Sadhguru Answers 10 Questions Every College Student Has


Sir, how do you know that the person you are with
is the right person for you? How to overcome laziness and stop procrastinating? Despite being surrounded by so many people,
we still lack that feeling of belonging to somebody… How do you recommend today’s youth
to be focusing on building true passion… Superscript: Sadhguru Answers
10 Questions Every College Student Has Moderator (Hiya): Being a college student,
we live in dorms and hostels. And we are surrounded by people day in and day out. And with people, comes opinions and ideas. So for instance, let’s say I got up in the morning
and I got ready for class and I am about to leave and one of my friends joins me and she casually comments that “Your hair doesn’t
look very good today, like, what’s wrong with it?” So.. Some of us are of the type that we’ll rush
back to our rooms and just fix it somehow, that might even mean that we are late for class. But let’s say, I didn’t even do that but
that thing would keep going in my mind. Like throughout.. I would be in the class but I’ll be thinking about my hair. So others’ opinions and ideas have a very deep effect. Although it varies from person to person,
the amount of effect it has, but how do we take the good out of it and still not lose
our individuality and uniqueness in the process? Sadhguru: Now, in this world, more money, probably ten times or even
hundred times more money is being spent on hair products than on the brain products. So it looks like a whole lot of people don’t care
what is inside, they only care what is outside. So, for those people who are in a certain state of their life, where they need to intensely focus on something, very intensely where they need undivided attention
to achieve what they want to achieve, normally we shave their heads, you know. (Laughs) So that they don’t have to
stand in front of the mirror every day. See, I don’t have to stand in front of the
mirror, every day I look the same. So I don’t have to check “how am I looking today?” So, when you are focused on something else,
certain things get less significance. How we look- is it important? Yes it is. To some extent, it is important in our lives. But right now, you are not going to walk the ramp,
you are going to the class, okay? So all you have to do is bundle up your hair, tie it up on top of your head so that they
can’t see your hair, they can just see the knot and they can see the size of your head,
that’s a good thing. (Laughs/Few Laughs) It is not that one should not be
concerned about their appearance. Of course, it matters but where does it matter, where does it not matter is something we have to decide. If it matters too much everywhere, I have seen people about twenty-seven times in a minute they do. Why? (Laughs) If you’re adjusting your hair half the time in your life,
what the hell are you going to do of any significance? I am not saying you should not have hair,
I am not saying you should not keep it well, but if you are so concerned about your appearance,
obviously you’re a bit empty inside. If there’s some more stuff within you,
you wouldn’t be so concerned about your appearance. Taking care of our appearance
to a certain extent is important. Well, if you are going into the films
or you are a model or something, you have to take care of it much more maybe, but for an engineer,
if you are presentable, it’s fine, hmm? Moderator (Hiya): And sir it’s not… it doesn’t end at the appearances, it’s about
the general opinions of life and about ourself. Let’s say anything about us that people have. Sadhguru: Whatever kind of opinions. Moderator (Hiya): Maybe behavioral traits
like somebody tells me, “You speak very loudly all the time, why do you do that?” I mean it hasn’t happened with me,
I am just giving an example. So, how do we take like it’s a very causal comment? Sadhguru: I was about to tell you
your trousers are torn but I didn’t tell you. There was a time when I lived in denims,
nothing but denims, okay? Only Levis. And because of motorcycling and
all kinds of things, they would get torn. We had to get it from United States otherwise
they were locally not available in sixties. So we used to patch it up. But now people are tearing it up and then wearing it. So obviously the message is you don’t care
a hoot what other people think about you. Let that come into every aspect of your life,
you don’t really care what other people saying about it. That’s the idea, isn’t it? The idea of tearing up a new pant and walking is
you don’t really care. But that’s not the truth with whole lot of people. How is it torn? Your pant is torn better than mine. So, we’ve gotten into this mess essentially
because we have not delved into what this is. There is no profound experience of yourself. Who you are is a bundle of opinions
that other people have given. If ten people say you are good,
you will become very good. It’s like this, you went outside, somebody told you,
“Oh, you are the most wonderful person on this planet.” Then you are floating on cloud number what? Moderator (Hiya): Nine. Sadhguru: Only nine? In Tamil Nadu we do eleven. So you are floating on cloud number whatever and you came home, they told you who really are
and suddenly it’ll crash the cloud. Floating on a cloud is not a wise thing,
you’re bound to crash, isn’t it? Hello? Floating on a cloud is not a safe thing to do,
you are bound to crash. So, whatever this floating on cloud number whatever
is not a good thing because somebody blows you up. I must tell you this. If you have to settle this within yourself,
one important thing is, This happened to me in a certain way. My daughter started traveling with me when
she was three-and-a-half months old, alone. So I am driving my little Maruti all over the country. This is the time when I’m building Isha Foundation
and my right leg is always heavy. So I keep one hand on this little baby
and drive full on, on the highways going from town to town, various programs and stuff. So she grew up in many people’s homes,
every week she’s in a new home. I made one rule to all of them,
never teach the girl anything. You are not going to teach her ABC,
you are not going to teach her 123, you are not going to teach her “Mary had a little lamb”
because I don’t care whether Mary had a lamb or not. Nobody teaches her anything. So, because nobody is teaching her anything,
she’s all eyes and ears. By the time she was eighteen months, she was
speaking three languages very fluently. Nobody taught her anything. I said no rhymes, no 123, no ABC, nothing! She grew up like this and I wouldn’t have
sent her to school but my schedules were crazy plus no company of that age group around,
she’s the only girl, so I put her into school. When she was around twelve, one day she came home little disturbed
because of what happened at the school and she said, “You’re teaching so many things
to everybody, you are not teaching me anything!” I said, “Well, I am not known
to do these things unsolicited. Now that you have come, we could try something.” I said “See, this is all you need to know,
you never look down on anybody, nor do you ever look up at anybody.” Then she looked at me like this –
“what about you” kind of thing? I said “See, if you look up to me,
you will miss me completely. If you look up to me, what will you do? You’ll take my picture and nail it into the wall. You will miss who I am. The value of who I am will be completely missed
if you look up to me. You have to just look at me for what I am,
for everything that I do. Not look up to me. If you look up to me, you know
nailing is all that’ll happen.” So this is a simple thing, never look down
on anybody, never look up to anybody. As simple as it sounds, this means you have no judgment in your head as to what is good, what is bad, what is high, what is low, what is virtue, what is sin! You’re willing to look at life just for what it is. If you see life simply for what it is,
you will effortlessly navigate through life. All these things will not even be an issue in your life. Moderator: And just for now I have a very trending
question that everyone wants your perspective on. Sir, how do you know that the person you are with
