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namaste friends welcome to yoga bliss
with Shelly and I’m Shelly today’s practice is self-love yoga I’m here
breaking the myth that self-love is selfish I believe as the mom as a wife
of 16 years as an artist as a writer as a vlogger and a podcaster that self-love
is essential for me to be my best self and self-love is something that we can
slowly learn and through the practice of yoga we can gain this ability to love
ourselves to my friends so grab your mat on peel the edges unroll your mat grab
yourself a pillow and a blanket for modifications because yoga is not a one
size fits all my friends and together let us do this welcome beautiful friends join me in
your favorite sukhasana that crisscross applesauce if you are prepared or not
you could pause this video real quick and you can grab either nicely folded
couch blanket or you can grab a pillow so Bonnie what feels best for you I like
to give myself a little pelvic tilt and it’s almost like you’re sitting on the
ledge of that and your your pelvis is tilted forward and just settle into your
body and allow yourself to find to find that crisscross applesauce and this
chill way here on the self love practice day and as we
we root into our bodies my friends just find yourself and bringing a hand or
both hands to the heart and just taking a moment to slow it down here and you
can gently close the eyes bat the eyelashes closed or you can find a
Drishti a still visual point you can find a plant or a picture something that
jives with how you’re feeling in this moment and allowing yourself to bring
along lengthen inhale into the heart center expanding the ribs and
organically allowing it to exhale and just feel if it feels better for you if
you have a sinus thing going on you might want to drop the job mount the jaw
and breathe an audible sound through the mouth or it might feel good for you to
to breathe an organic breath through the nose and this is the piraka pranayama
pranayama is a technique we use in yoga and it’s combining the breath into the
life force which is the soul the spirit whatever light whatever resonates with
you so bringing a long leg than any help purifying that breath in going up that
diaphragm and organically just letting it go and maybe a little free movement
here and take five of these terrifying breaths as you tune into your
heart and how you’re feeling in that space bringing that breath in I’m just
allowing however you’re feeling to just swirl around you without trying to
change you may be noticing with each breath noticing some of the thoughts
clearing their way may be dodging through some of the spaces between the
thoughts as you lengthen that breath in and allowing it to go to more my friends
purifying the breath is you would extend that inhale in and just organically
allow it to go laughs breath into that heart center my friends exhaling and
from here humbly tucking the chin and you can keep the hands on the hearts or
you could bring palms kissing palms and a wide open starfish hand and you can
rest that thumb firmly against the sternum against that I Mahanta that
heart center and setting an intention for yourself
and attention for this practice and for me I know my intention is to give myself
love in this practice to be compassionate to allow love for myself
to be my guiding force today wonderful work my friends and gently batting the
eyelashes open and extending the left arm long and extending the right arm
long and really opening up the arms like you’re there your wings and you can
really drive the shoulder blades together by working in the elbows in
towards the side body almost like if you’re doing them I forgot these back
bench back presses are called even they’re called back prices my husband
does them a lot work in the traps and inhaling that breath in and exhaling
those arms why and yelling pulling them back and really
allowing that heart center to open and maybe exhaling the arms up high to the
sky inhaling opening up that heart for a
cactus and cactus elbow which is just bending at those elbows my friends
inhale the raise it up exhale just think inhaled a raise and exhale just think
from here exhaling the arms long and just locking them ahead of you
and you can keep your hands up high or you can flatten them down to the earth
with a wide-open starfish hand and just allow that body to walk forward as you
exhale and now gently Criss crossing and
walking to the right side of the body and allowing the right body to compress
the left body open as we take a breath here into that side body and to allow
ourselves in this moment to know that we are allowed to love ourselves that
self-love isn’t selfish that it is essential for us when we can do things
like practice yoga we can make space we’re letting ourselves in our lives
just really tuning into how its feeling and your spine in your body and again
knowing that yoga is not a one-size-fits-all meeting me back at
Center and walking to the left side of the mat anyway for you maybe you might
be able to get to here or maybe you can walk your hands more towards the middle
of the short edge of the mat on that left side and just allowing yourself to
