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(upbeat music) – All right, guys. Thank you so much for being here. We’re gonna do a little
impromptu Ask Gary Vee Show where we will give you guys
a Q and A session here. I think the thing that I
would highly recommend, I think a lot of people
waste these opportunities. To me, the reason I wrote
a book about Q and A, have a show around Q and A, try to make every keynote I give now
a Q and A, which is hard cause I think a lot of people think you mail in when you go Q and A, and they want a show. But to me, this is
disproportionately more valuable. And so I would just highly
recommend to deploy humility, to be honest with you. I think if you’re gonna
get this opportunity to get a chance to ask a question, if that’s interesting to you, that you should ask the question. And if it’s a very basic question, by your standards, and
worry that other people will see it that way, it really just doesn’t fucking matter. And so I highly recommend that, you’ve got your shot now. We’ve got some time. We’ll probably be able
to get to a lot of them. Ask your question, whether
it’s very, very, very detailed or philosophical or anything
that you’ve picked up in- – Shoot. – The stuff that we’ve brought up. So let’s fire away. Who’s got a question? Yes, sir? – [Man] What are your
thoughts on WhatsApp, and what that’s very
famous, international, especially Latin America. In Latin America, they’re
using the stories. – Yes. – [Man] Very big, I haven’t
heard much from you. I think I’ve sent you a couple messages. – Yep. – [Man] On your thoughts on it. – Yup, I think it’s a huge
missed opportunity for me, in a global sense. I think the reason I haven’t focused on it is I still tend to be overly
American-focused and centric. And obviously WhatsApp is, if you look at the American usage, it’s people that have family and friends
in other places in the world. But to your point, not
only the stories feature but now kind of the messenger ads that can be run in there,
I think if you’re selling to a community that is
grounded outside the US, LatAm, Asia, other places of that nature, I think it’s very effective. I’ve got friends that
are doing real business, in New York, by the way,
who are using WeChat. They’re Americanized, but there’s a lot of Chinese and other use it, mainly mainland China. There are parts of Asia use it. So look, I’m a big fan of
fish where the fish are. I’m not gonna be able
to get to everything. I’m not gonna be able
to explain everything. But I think WhatsApp has real opportunity. I don’t like talking about
things that I don’t know. I would give you answers about WhatsApp the way I think a lot
of people who are here who are good would give you
answers about other things. I talk about things that
I’ve gotten really deep into. So look, I think there’s a lot of things that can be done on WhatsApp. Since I haven’t done them,
I’m not as interested in talking about it. But I’m extremely aware, watching others execute within it that there’s
a lot of attention there. And if I was in southern California and skewing into that market, I definitely think there’s opportunity. I think there’s opportunity there. And then you take the
values of Instagram stories and Snapchat, start building there. And then you start using your email. One thing, I’ll give you a real tactic that just got to me, too. If you decide to go into this content, personal brand thing, just
adding your Facebook page, your Instagram, and your YouTube link to the bottom of your email signature will start to build your,
like some of these things are so silly and basic. But, yeah, yes? – [Man] Last question, do
you see the two conflicting? I know they’re owned by Facebook. – No. – [Man] No? (man talking quietly) Let’s pass it. We’ll use people. This is not a fancy group. (laughing) We’ll pass the mic. – [Audience Member] During
the real estate panel, they were saying that we should try and sell ourselves
rather than push listings on our business profiles. I have a personal and a
business one for Instagram. Do you think I should just
scrap the business one and just solely use the, okay. Ryan’s shaking his head yes. – Yeah. My team has a profile that
we use only for real estate. And we use that, basically,
to make sellers happy and because they want social. And I can’t, on my personal social, just put out the same
apartments every day. But you gotta remember, what separates you from every other broker out there, right? It’s not the property. Every broker has property. That’s what they do. Or they see property
or they sell property. It’s you. And so people are gonna
wanna work with you. I mean, do you have any idea what happened to my business when I married Amelia? And we put that on Bravo
to all those people. People reach out to me
now because they see me kissing Amelia in the
morning in an Instagram story. And they’re like, “oh, he’s a good guy.” (laughing) Right? And people come up to
me, and they’re like, “I used to not like you. “But if Amelia likes you,
now I really like you.” (laughing) And they say that to me all the time. I don’t know where she is. I can’t see her. But, oh, hey, babe, thanks so much. And so it’s that personal story that people get attracted to. And I say it all the time. People don’t wanna work with brokers. They wanna work with people
they can get a beer with, that they could be friends with and who’s also very
knowledgeable and informed on what they’re about to
spend a lot of money on. – Do you post any listings
on your personal page? – Here and there, depending. – I’m glad you said that. I believe in that. The reason I wrote Jab,
Jab, Jab, Right Hook, I think there’s always a
time to go in for the ask. Not the demand. There’s a lot of people
who build personal brands, and all the content is to
get you into the funnel to pay for the thing. That’s a demand. I’m very comfortable to post tomorrow a picture of my wine club as an ask. If you went from zero to five million on my teachings and you
never paid anything for me and you didn’t sign up for my cockamamy 55 dollar a month wine
club, it wouldn’t bother me, because I’m just asking. I’m not demanding. And I also think you have to