is the right person for you? Sadhguru: (Laughs/Laughter) Oh! Popular, hmm? Sadhguru: Can I tell you a joke? Moderator: Sure, sir. Sadhguru: Because you are in the clothing. Moderator: That is why I said like this,
that is why I said like this. Sadhguru: It’s good you asked
the question before the event. It once happened, Shankaran Pillai was at the family dinner. And when everybody settled down for dinner, he stood up at the table and announced, “I am going to marry Lucy who is just across the street!” I hope that’s not the name. Then the father said, “What? You are going to marry Lucy? She has nothing, she is like a tramp.
You are going to marry that Lucy?” Mother said, “What? You are going to marry that Lucy? She has no inheritance, she has no family.” The uncle always pitch in
in these kind of matters, you know. Uncle said, “What? You are going to marry that Lucy? Have you seen her hair? It looks fake!” The aunt, “What? You are going to marry Lucy? She is always painted.
You are going to marry that painted woman?” The little boy, the nephew can’t be left out. He said, “You are going to marry Lucy?
She doesn’t even know what is cricket. How can you marry her?” Shankaran Pillai stood his ground and said,
“Yes, I am going to marry Lucy.” Everybody asked in one voice, “Why?” He said, “Because she has no family. There are not many opinions to battle with.” So, who is the right person? I don’t want to take away all the romance from your life.
(Laughter) But let me tell you this,
there is no right person on this planet. If you put your heart into something,
something may become wonderful. Is it the right thing? There is no right thing. Nobody ever found the right person anywhere, okay? If you get into that kind of unrealistic mindset,
“I found the right person!” Oh, you will be soon disappointed. You must understand there is no right person. First thing is to see whether “I am the right person.” Yes, “Am I the right person?” Instead of seeing “Is this the right person?”,
“Am I the right person first of all?” And there are no right people on this planet. If you understand, you have your nonsense,
they have their nonsense. We can adjust nonsense to nonsense and go on. We must understand relationships
are formed for various needs. There are physical needs, there are psychological needs,
there are emotional needs, there may be social needs, there may be financial needs,
various kinds of needs. So, when you’re going to somebody with so many needs you’re going as a beggar, and a beggar cannot choose. Hello? Beggar eats what comes his way, isn’t it? He cannot choose. So if you really want to make a choice in this world, first and foremost thing is you bring yourself to a place – I’m again going back to the same thing – where your experience of life is just
pleasant by yourself, you’re wonderful. Now, let us see what gets drawn to this one. If you’re really wonderful, things will
happen in every way I am saying. In terms of career, in terms of marriage,
in terms of relationships, the best will happen to you
because you made yourself like this. Instead of trying to work on somebody and fix them, if you work upon yourself and make yourself so
wonderful that everybody wants to be with you, then there is a choice. Right now, when you’re going out of your
compulsive needs, you’re a beggar. Beggars should not choose,
they must eat what comes their way. And this whole thing is an American thing,
that there is a soul-mate somewhere. God made just one more person just for you. But these days, every two years
he keeps making one more person. Obviously, God is making too many mistakes with you. Now, this soul-mate business. First of all, I don’t like to use that word
but now you uttered the word. See, body needs a mate, understandable. Maybe psychologically also you need a mate,
understandable. Emotionally you need a mate. Soul cannot need a mate. Even if your soul needs a mate,
it needs evolution, isn’t it? So, soul doesn’t need a mate, nor was some person
made perfectly for you, okay? This creation makes all kinds of unique idiots. If you understand you’re one kind of idiot
and the others are different kind, you will be.. you will understand their nonsense
because you know you got your stuff. If you think you’re perfect and God has chosen you and he’s made another person perfect somewhere else, you’re heading for a disaster, okay? There’s no such thing. Even after 5000 years, people are still adulating
and worshiping Krishna as the greatest lover, but his wives are dead unhappy with the guy. Yes. So you’re not going to find any perfect person. If you invest a deep sense of involvement,
something wonderful may happen. It’s because of your involvement,
not because the other person is fantastic, no. Even if you choose a fool – actually it’s easy that way. If they’re not stupid,
why would they come to you first of all? No no no, I’m just being nasty. (Laughs) So even if you choose a fool, it doesn’t matter. If you involve yourself, it can turn out very beautiful. You chose the smartest person in the universe,
it could be a disaster. So do not think in terms of, you know, whatever
this “made for each other” nonsense. No. You choose the opposite actually. The genders are opposites. You choose the opposite because you don’t want them
exactly like you, you want them some other way. The reason why a boy is attracted to a girl
and a girl to a boy is because they’re different. But after sometime, after a little bit of time,
you slowly start expecting they’re just like you. This is a serious mistake. Because if one more person becomes just like you,
you won’t be able to bear with them for two days, hello? Hello? Please tell me, if there’s one more person
just like you at home, could you live there? You’re glad they’re different. It’s wonderful nobody is like you, isn’t it? Nobody is like you on this planet, try and see. Nobody is like you and that’s good. Don’t look for sameness. Not necessary. It’s the difference which makes the.. It’s because of the difference you tango,
not otherwise. Questioner: Namaskaram Sadhguru I want to know, that, when a student gets into college all of a sudden he or she gets access
to a huge number of pornographic material which so far off limits for him or her and in the process he or she enjoys that
and he or she experiences heaven on earth But, and we even have nicknames for
people who overdo it, they masturbate. We overdo it sometimes. So how do we know how much of it is good or bad? And, so, can we have the truth about masturbation?
(pplause) Sadhguru: Oh, looks like a popular question, hmm? See, we have a biology, we cannot
put it under the carpet, it’s there. It’s best we address it for what it is. But right now, the problem in the world is because certain religious institutions
in the world took this attitude that the very biology of the human being is wrong, because of this, culture started
hiding it under the carpet. Well, in this culture, we never had it but after the British came and left,
we became more prudish than the British. But before that if you look at our temples,
all the outside temple art is all pornographic, if that’s what you want to call it. But we don’t call it pornographic, we are only talking about the various
dimensions of human biology because we don’t see it as wrong
but we see it as the periphery of life. If you stay there only, you will stay on the physical dimension forever, you will not explore anything else. So, in the temple, always it’s the periphery. You are supposed to look at that and understand it’s the periphery of life
and try to make an attempt to go deeper. But at the same time, not to be in denial of it not to glorify it or not to be in denial of it
is the most important thing. But, in your college.. Watching these things in your internet or whatever people tell me that.. Someone told me, I don’t know
if these percentages are correct. When I was asking what is the content – I was trying to understand the internet and its content,
what is the real content on the internet they’re telling me – you should know – they’re telling me seventy percent of the
content on the internet is pornography. Is it so? Is it so? You must be the expert. (Laughter) Is somebody doing PhD on it? (Few laughs) They told me “seventy percent”, I said, “Seventy percent is unreasonable
