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You know sometimes you find yourself sitting next to somebody Maybe it’s someone completely different to you You can either just sit and look at your iPhone and not talk to them or you can begin a conversation and see where it takes you Peter, it is such an honour to have you here with us on Reflections I started this program, I don’t know, I think seven months ago, eight months ago and I thought to myself, “We need a platform where we can bring incredible” I’m trying to avoid incredible. It reminds me of Donald Trump Really intelligent and spiritually enlightening people like yourself in one place gather everybody together and just to talk because I think that’s really needed It is Thank you so much for gracing us It’s an honour really You’ve had such a remarkable trajectory your work, your photography and you’re seen as a great ambassador particularly for the Muslim community in the West and I’ve had the great honour having you shoot some of my pictures as well and we’ve worked together for so many years Yes I just wanted to talk to you in the spirit of Reflections The way we do things here is just we have a casual conversation about what you’ve been doing recently and a little bit about the work from the past and what you’re doing now and what you hope to be doing God-willing in the future I’ve been taking pictures This is the 50th year of taking pictures so I’ve been kind of quite reflective about what I’ve been doing Perfect for Reflections Yeah. So I’ve been looking back at all the periods in my life the ’60s, photographing these people who are now iconic from that period and wanting to do something with it, but I haven’t But I came up an idea this year, which was really, there are the icons and everyone knows about the Beatles and the Stones Bob Dylan and all these people You pictured Jimi Hendrix? I did, yeah I did the last pictures of him before he died at the Isle of Wight There were a lot of things that happened in the ’60s which are very relevant to today which is the peace movement, anti-war movement, there was ecology movement, there was a whole interest in whole food, healthy living There was interest in looking at other religions and spirituality and all those things, feminism All these things started in the ’60s, and they came from a group of individuals who just became pioneers in that world So I’m kind of combining the two things together It’s a project called ‘Icons and The Beautiful People’ It’s a different way of looking at the ’60s because it’s sometimes dismissed as a kind of hedonistic time of drugs and stuff, but there was a message of peace People really wanted something They were rejecting something, and then it got lost I think But these things come back, and I think now there’s a kind of feeling now, there’s a feeling about that in the young people There have been some big changes in England with the politics of what’s going on, and the youth voted 70% of the youth voted in this last election more than ever I was always sad that the youth were not kind of engaged in life in some way, but they really took hold and took responsibility, and I think that’s a really good sign Because it’s all about them They are going to inherit this world from us So I’m really interested in what the youth are doing and we need to be able to find a language to talk to them This project that you were talking about, is it launched? No, no, it’s a proposal for a book It sounds amazing Yeah, that’s that one thing, and then I have my ongoing project ‘Meetings with Mountains’, which I was talking to you earlier about, about photographing the saints the true saints of the Islamic world No one ever knows about these people Yet, we know about saints in Hinduism, in Buddhism and all the other religions somehow other than Rumi, people know about Rumi, but Islam is full of these people, but you don’t find them easy They’re not celebrities They’re hidden away And they choose to be hidden They choose to be. They don’t want to be … They don’t want anything to distract them from what they do Their life is just praying and studying and they live in seclusion They’re known by certain people that have had the fortune, the good fortune to meet them So it’s been my mission to find them and photograph them, and many of them have never been photographed before They don’t like to be photographed, as I said, not because they think it’s forbidden They don’t want anything that exalts- Exalts them. To do with the ego Yes And so for some reason they agreed to let me do it, and many of them died very soon afterwards I got worried a little bit that maybe people wouldn’t… But someone said, “No, they knew that they were about to leave this world and that’s why they agreed.” They did it for you Yeah. And just to see their faces and then … So the book is really their pictures and then what happened when I met them during the session Where can we get this book? I’m still, I’ve been working on it for 45 years I’ve just spent a