be careful for what’s next. Let me explain. Instagram, very important. I’ve been bringing it up. We didn’t know stories was gonna come. I drove tons of right hooks on stories. I feel more comfortable
there to go in for the ask, the swipe up, cause there’s 22 of them. I mix them in. It goes away, verus the main photo, I’m far more passive. But even there, once in every 40 posts, and like two posts ago was the book. Book, I’m in the zone, six days away. Please pre-order now, or I will die. (laughing) So I think first of all, everybody has a cadence of giving and asking. Give, give, give, and then ask. I really think that people get caught up in what’s the rules. There are really not that many. It’s more macro than should
I have a business profile, a personal profile. I think people always buy you. But guess what? Somebody might take a photo, and somebody may see
the fucking front yard and the picket fence and
literally, in their feed, be like, “that’s what I always
thought I was gonna have.” My bigger problem is too many brokers only post their open houses and listings. And then you look like
a fucking kinda thing I can get free at the
fucking, at the supermarket. I’m like, “what the fuck are you doing?” (laughing) Yes, sir? – So to that point,
linking your professional and your personal, what’s the fine line in terms of content? How much personally should
you be putting out there, knowing that you potentially
have a business audience that doesn’t necessarily
have the same taste as you, whether it be politics, entertainment- – So, look, listen. This is very easy for me. This is something I
spend a lot of time on. Guys, if you fucking put a post that says fuck Donald Trump
or fuck Hillary Clinton, you’ve eliminated 50% of your audience when our audience is on tilt. You could’ve done that 13 years ago. And you would’ve lost 18% of the audience, cause there was 18% that were emotional. Everybody’s emotional right now. But you can do it. But I promise you, if you’re doing it on your personal page and
not your business page, people will still find it. If you do it, you’re in the game. And by the way, you may decide that the future of this
country is more important than your business. And then if that’s what you wanna do, and spit your POV on this, mazel tov. Do it. But don’t then be stunned when somebody doesn’t wanna do business with you. I love the audacity of that. Please understand that
we are emotional, right, about our politics. It happens every 20 to 40 years. We’re very easy, easy
historical read, as a country. And don’t sit on your high horse. Now, that’s politics. I also think religion falls
into that, race, sexism. Silly stuff like you’re
acting funny with your boys or you’re having a girls weekend in Vegas and you’re scared to not
show the professionalism, I think that’s the reverse. I think too many of you are holding back your real life that isn’t, right, that isn’t the four or five subjects. You know what the five
subject matters are. If you put a post tomorrow and says, “girls can’t sell homes as well as guys,” you’re in trouble, brother. (laughing) That’s no gonna play. But I do think a lot
of you are holding back of a fishing trip with a couple of beers. People know you drink beer. People like, I loved
when everybody was about, if you’re like 30 in here, you remember the whole thing, like, be
careful of your social media. 25 is actually more right. Parents were like, “be careful “because the college won’t take you.” Colleges knew that you
fucking smoked weed. (laughing) Do you know what I mean? We overthink certain things. I think, to your point,
your personality traits, your real life really plays. Reality TV really plays. I think politics, I’m
just so bent out of shape, not about people’s political views, cause you just pick one side or the other. Then I just basically
think everyone’s the same. No, no, no, the audacity. Like, “I can’t believe,” what
do you mean you can’t believe? People are so emotional right now. Are you not a citizen of our environment? People are on tilt. People are not talking to
their family members right now. We are on a very high emotion. And you should lose business if you’re not smart enough
how to navigate that. – [Audience Member] Could you
use that to bait people in? – Nope. – [Audience Member] Nope? – Like, people, can you use
that to get more conversation around you? People think all publicity
is good publicity because they’re not thoughtful. Bad publicity is bad publicity. Harvey Weinstein’s got
more brand awareness right now than ever. It’s not good. (laughing) So no, I don’t think,
there’s so many fucking, there’s 19 fucking thousand
other things you should be doing than using politics to bait
people into a conversation on your page with the hope
that it sells you a home. Now, let’s talk real life. This is a very local business. If you’re in fucking deep,
deep, deep 97% Republican or Democratic state, and that
aligns with your passions, sure, you can. I think you should
always speak your truths. But I think you have to be thoughtful. He can’t do that because
even though New York and California are considered liberal, the numbers show that it breaks up more to a 50-50 psychology. There are clearly pockets you
can go all in if you want to. I just think there’s so
many, if you’re doing it for business sense, not for your own, what you care about on earth sense, it’s never a good idea. If you care more about
this than your business, then you should live your life. – You know what’s funny is mainly our listing has
been on there for seven years. Never once, ever, has
someone come up to me to talk about real estate. Not once has anyone ever stopped me, between Korea to Texas, and said, “remember that deal you did? “You got that price per
square foot, holy shit.” Never once. We talk about it on the show all the time. We talk with the crew. – Yeah. – And we used to think so much about the type of deal. Now, we’re like, let’s
just, let’s do the deal. I’m probably not gonna sell this thing. But we should probably film it because this apartment’s crazy. And then people come up to me, and they’re like, “where’s the pig? “Where’s the snake? “What happened, did you really fight him? “And why’d you take your pants off?” (laughing) That’s what people care about. That’s what they care about,
