Sadhguru – If you become receptive You will not need me!


Questioner: Namaskaram Sadhguru. I wanted to know how does a guru transfer
the yogic knowledge or information by means of transmission. Questioner: The mechanics of it,
the mechanics of that. How is it done? Sadhguru: Like a cordless microphone, you
know. See, without being wired you’re able to transmit. You’re quite capable. It’s happening, isn’t it? So how? See, of the one hundred and fourteen
chakras that are there in the body, A chakra literally means a wheel. But what we are referring to is the junction
points of the nadis or the energy pathways in the
body. These pathways always meet in the form
of a triangle, A wheel means a circle. Definitely triangular wheels are more jazzy,
isn’t it? Would it look better? They always meet in the form of triangles,
but we call them a chakra because when we see in somebody, we see it more as a circle because it’s
radiating a certain dimension of energy. Because it’s radiating, all radiation
always happens in circular form. You may throw a triangular stone into a lake,
still the ripples are circular, isn’t it? Just like that, this may be a triangle but
when we see it, it is circular. And another thing is, it suggests movement
from one dimension to another, we say it’s a chakra because it takes you
across. So there are one hundred and fourteen chakras
in the system, major chakras. There are more. Major chakras which can be worked upon
are one hundred and fourteen. Out of these one hundred and fourteen, two are outside the physical body,
one hundred and twelve are within the body. Out of these one hundred and twelve, four, there is nothing much to do about them. That is, if you work the other things,
these things will happen by themselves, they don’t need any system to be worked
upon. So one hundred and eight are the things
that can be actually worked upon. So there are one hundred and fourteen
systems of meditativeness. Adiyogi taught hundred and twelve
different ways to realize. So when he sat down
with the seven sages, the Saptarishis, he was expounding as to how the
human mechanism functions and there are one hundred and fourteen,
out of these, one hundred and twelve… He spoke about one hundred and twelve
ways of attaining one’s ultimate nature. Parvati his wife, who was a witness to this
teaching, she has already attained but now she’s a witness,
she’s just hanging around in the program. So she was looking at it and she said, ‘Why
not more? Why only one hundred and twelve? There should be more ways.’ Shiva was completely focused on what he was
doing. When she said this, he just
(Makes blow sound) dismissed her, he said, ‘There are no other ways,
there are only one hundred and twelve.’ She felt stung that in front of these seven
people he dismissed her like that. So she said, ‘There must be more ways,
maybe you don’t know.’ (Laughter) He said, ‘There are only one hundred and
twelve.’ ‘This is impertinence.’ He said, ‘Leave!’ So she said ‘I will find more ways’ and
she went. She withdrew into the mountains
and did very severe austerities and she… after many years of work she came. Shiva was still expounding various dimensions
of yoga. She came. Being his wife, she could have… After such a long absence she could
come and sit next to him, but she came and sat down one step
below to indicate that she has failed. So that’s a language between the two of
them. She doesn’t want the seven people to know
that she failed, but she wants him to know that she’s failed, so she came and sat one
step below. So this story continues into various other
aspects as to how she involved herself. And she’s being used as somebody who brings
doubt. He’s going with such absolute power,
these seven people are overawed. So she is brought in as an uncommitted observer
who comes up with doubts here and there. Because somewhere tomorrow when it is taught,
not everybody may be as committed and as focused and as receptive as these seven people were,
naturally they will come up with these doubts. So she came up with these doubts,
which normally people would come up with. So, these one hundred and eight
are the things that you can work with. The remaining four just flower for you, this
is a bonus. If you work well with hundred and eight,
the other four will happen; it’s a rewarding place. The other two will anyway happen. If these one hundred and twelve have happened,
the other two will anyway blossom by themselves; they are not within the physical structure
of the body. So these hundred and eight, this hundred and eight is a number
that has manifested in this system because of hundred and eight
being a significant process or a significant number in the
making of the solar system. So the diameter of the sun and the distance
between the planet and the sun is hundred and eight
times over. The diameter of the moon and the distance
is hundred and eight times. The distance between the moon and the planet
and the distance between the sun and the planet is hundred and eight times over. Like this, in many ways you will see hundred
and eight being a proportion in the making of the solar system – that
is the reason why… (Gestures) Otherwise maybe we would have had hundred
and sixty if… Suppose we were born in Mars, maybe
we would have one sixty or whatever. You must check the men and see. The important thing about hata yoga
is to constantly acknowledge that this body has taken shape like this, this
body has become this kind of manifestation mainly because the way the potter’s wheel is, because of
the solar system, the way it is, that is why this manifestation. So Adiyogi very clearly said,
‘If this human body has to evolve further, some dramatic or drastic changes need to happen in the structure of the solar system, only then the structure of the human body
will change, because it’s reached its fullest development in terms of physical
structure.’ Now, one can transmit effortlessly
if all of this has opened up. If all the hundred and twelve are on,
transmission is effortless. You want something to happen there, you don’t
have to go there, you can sit here and make it
happen. To live a normal life, to live a full-fledged
physical life you need only twenty one chakras. Twenty one chakras in your body are reasonably
operating, nobody will think anything wrong with you; you will be full-fledged human being. What are the remaining things about? The remaining things if they open up,
it opens up various levels of perception. It opens up dimensions of perception that
suddenly people are say… people will start saying is magical or mystical, simply because different dimension
of perception has opened up. So only twenty one are needed to live a full-fledged
life; the remaining are only about higher dimensions
of perception, that you are no more human, in other people’s understanding at least. You are very much human, this
(Referring to one’s system) is human system. Because most human beings do not…
the majority does not flower… See, right now, the coconut trees in Tamil
Nadu, I think our trees are yielding some
ninety nuts per year, per tree. A better managed farm in Tamil Nadu would
yield hundred and twenty, hundred and twenty five. The same coconut tree in Kerala yields
forty-five nuts to fifty nuts. The same coconut tree in Karnataka and West
Bengal yields two hundred and forty
to two hundred and fifty nuts. It’s the farming which is different. Tamil farmers they’re trying to grow coconut
trees in black cotton soil, thinking it’s the most
fertile soil. Black cotton soil is very fertile for paddy
cultivation, cotton and other things, not good for coconut. Coconut needs to be grown where it is slightly…