year editing I’m not a writer. I’m a photographer So I found the writing bit really difficult I wanted to find a language that was not academic full of Arabic terms that no one could understand I wanted to find a language that anybody could read I sent it to a teacher in America who knew nothing about the Islamic world and she read it and she loved it I said, “That’s enough for me, it’s great.” So now we have to raise the money to design it and finish the editing, and then I want to find a publisher I don’t want to self-publish I want someone that’s going to publish it it and distribute it around the world This is the true picture of Islam This is a counter to all this extremist position, which has nothing to do with the true world of Islam This is peace because these people are peace itself They don’t talk about peace They are, they’re living it. They embody it Just to sit in their company you feel peaceful All your concerns disappear That’s true Islam You’ve been part of a lot of great projects award-winning, lots of accolades and awards but one of your and one of the things that I really love that you did was ‘The Art Of Integration’ That was amazing project, I’ve got it. It’s beautifully printed as well That’s when we first met That’s right. That’s like from 11 years ago, right? Yeah, and we just did a relaunch in Luton of all places but it was really … I feel it still has a lot of … What’s wrong with Luton? Yeah What’s wrong with it? Nothing. We met such great people It has such a bad reputation We met so many people doing amazing things We met a guy who has a thing called ‘Curry Kitchen’ Every Friday, he’s got three daughters they prepare the food and they go out and feed the homeless every week of Luton Oh that’s beautiful And there’s so many people doing great projects with no money and someone said “How come no one knows about it?” It’s the humility of the people They’re just doing it and no one knows that These are the things people need to know about Exactly Yeah, so we did Art Of Integration and we added seven new subjects into it Oh wonderful Yeah, it was good So it’s available now for purchase? Yeah, they asked me. I mean I want… That exhibition has been around the world It’s never been around England This was the first time we took it out of London I wanted to go up to all these places Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester It’s such a beautiful project Because people need to ask themselves what does it mean to be English and be a Muslim how do you contribute to that society? We’re meant to be helping that society not fighting Where do they get these ideas from? I don’t know That you have to destroy it They’re just people just living their lives How can you think that you need to… anyway, it is sort of hard to understand but this is, this is what’s happening If you were asked to give a definition on what a British Muslim would look like I know it’s really difficult but how would he or she look? Well, I think it’s about… they would have certain values which we relate to Britain I kind of think it’s old Britain but that’s not true Someone said something about the British is that they have compassion and empathy, and that’s true The British when things happen they give a lot, even poor people So that’s a very strong Islam, what Islam does when you bring those things together, it brings the best out of people You know that, generally even poor people they’re very well mannered and very kind and generous I don’t know It’s something about the British spirit And they’re very stoic Yes They are courageous Look at all these things Crisis happens and people rush to help, not run away So beautiful There’s so many good things that the British are known for It’s sad that that’s sort of being dismantled But I hope these things remain The English were famous for scrubbing their the poor people would scrub their their houses would be spotlessly clean even poor people What are the latest projects? I mean what’s the next thing in the pipeline? You know I’ve travelled for 50 years travelled around the world and I’ve collected all these pictures and I felt like it was my job to document everything Now there are all these young photographers coming, so I feel like I can lean back a little bit But I need to do something with all this stuff, so I’m now looking at projects, book projects, exhibitions What am I going to do with all this material I’ve taken? So I’m looking at that with various book projects Because you’ve like amassed over 500,000 images? Yeah, I mean I have half, a quarter of a million of just slides and transparencies Now another quarter million of digital images It’s a huge collection It’s like an uncut diamond I need to do something with it so I’m waiting to see what is shown to me to do We’ve had so many nice trips together Yeah, we had We were together in, we were together in the States I think, Canada Yeah, in Canada Definitely in Canada Yeah, yeah. We’ve kind of meet all over the world It’s incredible I mean the first time