and sick levels of pornography.” If it occupies a small percentage, it’s okay. Seventy percent of a technological platform which could do millions of things unfortunately is pornographic. Just biology of life, it’s very unfortunate
because once you come as a human being, your biology is not the front end of your life. It is one part of your life. This cerebral capability came so that your
intelligence becomes the front end of your life and if you become conscious, your consciousness
becomes the front end of your life. Biology is the front end of a bull. It’s okay for him, that’s all he knows. But biology should not be the front end of a human life. It is part of our life, we are not denying it. So, at a certain stage in your life it’s like this – a ninety-five-year-old man went
for a medical check-up with his doctor. The doctor did a thorough check-up and said, “Hey, old boy, you’re doing great
for ninety-five, no problem with you.” Then the old man asked,
“Doctor, but what about my sex life?” Then the doctor looked at him and asked,
“Thinking about it or talking about it?” (Laughter) So, at different stages of life there are sometimes
you only think about it and talk about it, there are sometimes you indulge in it. These are passing phases of life. How much of it is needed for you –
you are the best judge. But at the same time, you came here
not to explore your biology. At least you should have gone to an MSc in biology. You shouldn’t be wasting your time in a
technological institute exploring biology. Does it mean to say you don’t have a biology,
you don’t have biological needs? You have, it’s fine but it must be on the periphery. It should not become the core of your life because it will reduce you in the sense – a creature which was purely biological evolved into a place which has an
intelligence of its own beyond its biology. See, animal intelligence works for its biology alone. How to get its food, how to get its mate,
this is all its entire life is. If human intelligence also functions like that,
you are belying the evolutionary process. You are seeing how to go back, take the
evolutionary process backward – not necessary. This does not mean you do not have a body. Body has its needs. As there is physical hunger, so there is sexuality. You have to address it in some way
but to what extent, is your choice. But definitely, it should not be the front end of your life, because you’re rolling back evolutionary scheme of putting your intelligence and consciousness in the front. Instead of that, you are putting your biology in the front. Questioner (Kartika): “How to overcome laziness
and stop procrastinating?” by Girish Nathan. Sadhguru: Oh! (Laughs/Few Laughs) See, if you’re postponing something, you are obviously doing something
that you don’t want to do. If there is something that you really want to do,
will you postpone it or pre-pone it? Hello? Participants: Pre-pone it. Sadhguru: Do you see somebody is waiting for
someone they badly want to see, only ten minutes, in that ten minutes they will
look at the watch twenty-five times. Why? They want to pre-pone it. You are doing something that you don’t want to do,
so you want to postpone it. I’m asking why the hell are you doing something
that you don’t want to do? No, because if I do this, I will get that, I will get that. That’s not the point. There is nothing to get in this life. There’s really nothing to get in this life. Either you lived this life in a profound
and intense manner or you did not. What will you get in the end? If somebody dies in the agricultural college,
do they bury them or burn them? How is it? What’s the tradition? Burying is good for agriculture because
human beings make good manure. So in the end what will happen to you and me? They will either bury us or burn us,
that’s all will happen in the end. You think they’ll give you a prize? Nothing will happen in the end. Only thing is the process of life,
how wonderfully did you live, that’s all there is. So if you are doing something really wonderful,
do you want to pre-pone it or postpone it? Hmm? Pre-pone only! So you must find what is it that you
really want to do, if you find that one thing, you will always pre-pone everything, not postpone. Lavanya: Despite being surrounded by so many people, we still lack that feeling of belonging to somebody,
being accepted by somebody, being loved by somebody. How should we deal with that
discontent and loneliness? Sadhguru: On one level, many questions are
aimed towards, how can I be free from this and that? Another level, you are asking, how can I
bind myself to something or somebody? You must decide, what is the highest value
in your life – freedom or bondage? Please, I would like to hear that word. Participant: Freedom! Sadhguru: Oh, freedom, hmm! But if you are free, you feel lost. If you go into the mountains and you are totally
free, that is, nobody around, nothing around, you’re just in the empty space of the mountains,
you don’t feel free, you think you are lost. So to handle freedom, it needs a
certain clarity and strength. Most people cannot handle freedom. They are always trying to bind themselves,
but only talking freedom all the time. If you really set them free, they will suffer immensely. So this is an evolutionary issue. In the sense, human beings are right now like this, a caged bird. If you keep a bird caged for a long period of time, and then one day, you took off the door of the cage,
still the bird won’t fly. From inside, it’ll protest that it’s not free, but it’ll not fly. Human condition is just that. For all other creatures, nature has drawn two lines within which they have to live and die, and that’s what they do. But only for human beings, there’s only a bottom line, there’s no top line and that’s what they are suffering. If their life was also fixed like every other
creatures life, they wouldn’t be stressed, they wouldn’t be anxious, they wouldn’t
be struggling to handle their own intelligence. And that is what you are seeking unknowingly. You may seek it in the form of relationships,
you may seek it in the form of profession, you may seek it in the form of nationality,
ethnicity, community, God, heaven, hell. All you are trying to do is draw an
artificial line which does not exist. Because freedom needs courage,
freedom needs a certain madness. (Laughs) If you are very sane, you cannot be free because
you will go between the two lines of logic. To be free, it takes a lot of strength. That, if you.. First of all what needs to happen
if you want to be free is – do you understand that all human experience
has a chemical basis to it? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: What you call as joy is one kind of chemistry,
misery is another kind of chemistry, stress is one kind of chemistry, anxiety another kind of chemistry, agony one kind of chemistry, ecstasy another kind of chemistry. At least ecstasy you know,
it’s another kind of chemistry. I hear.. So your experience of life has a chemical basis to it. This is the most superficial way of looking at it, there are
other dimensions to it but for your understanding or in other words, what you call as myself right now,
you are a chemical soup. The question is only, are you a great soup
or a lousy soup. Yes or no? Right now, if you have a chemistry of blissfulness, if you close your eyes, it’s fantastic.
If you open your eyes, it’s fantastic. If somebody is here, it’s fantastic,
nobody is here, it’s very fantastic. Yes or no? But if you have a lousy chemistry, if you look at them,
if they smile at you it’s nice, not fantastic. If they look at you like this, suddenly it’s a problem. If these people are happening just the way you want,
your chemistry is reasonably balanced. If they do something that you don’t like, boom!
It goes somewhere else. So essentially, you have not looked at this mechanism,
what is the basis of this, how it functions, how I can make it function at its highest level. Right now, let’s say you’re really blissed out, like me,
do you care who is around, who is not around? If they are around, it’s fantastic. They’re gone, fantastic. Because your experience of life is no more determined
