Rhythm Secrets #1: Drop in to Your Body – Guided Meditation Exercise

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Last Take Boys Welcome to awaken the
Drummer in this video we’re going to go into the first exercise of how to drop
into your body why do you want to drop into our body because that’s where the
secret to rhythm lives. If you’ve not seen the secret to rhythm video go check
that out now if you have and you’ve cleared out all your distractions let’s
get ready to sink into this exercise so to be able to find this sense of
rhythm we have to drop into the body because the body is where our ability to
have good rhythm lives so how do you get into your body was quite simple the
first step into getting into our body is to feel the sensations moment a moment
of our body if we’re sitting still so we’re just gonna start off by closing
our eyes taking a nice deep breath good
so keep taking nice deep breaths and I want you to focus your attention instead
of on the fact that you breathing or any thoughts about this exercise and I want
you to take your attention to the sensation of breathing in your body
wherever that may be so it could be the sensation of air
passing through your nose your nostrils the back of your throat your chest or
your belly it really doesn’t matter you just need to feel wherever you can feel
breath in the body good what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna
anchor your attention in this sensation because what is likely to happen is your
mind is going to come in and he’s gonna either
judge whether or not this is a useful way to spend your time or whether or not
you’re doing it right or it may even come in and just distract you and think
about something you need to do later today and that’s great
because what we want to do here is we want to notice those times when you try
to feel your body and your mind comes in and steals the attention away from the
body and into the mind and that’s known as I’m talking by the way continue to
feel the breath and see if you can just let the words pass through whilst you’re
paying attention to the breath good so every time you feel that your
attention is drawn away into thoughts and you notice it that’s excellent
take your attention back to the sensation of breathing very simple so
you’re gonna continue to breathe and just feel whatever sensation is
strongest for you as you breathe no need to control the breath you’re just
observing you can imagine you’re a scientist looking through mirrored glass
at the sensation just observing what happens great and now you’re gonna
continue to do that and I’m gonna stop guiding you for a second and whenever
you hear this sound this is a reminder to check in with
where your attention is if your attention is caught in the mine stream
that’s fine no need to beat yourself up about it you just return to the task at
hand feeling the body sensation you you great so now rather than feeling the
sensation of breath in your body you’re now gonna move your attention to the
feeling of weight this is gonna be quite a strong sensation anybody so it’s gonna
be the sensation of maybe your bum on the chair
or your feet on the floor your hands are arms resting wherever they’re resting
again whichever these sensations is or maybe one that I’ve not listed
it doesn’t matter there’s no right way of doing this you simply want to anchor
your attention in the body and watch out for these moments when the mind comes in
and feel that change of attention you you good very good so in these moments when
you are paying attention to these sensations you are undoubtedly in your
body this is what it feels like to be in your body you found the doorway today to
wear good rhythm lives and not only good rhythm but creativity a place for creative new novel thinking
to come but for now let’s just work on the rhythm think about how many times in
the day you’re aware of these more subtle sensations that happen in your
body I don’t know about you but when I discovered this it was very interesting
to me that this world existed and I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t ever
paying attention to it and it’s because we’re trained from a young age to be
thinking about things where am I going what do I have to do although I have to
move towards or away from and the only time sensation really comes up is when
something is painful or something feels good but the rest of
the time there’s not any interest in this world so when you’re going out
there into the world try and spend a few seconds every now and again dropping
into this place maybe you can put on some music when you’re at a home alone
drop into this place and see what happens
see if the body wants to make you move in any certain way forget about whether
or not I looks cool but that’s for another lesson this is far enough for
today you did great now you might be thinking
what’s that got to do with rhythm it’s got a lot to do with rhythm what we did
there is we dropped into the body and we gave the mind a bit of a timeout and
whenever the man comes back in we’re like nah mind we’re doing this thing
okay and what the fruits of that is eventually we’ll be able to gradually
just drop into our body by choice and then it will happen naturally whenever
it’s needed and what happens then we’re gonna be less self-conscious we’re gonna
be more feeling the rhythm we’re not gonna have to do so much with our mind
because the mind is a very small tool when it comes to living and being
exuberant and spontaneous the mind is shit at this the body is where all this
stuff lives this stuff isn’t gonna happen overnight this is something we’ll
have to return to over and over again and you don’t need to come back to this
video do it in your own life they weren’t on the bus do it while you’re
waiting for something in the queue whenever you want
and gradually notice what it feels like to be in your body and notice when the
head comes and pulls you out and we’re gonna explore this whole movement of the
mind pulling you out of your body over and over again in subsequent lessons so
if you’re interested in this stuff if it resonates and you want to be that person
who is more free and can feel rhythm and can be creative and spontaneous if you
want that in your life then stick around because that’s the journey I’m on where
I started all the way to where I am now I’m not this creative wizard just yet
but compared to where I started I’m much more free I’m much more creative I can
feel rhythm I can move to it yes I’m stifled sometimes but this process is a
gradual on stifle it and it’s exciting and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done
and I’m sharing it here so if you want to get some of that juice subscribe
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