we met I clicked with you immediately and I felt, this is… The concert you did at Wembley, which was so amazing Yes, the concert 10,000 people Yeah, that was an amazing experience It took a lot of nerve I had to climb because I wanted to do this shot because I wanted to include the audience with you somehow And so I did this classic thing, I got behind. I like it Yeah, that was an iconic image actually Yeah, but it was just the faces… You can look at everyone Everyone’s having such a great time It’s beautiful And you did the photo shoot for the ‘The Centre’ album Yeah I was yeah so tired that day I know I didn’t … Honestly, we were working on a track called Lament from the Centre album and I have to admit, I didn’t sleep I know, you had rings under your eyes I felt really bad because there you have the great legendary Peter Sanders and you don’t sleep It’s just … Yeah, it wasn’t a very polite thing to do It wasn’t the right thing to do But we were so into the moment, it was an Ibn Arabi piece We were so I just forgot I lost track of time But the pictures were wonderful Yeah, they were okay We used the cover, the front cover was … Yeah, I’m honoured to have done your photo Great honour for me That was a nice album too, beautiful Thank you much I’m very fond of a lot of those tracks actually There was a book that changed my life It’s called ‘The Game of Life’ It’s a very thin book It was written by a lady called Florence Scovel I think Shinn. No, it’s Florence Shinn, and she was a blueblood of America I think she lived in the 1920s She was obviously a saint, but the book starts, “People believe that life is a struggle It’s not a struggle. It’s a game But it’s a game that has to be lived according to certain spiritual beliefs And if you cheat people, you will be cheated, if you lie to people, you will be lied to, if you love, you will be loved, if you give, you will be given to.” That’s the beginning of it, it’s so simple It’s an amazing book It’s very small and it’s got so much wisdom in it and I’ve given it to a lot of people and they’ve read it It’s kind of changed their lives We need to get back to some simplicity Life is very complex in some ways We have become very complex You said something really powerful moments ago We were talking outside of the conversation, Reflections, and you said that spiritual people of the past, their lives were much more simple and we live in a time where there’s just there’s just too much information People are disconnected I mean they’re not … You sit with people and they’re not very present with you People sit with their phones or they’re having a conversation they’re doing something else They’re neither here nor there Yeah, so they’re actually not really, so- I do it. It’s a terrible habit Really it’s such an odd experience And it means that that conversation can never really go anywhere other than the superficial level, and that’s what’s missing in life You can still taste that in certain places like Morocco or certain places people are present with you, particularly in Africa they’re very present actually because their life is much simpler So what’s happening around them they’re much more aware of I read this thing today It said, God is life and life is God, that we’ve made a disconnect, we’ve separated God from actually what’s happening to us Yes And we need to reconnect Things happen for us in life for a reason We don’t know Maybe you might not know the reason why that happened until much later on but everything happens for some reason and there is some good in it We don’t know what it is It may seem terrible at the time and we have to trust that And people have lost that trust that there is a purpose to life We are actually spiritual beings living a human life not human beings having occasional spiritual moments We really need to get back to that and the youth really need to understand otherwise we’ll lose them And they’re much closer to the truth They need to be listened to People need to be listened to That’s what doesn’t happen anymore People have pains and you have to know why people … And you go back and find people, they had terrible lives they were mistreated when they were young or abused and stuff Then you wonder why they go and repeat the same thing out in the world Because when a child is young it’s so, looks up to everybody, it’s aware of everything, it knows when people are lying to them, it knows when people mistreat, because they come from a state of purity So beautiful Is it true that it’s said when a person becomes a saint they’ve effectively become a child again, because children are God’s saints? Yeah, they must go back to that kind of purity- A primordial purity Hafsa and I were taken to a house of a man in Jeddah He was 106 years old He had so much energy than all of us put together He was running up and down the stairs getting us drinks and food and everything He was amazing and he said to me “I’m going to live til I am 111.” I said, “Really” and then some years later I met a young man and