by what you have and what you don’t have. Whether it’s people or things or food or
this or that, it is not determined by that. Once your way of being is not determined
by anything outside of you, then there is no such thing as loneliness. But you will enjoy your aloneness because, Whether you like it or you don’t like it, At this young age, it’s a little difficult to understand this. Whether you like it or you don’t like it, within this body, you are always alone, isn’t it? Whether you do interaction or intercourse or whatever,
still you are alone in this body, yes or no? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: If you don’t learn to handle this aloneness,
you have not learnt anything about life. This is the most beautiful thing. (Applause) The most beautiful thing about life is, nobody
can get here, it’s just my space, yes or no? Isn’t this the most beautiful thing? Nobody can invade me. They can capture me, they can torture me, they can
do so many things, but they cannot invade me because I have a space which is just my own. Isn’t this the most wonderful aspect of your life? Don’t suffer that. That is the most beautiful thing. What are those songs, popular songs? Pining for somebody – without you I cannot exist. Lavanya: Most of the songs are that way now. Sadhguru: Sing one song, no? Older ones, older ones. Lavanya: I’m horrible at singing. Sadhguru: Hmm? Lavanya: Im horrible at singing. Sadhguru: Just tell me the words, I will sing. Please, say it on the microphone Moderator: “Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahi Sakte
Tere Bina Kya Wajood Mera” (Cheers/Applause) Sadhguru: You’re saying it to me? (Laughs/Laughter) Sadhguru: Okay, okay. I got it. Participant: Sriram is a singer. Lavanya: Sriram will sing. Sadhguru: Sriram, that song he is singing. Sriram: “Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahi Sakte
Tere Bina Kya Wajood Mera” See all the boys must learn songs like this,
otherwise you can’t floor the girls. But the girls should understand
the guy has a need and he is doing this. It’s not really true but
let’s enjoy the game right now. Because what we do is just a certain game.
Life is, because it comes to an end. But the important thing is, how are you within yourself. If you are here in such a way that you are only
driven by your needs, you will live a very meagre life. But if you can sit here without any need,
but you will do whatever is needed, then you will live a magnificent life. It’s my wish and my blessing, every one
of you must have a fantastic life. Make it happen for yourself. (Applause) Moderator: So, one Pradeep asks, “We are often reprimanded for using swear words,
it is nowadays used as colloquial slang. What is the big deal with using slang words
when I casually use it without intent?” Sadhguru: See, this happened – a nice catholic girl got married and went. After three days, she called her mother and
said, “Momma, I can’t be here with this guy. All the time he is using four-letter words.” Then the mother asked, “What kind of
four-letter words is he using?” She said, “He is talking about cook, clean, wash, iron.” So, what is wrong in using words? Essentially what you’re calling
as swear words is largely today We have our own swear words, which are very
generic to our languages and some are vulgar, some suggests certain intentions, some refer to our families and some are
just simply poking fun at each other kind. But largely your swear words in English language that you use today, are essentially picked up from America. It’s either toilet or bedroom, okay? I must tell you this. This is way back, many years ago. A guest came from Australia. I’m talking about nearly forty years ago. A guest came from Australia and I am supposed to take this person around in Mysore. You know Mysore is a touristy place. You are from Bangalore, hmm? It’s a touristy place. There are many places to see,
so I’m taking this person on my motorcycle. If I ride hard, I hear in my ears “shit.” Then I think, “What if I brake?” “Shit.” They see something beautiful, “Shit.” If the food is very spicy, “Oh, shit!” I was thinking, why this person whole day
chanting “shit” like mantra? (Laughter) I thought maybe constipated, trying to invoke. Because what should be done in the morning, whole day
why are you dragging it through the day, hmm? Then I observed, they’re getting angry,
“Shit.” And they become little calm. Oh, then I thought, “Oh, it’s working for them.
I should not disturb this.” Because I don’t believe in disturbing
anything that’s working for anybody. If it’s working, let’s leave it. So, I just thought through this. See, we have looked at the whole science
of uttering sounds in a powerful manner, what it can do to your consciousness, what it can do
to your body, what it can do to invigorate your energy, many, many aspects of this and then we say, “Shiva”. With the necessary preparation,
if I make you utter this one sound, you don’t have to believe in any god or anything.
Just the sound, it will blow your brains out. I can show you this. Then I thought, “Shiva,” “shit,” “Shiva.” Oh, we arrived at it scientifically.
They somehow got it. (Laughter/Applause/Cheers) Even in Shi-va, it is only “Shi”
which is the powerful part, “va” is a dampener, so that people don’t blow up too much. It’s to balance. Well, instead of “va” they put “t.” I thought it’s okay, it’s working, so why. Because, usually when they keep saying
too often, the “t” doesn’t come. They say “Shi.” So, even me, when I say “Shiva,” the “va”
doesn’t really come out, it’s just “Shi.” So, I thought it’s okay. What does it matter? Then immediately, some people got very this thing. “Sadhguru, you are saying Shiva and shit
are same, highest and the lowest?” I said, “See, this high and low is all your business. But as far as your mind is concerned, in case your vocabulary is stored in an alphabetical
order, Shiva and shit are close together. You cannot store Shiva here and shit here. You don’t have such a capability. I don’t know how it is stored in your mind. Suppose it’s alphabetical,
they are right next to each other. So you can’t separate them.” So the question is not about what is good,
what is bad, what is right, what is wrong – the question is will it work everywhere? If you keep shitting all over the place,
is it going to work for you? That’s a question. So, it’s all right among young people,
you are saying “shit, shit,” everywhere. But now, United States, it’s come. Even the top administrators are
uttering these words, just like that. In the international community when they utter
such words, it’s finished in many ways, okay? Not because of anything else, simply because. People are… You know if you watch this, some of these
American movies and stuff, and stand-up comedians, they are making the whole sentence with one word. Yes? Whole sentence is just one word repeated in
many different ways. And they are eulogizing that. I am saying, to develop or to evolve a complex language,
it took such a long time. It’s taken thousands of years for human mind. One of the most complicated things that we have
come up with as a civilizations in the world is, language. Language is not a small thing. That way in India, we have 1300 languages. How much genius must have been there that right here, you speaking Marathi, somebody is speaking Telugu, somebody is speaking Kannada, somebody is speaking Konkani. And for thousands of years, though you lived
side by side, you maintainned your literature, they maintained theirs, like this they managed. This takes a certain level of genius
to develop the language. Now, a language which had
hundreds and thousands of words, you want to reduce everything to one word
and you think it’s a forward step. I’m sorry. Moderator: Sadhguru, how do you suggest that
we appropriately question authority without being disrespectful towards them because from our very childhood we’ve been taught to obey our elders because they know better and they are right. But they are only humans and it’s possible
that they are wrong or they make an error in judgment. So, I am not talking just in context of parents,
it could be political leaders, scientists, experts. Sadhguru: Me also, me also. Moderator: Spiritual leaders as well. How do we question them