that’s what they remember. That’s social media. – Guys, in the wine
business, if you buy wine, do you buy wine nine out of 10 times because of the label or
the score on the wine and that’s it. People buy on different things. It’s always the story. Or you turn the back of
a label, and it’s like, “our dog ran through the
vineyards and ate the grapes.” And you’re like, yeah, I love dogs. (laughing) It’s always the story. It’s always the narrative. Yes, sir. – [Man] My name’s Ross, I own
a company called Hula Nation. I’m in a real cutting edge industry. It’s called, it’s a kava bar. I don’t know if you’re familiar with it. – Kava? – [Man] Kava, it’s an
alternative to alcohol. They’re popping up all
over the United States. Anyways, just- – Keep talking, what is it? – [Man] It’s a drink from
the South Pacific Islands. It’s good for anxiety,
depression, insomnia. They’ve been drinking it
for thousands of years. – What’s it come from? – [Man] From a pepper plant. It’s a kava plant, and they
just take the root of the pant- – How’s it spelled? – [Man] K-A-V-A. – Okay. Anybody ever have any? Cool, keep going. – [Man] It’s great. It’s got like a 1500% ROI. – You mean the profit margin in it? Yeah, for now, cause it’s fucking new. – [Man] Yeah. (laughing) My question is, about two months ago, I took a step, hired a
full-time videographer, someone to work on all my social media. As far as a videographer standpoint, can you give me any tips that it took you a while to learn the hard way, as far as being in front of the camera, getting comfortable with it? Any words of wisdom? – Not from me. I do think, you know, Ryan, you heard our talk earlier? I think he was right about
everybody can get better, right? I think it’s gonna be reps. It’s just putting the work in. Video 79 is gonna be
better than 17, and 84, some people are charismatic
and have it, showmanship, and at four years old were born with it. Others, you know, I just think
it’s about the reps, brother. It’s about the reps and not, people dwell. Make your fucking video, post it, and move on with your life. Not like, uh, you know? I’m blown away, where you’re
like, “oh, I should’ve, “the lighting on my beard was off.” (laughing) Nobody gives a fuck about that. To your point, early analogy, everybody thinks about their things, like, “oh, my makeup was off,” or “oh, who’s that weird
guy that walked by it? “We should edit that.” Nobody gives a fuck. The message, got it? And so just, I think when you- – [Man] Just tell the story? – Just tell your story, put out the rep, move on with your day. People are dwelling and overthinking. You will get there. – And you said earlier, even to me, which is a note that I take to heart, I wanna watch your
stuff that’s weird, now. Like, now I’m kinda like, man, I wonder if his videos are
really awkward and honest. (laughing) And real, yeah. Like, I don’t wanna watch, there’s so much polished stuff out there. I don’t wanna watch polished. I wanna watch you like sneezing in pepper. I don’t know how you make kava, dude, but (laughing) that sounds great, right? That sounds great. I mean, that’s what you wanna watch. – I would also say one thing. I would be very, very, very thoughtful in the product promise. I’ve been paying a lot,
I think one of the ways I buy the New York Jets one day is by buying a business and
then flipping it, right? On the machine that I’m building. I think a lot about the difference between buying Captain Crunch or K-Swiss, or Tootsie Rolls versus getting
into something like kava. So I’ve been spending a lot of time reverse engineering why
pomegranate juice works, why coconut water works,
why these things work. I think just one random piece of advice that has nothing to do
with the themes of today, do not overpromise this product. You will lose. So let me explain. If this is so great for depression, if there’s one fucking person
in the Pacific Islands, of all time, that is depressed,
it doesn’t fully work. Got it? So just be thoughtful, because
what America’s really good at is when you promise,
there’s such a fine line of the actual promise
and the actual promise. And if you, as one of the early beacons, especially one that’s producing content, overpromise, can destroy
the whole category. I’m being dead fucking serious. Be thoughtful, right? – [Audience Member] Hey,
what’s up, Gary, man. Congrats on your success. Ryan, same thing. – [Gary] Thank you. – I’m the one who asked you the question on the field earlier today. – [Ryan] You did, yeah, you did. – And I’m not sure I 100%
agree with the answer. But that doesn’t really matter. – [Gary] Well, cause he’s probably wrong. (laughing) – Hey, you know, I agree to an extent. I think it’s gonna hurt a
lot of smaller brokerages. I think some of the bigger ones
may bring a lot more value. But I’d love to hear your
answer to that question. – [Gary] Which is? – On five years down the
road, what are you seeing, I mean, we’re being disrupted, it’s not- – Brother, we’re being disrupted, period. Not real estate, not, like we. But keep going. – [Audience Member] Got it, got it. So when you talk to consumers, they feel they can go to any agent, for the most part, and
get the same exact thing. So if I go to Gary for real estate, I go to Dave, I go anywhere,
it’s the same experience. How do we bring that value back? I think that’s the
biggest challenge we have is the lack of value. – Well, there is a lack of
value compared to other things. The value is the trust and
the knowledge and the feeling. So for example, some people, like for example, I would
never go with a broker based on the years of
experience in a million years. Would never, ever cross my mind. Yet a lot of people do. Other people do. So I think what’s important
is to have empathy and act that way as a person. So the value is you, in a 360. Some people may eliminate you cause they don’t like the way you said hello. Like, literally. Other people wanna know
the data, very technical. Like, “but you’ve never sold anything “that was $1500 a square foot.” I just am fascinated by
