Sadhguru – Take blood test in extreme anger: you’ll see you’re poisoned!


Moderator: So sir, when someone has wronged
us or has abused us in some way, we either have feelings of hostility and resentment… Sadhguru: Oh, we must file a suit (Laughter). Moderator: No, in a minor… in a minor sense
if they abuse us or if they wrong us, we sometimes have feelings of resentment and hostility
against them. And sometimes we might tend to forgive them
and let it go. So my question here is, where must we draw
a line to hold the wrong-doer responsible for what he does and when should we know to
forgive him and when should we know to let it go? So this is the question. Sadhguru: See, this is not about the other
person. The choice for you is this – if you are given
a choice, right now for all of you, if you are given a choice that you can either live
joyfully, blissfully, or miserably, or in anger, or in stress, or in resentment, what
is your natural choice? You must choose, I’m going to bless you
right now (Laughter). Participants: Joyful… Sadhguru: What is your natural choice? Participants: Joyfully… Sadhguru: Joyfully, isn’t it? Because every human being is looking for highest
level of pleasantness for himself, for herself. You can call it joy, you can call it bliss. These are just words. Essentially, we want highest level of pleasantness
for ourselves. If your body becomes pleasant, we call this
health. If it becomes very pleasant, we call this
pleasure. If your mind becomes pleasant, we call this
peace. If it becomes very pleasant, we call this
joy. If your emotions become pleasant, we call
this love. If it becomes very pleasant we call it compassion. If your very life energies become pleasant,
we call this bliss. If it becomes very pleasant, we call it ecstasy. If your surroundings become pleasant, we call
this success. Only to… (Applause) Only to make your surroundings
pleasant, you need the cooperation of all these people. Because in creating an external situation,
there are many forces involved. Not all of them you even know. Do you understand? You wanted to create a… a wonderful situation
for yourself, you don’t even know how many forces are working in that area. If you harness a few forces, if they cooperate,
things will happen. If they don’t cooperate, it won’t happen. But for the pleasantness of the body, pleasantness
of the mind, pleasantness of your emotion and energy, it’s one-hundred percent you. Yes or no? Is that yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: No, no. Because in some cultures, this (Gestures)
is yes, in some cultures, this (Gestures) is… you know? Yes, right? Moderator: Yes. Sadhguru: Surroundings. Creating situations in the surroundings you
need cooperation from the people, otherwise it won’t happen. So only for success, you need cooperation. To keep yourself pleasant, it’s one-hundred
percent yours. So right now, you know well that you want
to be peaceful. But, somebody else is doing something. What are they doing? They know (are doing?) what they know best. They are abusing you. Why are they doing it? Because that’s all they know. Yes or no? That is what… That is how they know their life. That’s why they are doing it. If you become resentful and you think something
will happen to them… See, these are things – anger, resentment,
hatred – these are all poisons that you drink and you expect somebody else to die. No, life doesn’t work like that. You drink poison, you die. It’s a very fair life (Applause). If you drink poison, you die. Very fair, isn’t it so? I drink poison and you die, is it fair (Few
laugh)? So people who are in anger, resentment, hatred,
this is their thing. They are drinking poison. When I say poison… When I say poison, I am not saying in a moral
sense. There is substantial medical evidence right
now that we can show you with a blood test that five minutes before… You take your blood test right now, five minutes
you remain in extreme anger and take your blood test, you will see you are chemically
poisoned, actually. So you are literally poisoning yourself, thinking
it’s going to hurt them. No. It (is?) only going to hurt you. So it doesn’t make sense to me. That’s all. It’s not a morality whether you should get
angry or not get angry. It’s up to you, if you want to make a mess
out of yourself. Questioner: Sadhguru, many of my colleagues
and I are soon going to begin our professional careers. So, there may be occasions in the… in the
course of our career, where we are confronted with certain moran… moral dilemmas. For example, a situation where you are required
to defend someone you know is guilty or a situation where you… you have to prosecute
someone you know is innocent. Now the law says that every accused is entitled
to an attorney and the right to a fair trial. Now if I decide to defend this particular
accused individual and I defend… and I defend him successfully then should I be pleased
with the acquittal or should I regret the… the fact that the victim has been… has not
received justice? So, how do I reconcile this conflict between
my conscience and my professional obligation? Sadhguru: See, your profession is a constitutional
obligation. You have no business to see what is right
and wrong. Your business is just to interpret the constitution