to look beyond the traditional paradigm? Sadhguru: Just the way you are doing it right now. Moderator: Without being disrespectful. I do, I understand but it is possible that
they take it as challenging their authority. Sadhguru: So see, respect. You used the word respect. Respect is not something that
you ever demand in your life. Please don’t ever do such a vulgarity
that you demand respect. You can only earn it, you cannot demand it. The moment
you demand it, it becomes vulgar. Yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So you stand one step higher than
somebody and you demand respect or the only stupid thing that you did is – you came here a few years earlier than someone else
and you demand that “I am senior.” It must be happening in the college also, hmm? “One year senior I am, hey, you better respect me, hmm!” Just one year ahead, I joined the college
and now I am senior, okay? So, this is an unfortunate reality
that’s well established in the world. In the name of religion, in the name of authority,
in the name of parenthood, in many different ways, we have been trying to establish authority is the truth. No, authority is not the truth, truth is the only authority. This is why Youth and Truth. Truth is the only authority, nothing else is the authority. So, if I ask a question, somebody freaks. See, if you ask a question somebody freaks
because they don’t know the answer. Suppose you go, sit in your examination and look at the question paper,
you don’t know a damn thing, don’t you freak? Just like that they are freaking.
Why don’t you understand? Hello? See, they gave you a question paper,
you have no clue, do you freak or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So they are also freaking. So you must understand and be little compassionate. When you ask a question, somebody freaks means
obviously they don’t have an answer. So you must be compassionate, considerate
because they are your seniors. Okay? They came a year ahead of you but they are
no better than you, so they’re freaking a bit. Please make way for them, a little bit, what to do? They’ve grown little bigger than you but at the same time, there is no need for anybody to succumb to that. It’s all right, there is no need to confront people. A question first of all – See a question is a tool, a question is
a tool to dig little deeper, isn’t it? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: But somebody is asking
a question to prove a point, that’s not good. So don’t ask a question to your parents
or to somebody else just to prove your point. No, ask a question because it’s a genuine question. So people were asking me, “Sadhguru, what kind
of questions can we ask, what can we not ask?” I said, “Even the dumbest question you have, if it means
something to you, it means something to me. If it doesn’t mean anything to you,
don’t ask such stupid things because it doesn’t mean a damn thing to me either. But if it means something to you, maybe it’s a stupid question, somebody thinks it’s a stupid question but it means something to your life,
it means a lot to me.” So please make sure your questions are genuine
whether you ask a parent or a political leader or a spiritual leader, it doesn’t matter
who the hell you ask a question. When you ask a question, you must understand the purpose of asking a question is to expand yourself from what you know to enter a territory,
where you do not know something. That’s the idea of asking a question. But you ask a question to prove them stupid,
then maybe they are getting mad. See, you are entering their territory now. But, you have to make sure in your life,
Because your life is not just about your life, how you conduct your life will determine
the nature of this world. Isn’t it so? When you have such a responsibility,
you have to ensure that truth is the only authority, authority is not the truth. It doesn’t matter whether it’s parents or teachers or spiritual teachers, political leaders or god himself came down and he said something stupid, you must be able to question him. That is the nature of this culture. See even when those entities which we considered
divine came, in India, all we did is ask questions, endless questions. When Shiva came, his wife Parvati
freaks him with a million questions. When Krishna came, Arjuna asked 1000 questions,
questions and questions and questions. I must tell you this, we were trekking in Tibet, a group
of people almost from forty-two different countries. So an Indian man who is settled in
United States wanted to ask a question. I said, “You can ask questions.” Immediately he raised his hand and he stood up. He asked a question which lasted
over eight minutes and it was going on. I said, “See, this is too long a question”. The others were all looking like this
because they are from different nations, they can’t understand this question. I said, “See, this is a very Indian question”. Question inside a question, inside a question,
inside a question, inside a question. Indians are experts in this because they have 15,000 years of culture, they’ve crafted questions like this. It doesn’t matter Shiva comes, Krishna comes, they
want to bowl a googly to him, that’s the whole intent. So I said, “See, this is an Indian question”
and I tried to explain to them what is an Indian mind and why it asks such questions – so much of culture. Then one Chinese lady says,
“Sadhguru, I was working at the United Nations, even there only Indians ask questions. (Laughs/Laughter) We never ask questions, only the Indians
were asking questions all the time.” I said, “That is India”. Speaker 3: So one of the questions that keeps popping up in everyone’s mind, is how you… how do you… how do you define the clarity of purpose in your life? And that’s something that you’ve probably
been asked multiple times before, but this is something that we still struggle with. And we easily get influenced by people around us and get distracted from what we truly are passionate about. How do you recommend today’s youth to be
focusing on building true passion, and also developing a clarity of purpose in life? Sadhguru: See, this idea that a human being
has a purpose to his existence is a very tyrannical idea. The moment you have a strong sense of purpose,
you are a natural tyrant. The question is only of competence. There are lots of tyrants all over the place. There are lots of Mussolinis and Adolf Hitlers
all over the place. Fortunately, they’re impotent and incapable. Yes. There are lots of them. Don’t think only one was born. There are lots of them, fortunately, nobody has the capacity or the competence that those tyrants had. Otherwise, there are whole lot of people
with same intention of wanting you to be something
other than who you are right now. So if I have a purpose to life,
if it gets organized, it becomes a mission. Who the hell are you to have your own mission? You’re here, you’re just a pop-up on this planet, all right? You pop up and you pop out. Here, instead of doing what is needed most right now, for maximum number of people, you have
your own purpose, maybe God given purpose. Whenever people say they have a god given purpose,
they have done the most terrible things on the planet. You don’t like it? It’s okay, but have they or not? Whenever people say, “God spoke to me,”
terrible things are coming. You can be sure about it. You heard these statements. Because you are trying to endorse your nonsense
with some other authority from elsewhere. Why do you need a purpose? Life is a phenomena beyond your understanding. You’re here to experience it, and enhance it,
for yourself and everything else around you. That’s about it. What is there for you to have a purpose of your own, when you’ve not even figured out
where it begins, where it ends? When you have not even figured out
where this cosmos begins, where it ends, where you come from, and where the hell you will go,
how come you have a purpose of your own? You don’t need a purpose. You just need sense. You need sense and sensitivity. And sensitivity will naturally come,
if you look at life as a more inclusive process. Right now, some studies in the last two days
