to smell sweet if it had a high enough sugar content it would be
able to preserve the remains. Sugar is often used as preservative did this
happen naturally with this small humanoid? The body was allegedly taken by police, and
this is the point when the story begins to get even stranger. The investigating man ‘Nurtdinov’ was
arrested for stealing wire from Tamara’s home. One of the arresting police officers took
an interest in the body. He took it home with him and stored it in
his refrigerator. He began documenting the creature using photographs
and video later he made claims that he had had the body tested by various medical experts. DNA was found in the samples which didn’t
correspond with any human genes or anthropoid apes. None of the gene samples that were available
at the laboratory used to sequence the DNA matched the genes of the creature. These experts in DNA research said they hadn’t
come across any creature with such an elongated DNA molecule. This is when once again, we see similarities
coming to pass that could link the Atacama mummy to this story. Other experts wrote the story off as fiction
and claiming that it was nothing more than a deformed child, another said it was a malformed
fetus removed prematurely from the womb. Again not everyone was behind the deformed
human explanation with another expert saying that it was not human and that it showed decidedly
anomalous bone structure, organs, and physiology, and he was uncertain of the creatures origins. The police officer believed the final expert
and focused his research learning from those in the field of ufology. These researchers persuaded the man to hand
over the body and this when it disappears. Trying to retrieve the remains the man was
stonewalled at every turn, he was greeted by excuse after excuse each time he investigated
the location of the possible alien body. Maybe he was becoming a problem because as
with many that have had dealings with hard physical evidence of extraterrestrials on
this planet he was kept guessing as to what had become of his evidence and as for the
other crucial witness Tamara Prosvirina she was killed in an accident, mysteriously run
down by two vehicles in 1999 shortly after being released from the state-run institute
that she was taken too by officials. The cause of the accident was never seriously
pursued. Witnessed said that She was seen dancing about
in the middle of the road in some sort of trance before the accident it happened. What was going on here? Was she killed by people who wanted to keep
this a secret or was this just a freak accident with very coincidental timing? The death of Tamara put an exclamation point
to the story. Since that day things went cold no one really
knowing where the body of the “Kyshtym Dwarf” has disappeared to. The only evidence of this story that is available
today are the photos and the video taken by the police officer along with what is claimed
to be the cloth used to wipe sweat from the creatures body. Still many believe that this Russian story
is true and that the Russian government has hidden the body. Those that think this is a hoax say it is
no more than a human fetus. Another theory claims that it is a human fetus
but one which has been horribly deformed due to radiation. Kyshtym being the location of a nuclear disaster
when 20 million Curie units of radiation were leaked from a broken container this the third
worst nuclear accident after Chernobyl and Fukushima. What do you think this little humanoid was,
do you think it was alien if not what do you think it was? Let me know in the comments below.


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