Remove Negative Energy & Obstacles with Ganesha’s Blessings

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Ganesha can help particularly human beings
who are deeply entrenched in negativity. In our fear, you know, pessimism that characterizes
us. We are basically negative beings. You know, not only negativity, but combined
with lethargy, and skepticism. He can change all of that in minutes provided
you can contact him because this negativity is not a good thing to have, nor laziness,
nor skepticism. And then he can also help us with obstacles. You know, what’s an obstacle? Obstacle is something that we don’t know
now, which we don’t foresee. We cannot foresee everything. You know, you have a project and how many
obstacles can you foresee? Only a few, but he can foresee all obstacles
because he can see the beginning and the end, by passing time. Ok. If you go and then get his blessings, so you
have to be actively in touch with him, and in conversation with him. This is true of all Gods and Goddesses. And if you can just hold their hands and then
they will lead you. That’s an important thing that we have to
be aware of. To contact him, to tell him, pray to him,
and say: “Hey, I don’t know what obstacles are ahead, and things may not happen as I
want it to, or wanted it to happen, but you know, I will hold your hand, please lead me,”
and that should be the prayer. And another thing that he can do is he can
help you bypass time, and bypass space because they knew, the ancient yogis knew, that time
and space is a continuum. They are one and the same energy principle. So, if it’s going to take 5 years for you
to finish the project, with his help you can finish it within one year, even with better
results. It is because there are ways and means that
his intelligence could figure it out, we cannot. That’s why I want you to remember all of
these points and these are the benefits we are going to get through Ganesha.


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