are creating a flutter. I’ve been talking about it for the last twenty-five years. Some studies say that in the next five years, the insect population is going to go down so dramatically, that all agriculture on the planet could be seriously hit, and food could become a great crisis. I’ve been talking about this continuously
for last twenty-five years. People think worms and insects are no good. But I’m telling you once again, if all the worms die right now, in the next fourteen to eighteen months, there’ll not be a single life on this planet, including you and me. If all the insects die, within the next two-and-a-half to four years,
not a single piece of life will exist on this planet. But if you and me die, planet will flourish. (Laughter) Yes! This is the fact of our existence or no? Hello? Whatever nonsense we think about ourselves,
without human race, this planet will do great. But without worms, insects, microbes, and various
other creatures, this planet cannot exist as a life. So our idea, the most destructive idea
that’s been put into human minds in the name of religion, philosophy and nonsense,
is that creation is human centric. Creation is not human-centric. You are just a speck in this creation. You are really nothing. As I said, you know, on your computer screen
there are pop-ups? You pop up and you pop out. You think so much about yourself,
but actually, before you and me came here, countless number of people who all thought
they are great people, came and went. Where are they now? All top soil, yes or no? Worms are feasting on them, all right? But, human beings.. This is all it is. In this vast cosmos,
this entire solar system is a tiny speck. In that tiny speck, this planet Earth is a micro speck. In that micro speck, Detroit city is a super micro speck,
in that you’re a big man. This is a serious problem. This is all because of our learning, do you understand? This is because of our learning, because
we’ve lost our sense of perception. We’re not seeing things as they are. We making up things in our mind
in the name of education. It’s time we come to reality. Once machine learning comes, your nonsensical
learning will not mean a damn thing. Just because you read a book,
you’re acting superior – no! A five year old kid will turn on his machine
and tell you, “Here”. It’s a great time. Abirami: Hi! My name is Abirami and I’m pursuing my first year in Bachelors in Computer Science here at CEG. So, my question is. I, actually all of us here have been through
more than fifteen years of education but I haven’t found an application
or use for many of the things I’ve learned. So, why do I find some of the things I learned pointless? Sadhguru: No, that should not be happening
in an engineering college. I can understand that in a high school. Most of them are pointless, but in a technical school that shouldn’t be happening. But… the important thing is our education system, I wouldn’t say that so much about the technical schools like this, but largely our education system was created
just to provide clerks for Her Majesty’s service. There was no imagination behind it – obedience was
the most important aspect of our education system. This is why you have to just mug up
a whole textbook and puke it there and that’s what’s supposed to be
excellence in education. I wouldn’t say that about technical education,
I think it’s different. So, we wrote a policy on textiles in India,
we wrote a policy on the rivers and agriculture. Right now, we are busy writing a policy on education. Of my constant push, recently government announced that in future, in the schools only fifty percent of the time in
school, should be focused toward academics, rest should be focused towards
sport, art, music, craft and variety of things. If you do not know this, this was
announced just about a month ago. But, announcement is fine, but the
schools are not equipped to shift. Our schools are made like this – there is a whole lot of, I always said, as much as math and science, there must be that much of music, art, variety of other things. Our schools are managed like this
but that’s a small number. Right now, we’ve convinced the government
and central government has announced this. But to implement it on the ground, it is still far away
because it needs infrastructure, it needs human infrastructure, it needs physical
infrastructure, training and various things which are yet to happen in this country. It’ll take time. But at least that intention has come. And we are seeing how schools, academic part of the school for children should
not be more than three to four hours a day max. Three-and-a-half hours is all I’m thinking about. Rest of the time, they must learn other things. Right now, we have created a nation where
if a farmer’s son goes to the farm with his father, father can be arrested for child labor! Yes! Really! If you take your child to the farm
and both of you are working on the land, people can come and arrest you
because you are doing child labor. There is something very dangerous
growing in the country. We’ve looked at this, we’ve kind of
asked so many people. Are there people who you parents
are from the farming community? Are there children? Only one or two? If you ask any farmer in the country, how many of you
want your children to go into farming? It’s just two to four percent. So in another twenty-five years when this generation passes, who is going to grow food in this country? I want to know. You may have technical knowledge, you may do an MBA, you may have various things. Do one thing, go on the land and take out one crop,
let me see. It’s too complex! We think farming is for the illiterate, it is not so. It is a very complex, meticulous operation. Just because he doesn’t have formal education,
it doesn’t mean that he has no brains. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t know something. He knows something very vital – because
of which all of us are eating right now. Yes! Our stomachs are full. But this nation has the danger, this nation has the danger of not being able to
grow its own food in the next twenty-five years. So we are looking at how, only a certain number
of children need to go into academic education. Others need to learn other skills and
variety of other things to do in the country, for their own well-being. Not everybody’s brains are made for academics,
they simply suffer their academic life. A whole lot of them. Some of them have a great joy in academics, a whole lot of them suffer that academic thing
and the examinations and studying. How people are suffering I’m seeing,
these people should not be doing academics, they should be learning some other skills
where their aptitude is. There is nobody to identify what is your aptitude,
what is it that you could well with joy. This needs to happen at an early time. Between the ages of ten and fifteen, we must have a process in the education system,
where people can choose. And, above all… it should be made… You know, one reason why everybody
wants to go to medicine or engineering is because there is a social prestige nonsense. An electrician or a carpenter must have the
same prestige that a doctor or an engineer has. Only then, education will get levelled out. Above all, a farmer must have a
higher place in this society than any of us. He’s feeding us. I don’t have a steady mind And I cannot focus at one thing Even if I try a lot. Even mobile is a very big distraction apparently. So how do I focus on one thing at a time? I fear that if I give too much time to one thing,
I might loose or lack in other things. Sadhguru: See, the nature of human intelligence is such that it can
do many things at the same time as a process. When I say intelligence, most people are misunderstanding intelligence as intellect. Intellect is your thought process. Thought is just one dimension of your intelligence. Thought is only happening because of the data
that you have gathered in your mind. You cannot think about anything
for which you have no data. Isn’t it so? Isn’t it so? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So, human intelligence is made like this. In the yogic way of looking at life, we look at
human intelligence as sixteen parts. Out of these sixteen parts, for the sake of
understanding, we can see it as four segments. These four segments are