just tune into how it’s feeling in that body as you breathe an expansive breath
into that right body that’s expanding and exhaling through the compressed site
body and just tuning in giving your body love and just noting how it’s feeling
good job my friends without trying to jump forward
just tuning into what it’s feeling like here wonderful work walking those hands
back to Center my friends and from here the choice is yours
you can full lift the feet around the side or I like to do this fun little
movement joy is trying to throw away the ball to me
and I like to you might have seen me do this before I like to from my sit bones
we’re actually gonna grab our blankets here too so grab that blanket and just
give a little support to the knees this is really only for the knees so you
don’t need to open it up super wide unless you want to and I like to just
really use the strength for my core and walk forward here and that might not be
in the cards for you and that’s okay you have to show up on your mat where you
are without judgment and that’s why I love the whole practice of yoga and
really allowing yourself to tune into those wide-open starfish hands so that’s
just a really big wide open hand I have really wide shoulders so I need to
extend sometimes my ring finger and my pinky off of the mat so if you have
wider shoulders go for that if you have more narrow body build then you don’t
need to do that you can kind of stack them underneath of the shoulders and
really tuning into the eyes with the elbows is you turn those towards the
short edge of the mat my friends here and taking a moment to just pause here
as you align the knees under the hips tune in to the feet and feel if it feels
better to post them up or release them long and inhale tuning in to that spine
as you release and tuck the chin in towards the tail bringing in the big
breath to the back body and taking a moment to just give love to your spine
here and hailing that breath in exhaling diving the navel towards the earth and
allowing the tail and the chin to go up high to the sky in the spinal flexion and bringing that right in
and letting it go and taking three cow cats at your own pace and tuning in to
what it’s really like in your spine it may be it feels better to go quick quick
and you can do more than three maybe you can go for six or maybe you want to take
it slow in pause and take three breaths and that’s just focusing on the inhale
and allowing that exhale to organically flow with that pirata pranayama good job
my friends finishing up your last set here we meeting me back at neutral
Center and tuning into that spine and allowing the arms to lengthen long in
front of you and allowing the palm of the hand to create a wide-open starfish
hand so sometimes in these poses we get kind of loose and lazy and our hands to
really activate through those fingers and you can gently walk the knees back a
little bit I’m going to take my bowling get back a tiny bit protecting the knee
joints is always always a good thing as you lengthen those arms long sinking the
heart towards the Earth on the hottub asana bringing that heart here or
something like to call this that happy puppy and just allowing that heart to
sink into the earth as you bring the breath in through that back body and
what I’m going to go and tubing into your shoulders and this might not be for
you you might be able to just be up here depending on where you are in your
shoulders and your arms so knowing that if you need to stay here in this cow and
cat or in the tabletop you may or you can just feel what it feels like if you
can get your heart near the earth melting the forehead onto
the mat you can gently give your brow lighting a massage side to side
awakening that intuition to ative heart but intuitive self or sub
call that a gut instinct I think allowing ourselves to tune into
our intuition is a huge part of loving ourselves bringing that breath into the
back body and letting that go my friends anything
expanding at the side body and letting it go
wonderful work my friends and allowing those arms to walk back our hands to
walk back underneath the shoulders and really tuning in to of the face you so
you can see where I’m at sometimes I feel off and on about I never teach a
class with the mat the long edge of the mat but most online platforms it seems
like this is the way I just want to show you exactly what I’m doing is I’m going
to face you you can face me too if you want because I personally like to see my
instructor we’re gonna root that right hand into the earth and really tune into
that elbows we don’t lock it we’re gonna keep it generous it doesn’t have to be
so generous but a baby vent to the elbow and from the core you’re gonna course
that core strength then inhaling in that left arm up high to this guy
exhaling as you thread through your needle hovering for an active we’re
gonna do I like to do 20 of these inhaling through 19 keeping strengthen
18 17 we’ve got this and slowly through the core really
tuning into what it feels like in the arms 16 I know sometimes we do movement
over and over 15 and we don’t really pay attention to the body really turn on all
