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Pain is something that affects everyone
and it’s important to understand, that pain is your body’s way of signaling to
you, there is something you need to be aware of. The good news is hypnosis
techniques have proven effective in pain management and can assist you to live a
healthy and happy life even if pain is a part of it. I’m
Ashley from Self Health Hypnosis and I’m excited to introduce you to some
techniques you can use at any time to assist with pain management. At Self
Health Hypnosis, our passion is to guide you to help yourself.
So take this moment for yourself and let’s do something amazing together. self health hypnosis please do not listen
to this content whilst driving, operating machinery or when it is not safe for you
to relax or fall asleep I welcome you to the self-hypnosis for
pain relief a guided meditation for pain management with music. I’m excited I can
be your guide and introduce you to the secret hypnotic techniques for pain
relief I wonder if you would be curious to explore how much easier it will be to
bring your abilities into conscious awareness but directing your focus to
the proven modern hypnotic techniques and ericksonian language buttons to
manage your pain effectively so now when you’re ready and in your own time start now to take some deep relaxing
breaths slowly inhaling and slowly exhaling in whatever time that feels right for
you and using whatever length of breath
feels most comfortable for you that’s right there is no right way or wrong way to do
this just breathe deeply in whatever way works for you that’s right and as you continue breathing in deeply
and out deeply you might find yourself relaxing further with the sound of my
voice or perhaps you will relax even deeper in the silence between my words it’s totally up to you this is your trance and you are in
control of how you will enter trance now that’s right and I really don’t know whether you’re aware of your hands
resting there or if you’re aware of the feeling of your legs and feet as they
are but perhaps you will find it is so much easier to simply allow these
sensations to continue as you listen to any sounds around you or perhaps notice there’s a silence
within you perhaps you can feel the service beneath you as you pay close
attention to the relaxation spreading throughout your body now and perhaps now you might notice the
experience of a deep trance beginning that’s right by now as you relax with your eyes
closed or perhaps they’re open it doesn’t matter and as you allow your
treads to deepen further now in your own way and in your own time you can take
that time now to allow that letting go to occur and you may feel that relaxation
sensations spreading throughout your entire body and perhaps you will
experience a very light state of deep trance or perhaps you will experience a
very deep state of light trance it doesn’t really matter how and you are in
control of your experience of trance now and I wonder if you’re going to go into
a deep trance are your conscious mind has already begun to drift down and to let go for a time now allowing
the body to relax and the mind to relax with it and I’m not sure if you are
aware of this but it’s wonderful to realize as you
continue going deeper into trance that your conscious mind can do anything it
wishes while your unconscious mind will continue to hear and understand the
things I might say so you can relax your conscious mind now allow it to let go
while that deep state of trance continues throughout this even no –ss while your unconscious mind is alert and
receptive to absorb and integrate whatever is useful for you that’s right you have found this hypnosis for a
reason and I am so glad that you’re here and you can relax now knowing that
you’ve been doing your best to manage pain your body and mind are strong and
you have managed with any pain you may be feeling so well and it’s okay now to
use the little help and I’m not sure what your situation is but it’s
important to recognize but while pain may be challenging it
serves a helpful purpose your pain is there to help you understand there is
something in your body that you need to be aware of pain is a signal the body
sends for you to investigate it’s there to help you and you can take a moment now to
appreciate your pain for this reason I acknowledge your pain for helping to
make you aware and perhaps now you might like to tell
your pain it can relax now it served its purpose and told you what you need to
know now and now the pain can relax and it’s important to understand that
pain has been useful it has prevented you from injuring yourself further it’s
made you aware of changes to condition or symptoms and it’s told you when you
need to act so your pain is your friend and we do not want to send it away
completely but we can help it to relax now and as you continue breathing in and
breathing out become aware of your pain now focus on the feeling when your pain is
at its most potent and now see your pain at its strongest imagined as the number
10 imagine when you feel this level and strength of pain it is pain level 10 and
it’s wonderful to know that you can reduce this pain level at any stage all you have to do is see that pain
level 10 and watch as the numbers begin to change
watch as the number reduces and the pain of fades away with it and I don’t know
exactly what that will be like for you what color the number will be how large
or how small you’ll see it and it doesn’t matter whatever works for you is perfect and I wondered now that you see the
numbers how you see them if you can start notice the 10 paying
away now watching is the lines of the numbers fade into the background and as