little bit of rubble in the soil. Here if you dig, it is like toothpaste, the
soil. Now, when you irrigate this land, it’s very
nice, immediately coconut tree senses life
and puts out its fresh roots. When it dries, the contraction is so big in the black cotton soil, you will see it
all cracked up like this, so it’ll squeeze all
the roots. All the tips of the roots will be crushed and it cannot grow. Every time it puts out, when it dries it gets
hurt. Every time it puts out, when it dries it gets
hurt. It needs little bit of rocky soil, You can try this – you put one little small piece of stone inside,
two feet inside the earth, water it, after fifteen days you open, everything else
will be dry, just beneath the rock there will be little bit of dampness. So always coconut tree goes and puts it’s…
tips of its roots beneath the stones because it knows always it is wet, always that will
be damp and it will be protected, it’ll not be crushed. The same thing with a human being. A human being will not flower to his full
potential unless you create an appropriate atmosphere
for him; internal and external, but largely, fortunately internal, because we are mobile, we are not like trees, we cannot
stand in one place and have the same atmosphere all the time. But there are people who do this. In India, this culture is there… this is
called as kshetra sanyasa. Kshetra sanyasa means we will fix a radius. Let’s say here, we’ll fix a radius from
the Dhyanalinga – we will say this much is highly energetic, so those who want to just soak in that all
the time, they will take a vow that they will never leave this diameter. This radius they will not leave and go,
they will always be in that only. This is a simple intelligence, like a coconut
tree if it decides to trek up the mountain, it does reasonably well here, but if you put
him up the mountain, in one day he will be down. The wind… Have you gone up the mountain? Participants: Not yet. Sadhguru: No. If you go to the seventh hill, almost any
season, wind will be at least like fifty to sixty
kilometers. In the windy season it’ll touch one hundred
twenty to one hundred forty kilometers per hour. If you stand like this, it’ll just throw you
out; it’s that strong. So if this guy goes and stands there,
he won’t stand for an hour. So he better stay here. But the trees are stationary. We are mobile. For us to maintain an external atmosphere
which is always conducive is difficult. So some people take this step, which is called
kshetra sanyasa, they will not move out of that space. They fix a radius and just within that. So because you want to soak
in that external atmosphere. But the internal atmosphere is the most
important thing for a human being, as to how he keeps his interiority; that he
builds a… this is called a kavacha, that you build a
cocoon around yourself, a protective cocoon – wherever you go, you are in the same
atmosphere as far as you are concerned. It’s like you get into an airplane, it goes
up 35,000 feet, definitely your body wouldn’t last there. But now you’re in a cocoon, a pressurized
chamber, because of that you manage. The same thing with a submarine – you wouldn’t manage that pressure in the
sea, but because you’re protected, you manage. So like this, you create a cocoon of energy
around yourself; wherever you go, you are not a part of it, you are in your
own cubicle that you’re walking with. You carry your own cubicle, you don’t get into anybody’s space, you carry your own little space wherever you
go, otherwise you restrict yourself. But the important thing is that all the chakras
are on, means you can simply transmit anything that you wish; the problem is always of receptivity. In the past I have been saying this – I have initiated more people into meditativeness; those that I have never met and seen than
people that I sit with and conduct programs with. We’ve conducted programs at the most for a
few million people, but we’ve initiated many, many more people. They’re meditative but many fools
do not know they can meditate. When they sit, not for meditation,
they don’t even know that they must meditate – if they sit somewhere their experience of
everything is way better than others but many of them still don’t have the brain
to understand that they’re naturally becoming
meditative, without any effort. Some have, and they sit down. Others don’t sit down, but their experience of life is way better
because they’re meditative in nature because they have been initiated directly. So we can transmit this to anybody;
receptivity is the problem. To generate receptivity there is a lot of
work to do. So you can sit here and let’s say you run
a radio station, you can transmit in the air very easily. But if nobody has a radio, what is the use? Let’s say you started transmitting from a
radio station before Marconi came, and nobody has a radio but you’re transmitting
and transmitting, what does it matter? Nothing happens, isn’t it? So that is always there. There is some impact of the transmission on
people, even if there’s no receptivity, but it is not… it does not translate into
other dimensions, because there is no receptivity. It is easier to transmit to rocks than to
human beings. I’m not trying to praise rocks and insult
you, but it’s easier to transmit to rocks because
certain type of rocks have the necessary physical integrity but they don’t have a brain;
they don’t think themselves out of things. See, the problem with human being is, largely he has thought himself out of many
natural capabilities that he already had. Aren’t people thinking themselves out of
their joy? (Laughs) Haven’t they? How they were when they were children, haven’t
they thinking themselves out of their joy and
love and natural things that they had? So human beings are thinking themselves out. Because of that, whatever you give them,
they can think themselves out. Today you teach them something – well, you have seen, many of you, they come
to Bhava Spandana and we blow them out. It’s really a hit. Whoof, everybody is hit and fantastic
and dripping with ecstasy – but after six months they will think themselves
out of it. So not everybody knows how to use
their thought in a constructive manner; largely they’re thinking
themselves out of their well-being. They were quite well when they were children;
they thought themselves out. So thought is not working always for human
benefit. Most people do not know
how to use it for their well-being; largely people are using it to work against
themselves. If you activate the energy system to its fullest
possibility, transmission is natural. You don’t even have to go all the way. If you… If you activate sixty three, you can transmit quite powerfully. That is the symbolism of the Tamil… Tamil culture is based on sixty three nayanmars. They call them sixty three sages who came,
who transformed Tamil culture in a big way. They brought spirituality to everybody’s
life. This is… One thing is those sixty three people, maybe there were more people, but for the sake of symbolism they left
those people and mentioned only sixty three. Any temple you go, you will see small,
small images of sixty three people because if you have sixty three chakras going, we can say you’re a sage… beginning to be,
early sage. If you have eighty four, you have crossed
many, many limits which normally people think are super human. If you reach 108, that means you’re completely
there. One hundred and fourteen are fully on means
you and him will be same, no difference. If you become receptive, I don’t have to come here and explain things
to you, somebody need not teach you how to bend, what
to do, nothing – you will know everything
about human mechanism, everything, from its origin to its ultimate.


