Shiv Baba English Murli 15 November, 2019

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Sweet children, the greatest virtue of all
is the virtue of peace. Therefore, speak peacefully and stop spreading peacelessness.
Question: What inheritance do you children claim from the unlimited Father at the confluence
age? What are the signs of virtuous children? Answer: The first inheritance is knowledge,
the second is peace and the third is virtues. Virtuous children always remain happy. They
don’t see anyone’s defects. They do not complain about anyone. They do not keep the
company of those who have defects. If anyone says anything wrong, they ignore it and maintain
their own intoxication. Om shanti. The spiritual Father sits here
and explains to you spiritual children. Firstly, you receive the inheritance of knowledge from
the Father. You must pick up virtues from the Father and also pick up virtues from this
picture (of Lakshmi and Narayan). The Father is called the Ocean of Peace. Therefore, you
must imbibe peace. The Father explains about peace and says: Speak to each other peacefully.
Pick up this virtue. You are picking up the virtue of knowledge anyway. You have to study
this knowledge. This knowledge is only taught by the Father without an image. The children
(souls) who are without images are studying. No one else knows about this new speciality
that is taught here. You must also imbibe divine virtues like those of Krishna. The
Father has explained: I am the Ocean of Peace. Therefore, peace has to be established here.
Peacelessness has to end. You should check your behaviour to see to what extent you remain
peaceful. Many men prefer peace; they understand that it is good to remain peaceful. The virtue
of peace is a great one, but the children of Bharat neither know the meaning of peace
nor how peace can be established. The Father only speaks about the people of Bharat. The
Father comes in Bharat alone. You now understand that there should definitely be peace internally.
If someone tries to make you peaceless, you mustn’t allow yourself to become peaceless;
no. To be peaceless is also a defect. You have to remove that defect. You must pick
up virtues from everyone. You shouldn’t even see their defects. Even when you hear
noise etc., you should remain peaceful just as both Bap and Dada do. They never get disturbed;
they never shout. This Brahma has learnt this. The more peaceful you remain, the better it
is. With peace, you are able to have remembrance. Those who are peaceless are not able to have
remembrance. You have to pick up virtues from everyone. The example of Dattatreya etc. (Hindu
saint who picked up virtues from everyone and everything, saw everything as his guru)
applies here. There is no one as virtuous as the deities. There is one main vice and
you are conquering that. You have to conquer the sense organs and renounce defects. You
must neither see any defects nor speak about them. Only stay with those who have virtues.
You must remain very sweet and peaceful. Just by speaking a little, you can get any task
done. You have to pick up virtues from everyone and become virtuous. Those who are sensible
and wise prefer to stay in silence. Some devotees are even more sensible and humble than knowledgeable
souls. Baba is experienced. The lokik father of this one was a teacher. He was very humble
and peaceful and would never get angry. Sages too are praised because they are continually
endeavouring to meet God. They go and live in Kashi or Haridwar. You children should
be very peaceful and sweet. Anyone who remains peaceless here cannot be an instrument for
spreading peace. You must not even speak to those who are peaceless; you must stay away
from them. There is a difference between storks and swans. Swans continue to pick up pearls
all day long. As you walk and move around, you should continue to churn this knowledge.
Throughout the day, your intellects should churn how to explain and give the Father’s
introduction to others. The Father has explained that any child who comes here must be asked
to fill in a form. When people want to take the course at a centre, they must be asked
to fill in a form. If they do not want to do the course, there is no need for them to
fill in a form. They are asked to fill in a form so that you can find out what they
think and what you have to explain to them, because no one in the world understands these
things. You can know everything about them from those forms. Even when some want to meet
the Father, you have to ask them to fill in a form, so that you find out why they want
to meet Baba. When people come here, you have to give them the introduction of the limited
and unlimited fathers. Since the unlimited Father has come and introduced Himself to
you, you have to give His introduction to others. His name is Shiv Baba. People say:
Salutations to the Supreme Soul Shiva. They say: Salutations to the deity Krishna, whereas
to Shiva, they say: Salutations to the Supreme Soul Shiva. The Father says: Remember Me so
that your sins are cut away. In order to claim your inheritance of liberation and liberation
in life, you definitely have to become a pure soul. That is the pure world which is called
the satopradhan world. You have to go there. So, the Father says: Remember Me! This is
very easy. You must ask people to fill in a form before you give them the course. Ask
them to fill in a form on the first day and then explain to them. Then, ask them to fill
it in again to find out whether or not they remember what you explained to them. You will
see that there will definitely be a difference in the two forms. You will very quickly know
what they have understood and whether they have thought about what you explained to them
or not. Everyone should have these forms. Baba gives directions in the murlis. Large
centres should put them into practice instantly. You have to keep these forms. Otherwise, how
would you find out? They themselves will feel the difference between what they wrote yesterday
and what they are writing today. The forms are very necessary. There is no problem if
all the centres have the forms printed separately; or else they can be printed in one place and
sent to all the different centres. This is what it means to benefit others. You children
have come here to become deities. The word “deity” is very elevated. Those who have
imbibed divine virtues are called deities. You are now imbibing divine virtues. You must
keep a lot of these forms wherever there are exhibitions and museums. You will then be
able to know the stage of each of the visitors. You first have to understand and then explain
to others. You children must only speak of virtues, never defects. You are becoming virtuous.