people not understanding that there are 30 to 70 human variables in choosing someone and
that you should figure out what your value prompts are. And you should sell on
offense, not defense. Too many people try to win a deal by scaring that person away
from the other alternatives. And they’re playing defense. I think people should go on offense and should be on full attack
of what makes them good, including, I’m just, do you
know what gets me every time? Hey bro, I wanna do this
business deal with you. I’m just a good person. Like, when people say that to me, and if I believe them, and by the way, people say that to me
cause I put it out there, and then I don’t believe them. But actually, my relationship with him. I don’t know, I met his contemporaries. I meet a lot of people. I meet a lot of people that look like him. Just our interaction
at Pencils of Promise, our breakfast, like now I already know, not much to go on, by the way. Not much to go on, I just
know that I like him. I don’t really know what else to tell you. That’s it. Like, literally, there’s a weird chance that I may buy a very, very,
very expensive townhouse on the Upper East Side from him. Not because he’s on the fucking show. I’ve met his friends on the show. I just am fascinated that
people think there’s some move. There’s no move. People make decisions based on people in every business, let
alone a business like yours that is very deeply based on people. And if you’re wearing a fucking REMAX or a Wyker or a fucking- – So to that point, how
are you getting out there? How are people becoming aware of you? So all the great stuff
we’re talking about today, if there’s one thing we
should be focused on, what would that be? What would you say? – Your truth. – [Audience Member] Truth. – What the fuck are you about, Dave? – [Dave] I’m about servicing people. – Good. – [Dave] Creating the greatest experience. – Great, go interview every single person you’ve ever serviced. Make a fucking 49-minute movie of 7,000 faces saying you
were the best 13 years ago. That might work on somebody. Somebody else might like the fact that you actually, you know how many of these fuckers put out
content all day long, and then people reply,
and they don’t answer cause they think they’re just in put-the-content-out business? But the first person that
they actually reply to is like, “I like that guy.” Do you know how many people have said that I’m a snake oil salesman, and the only reason I’m successful is cause daddy had a liquor store? And then I reply and tell them I built my daddy’s liquor store for him and left with no money at 34, and then I’m the greatest person. But four minutes ago I was
the dick face of the world. (laughing) I mean, there’s a million things. So what do you put out? Your truth. Like, I basically think you’re
all a comic book character. I wanna know that you got bit by a spider all the way to that, you
have a motion picture every day of the year, right? – Yeah. – Got it? – [Dave] Yeah, man, thank you. – You’re welcome. Let’s go behind there, yep. Pass it back, Dave. – Thanks, Gary. My name’s Nick, insurance
agent from Oregon. And my question is related to a big topic that you share about documenting
versus content creating. And in an industry that I love and have a lot of fun
in, but at the same time I don’t think has anywhere near that level of appeal to other
people, what would you say to someone like me, who
really has a difficult time not producing or content creating and really just documenting
what I would perceive, or what I would say from
other people’s perception is potentially really boring? – Find the humor, man. Sorry, not to cut you off, but. – No, dude. – I think from, real estate
used to be super boring. Like 20 years ago, real
estate was not fun. It wasn’t glamorous, it wasn’t funny. It wasn’t cool. It was, you need a
house, you find a house. Now, everyone, because of TV, right, cause of these shows,
think that real estate can be awesome and huge. And people come up to me all the time and they say, “I used to be pre-med, “and then I saw the show.” (laughing) Like, oh, what were you gonna do? They’re like, “well, I
was gonna cure cancer. “But now I’m a broker.” (laughing) Let’s do it, like, great. That’s fucking awesome. But it’s kinda funny, right, kinda funny. I think that, I love the idea
with kava and with you to, the idea of having
content for what you do, finding the humor in it,
cause I’m sure there’s shit that you see in the office all day long, where you’re saying, “wow, that’s crazy.” But you think other people
will think it’s boring. People are gonna think it’s humorous because they’re gonna
be right there with you on your same level. The hard part, with me,
is everyone kind of sees TV up here, and they hold this pedestal. So bringing things back down to reality and finding the humor
there is then kinda hard. – I think that, I’ll go slightly different twist on this. I think he’s funny. And I think that’s why he
just gave you that answer. I know you’re not funny, bro. – You just made me laugh! (laughing) – Honestly, honestly,
there was no part of me that thought you were funny. (laughing) Right? Now, let’s break it down. I think he is, and that’s
why it comes natural to him. And even the show, highly
edited, it sneaks through. Right, cause my wife watches the show. I work, I’ve seen a lot of the content, put it in the backdrop, it sneaks through. This is back to what I gave Dave. You have to understand, my sister and mom and I were just eating outside, and we’re like, man, nine years ago, nobody was dressing down. Nobody was cursing. I just did my truth,
and then it came to me. Dude, you could be the most
boring fucking insurance agent of all time, but if your
information’s on point, here’s what I would say. If I’m buying insurance,
if you just use the medium to get out there, maybe your audience is only 4,000 people at
max, just, all right? Maybe it’s 140. You have to understand something, though. What you sell, for me,
kinda the boring guy who seems to know his shit when I’m buying my fucking life insurance feels a super interesting kinda of debate versus the one that’s trying
to make it WWE, right? You gotta be you, bro. Now, to his point, you may