buddhi, ahankara, manas and chitta. Buddhi means the intellect. Intellect. When it comes to your intellect, would you
like a sharp intellect or a dull intellect? You must choose, I’m going to bless you right now. Participants: Sharp. Sadhguru: Sharp intellect. So, obviously intellect is a cutting instrument,
it’s like a knife, it’s a scalpel. It’s good for cutting, if you want to dissect
something you need a good, sharp intellect but suppose you want to sew something,
all you have is a knife. If you sew with a knife, you know what’ll happen? You will leave everything in tatters but right now this is the way we are going about because our education systems are
focused just purely on intellectual basis. This is a cutting instrument. If I want to really know you, shall I dissect you? Sadhguru: Hello? I want to know you, so shall I dissect you? Well, some of you in your maybe pre-university studies, you dissected a frog and you were
very excited how the heart was beating. The frog was not excited believe me. It was looking at you, “what’s wrong with you!” Yes or no? So, intellect is a certain instrument,
it is a cutting instrument. It can be used for certain aspects of life
but unfortunately, we are using it all pervasively because other dimensions of intelligence
have not even been touched. The next dimension of the mind
is called identity or the ahankara. Identity means depending upon what you are
identified with, that’s how your intellect will function. This is a knife in the front – this will always
try to protect what you are identified with. You say “I am a woman,” it’ll try to protect your gender. You say “I’m an Indian,” it’ll try to protect your nationality,
you say you are some religion, it’ll try to protect that. Whatever is your identity, your intellect
is always working to protect that identity. So, how we establish this identity consciously
is a very important part of education, which we have completely ignored today
for which we are paying a huge price. In the traditional education from zero to twelve
is balavastha, that means just to play, eat, sleep. So that the body and the brain should grow
till they are twelve years of age. You should not try to teach anything, extract anything. From twelve to twenty-four is focused learning. This is called as brahmacharya,
discipline of how to learn. Learn is not just learning other disciplines, but above all learning about the nature of
my own human mechanism, my intelligence, my different faculties, how they function because if I don’t understand this,
I cannot really apply myself into anything. So, we always established this. You might have heard of this. There is something called as Aham brahmasmi
– at the age of twelve this is taught to a child. Before we initiate a child into education, first he must take a universal identity that
“my identity is the larger universe”. Maybe today I’m an Indian, maybe today
I belong to this religion or that religion, maybe I belong to this caste, clan or whatever,
but my larger identity is with the universe because education was seen as an empowerment. We don’t want to empower you
when your identity is narrow. Because all the crime on the planet,
all the corruption on the planet, all the horrendous things that people do to each other
is only because of limited identity, isn’t it? I can do it to you but I can’t do it to myself
because this is me, isn’t it? I can’t do it to my own child but I can do it to somebody else because this is mine and that is not mine. So before you are empowered with education,
which we see as the powerful tool for life, first thing is take a universal identity –
unfortunately we’ve neglected. Because of this, today if you see the cutting edge of technology and science
always goes first for military use. Yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So how to kill people, how to
dominate somebody, how to destroy somebody – this is where our knowledge is going simply because we did not establish a universal identity
before education came to people. So the third dimension of your mind
is referred to as manas. Manas means it’s a silo of memory. When I say memory, it’s not just what you remember,
your entire body is memory. There is evolutionary memory here, there is
genetic memory here, there is karmic memory here, there is articulate and inarticulate levels of memory,
conscious and unconscious levels of memory, various dimensions of memory.
We identify eight different forms of memory. Right now, you may not remember how your great-great-
great-grandfather looked like ten generations ago but his nose is sitting on your face,
body remembers. Yes or no? Body absolutely remembers everything. So this memory is the basis of your intellect. If we take away the memory or de-link the memory from your intellect, your intellect will become without activity. This is one important dimension
of yoga that we understood. See if you want to continue the knife analogy,
the intellect is like a knife, the hand that holds the knife is identity. Knife is useful or dangerous depending not on the
knife’s quality but the hand which holds it, isn’t it? If you are identified one way, this knife will poke you, if you are identified in a different way,
this knife can save your life. So the same knife everyday saves lives
and sometimes takes lives, depending upon who holds it or which hand holds it. So, we de-link the manas with the intellect. Now intellect’s simply there without intention. So essentially yoga means this –
to build an intensity within you without intent. Right now, I want to become an engineer,
I want to become rich, I want to make money, I want to be this, I want to be that. You’ve become goal oriented. This is the fundamental flaw in the education system,
we’ve become goal oriented. Because we want to get there, we are doing all this.
We are like circus monkeys. Circus monkeys are like this – you show a banana and say
“you do all those tricks, I’ll give you a banana”. So it will do all the tricks, banana. No banana, he will simply sit there. So, once you’ve become human,
you should not behave like a circus monkey. It is not because of a carrot and stick
that you’re driving yourself, because you’re seeing that what you are doing
is of some consequence to you and to the world around you,
that’s why the action. So if you de-link the knife and the hand and the silo of memory, then your intellect will shine with sharpness. It will not be rusted with memory,
it will shine with sharpness. See, it’s like this, there are some people who.. when you go to restaurants
you will see and maybe in some homes also – you ask them to cut a mango, they will use the same knife with which they’ve
cut onion and they cut the mango and give you. You can’t keep it in your mouth,
the sweetness of the mango is gone. If the residual impact of whatever the knife has touched is there in it, slowly it will lose its purpose, isn’t it? The same goes for your intellect. If the memory sticks to your intellect, after sometime
it’ll become a useless intellect because it becomes a highly prejudiced intellect. So, the entire yogic system is about this,
to dissolve your identity and simply sit here so that your intellect will shine like a razor
without any intent. Intensity without intent, if it comes into your intellect, you can do twenty-five things at the same time,
just like that, okay? (Applause) People keep asking me, “Sadhguru, you have been busy the whole six months,
not a day’s break, then how did you write this poem? How did you think about this?
How did you come up with this plan? How did you design this one and that one?” I have twelve, fourteen tracks running all the time,
I just initiate and leave, they will run by themselves. See, when a computer is able to process something,
if you feed and leave, it processes, isn’t it? Isn’t this a better computer
than anything that you’ve ever used? Hello? Only problem is you did not read
the user’s manual for this one. You must read the user’s manual. So just listening to videos is no good,
we can teach you a simple practice. You start the practice of de-linking the intellect
from the memory at least for a few minutes a day. You will see your intellect becomes super competent.