of the muscles even in the glutes in the back of the legs 14 really tune in here
and get this heart open 12 11 tuning in to that strength of that hand on the
earth I was notice tonight was to falling down 10 you’ve got this 9 this
is one of those anaerobic exercises there’s aerobic and anaerobic Nate I
might be skipping some numbers that’s okay strong I like to add in my mantras 6 we’ve got this let’s do 5 you can
power through or you can go slower and on that last one I’m on for the last
time we’re gonna thread all the way through 4 more static still movement to
inhale all the way threading all the way through allowing the arm to lengthen
them allowing the palm of him to rest up high to the sky allowing the cheek to
rest onto the earth with my friends option to keep that little right to arm
hosted on to the earth or you could take a stopped by by gently bringing that arm
around the back and this is one of those poses if you’ve done it before you can
feel you really have to settle into it I know I have beginners in this and
sometimes people are wrenching on the neck this should not be giving any pain
or discomfort to the neck this is going to be a really big stretch here in the
arm in the upper arm of the biceps in the shoulder muscle this is an
incredible stretch for that not wrenching on the neck or anything
the head is just gently resting for me it’s the flat part of the ear where it
meets on the backside of my ear where it means to the back of my head and
allowing yourself to just slow down and acknowledge how you’re feeling today
maybe you’re having some pain some physical sensations or some emotional
pain so just honor it without trying to change yourself as you bring that
purifying back into your heart center and letting that go and giving yourself
love by simply saying I love yourself there loving yourself and I know
sometimes that can be a difficult thing to say sometimes it doesn’t feel true
it’s essential for you to love yourself so you can love everyone in your life
better bringing that hand down to the earth and
firmly planting inhale as your corset that core strength lifting all the way
unthreading the needle bringing that hand all the way up high
maybe that’s what wagging out the arm at that if you need a little bit of that
that’s okay and coming back and just feeling who what that’s feeling like I
know my hip it’s feeling a little tight so if you need to you can just stretch
out that body maybe take a little free movement Yoga is one thing that I really
love about a good teacher is I want to let you know too is that I’m just here
as your guide I’m not here to tell you what to do so if there’s ever pose or a
moment that doesn’t good for you do what feels good to you
if you won’t do what you feel called to do and I think that’s such an important
part of of this home practice and rooting into the opposite hand into the
earth so going into the left hand and really strengthening through that bicep
all the way down through the tricep and into the fingers you can really activate
and feel from the thumb to the pointer all the way to the pinky and slowly
gently rounding out rolling the eye of the elbow towards that long into the mat
but with a gentle bed I know that can sound a little counteractive but you
always want to give a gentle Bend and yoga from the core of course at that
core strength and what we’re doing is we’re twisting so we’re gonna inhale
lift up from the court exhale twisting as we thread through that needle and try
to allow your eyes to follow with you as you 20:19 and take these at a pace that
feels good for you you can keep track on your own
18:17 really tune into the body and what it’s been like in the glutes in the arm 17:16 in that body I like to inhale as I
go up and exhale through that might not feel the best for you 14:13 you’ve got this you can do this 12
strengthening through that core 11 give me an aerobic movement and 11 10 we’re
halfway there we’ve got this we’re strong we are loving yourself
strengthening our core a strong healthy core 9 makes a healthy body
eight seven really tuning into that body six taking it slow and steady if you
would like I got this for you’ve got this with me we’re right here together
we’re doing this together three two when you’re on that last one
inhale slowly you might like exhale threading
that arm through allowing that right arm to lengthen mom palm up high to the sky
you can have the option to keep the wide open start machine on there or give a
little bit of a bind which is just releasing and bringing the arm to the
back body for me I like to bring the back of the hand near my sit bones on
the opposite side and when we allow ourselves to twist in yoga it’s a form
of detoxification so we are cleansing and clearing out some of our internal
organs it’s like we’re squeezing out little toxins in our bodies it’s so
important for us to keep clean and detoxified internally not just
externally as in America most of us are so concerned with always washing your
hands I know it’s flu season and I have three kids in the past three weeks with
the flu and I get the whole hand washing thing this is just an integral part to