be literally doing you, and the whole thing can turn into some weird version of Seinfeld funny because you’re not funny, so not funny that the whole thing
becomes fucking funny. (laughing) Like, all of a sudden millions of people are watching you, be like, “did you see this dude
who literally has a show “about just being an insurance agent, “and it’s so fucking terrible, “it’s literally rubbernecking,
we have to watch it.” (laughing) And then your not funny
coworker and the fucking, but then there’s the things that come into what I call sports center
newscasters and the office. You may not be funny. You just might be educated. Your UPS driver that comes every week or every day might be a fucking riot. And always wanted to be an actor, but he’s a fucking UPS driver. And the best part of his day now is coming to your office cause he knows the camera’s gonna be on. And he’s fucking giving it his all. Like, guys, it’s propaganda. It’s media. It’s how humans are conditioned. My mother in the back
there wrote a book report that Fidel Castro was
the bravest man the world because he was so small
next to big, bad America. You know why? Cause she grew up in the Soviet Union, and that’s what she was told. There’s a reason that when people wanna take over a
government and have a coup, that the first thing they do
is go to the radio station and TV station, because they wanna control the narrative to you. We are now in control of the narrative. That is a big deal. And so do your fucking show. Or do what we’re doing right now. I think Q and A show around insurance, again, to your point,
is not gonna be fucking American Idol. But guess what? If you answered 900
questions and build a library and when I go on Google or YouTube, I type in like how do I triple
down on my life insurance, and your video pops up,
content is the cost of entry to any relevance going forward. And you just have to live
with David Hill in your truth. What do you put out? Your truth. You know why shit’s so easy for me? People are like, “wow,
you’re so good at speaking.” I’m like, I’m just speaking,
telling you my truth. Look how I answered the WhatsApp question. I don’t need to be the smartest guy in the room every time. I just talk about the shit I know. And then it gets real, real good. You get real, real narrow. I don’t talk about shit anymore. I’m real fucking narrow. Everyone’s like, “you’re
so fucking cocky.” I’m like, yeah, because I’m talking about the 0.001% that
I know fucking so well. And then everything
else, I get real quiet. If this was a fucking insurance conference about nothing to do
with comms and marketing around insurance, I’d
be really fucking quiet. You got it, brother. Yes, ma’am? We’re gonna pass you the mic. So dude, you’re just really fucking funny. – I didn’t mean humor
like be Will Ferrell. I meant more like, there
are dramatic movies that have humor to them. Humor is levity. Humor is interesting. Humor is unique. And I just don’t think, I don’t want you to write yourself off short and say you can’t create content or do anything because you think people think insurance is boring. – But I think, look, to his point, humor is universal and historic. But so is information. But so is drama, and so is, like, there’s so many things
that are tried and true. And this is all very basic. But there’s so much strength
in quadruple-downing on what you are. – Okay, so I only know about you maybe five months ago. – [Gary] Okay, thank you. – And what I really loved about you is that you are real. – [Gary] Yes. – Use the F-word a lot. – [Gary] (laughs) Yes. – I use it too, but I
get in trouble for it. Anyway- – [Gary] You get in trouble
cause you’re listening. – Right. – [Gary] I get in trouble every day. Go read my comments. (laughing) Somebody wrote a Medium piece, an article just went super
viral on the internet two days ago called Gary
Vaynerchuk is Trying to Kill You. (laughing) And it speaks to me glamorizing hard work. And you’re gonna, no, no, he really thinks I’m a bad person. He thinks me talking about work ethic, hustle, is leading to
people working too much. And they should be spending
more time meditating and relaxing. – Well, I forget, the
first video I saw of you, you were in a car, and
you were telling somebody outside, if they don’t get it, just die. – She asked me for three
words of motivation. And I said, “you’re gonna die.” Which is actually technically four words. – [Woman] Which is true,
that is actual true in life. – (laughs) I know. – And if people would wake up and realize that it’s a very short life that we live and we’re very lucky to
be alive in this time with the medium, the
platform that we have, that you bring it out for lots of people. So I heard you say you wanna buy the Jets. – [Gary] Yes. – That’s your passion for what you do, because you have an
extreme passion for life. – On a very micro-professional level, the chase of buying the Jets is a lot of fun for me. But I am very aware of my noble work is far more important than
me buying the New York Jets. That being said- – [Woman] I think you get a
charge out of helping people. – Yeah, look, I genuinely believe what I’m about to tell you. If I’m blessed with the health that allows me to stick
around for 50 years, I will be one of the most
impactful people of all time. – [Woman] I believe it. – I just believe it. I don’t know what else to tell you. I think I understand, (applause) I think I understand
communication better than, you have to understand,
all I am is Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali is the greatest
because he understood how the media worked at the time. And he manipulated it
and created a narrative. And then he called his shot. Do you understand what will happen if I actually buy the New York Jets? If I actually buy the
New York Jets one day, in 400 years, there will
literally be a religion around me. (laughing) Because we- (laughing) – [Woman] I’ll be a follower. – Thank you. (audience chattering) And I’ll tell you why. Through the serendipity
of having great parents, not coming from much, and
a million other variables, my intent is good. This is binary. You’re either a good person or not. Guys, this is binary. And I’m just a great fucking person. And that’s gonna allow me to do my thing. – [Woman] If people get you,
