Samadhi Yoga – Practice Session

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So, if we’re gonna reach perfect Stillness you got to stretch and strengthen the body
a little bit or a lot of it depending on how in the shape you are, so let’s start with your diet for one- try to stick to 70% raw vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds sprouts those kind of things check my website “juice fasting” just google it and just try
it out give it three days of just exploring what happens when you cleanse the body, cleanse the mind, you’re gonna find meditation, yoga, enlightenment, spiritual growth so much easier it’s like putting real electric energy into your body okay so movement, let’s start with some movement here let’s just get on our hands and knees and start doing some cats and cows may be some sounds Oh thinking about your Kundalini, try to practice,
you want to be focusing on the breath breathing energy through the anus up your spine, opening your sex center so whatever energy feels good to you, whatever movement feels good to you, go for it you know it’s good to break the rules if you’re a strict yoga person, try something different, try to mix things up a little bit so that there’s no real pattern that you’re just a free wild spirit of wild animal just moving, stretching things out because you’ve got some tension, some blocks, some issues in your tissues and yeah you might need a few tissues once the emotions start flowing here so this is good just to do some serpent poses some trap poses some cat and cow maybe down and bow, pigeon, just stretch things out, just get into your body this is very vital that you just stretch and strengthen as long as you’re doing both strengthening and stretching you’ll be good, you’ll be golden yeah so maybe just hold it for a minute in here tight position and see what it’s like to just relax breath and do plank, be free to just feel the pain, the burning on whatever level and maybe would come down and down into child we can do some side plank, it’s good to balance things out, to both sides down your toe again just let your body do whatever it wants to do I’m just giving you some ideas it’s not important that you follow me in fact it’s probably gonna be impossible to follow me because I’m just following the flow of my body, your job is just to follow the flow of your body this is what real yoga is about because our bodies are not machines, okay you can’t just take an organ out and put a new organ in and expect it to function exactly the same, they’re gonna have the memories and emotions of wherever that working came from so your body’s not a machine, it’s an organic intimate part of the universe and it’s in a special flow and so your job is just to listen to the flow what your body needs I’m sure you can watch me and see what my body needs but you’re gonna need to listen what is your body need you know see what it takes to stretch those parts of you that haven’t been stretched out before so throughout this practice again the secret is to slow down and to breathe the energy from the air field, this Earth’s magnetic force, this vitality from the earth breathing it in through the base of your spine allowing your anus to open and relax and receive, align that energy to move up your spine wildly and freely it just feels good to just move this is one of my favorite, breathe in one side and exhale on the other side if you’re a coffee drinker or addicted to caffeine you’re gonna love this one this gives you more energy, awareness, electricity than any caffeine so part of your spiritual growth is learning how to replace your old addictions with more enlightened addictions which I’d say the most enlightened addiction is your addiction to your Kundalini, to opening this channel and ah feeling the sexual energies just move through your spine opening your heart from sex to love from sex to love to God, that’s the progress and so we just want to keep this in mind all day long this is your path, any addiction you have can be healed from moving from sex to love to God you may have an addiction to certain substance or to food alcohol drugs to caffeine, nicotine, to relationships, to not being alone, to animals, to TV, to your iPhone whatever you there’s all sorts of addictions and I’d say probably 99% of the planet is addicted massively to something the other one percent is in denial so think about it what are you addicted to what is it that you can’t let go of maybe it’s your mind that’s pretty obvious for most people as they continually follow their thoughts where’s the mind going now where is it going now see what happens when you replace that addiction with this addiction to just feeling this essentially alive energy moving up your spine saying yes sex to love to God coming a fountain of sex love and God wow! what a day you’re gonna have right keep it in here and keep it in the heart keep it real try to move from the head down into the heart and sex Center connect with the earth do this if you can out on the grass outside, connect on the beach, the water wherever you know that you can just be closer to the earth that’s what’s best, that’s what’s gonna give you more of the realness of this practice and now if it’s cold outside, you just gonna have to do it inside unless you want to put on some clothes and go out in the snow or whatever but just allow yourself to be free that’s the goal, be free in your movements, in your voice, your sound whatever your body needs, give it what it needs you know something that I’ve found is because our culture is kind of accustomed to sitting a lot, there’s a lot of people who sits in front of the computer or sit in front of TV or sit on the train there’s a lot of sitting going on so these core muscles get weak and they can cause back pain pretty easy so something that helps is just to do some core exercises, this is a good one, just lifting your hands and your feet just breathing and it’s like how do you know what you’re needing to quit well, don’t let your mind make it up just let your body come to this place where it’s has enough just relax let your head fall to one side and just merge with the planet enjoy you are on this earth for a very short time and yet it’s not so short that you don’t have a lot to do here, there’s a lot of work to be done and the work is really about letting go, how to let gom how to be free in your movement, in your actions, in your voice, in your communication, in your relationships, in your creativity this is what’s going to help you find your life purpose is this freedom, there’s nothing really higher than freedom, love comes close but if you don’t have freedom, love becomes a prison freedom is the highest value, yeah freedom allows you to relax, freedom allows you to be connected to your heart, to be free to explore anything in your mind here’s another one of my favorites, this is a little plow good for stretching out the back and do like a kicking plow sometimes make sure your shoulders stand so you know there are all sorts of videos out there on how to do yoga, you can follow them but until you find your own practice where you are gonna be able to discover your Kundalini because it’s an inward journey so this is a video just for reminding you of the path and how to come into the belly, into the heart and get out of the head Oh be wild be, free, be an animal, don’t let anybody tell you what you should do and if they do you know follow them but follow them with awareness, follow them with your own individuality if you’re gonna be a sheeple with the Sheep, be unaware sheep a black sheep within the flock it’s okay whatever color you are, to be black white green yellow purple whatever sheep you are but just now that you know we’re all human, we’re all part of the human race you know and that’s what’s allowing us to connect the divine if you didn’t have a body you wouldn’t have a mind, didn’t have a mind you wouldn’t be aware that you even exists, so it’s important to just have reverence for this vehicle stay present to it, give it some love sometimes it needs to be hit especially if you got something that’s going on sometimes it helps to give it a little massaging, a little hitting, waking it up yeah so that’s about it for today just to get you started jumpstart you on this path to your own practice, there’s a lot of information out there in the net just find your rhythm, find your breath, find your flow go for it after you’re done stretching strengthening, come to stillness sit for at least 20 minutes at least you know pop up your pillow put your knees on the ground get rooted and just relax, there’s nothing you need to do, there’s nowhere to go just watch, listen, wait and breathe the kundalini will come this is your pathway, this is the highway, the channel up the spine awakening the male/female energy the feminine and masculine breath movement sound, okay start to get a hang of it you can feel it, it’s a good start thank you for watching this is Jafree at bye for now


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