us loving ourselves just taking time for twist and taking time just to slow down
and just to notice my friends breath in and allow that next time to go and
knowing that breath is one of your most powerful forces and if there’s one gift
I could give you today is to never fear your breath never fear the judgment of
breathing too loud and knowing that breath can help guide
you into each moment of your life and slowly if you have that arm bind and
unbinding the arm bringing that left hand palm down to the earth
um threading that needle bringing that hand up high high high to the sky and
back down to the earth my friends I’m gonna meet you back
facing the short not my friends and I’m going to move
that blanket out of the way my friends and from here creating that wide up at
starfish hands so field where your shoulder is and take about a handprint
forward so go about a handprint forward really routing those hands into the
earth and activating through the thumb pointer middle ring all the way to the
pinky and lengthening one leg long as you power through the core exhaling the
opposite leg long and know that you always have the option to stay on the
knees if you are these my friends yes keep that blanket back here so I’m
tuning it for this plane to pose as we lengthen those legs long really hugging
that core together as we hollow through the front body rolling the ice the
elbows out tuning into your neck if your neck would like to drop down or up high
and really creating this flat back this is something where if you’re just
learning yoga sometimes we have our butt down way too low almost like we’re doing
an up dog or sometimes like a down dog so really the plank is right in the
middle as we’re working through this body and just don’t allow yourself to
rock a little bit here and gently exhaling bringing the elbows towards
your ribs all the way down to the earth lengthen the legs long drawing the
pelvis towards the mat hugging the thighs together as we inhale the hands
are still planted into the earth and how coming out for a baby Cobra tuning into
the elbows that they want to wing out hugging them in towards the body waking
those legs long and feeling what feels good for you in your Cobra so your Cobra
might be a little bit more down here giving yourself this lovely baby back
then we’re inhaling if that feels good for you if you would like you also can
have the option to do an up dog and that’s going to be releasing the feet
long this is going to be a more advanced pose and if you’ve done this before
you can inhale hugging through the core hugging through the inner thighs inhale
hugging that body up and bringing up to here to an up dog I know when I first
started practicing this isn’t the early
impossible for me so know that if you are a beginner or just on your path with
yoga that being here is good enough it’s all good enough poses whether they’re
beginner or intermediate or advanced it doesn’t determine our ability to to be
good or not good enough right that’s up to us as we can hear that breath
exhaling down pausing here inhaling up and exhale is we ready to do a little
baby Cobra I do this and they teach kiddos my kiddos and kiddos in school
that may be hissing from side to side as you peek over your right and left
shoulder maybe keep them a little active if that feels good for you if you can
take five of these just looking over each shoulder good job my friends taking
a moment to love yourself awesome work my friends and from here my friends we
are gonna do a couple different variations so I know I have kind of bony
or hips they didn’t really patroon in to the earth and when I month harder floors
I like to put my blankie down under my hips so that’s up to you if that if you
feel your bones digging into the earth put a blanket under them because that’s
not the whole intention of this from the core imagine a line from the midline of
the body so that’s gonna run from the top of the head down to the that where
your your booty cheeks crack split right there all the way down about your
midline so really allow yourself to hug that body and as you inhale bending both
of the knees up and bringing the soles of the feet up high to the sky and
pointing the toes for a moment here and I have my hands in Anjali mudra ahead of
me and you can join me in this it was good for you so pointing those
toes up high and exhaling driving the heels up high to the sky almost like the
ceiling is coming down I know sometimes my feet like to freak out on this and
they feel confused like what are you doing so maybe if you need to take a
moment and let’s give ourselves some love here and roll out the heels and I’m
gonna just do a slow movement with my wrist too so it might be one of those enjoy is hearing someone if you can
decompress the hands together I always have Julia can you boy and as we allow
those heels to drive high up to the sky my friends maybe find a little stillness
maybe I’m gonna pop a little bit to the right a little to the left and find a
little stillness you can allow your arms to lengthen back behind you and so
knowing any time we’re using our lifting our head up you want to be really Leary