which hopefully they will. – Here’s the best part,
they’re going to get me, because I’m gonna
fucking make them get me. – [Woman] They’ll have to, absolutely. One other quick question. I’m getting started in real
estate with Douglas Elliman, and I wanna know what your
recommendation is for, what? (man talking quietly) (laughs) – [Gary] What the recommendation is? – To get started on, you
know, that’s why I’m here. – [Ryan] Where do you work? – Well, Palm Beach. – [Ryan] Palm Beach. – Yes. – You should find the
best agent that you can, and you should work for
them, for free, right? – I believe in that so much. – I tell everyone that. And then no one does it, so- – I believe in it so much. – That’s why I kinda
feel like, I’ll say it. I just don’t know if you’re gonna do it. But, and I understand that
it’s hard to work for free. You have bills and life. But even if it’s just for
1% of one deal that they do, right, just something
small and insignificant, so that they can understand that you are so committed to them. And all I care about is just
listen to how they talk, watch the emails they send, see how they structure their day,
because being your own boss, as a real estate agent who doesn’t really create anything. We just sort of fuck with
people in the head, right? You gotta figure out
how to build your day, like what time you wake up,
what time you go to bed, what do you do for lunch,
who do you meet with? When should I look for buyers? When should I look for sellers? How do I follow up, what
do I say when I follow up? Do I send an email at 10 a.m., four p.m.? Oh my god. Then all of a sudden you’re
nervous about your beard, and the lighting, you know what I mean? Then you’re so- – Your beard’s fucking awesome. – It is, he’s the lion of awesomeness over here in my peripheral. (laughing) But so I honestly, meet five
people every day, right? Which, in this room, there’s
50, 70, whatever it is. It’s a lot of people. And you get their information. And ideally, you don’t take cards. You put it directly into their phone. And then you send them email, or you get them to send you
an email so you have it, you log it into your database. Five people times 365 days, that’s like 10 million people, right? (laughing) And now you’re building up your network, and you’re building up your database. And that’s it. It’s social currency. And that and working for someone for free, until you don’t have to. And then you’ll do an open
house for them, right? And someone’s gonna come in, and they’re gonna like it. And you’re gonna convince
them to make an offer because you both have something in common, whatever it is, that your agent that you work for doesn’t have. And then you’re gonna be able to go back to him and say, “listen,
I think this person “is gonna make an offer. “Would it be okay with you
if I took 5% on this deal?” And they’re gonna say, “holy shit, “I thought you were gonna ask for like 50. “Yeah, 5%, sure.” Benchmark set. Going forward, everything
you work on is 5%, which is this much. Not this much. And you’re gonna get to a
point where you’re 50-50. And then you’re gonna start to say, you know what? I’m gonna start my own thing. And that agent’s gonna
be like, “please don’t, “no, no, no, stay. “What do you want? “I’ll do whatever you want. “Please don’t leave.” Because you’re gonna be
so ingrained in their life and how they work. But now you’ve taken the best,
and you’ve left the rest. And you’ll do your own thing. Five people a day, work for somebody. – Whoever gives more has the leverage. And this is what people don’t understand. If Iris worked for me for free, she’d be ripping me off,
just so you guys know. I genuinely believe that. That is not raz Iris. I know her. She’s worked for me for a year
and change, what have you. I know so much about her psyche of when she came in to where she is now. It’s not even close. By the way, this is an actual statement. I believe, as college
starts to become vulnerable in our country, that in 20 years him saying go work for free
for the number one agent in Palm Beach, where you wanted to do it for the intent of the longterm, which means your first year, you’re actually working for free, not making pretend that
you’re working for free, and trying to get something out of it, that literally in 20
years, that same agent, you’re gonna pay her $30,000
a year to work for free. My friends, things, you have to understand what I’m about to tell you. I believe that the alpha winners, because the internet
eliminates the middle, I believe that Iris, Iris, will pay me $50,000 a year to do what’s she’s doing right
now for the last year, where I’ve been paying her that. I believe that will happen in 20 years. And people will say, “what the
fuck are you talking about?” Until they realize that
if I was sitting here 10 years ago and said,
listen, let me tell you what you’re gonna do with
your 15-year-old girls. Your 15-year-old daughter,
you’re gonna ask her, you’re gonna beg her to pay a premium to jump into a stranger’s
car to get around town. People of wealth would
rather their children, now, have unlimited Uber
because they feel safer for their 15-year-old girl
to go in unlimited Uber than for her to drive the car themselves. If you look at the highest
net worth neighborhoods now, it’s not on your 16th
birthday you get a Mercedes. You get unlimited Uber, which means that people now feel more comfortable with their 15-year-old teenage daughter going to strange men’s cars every day, multiple times a day. That is not a social norm a decade ago. I understand that it feels weird, which is why his advice
is unbelievably good. To go and work for somebody
for free, that’s bullshit. What the fuck? You’re worth what you get, I love when people are like, “you’re worth what you get paid,” and the ridiculous dumb
shit that C players spit out of their mouth. The best players in the
world are gonna get paid to have a workforce, because