somehow his name came up He said, “Oh yeah, he died.” I said, “When was that?” I worked it out. He was 111 He was just, he was so youthful It’s just amazing, a very simple man He was from Indonesia originally Where do you think this loss of the sacred and respect for the sacred, where everything beautiful comes from in my opinion- Yeah, absolutely And I think all people of faith would appreciate that Where do you think that ultimately comes from in the modern world? Because you were talking about this earlier children, young people, not children but the younger generations don’t seem to respect the older generations, there’s this kind of worldview and perspective that newer things are better, Yeah the older things are to be done with just throw them away, and we’re progressing Whereas some people would argue we’re not, we’re regressing, we’re going backwards Exactly, yeah I’m kind of answering my own question but I’d love to know your perspective Where do you think this loss of the sacred and particularly the inner dimension, the rejection because some people say there have been a lot of calamities in the world there have been a lot calamities to tradition and faith itself but from the Islamic perspective the greatest calamity of all was the rejection of the inner dimension of the Islamic faith Exactly Some people call it Sufism the spiritual side, or Din Al-Ihsan, yes Where do you … what’s your perspective? If you look at traditional societies the elders or the wise people were always respected That somehow has gone in the modern society that when you’re old you don’t serve a purpose anymore Whereas they were always people that you went to if you had some problem or something, you could get some advice about what to do But that’s kind of gone now So I don’t know where do people go I guess they go to the internet or I don’t know where people go for their … to find solutions to these things So that kind of respect of their elders is kind of, and wise, I’m talking about wise people has kind of, has been lost in our society which is … Do you think that’s, there’s a connection between that and extremism and the madness that we experience sometimes? I think so. Yeah I think so. Because we live in a world where people resolve differences by violence That is not a way to resolve things That means you don’t respect human beings you don’t respect life, and you don’t respect God Or whatever you call it I’m using God Some people have other words for these things It’s a term we use But it starts with respecting one another Every human being has something special God put something special in everybody to teach us something If we’re not open to that, we’re missing out on things all the time Yes Sometimes you find yourself sitting next to somebody Maybe it’s someone in completely different to you You can either just sit and look at your iPhone and not talk to them or you can begin a conversation and see where it takes you And, you can agree to disagree That’s fine as long as it’s a peaceful outcome Yes Do you think a tradition can survive without its inner core? No, because we’re spiritual beings We have to relate on a spiritual level That’s why religion has become problematic because for some religions, they say, “I am right Therefore, if I say I’m right it means you’re wrong.” People are just doing as a result of their life so they’re just mimicking what was done to them Unfortunately they didn’t have good… I feel so blessed that I met all these people I mean it’s a project, but I was the project, getting to sit with these saintly people It was for [me] … I hope I took some benefit from them These people who spent their lives in prayer I could never do that I mean it’s really difficult to sit and pray for a long time You get uncomfortable Your knees hurt. It’s just like But we try anyway We do our best to try and find a calm centre Because it’s not enough to say you believe in something bigger than yourself Okay, then you have to trust it It’s not good saying, “I just trust God’s going to supply everything, he’s going to look after me.” Well, then you’re going to be tested You’re going to have times when you don’t have anything Are you still going to trust then? That’s when it comes to see whether it’s real for you So you can’t say it unless you really live by that These are very high aspirations and all we can do is aspire to them and hope that God makes it easy for us to do it We live in a world where everybody is worried about money Everybody worries about everything People are scared to get on a plane go to, scared to fly on a plane, scared … At some point you just have to trust and then it’s an adventure Otherwise, your life is a constant bundle of concerns And I’ve been that person I thought about it so much. I thought “Actually I could start worrying about how will I be able to take breath.” You choke yourself anxious about not being able to breathe Never thought about that before But it’s true. If you really think about it That’s one thing we have. We breathe