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  1. krishnan kolayot arun

    July 15, 2019 8:06 am

    Writing is little bit slower than the speech in this video πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ€Humble Pranams


    July 15, 2019 10:49 am

    Is there a way for each individual to run a diagnosis test which aim at delivering where that individual stands in terms of the number of chakras his system is operating upon, I am very much interested in knowing how many of my chakras are in full throttle and what needs to be done in between stages of activation for instance from 7 to 21 then once that level attained 21 to 63 then again what’s more need be implemented to reach the 80 plus chakras. If the 9hour inner engineering series of videos cover this particular methodology I will focus solely on listening to it which I have not although I downloaded it. Otherwise I will continue watching the video that impact and change me the most.

  3. kalyan srinivas

    July 16, 2019 6:14 pm

    If you activate 114 chakras there is no difference between you and him … wow what a powerful statement

  4. Andy Penn

    July 17, 2019 7:36 am

    Humans do not look like them are originally from this planet neither they could have evolved – just like it was said they were created naked but with intel enough to survive. Why would anyone like to promote just humans into higher beings? Why are there no "gurus" for animals and other forms of physical beings? Too many things do not fit in well…


    August 2, 2019 1:39 pm

    πŸ™Namaskaram sadhguru πŸ™
    If i See myself according to this clip of conversation. I very much completely fit in . I am the fool have been a fool almost my whole life .Just not knowing..doing and enjoying each step of it . Here I would like to say that the words you speak ,the knowledge you are spreading almost without any inward cause or say without any selfishness just to bring people up which is freely available in the form of you tube videos and on many other websites on web applications. And many more uncountable . The affirmations (for me) i have got from this knowledge. Speaking about me . Myself being a child of lost culture. Being in a chain of endless experimentations and far far away from the roots .Knowing but still seeking a face ,a window ,a direction which can firmly say that it's true .. I have found very much through these efforts of upbringing of humanity .. all i wanted to say is even if someone is receptive. even if we happen to know ..the suffering doesn't ends .we still need guidance , an assurance , just being in a human nature .I am very thankful to you .For your efforts towards humanity .. we will always need you


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