that’s the actual value in the trade. My man. – For the last one or two years, you talked a lot about kind of marketing in the year that it is. – [Gary] Yes. – But it seems like there’s been a shift in that strategy or that kind of belief of day trading. – [Gary] Yes, for everybody that knows, my website used to say, “I market “in the year that I live in.” Now it says, “I day trade attention.” Because what ended up happening was shit was starting to happen so fast, my concepts were changing
even within the year. And so I needed a better way
to communicate what I’m doing. And I think when you think
about day trading attention, it’s not even trading attention. Day trading’s like, I don’t do it, but I think I know what it is, you know, it’s in the margins of every second. That’s basically, I’m
changing my point of view of Snapchat off of a feature that they’re launching tomorrow, or today, because now you can take your stories and put them out on Facebook and Twitter. So now all of a sudden,
what’s this move gonna be? Like, so this shit’s just moving too fast. So go ahead. – And the reason I ask is I work with automotive dealers down in Miami. So welcome to Miami. – [Gary] Thank you, brother. – Home of the Miami Dolphins. – [Gary] I heard. I’ve been here for four games. The Jets have won three. – [Man] There you go. – You guys haven’t even
won a Superbowl, bro. (man talking quietly) We’ll see. (laughing) – They still believe in TV. That’s their big thing. – [Gary] Of course. – Put the dollar in the TV, take it out of experiential,
take it out of social. Put it on TV. We want the traffic today. So I think there are still a lot of people out there in America that’s still- – Tier three auto probably wastes the most money in marketing
in America right now. Keep going. – [Man] And tier two,
they spend, you know. – Respect. – The company that I work with, they spend a billion
dollars a year, in tier two. A billion. – [Gary] I get it. – Talking to the people that don’t care. – I’ve never seen more
money wasted than right now, because shit changed so much. Keep going. – If you had a roomful of those guys now, what’s kinda the poignant thing that you could say to them
to get them off of the- – Nothing different than
you’ve been hearing from me. Brother, I’m in rooms with, look, this is an auto track. And next year, we’ll
probably amp up our auto, cause we kinda let every track
play out the way they did. And obviously there’s way more real estate than other things, and there’s
reasons why that happened. And we’ll keep evolving. But there will be 700,
there will be 580 tier-three auto people at this
event next year, right? And I’m gonna say the same thing I’ve said all day today. But you have to understand, and I speak at 15 auto conferences a year. And we’ve had Toyota as a client. And this, that, and the other thing. I’ve spent a ton of time with, car salespeople love me,
and I love them, right? Ultimately, I don’t give a fuck. Like, ultimately, I’m trying
to give my best advice. I know that they shouldn’t
be running television and print and outdoor to the
allocation that they have. And they should be doing this. And I don’t give a fuck, ultimately, if they don’t do any, they literally think that the government’s gonna stop Tesla from putting them out of business. Guys, just so you know, if your business right now in real estate
is predicated on a law, you’re on call. Like, if you think
you’re winning right now, you feel good because you’re
not scared of technology because of a law, laws change. I love how tier three’s like, “oh, don’t worry, we can’t
go direct to consumer.” Until Tesla starts putting
fucking Nissan out of business. And then Toyota and Tesla
want the law to change, cause Toyota knows that they’re next. The fucking market always wins. Tier three auto is already dead, cause Tesla actually exists. Once somebody shows you the alternative, it’s already over. – [Man] Well, the space I work within is tier two, and that’s even more dead. I mean, the regional marketing is, they all believe in TV, TV, TV. – I get it, bro, and it’s a board of fucking eight tier-three auto guys who think they’re fucking hotshots. And they love the fucking power. And they fucking suck shit. (laughing) But you guys have to understand, here’s my punchline. I’m putting out the best advice for free. I’m being selfish on my legacy for what I’m trying to do. It would make me super happy
if they took me up on it, because let me tell you,
getting 400 emails a day from people that tell you
you’ve changed their life is intoxicating. You wanna talk about a drug that gets you through 18-hour days? Read fucking people that email you that they were homeless,
but they had an iPhone. And now they make $400,000 a year selling shit from Baidu on Amazon cause you taught them retail arbitrage. So I know what I’m doing. But ultimately, I don’t give a fuck. Like, if Bubba doesn’t fucking
wanna change his marketing, I can’t wait for him
to go out of business. The market is the market is the market. I like when I lose, cause it
means I did something wrong. And you have to respect the game more than what you want for yourself. Two more, okay. Woman in the back, yeah. – [Woman] I have my
17-year-old son here with me. So, you know, we watch a lot. And we love learning a lot. What is your truth about, loaded question, what is the truth about college for children? – Are you gonna pay for his college? – Yes, I am. – Well, then take your
four-year vacation, bro. (laughing) (applause) – That’s not the answer I wanted. I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding. – I mean, look, look, the college thing is very,
very, very difficult for me. I wish I actually was a great student. I wish I went to Harvard, because I think I could
impact more people. I think most people think my point of view on college is cause I was a shit student and went to a shit college
and became successful. My point of view on college is based on unemotional math. The math is broken. We went through a 50, 60 year period where going to college was ROI positive. If you went to college
and got a piece of paper, you would then be able to get the return on that investment because
that’s how the world worked. And we were in the era of corporations having the control. That does not exist. Do you need a degree