It happens all the time The more you become aware of it, the more centred you get That’s what they talk about in meditation But that’s, that’s from God, the breath Every breath we have is from God We start life by taking breath in and we finish life by breathing out Yes One of the great teachers, they said, “for the true believer dying is like passing from third class carriage into the first class carriage.” It’s as easy as that That’s the greatest fear people fear these days is dying Who’s exempt from it? I don’t know anyone who’s been exempt from it? but that’s if you think it’s the end It’s not. It’s a journey Yes Have you ever read the Lives of Man? No Oh, it’s such a beautiful book It was written like 300 years ago by Imam Haddad and it’s talking about, it’s saying that we’re on a journey from before this life through this life which is a journey from childhood to adulthood to maturity and old age and then we leave and the journey continues Yes And that’s the journey of the spirit Yes It’s a nice tiny little book It’s full of so much wisdom The Lives of Man? The Lives of Man, yeah I really liked what you were saying earlier outside of this, outside of Reflections You mentioned how we need to redefine certain things, certain words need to be redefined because to be mindful really is from the Islamic perspective really it’s very much aligned to Sufism Yes and the inner core of the faith, and it was really interesting if you can elaborate on that That was really, really interesting Well, it’s become very fashionable a lot of people talking about mindfulness I was really thinking yeah, I’ve met, I’ve met saintly people and they have incredible mindfulness, very incredible sensitivity they listen to their heart So when they’re talking to you, they’re actually listening with their heart And then they get inspired They may say things that you hadn’t even spoken about I mean I’ve sat with people and I’ve had problems going on in my life and this person said “You know, you should just recite these things Recite it so many times every day” and I’ve started reciting it and that issue, whatever it was, just disappeared Now how did he know? I didn’t tell him about that but he was inspired just by sitting with me That’s mindfulness That’s having a certain presence of mind to know what is right at that moment Didn’t have an agenda He was just sitting with me That’s real mindfulness and we need to learn that because for most of us it’s an uneasy position to be We’re happy when we know what we’re doing more confident This is our agenda, da, da, da Nothing else matters No one else matters But that’s actually not a good place to be We should be aware of everybody and what’s going on around Maybe there’s someone there who needs help that you might not be aware of There is also that sense of tribalism as well God forbid it happens, something bad happens in the UK or France, we condemn it but then the immediate thing is, “Oh, yeah, but what about Iraq? What about …” We condemn that too but we’re one family We’re living together It’s one planet We’re all interconnected And we’re not a private club Muslims are not in a private club If we are not tolerant of other people, we haven’t, I don’t think we’ve embraced true Islam Yes If we think we’re better than others we are lost God is with the oppressed If you’re oppressing people in whatever form, whether it’s violently or whatever or condemning them you’re an oppressor God is with those people you are oppressing We need to remember that We’ve forgotten all this stuff This is what the message that was brought it somehow seems to have got lost It’s times like … we got caught up in the detail I saw this vision once It was a picture and I still want to take this picture I just saw it as one image in front of me The scene was a desolate It’s after war, and there’s a door, just the door of a house and a bit of the wall left and there are two Muslims dressed very immaculately with their beautiful turbans polishing the doorknocker I sometimes feel that’s our position We’re so worried about the detail that we … look at the world It’s really, I need to do that picture, I need a team I can see it in my mind now We just got lost in the detail Do you think that’s the case for the Islamic tradition in general or specifically or do you think it’s a general problem with all the traditions? Because we find that with modernity and the modern world I know that Sh. Abdul Hakim Murad (Dr. Tim Winter) I asked him this question and he said “Modernity is not one thing It’s many different things,” it’s a process But in general the way I would view modernity is to see the world through the lens of quantity and not through quality Materialism and the materialistic worldview which is, I personally feel, inherently anti-tradition in general Do you think that this could be the reason? Do you think that it’s a modern problem? I think that people collect stuff as a way of filling a hole inside themselves I do it. I have room full of photographic books