you watch the 10 nearly fade to nothing you see a 9 appear in its place and
perhaps with this reduction in pain level number there has been a reduction
in your pain feeling reducing like the number the pain level reducing now that’s right and now as you continue to watch see the
nine fading away as an eight emerges and takes its place and now you feel the
pain level equivalent to an eight less still and as you breathe in and the
eight fades out see now as the seven takes its place that’s right and perhaps you feel your pain
continuing to reduce with it and as the seven fades away into six emerges
breathe deeply in and deeply out feeling your pain reduce now to the six that’s
right and perhaps now you see the five and your pain level is half of where you
started that’s right and now you see a for as you continue to
breathe in and breathe out and the pain matching the fall with the out-breath
and now you see it three taking its long that’s right and with the reduction to a level three
your pain reduces further now that’s right and perhaps now you can see it too continuing to breathe in breathe out now and letting go with every breath as a
one appears now and you’re paying level sets at one and this is so very much
more easy to live with is it not and now as you breathe in and breathe out
acknowledge that one and thank it for its presence appreciate it for helping you and think
it for remaining at a level one knowing it will make you aware of any changes
you may need to know or not need to know in the future that’s right and I’m not quite sure exactly what
brought you here or how this hypnosis will help you to manage pain but it’s
wonderful to know that while pain is your body’s way of helping you you can
help your body to feel pain in a less vulnerable more manageable area and now while your pain is reduced it’s
a good time to move it you won’t be removing it as you know its presence is
important and helpful but you can now move the pain to a more manageable less
vulnerable place and you can slowly allow your hand to move as you continue
breathing in and out it doesn’t matter if it’s your left hand or your right
hand or perhaps boy whatever feels comfortable for you and as you continue
breathing gently use your hand now to touch the
site of your pain wherever that is for you that’s fry and as your hand connects with the site you might become aware of the sensation
of pain flowing from that side and into the palm of your hand that’s right see the pain flowing into your hand and
collecting into a round ball of energy and that round ball of energy
speak or as small as what’s right for you it’s now stitching in the palm of your
hand that’s right now slowly allow your hand to move
towards your big toe on whichever side of the body you wish that’s right and as
your hand with that bowl of energy connects with your big toe see that bowl
of pain energy leave the palm of your hand and become absorbed into your big
toe where it will remain now at level one and isn’t it so much easier to live with
pain in your big toe instead of where it previously was isn’t it easier to do what you need to
do now in everyday life with this pain only in your big toe no longer affecting
you in the place and at the level it was before this hypnosis began and isn’t it
amazing to know that at any time you can access this hypnosis and alter your
level of pain to a number that you can manage or move your pain to a less
vulnerable and much more manageable area of your body isn’t it so amazing to
realize how much control you do have to manage
your pain easily and effortlessly that’s right and as you continue breathing in
slowly and out slowly you may not know how much pain relief to expect or what
you can expect it to feel and it’s different for everyone and whatever is right for you would be
perfectly fine you may feel the relief instantly or
perhaps you will feel the relief in the next few hours you cannot predict the future but maybe
it would be interesting to you or even enjoyable for you to notice at some time
later today or this evening how much more comfortable he feel there’s no need to know how or why there
is really no need to know how or why something happens to enjoy it in fact
whatever relief you feel may be so very pleasing and enjoyable you may not even
care why and in a moment I am going to allow you a period of time to allow
yourself to continue relaxing breathing and allowing yourself to maintain this
trance while you’re unconscious integrates these changes and embrace the new skills and
techniques you have learned to manage pain and that you can return to them whenever
you need to to reduce your pain easily and effortless for your pain to a site
more manageable for you so when you exit trance and while you continue breathing
and relaxing in this period of silence your unconscious mind can absorb the new
possibilities you have given it today and that moment starts now and when you’re ready you might like to
start to take a few long deep breaths if your eyes were closed you might like
to open them now as you come back into the room that’s right continue to take those deep relaxing
breaths and as you look around you now take a moment to appreciate your own
conscious mind thank it for integrating these new
skills techniques and possibilities and when you’re ready you might like to lift
your arms up wiggle your toes and when you feel completely back in
your body and back in the room continue on with your day or your night knowing
that your pain is easier to manage knowing you can return at any time to
this hypnosis and you are able to control and manage your pain


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