Running With the Mind of Meditation – Interview #1

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For me, athletics has always been something that is very driven. I was a serious athlete most of my life and just got extremely burnt out and stopped doing any of it, just because I had that mind set; and running for best is high achievement, low satisfaction and nothing was ever enough. And meditation has been critical in shifting that perspective; and this program really does that as well, and connects you with the joy of it. Just the simplicity of it, there’s something so pure in running. I just think that the connection, the embodied aspect of meditation, is so important, because it tends to get neglected or overlooked and think that it’s sort of a head practice, when really the body is the link; it’s the essential component to tie everything together. And just having that connection, and it’s something that’s really simple and pure. And I think that you know I get more out of my meditation when I run; and when I’m embracing the body aspect of it; and the same thing with running, it’s just, it’s all inseparable; I think is the main thing.


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