for certain professions, if he wants to be a doctor, lawyer, I understand all that. But college is, will he become
a well-rounded young man and all the social things, let him go tour fucking
Europe for three months. He’ll be way more well-rounded and worldly than sitting in a fucking dorm room playing fucking Call of Duty. – [Woman] Well, you just
won the war in our house. Thank you, Gary. – You’re welcome. My man back here. Yes. – [Man] I’m a one-person
business right now. Would you place more emphasis on me hiring more of an employee base or trying to grow my social media base if I have the money to
do one or the other? – Employees. You gotta build, you don’t worry about decorating this room until
you have the concrete and the steel that holds up this room. And that is employees, because then you’ll start being able
to focus on smarter shit. Right? And but look, you’ve gotta
fire fast if it’s wrong. Because the reason people get caught when they don’t have enough money, and they go employees, is they hold on to something that’s not
bringing them value, cause they picked the wrong employee. So as long as, the answer,
I believe employees. Part two, if you don’t see
like you’re getting value after 100 days, 120 days, and when you’re interviewing, you should be up front with people. Like, hey, my business is
at a place where I probably, I’m gonna really fucking audit you in the first three, four months. I don’t wanna hear at day 100, “I’m just still getting my shit together.” That’s a lot of other people’s businesses. My business, on this day, right now, is I need to see whatever the
fuck you’re looking for quick. Do you understand? That’s what I would do. – [Man] Thanks. – My man. – [Audience Member] Real quick. – Last one. – So I own a commercial
real estate brokerage. And I’m in New York. And went into vlogging a year ago. – [Gary] We’re gonna give you, commercial real estate. – Commercial real estate in New York. – [Gary] Went into vlogging a year ago. – Went to vlogging, yeah. I have a four-person team now that’s filming most of my brokers. So it’s been tremendously effective. And my question to you is how do I get more of my agents to actually get involved in the videos, in their social media? – You don’t. You put pressure by
showing that it’s working, and then bring in new
people to eat their lunch, and then get, got it? – [Audience Member] Yeah,
so either they have it or they don’t or- – My biggest thesis on
all life at some level is you can’t fell the unfellable. I tell nobody, it was back to me telling you just now, I don’t give a fuck. Do it, and let the pressure of the results create the narrative. When the winner right now in
your commercial real estate starts seeing somebody
that they think is a loser start doing more deals,
they’re gonna be like, “wait a minute, fucking Rick?” Right? – [Audience Member] Everybody’s concerned with their image out in the universe. – Yeah. – [Audience Member] Just,
they’re not comfortable. I think that’s a big loss
for them, as a broker. – And I think what people
are gonna understand, so do you know what my
biggest theory is right now on all of this sexism and
calling out everybody, is in a 50-year macro,
we’re gonna all realize that we’re all flawed. And everything that’s taboo
will be far more accepted. And we’re gonna be, I think this is one amazing step backwards that’s gonna lead to two incredible steps forward, because there’s not a
single person in this room that doesn’t do something that
we think is taboo in society. So great, you don’t sexually harass, but you have a drug problem. Great, you don’t have a drug problem, but you have a gambling problem. You have infidelity, you’re stealing. There is no perfect human. And as we start exposing, issue by issue, because of the way the internet now works, and you can’t hide, Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer were
protected by the media, by the three old white guys that killed all the investigative stories to ever see the day of light. Now, what the fuck are
you doing right now? There’s no hiding. – [Audience Member] I’ll
show them this video. – That’s right. (laughing) So here’s the punchline. All the fuckers right there that aren’t doing anything on it, they think they’re being fancy and smart and holding up a facade. And they are literally in the process of becoming irrelevant. Show them that. – [Audience Member] They’re invisible. – They’re fucking invisible. – Were those four people there before you started this, though? – [Audience Member]
Yeah, no, so a year ago I started holding this thing on my own. About three other brokers that get it started doing the same thing. So we pass our three
cameras around a year ago. And we edit the footage
and put it out on Fridays, so once a week. It’s since grew to people coming to me, “I can help you, I can
do this better than you,” young creatives, and now
we have a four-person team. – I just, I like the
idea that you talk about about you bring in new blood, right? You bring in, because the older agents aren’t gonna, they don’t need it, right? They knew you before. And we have that on my team. I pushed against vlogs for a long time. And we just launched ours
an hour ago at one o’clock, by the way. (laughing) So yes, you should subscribe. It’s a new medium for me. I like being polished and edited in LA. It’s great. And a lot of agents are
like, “I don’t know, “I don’t know.” And so I just started
bringing in more people, more people who know me now, know me now, know me now. And they’re all about it. And then the older
agents do the same thing. They’re like, “Rick’s
not gonna do anything.” And then Rick closes a 30
million dollar deal in Nolita, and they’re like, all of a sudden then I see them with their
flip cam from 10 years ago. (laughing) And they’re like, “I can do it, too, “I can do it, too.” I’m like, okay, great,
welcome to the party. – In times of massive disruption, and please understand, the
majority of the internet right now is massive disruption. In times of massive disruption, success is your vulnerability. And that’s what’s happening, got it? Like, I’m just obsessed with that. Love you guys, see ya. (intense music)


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