for the well-being of the citizen who comes to you. Crime he’s committed maybe, but sometimes
the crimes are so heinous, then the human question will come up, “Should I save this
guy at all?” So, this is not a mo… don’t make this
into a moral dilemma. This is a professional thing, where you must
decide – are you fulfilling your constitutional responsibility or no? This is not for you to take a moral stand. Okay, this guy has done something that I don’t
like, so let him hang – this is not for you to decide. Your business is just to interpret the law,
so that everybody gets a fair this thing. This once happened. Can I tell you a joke? A very serious lawyer you are (Laughter)! Sadhguru: This happened. Shankaran Pillai was accused of murder (Laughter)…
accused of murder. So he went on pleading, “Not guilty, not
guilty, not guilty.” After four years, when the case was nearly
coming to a close suddenly he said, “Okay, I will plead guilty.” So the judge asked, “All these four years
whatever we said, you went on saying ‘not guilty’. Now you are saying ‘guilty’. What is this?” He said, “At that time, I had not heard
the evidence” (Laughter). So when somebody commits a crime, of course
he tries to save his skin, all right? And when somebody commits a crime, it’s
not for everybody to take a call. Right now, it’s happening on the social
media and even in the television channels, “Okay, hang him, castrate him, do this,
do that.” If you go by this, then lynching is what you
will do in the end. Why go to the court? Let’s lynch them when we see they have done
something wrong. Because when something really terrible happens
in front of you or you come to know it’s happened – it’s not just robbery, some terrible
things are being done, all right? When really terrible things happen, the crowd
will want to lynch that guy. Even regular people. See, responsible people in the country are
uttering these words, “I would like to be the hangman for this guy.” So why they are saying this is, yes, your
humanity burns when you see such things happening but you as a lawyer, your business is just
to interpret the law, to stay within the framework of the constitution. It’s not for you… Because you know this guy has committed the
crime, it’s not for you to take a gun and shoot that guy in the court. That’s not your business. That should happen through due process. If we… Even if it looks unjust, what is unjust is
the length of time that these legal procedures are taking. If we want justice to be reasonable and human
or humane, it’s very important the time has to be reduced. This time is killing people and this time
is making people do extra judicial stuff – simply because the amount of time it’s taking. This has to change. Interviewer: So… I mean it was an extremely insightful explanation
wherein you talked about why certain mobs, why certain individuals take law in their
own hands. May it be the judicial delays, may it be the
time-consuming process. Just one clarificatory question I had here,
is that, while the absence of a adequate legal infrastructure might propel them to do such
acts, are such acts justified despite the inadequate legal infrastructure, that’s
one question. Sadhguru: I thought I made that extremely
clear in the previous answer. Anything outside the framework of law, the
moment you think it’s all right, however nice and right it may look to you, then you
are breaking the nation. Interviewer: May it be as a lawyer or as a
citizen? Sadhguru: Even as a citizen. But at the same time, when there is no law,
when the law is skewed in somebody else’s favor, I know I will not get justice, something
terrible happens to me, you can’t stop this human being from doing it. So it is both ways. Is it correct? It is definitely not correct. Nobody has the right to do it but you cannot
use that position and keep on keeping people in a state of injustice. They will act in their own way. So legal reforms need to happen rapidly otherwise
you will see things going, people taking it in their own hands. Interviewer: Thank you for the answer.


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  1. Luv1234

    December 27, 2018 9:28 pm

    I am always angry and I don’t know why. It maybe I want a perfect world but like he would say, then go to heaven now. Heaven supposedly is perfect. So true

  2. Luv1234

    December 27, 2018 9:30 pm

    Not sure if I want joy. I just don’t know how I got here and how I got in to this so called life. Did I choose? Now I have to learn to maneuver in a world that is a mess.

  3. Usha Senthil

    January 9, 2019 4:40 pm

    A very high level meditation may take us to a hieght where we cannot get angry ….In our day to day life we move with family,we move with colleagues, we move with relatives and while we are mingled with them ,anger naturally comes in one or other point…

  4. Martial artist

    February 24, 2019 3:05 pm

    Ye kya bakwas kar raha hai ye baba.Anger lies even in gods like shiva,krishna,ram.Anger is a powerful weapon for destroying evil forces of universe.Please stop lecturing and go to ur village.Don't misguide people.

  5. Tito Joseph

    July 20, 2019 4:36 am

    Jesus is in India (Get me right here when i say Jesus i mean the light) When authority speaks people are satisfied and become calm.


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