that you’re not just using all of the muscles in the neck because I can really
strain the neck so really using the strength from the core and upper body to
lift you up and not just like pulling your neck up I’m sure that if you ever
tried doing a million sit-ups and then your neck doing your cervical spine
because you were using all this Oh Joey and I’ve been reading the body up we’re
gonna just inhale Jen I’m flying those arms back inhale lifting up squeezing
the shoulder blades together this is our first option here for this heart opener
and you can just tune into what this feels like it’s almost like you’re
flying freely you can imagine like you were up in the clouds and this guy
or the second option my friend is going to be keeping those legs bent and you’re
gonna just reach back around and notice how that mid line likes to follow a star
really hugging the body into the midline and the thighs together is Joyce trying
to play fetch with me in grabbing for the backs of the ankles really hugging
that midsection together at your inhale and lifting up creating this little boat
pose and knowing again this is not a one-size-fits-all and when you have to
let go of judgments of what you think you’re supposed to look like and just
tune into what your body feels like and if that’s too much for you just flying
that body back there’s the eating you know here giving another one of these
lovely back bends opening up our heart for this heart opener allowing ourselves
to love ourself breathing three still breaths here pausing between the
thoughts allowing that stillness to wash over
about these I’m just seeing with what is good job my friend and slowly exhaling
the legs down and unraveling the hands that that feels good and I one like to
lay long and the opposite arm to lay long just taking a moment here you could
turn the head to one side and just pausing and just tuning into to what
you’re feeling like in your back and your spine and your body if you feel it
already to go or wonder what it’s feeling like yourself love is something
that takes practice it takes time it takes a willingness and it takes an
openness to allow ourselves to shift our perspective of what self love mean it’s
twice from here my friends bringing those palms pressed firmly into the
earth they’re really rooting into those hands posting up on the feet and
whatever this looks like for you if you need to come up to the knees you can
come up to knees first or if you would like you can power up into this plank
pose and from your plank my friends however it looks like you need to be on
your knees know that that is wonderful as you really root those hands down into
the earth and exhale diving the sit bones
hihihihihi up to the sky and walking your toes up if you need to fix your
shirt if it’s flying up over your head do that fix yourself up set yourself up
for success as you howl on that front body and allow your stopping this lovely
inversion and then really as you allow that heart to sink towards the upper
upper thighs and letting go again of judgment of where you think that your
heels need to be and just tune into what it feels like as you scan from your
hands to the forearms to the elbows I know I’m feeling like this funky little
elbow injury lately to the hips all the way down to the thighs the back body and
the feet wonderful work my friend and the option is yours you can hop hop hop
to the front of your mat or you can walk the hands back to the feet and allow
yourself to take a forward fold if that blank it was there allow that blanket to
get out of the way my friend a lot of yourself just to root into your feet as
we fall forward and again letting all of that perception of how you think this
needs to look for me I know may have tighter hamstrings though that nice
generous bent knees and a nice rounded back is wonderful if you have more
flexibility you can straighten out those legs in it in full four I also have a
block here and you can use a block if you like or small chair or a book to
help you in your forward fold because hello props are our friends
props help us with these modifications and their bodies
friends and one thing that I want to share with you is that when I first
started practicing yoga I was not that props made me weaker and I wouldn’t be
as like much of a yogi if I use them and as I’ve grown my practice I know that
props are here to support me and help my body and and I hope that you can know
this thing for yourself inhales slowly move that prop out of the way and
allowing each vertebrae to raise until you meet me in a standing pose my
friends in joining me at the back of your mat did you allow your feet to
press it to the earth and just feeling what it feels like here or to meet you
facing you my friends and just tune into those feet as you lift up all the toes
and press the measure standing and empowered here and self-love just a lot
of yourself just to show up and be you today and and to feel whatever feelings
whatever is happening in your body without trying to change it you lose
here to help us accept and embrace what is so we can allow things to just move
on wonderful work my friends a lot of those
arms to open wide wide wide exhaling coming and crossing them across that