and stuff But now there’s a big movement, I have friends who’ve got rid of everything they own I think that’s amazing That’s a very powerful thing because they realized that having all this stuff just clutters your mind. That’s very Islamic I mean the true Islamic position is to have that stuff and it doesn’t matter You’re completely detached from it You’re in the world but you’re not attached to it Because a man can be trapped by having nothing as well as a man can be trapped by having a lot of stuff It’s just kind of finding a way where you’re detached from it enough But from your, because you’ve obviously experienced a lot and you have mentioned that you’ve been taking pictures for 50 years. You’ve been to Morocco. You’ve been around the world, India, China, everywhere. How do you see where we are now and the process of getting to where we are now? Do you think it’s got worse? It’s worse than 40 years ago? The world? Yes It’s difficult I mean if you look at it as the human body we always try and shy away from illness but actually illness is the purification of the body so I try to now look at it slightly different Of course it’s not I always try to photograph spiritual Islam That’s what I was interested in I was interested in spirituality because that’s the thing that inspires me and enlivens me So if I look at it from that point of view, it seems things are worse But then if you look at it on a long term maybe this has to come out, the body has to get sick if it’s going to heal all this sickness has to come out for there to be some saving of what’s happened, saving the planet We’re in such a position now with our planet let alone human, mankind [where] everything is getting destroyed I mean I was watching a documentary about Antarctica the other day There’s this team who have been up in Antarctica for 60 years They’ve built a whole thing there There are huge crevasses appearing It’s just like how can you say Yeah, it doesn’t exist It doesn’t exist Climate doesn’t, climate change don’t exist It’s madness really Peter, you are such a remarkable person and you’ve had such an incredible life I could ask you- I could ask you about the ’60s and the ’70s and there’s so much to talk about, and all the amazing stuff that you’re doing now But unfortunately we need to bring our program to an end Could you share with us a final reflective thought on Reflections? Well, I immediately thought of when we, you and I first met and then we went to Egypt, as kind of, with The Art of Integration and there were all these journalists [who] thought Muslims are being oppressed in England and we were saying “No, we have loads of freedom there We can do whatever We can pray whenever we want We can. … No one … ” I remember Yeah, and they thought we were a government plot or something, they didn’t believe us You and I have been very fortunate We come from these two worlds I always feel like I’m standing on the edge I’m looking at my Muslim brothers they seem to be like doing, some of them, not all of them but some people have a really strange idea about life Then I look at England and I got a lot of good things from England as I mentioned to you There is a lot I really cherish about England And it’s sad to see it, it’s been disappearing, it’s become like a corporate … it’s all about money and stuff Every time it snows people complain “Oh, we lost, we lost so much revenue.” It’s snow, you should be out there I had a Sudanese friend He had never seen snow before He was ecstatic We just think, “Oh, I can’t go to work, the machine stops” instead of just enjoying it We need to enjoy life And it seems in the corporate world there’s no time for enjoying You can to enjoy it later What? When you’re dead? No, we have to have at least some time In every traditional society they have time where they stop when you step out of the … Yes We have it. We pray five times That’s five times a day We stop whatever we’re doing and we prostrate into oblivion Everyone needs something, whether you meditate you have periods of mindfulness Everybody needs that to connect back to your heart because we get disconnected We need to connect back to ourselves individually, and then we can connect as human beings, as a race But everyone’s at such disconnect at the moment I don’t know, that’s about That’s beautiful. Enjoy your life and reconnect Drink tea and enjoy your tea And a hot water because Peter Sanders likes hot water But I also love tea We stop every afternoon when we’re able stop whatever we’re doing, let the work stop, and drink tea, just have a bit of peaceful time Then we get back to work That’s how you know he’s quintessentially English Yes Thank you so much It’s a pleasure. Thank you


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  20. Muhammed Hisan

    November 6, 2019 9:50 pm

    You can tell that Peter Sanders it so much at peace with himself and his surroundings ! Listening to him, i feel so much at peace !!! Is he a Wali ?????


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