Relax and Recharge Affirmations – Realign with yourself | Ethereal Meditations

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I love and accept myself in all moments. I give myself permission to rest and
recharge whenever my body needs it. My body communicates to me in a variety of ways and I am always listening to every whisper. I value my health and this reflects in
the way that I take care of my body, my mind, and my soul. When I consciously choose to rest or slow down, my focus and productivity increases. I set reasonable tasks for myself and do
not pile on more than what is good for me. I give myself permission to say no
anytime I feel like it. I do not have to say yes to everyone. Other people’s happiness is not my
responsibility. It is okay to pause, to take time and to
check in with myself and to think and ponder before I respond to someone. It is okay to relax and do nothing. Each day I intentionally set aside
moments for self care and integrate this into a daily practice. When I rest and recharge my intuition
becomes heightened and my body, mind, and soul realign. I am having an incredible day and I’m so
grateful to be alive. Thank you for listening to Ethereal Meditations. We hope that these affirmations provide you with gentle reminders to slow down and listen to your body. If you are interested in hearing other affirmations or other guided meditations please visit our YouTube channel Ethereal Meditations and subscribe.


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