Center body and just giving yourself a hug here hugging ourselves is an act of
self compassion so if you would like you can test your center of gravity and
close your eyes or you can use a Drishti and we’re gonna just gently rock side to
side so this is one of those things that you know like we’re in a crowd of people
feeling uncomfortable we cross our arms because we’re trying to give ourselves
comfort and knowing that when we can do small
little things like giving ourselves hugs in moments or we’re feeling maybe that’s
social anxiety or just anxiety from life or overwhelm or stress and I’m a mama 3
and that gets really overwhelming or going to work and dealing with customers
or clients or patients whatever it is when we can slow down and just
acknowledge how we’re feeling and saying it’s okay to feel this way and knowing
that that suffering and physical pain is a part of a human experience and when we
can tune into that there’s so many people experiencing this right now and
that we’re not alone in this journey of feeling this way and this is this self
compassion is a huge step towards loving ourselves my friends awesome work from
here we’re gonna step that right foot I’m nearing you so sometimes my mind has
to put me in check and I have to switch my body because this is my left but it’s
your right and I’m switching it up I’ve got it down I’ve got it down and we’re
just gonna walk this left legs and open the legs up so feel what this feels like
for you this can be anywhere from 2 to 4 feet wide for this pose for this
standing warrior 2 and what we’re gonna do is we’re really gonna tune in like me
you might not be able to see is straight on this this is the warrior 2 you might
rock this out and you’ve done this a million times so it may be you haven’t
maybe you’re new to the practice we’re really gonna root that the feet into the
mat there’s four corners of the feet my friend two in the front and two in the
heel as you root in and you wanna peek and tune into this front knee cuz that
knee likes to get a little lazy so really tuning into proper alignment as
knee over the ankle and when you peep done you really want to just see the tip
of the big toe but if your body is not having that mobility or flexibility
because of injuries or just because that’s how your body works that is so
fine if you need to kind of come up and straighten that leg a little bit more
that’s okay because life happens and our bodies are not always perfect and even
if you need to bring that stance and a little bit more narrow that’s totally
fine so finding that warrior that works best we use you open the hips and open
the heart and making that body long and strong tuning in to that inner warrior
as you exhale kicking over that right arm it’s almost like you’re pressing an
activate button I like to pretend I’m a Jedi
Star Wars or a Mandalorian Mandalorian is awesome I’m saving baby Yoda love
baby and really find that inner strength that inner force within myself we’re
gonna exhale that high arm down bringing a backwards high-five by flipping the
palm of the hand up over the body you can allow that hand to go back or you
can give yourself just a gentle buying and that can be as gentle as bringing
the back of a hand to the back of the Quileute eboo d on that right side or if
you can get a little more tricky you can try to creep that hand around and if you
can’t create that hand around that’s okay doing what works best for you is
you give yourself this piece Joey yo Joey oh got a peek of someone out the
window and he’s protecting his house cuz he’s a big big man he’s hilarious
as you inhale reducing that heart up exhaling that body out good job my
friends finding your inner warrior your Peaceful Warrior breathing in a peaceful
back for yourself and bring a peaceful bath up those arms back to warrior two
inhale bringing both feet facing the long edges of the mat and you might
notice the feet are gonna feel off because they were right so we’re going
to just kind of walk that foot forward and we’re gonna switch the feet so we’re
gonna switch this left foot we’re going to bring that here
towards the short edge of the mount on the back the toe towards the short edge
of the mat and the fact and as we stance our body you can always tell I know I
can tell if I just said well I get more on a tightrope versus the set of skis
which is just going to mean opening that stance up a little bit
wider and giving some space so you have more of a foundation in your body so
really rooting into that front foot as you peak and allowing that me checking
into that hind foot also and you can almost feel this resistance between the
inner thighs and the groin and that pelvic wall so that pelvic wall is just
that space up in the pelvis where you can activate in Kegel and feel that and
you can almost feel yourself is zipping that line up up through the body through
the core in aligning the head over the heart and the heart over the hips I’m
lying those arms as long and strong as you can and sometimes our warrior if our
arms are not feeling where they need to be you would need to keep them down here
if you’ve had like a shoulder replacement or a shoulder injury or