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    4) Overcoming Laziness – 24:34
    5) Loneliness From Mind – 26:53
    6) About Swear Words 35:28
    7) Questioning Authority – 42:41
    8) Clarifying Your Purpose In Life – 50:05
    9) Pointless Learnings From Our
    Education – 56:00
    10) Distraction & Focus – 01:02:27

  16. PRE

    November 11, 2019 2:31 pm

    Delinking memory from the intellect few minutes a day and your intellect will become super competent was very good.

  17. Krystalina Soash

    November 12, 2019 3:47 am

    Wow! At 1:00:29 an important question is asked! Most importantly it is answered shortly thereafter 🤔 📝 ❗

    Thought-provoking for sure !!

    Thank You Sadhguru for this insight 🙏

  18. Krystalina Soash

    November 12, 2019 3:53 am

    At 1:14:17 Sadhguru mentions that children should be working on their skills and that NOT all children are meant to be IT Students, some are meant to be agricultural engineers and help educate future generations on agricultural and environmental sustainability 🌱 🌴

  19. Dolly kumari Dolly

    November 12, 2019 4:58 am

    Sasguru ji mera sabal hai ki agar apko koi bahut sara wada bahut ragin sapne dikhakar tor de to uske sath kiya karna chahiye

  20. santosh sikkalwar

    November 12, 2019 11:21 am

    Truth is the only authority
    Authority is not the truth
    Sadhguru 🙏🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏😇😇😇😇🙌🙌🙌

  21. life love

    November 12, 2019 11:42 am

    1 think as we are the same and feel love to live – 2 we connect our inside with the outside, we make the connection – 3 living with pleasure we do what we can, living with love we do what we need – 4 live what you need, not what you think – 5 everything you need is in yourself, not the outside – 6 angry is part of life – 7 everyone think by itself, live yourself – 8 think less, live more – 9 connect your thought with the rest of your life – 10 intoxicated mass react in intoxicated energy, how we are living we have too much toxin inside and that react with less movement of our inside energy feeling pain, when there is less toxin we think more we feel more we sense more and not pain in the head

  22. anthony labracio

    November 13, 2019 10:57 am

    loved. the statement about " soul mates " , very funny! and true. no such thing., how arrogant of anyone!

  23. MR jayasree

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    Even the personal questions by some students , answered by sadguru is relevant today .Thank you for the answers


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