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to relax is to activate self-healing
self-regulation in mental health to relax is to train your mind your brain
in your body to become more familiar with emotions in the biochemistry of
relaxation then stress and anxiety let’s learn
exactly how meditation is the most effective
scientifically proven technique to optimize your mental and your physical
health now for meditation to work we must learn two very important techniques
the first is skill is to trigger relaxation first should trigger the
relaxation response in your body I welcome you to watch my videos on the
best relaxation techniques are they right here on this playlist when we
trigger the relaxation response we are changing our internal state your
hormonal biochemical and emotional state you’re commanding your brain to release
neuro peptides that will increase your mental in your physical health that will
retrain your nervous system to become familiar with that biochemistry the
biochemistry of relaxation of comfort of focus the second most powerful is skill
to make meditation really work for you if simply to welcome a different
emotional states here’s a deal my friend most of us cannot have a thought that
doesn’t correspond with your emotional states and your biochemistry at the time
so if you are feeling the emotions of depression of anxiety of stress of panic
of discomfort your thoughts will correspond with that emotion you will
not be able to activate the thoughts of love
self worthiness peace relaxation and focus and so forth so in order to change
negative thoughts with self limiting thoughts we need to train our bodies to
become familiar with a different emotional state because the emotional
states will trigger we will be combined with a different hormonal in chemical
states and the thoughts will follow so when you use meditation focus your mind
and to welcome a different emotion how does it feel to be loved what does it
feel like to be loved to be good and half to be connected divine powerful
whatever it is welcome that emotions focus on that now there will be other
thoughts that will come because every time that you are trying to focus on
what does it feel like how does it feel like to be good enough
there might be some thoughts that would contradict you that would say really
what about the bills to pay what about the job that you hate what about this
relationship and that is normal because again your thoughts correspond to your
current emotional state so one simple thing to do is to hum use a vow to hum
while you’re meditating so that will just kind of ease those intrusive
thoughts so when you’re meditating you can simply hum and at the same time you focus your mind
your attention and your intention into a different emotional state or feeling
relaxed connected happy good enough compassionate for yourself and the more
you focus on that emotional states the healthier your thinking patterns will
become and the more you sustain that marriage between a healthy empowering
thought and a healthy empowering emotion the more that will become your future
because you are training your body to become more familiar with that you’re
training your body to welcome that reality does that make sense if so
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