something or even you can do your warrior hugging yourself across the
midline of the body depending on where you are I know I’ve had this weird elbow
injury and sometimes things feel funny and maybe it’s one arm long because
sometimes warriors get wounded and that’s okay because we’re still showing
up exhaling that body long and strong as we inhale strength from all the warriors
all the warriors and even all the heroic and brave things that you’ve done for
yourself and you’re like noting and acknowledging that
my friends break breath into your heart center as you breathe love for yourself
in and allow the love for yourself to fill the space around you is till you
exhale that right arm down and you inhale flipping the palm backwards for a
backwards high-five for this peaceful warrior you can allow the arm to rest
down or you can simply bringing the palm of the hand back on the back of the boot
a on that left body or you can creep it around the lake at that feels good for
you breathing in a breath for all those
peaceful moments that you’ve experienced exhaling out all of the chaotic
overwhelmed woman’s breathing and all of the peace from the mountains exhaling it
out all the stress and overwhelm bringing and all the peace from the Sun
and the moon and the stars exhaling all the overwhelmed
let me get go breathing in a breath from all of the ocean in the water on the
planet exhaling the wedding but no longer serves you to go back
wonderful work my friends exhaling those arms long and strong you were you’ve got
this inhale raising up bringing both feet facing a short long and to the mat
my friends and from here we’re gonna bring the heels in towards the middle of
the mat and bringing the toes towards the corners of the mat and I love to do
this variation of this goddess and I like to listen to music and I like to
allow movement I think that music is so healing I can feel it right music is so
I have actually on this YouTube channel a playlist that has Tahitian drum music
or you can just get on YouTube maybe if you have a different device you
can plug it in Tahitian drum music is so fun to pop this in so if you have that
capability pause this and put on some fun music that’s why these are blank or
pro music that you love so really is be tuned into this and God s even if you
are a man it’s so hard for us to find that balance between our inner feminine
and mask and energy has reroute our feet into the
earth and really find that length from the sit bones tracking up at midnight to
the top the head sinking the sit bones down and allowing yourself just to tune
in to that body and tuning into those knees if they’re falling in and maybe if
they are maybe you can or self to just find a little freedom a little movement
in your body and be playful with your goddess because we all have this innate
ability to be this beautiful vibrant goddess within our bodies within
everything with our mind our body and our soul I like to do this it’s fun
movement right rock and get up on the toes and go to total spin you didn’t
bring your hands into it and if you’ve got to use it rolling like the box you
can let the music carry you away that’s why these are have no music so you can
plug in what you want maybe getting the toes that was a little different feeling
different feeling the birds have a fun having fun
maybe allowing yourself to find your inner goddess and if you want to you can
come up and find your goddess and bringing the toes and the heels for a
hot pop up and maybe just without your goddess finding a little free movement a
little dance sway in the hips move the ankles fee on the light the only what it
feels like inside of your body to create joy with movement
Fabian’s whoo doing a little leg kick a little butterfly whatever it is that
feels good for you in your body my beautiful friends allowing yourself to
find a little stillness just slow it down ha ha feels so good maybe let that
tell me out like a doll and pant a couple breaths as you draw the energy up
from the earth from the soles of your feet allow your palms of your hands to
face forward and just gently bringing those palms of the hand crossing across
the heart center or and grab opposite sides of the arms and
test that center of gravity if you can close your eyes to find that Drishti and
feel what it feels like in your body feel that cultivation of joy of love of
a live energy just for movement just from you moving your body and taking
time to love yourself today my friends breathing in a long lengthen right into
the heart center and letting that go as we tune back into that intention of
self-love of self compassion allow this intention to wash up for your body and
guide you throughout your day today my friends gently batting the eyelashes
open bringing palms kissing palms to the heart center not this day thank you so
much I’m so grateful for you and if you have a couple of extra minutes I would
strongly recommend lay back flat onto the earth and finishing with a three to
five minute shavasana and just a lot of your body to just settle up and take time today to make self-love


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