Those who have many virtues will be able to pass on many virtues to others. Those with
defects will not be able to pass on virtues to others. You children understand that there
is not much time left. You have to make a lot of effort. The Father has explained: You
go on a journey, a pilgrimage, every day. The saying, “Ask the gopes and gopis about
supersensuous joy”, refers to your stage at the end. At the moment, all of you are numberwise.
Some sing songs of happiness inside, “Oho! We have found the Supreme Father, the Supreme
Soul! We are claiming our inheritance from Him.” Such souls will not have any complaints.
Even if anyone says anything wrong, you should ignore it and remain intoxicated. If there
is any sickness or sorrow, just stay in remembrance. These accounts have to be settled now; you
will then become flowers for 21 births. There, there will be no question of sorrow. It has
been said that there is no nourishment like the nourishment of happiness. Then laziness
etc. will all finish. Here, there is real happiness, whereas that is false. Anyone who
has wealth and jewellery may be very happy, but it is a question here of unlimited; you
should remain in unlimited happiness. You know that you will remain constantly happy
for 21 births. You should be aware of what you are going to become. By your just saying,
“Baba”, your sorrow should be removed. This is happiness for 21 births. There are
just a few days left. You are going to the land of happiness, so nothing else should
be remembered. This Baba shares his experience. Baba receives a lot of news about the conflicts
that continue. Baba does not feel sorrow about anything. If he hears something, he says:
Achcha, this is destiny; it is nothing. You are becoming those with limitless treasures.
By talking to yourself, you have happiness. You will remain very peaceful and your face
will remain cheerful. If someone wins a scholarship etc. his face remains very cheerful. You are
also making effort to be as cheerful as Lakshmi and Narayan. They do not have knowledge. You
have knowledge, and so you should have happiness. You should be cheerful. You are even more
elevated than the deities. The Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, is giving you such elevated
knowledge! You are winning the lottery of the eternal jewels of knowledge and so you
should remain so happy! This birth of yours has been remembered as being as valuable as
a diamond. Only the Father, not these deities, is called knowledge-full. You Brahmins are
also knowledge-full. Therefore, you have the happiness of knowledge. Firstly, there is
the happiness of having found the Father. No one, except you, has this happiness. There
is no real happiness on the path of devotion. The happiness of the path of devotion is for
a short period and artificial. The name of that place is swarg, the land of happiness,
heaven. There, there is limitless happiness whereas here, there is limitless sorrow. You
children now know how dirty you became in the kingdom of Ravan. You have gradually been
coming down. This is the ocean of poison. The Father now removes you from the ocean
of poison and takes you to the ocean of milk. You children find all this very sweet, but
then, when you forget, your stage becomes spoilt. The Father makes your mercury of happiness
rise. This nectar of knowledge has been remembered. You must continue to drink a glass of the
nectar of knowledge. Here, your intoxication is very high, but when you go outside, it
decreases. Baba, Himself, feels that children have a very good feeling here; they feel that
they are going to their home. We are establishing the kingdom on the basis of Baba’s shrimat.
We are great warriors. All of this knowledge is in your intellects. It is through this
that you claim that status. Look who it is who is teaching you! The unlimited Father
transforms you completely. So, you children should feel so much happiness in your hearts!
It should also emerge in your hearts that you have to give happiness to others. Ravan
curses you, whereas you receive the inheritance from the Father. You become so unhappy and
peaceless by being cursed by Ravan. There are many brothers who want to do service,
but the urn has been given to the mothers. The army is one of Shaktis. It has been remembered:
“Salutations to the mothers”. Together with that, salutations are also given to the
Father anyway. However, the name of the mothers is mentioned. It is Lakshmi first and then
Narayan. It is Sita first and then Rama. Here, they first write the name of the male and
then of the female. All of this is a game. The Father explains everything. He has also
explained the secrets of the path of devotion. All sorts of things take place in devotion.
You do not understand any of that until you have this knowledge. Everyone’s character
is now being reformed. Your character is becoming divine. Your character became devilish through
the five vices. So much change takes place; you should change as well. You will not be
able to change yourself once you have left your body. The Father has the power to bring
about change in many. Many children share their experience: I was very lustful and an
alcoholic; I have been transformed a lot. We now live together with so much love. There
are even tears of love. Although the Father explains so much, all of these things are
forgotten. Otherwise, the degree of your happiness would remain very high. There would be the
thought: We have to benefit many. Let us show the path to people who are unhappy. You have
to make so much effort to explain. Sometimes, you are even insulted. The sound has already
spread that you make people into brothers and sisters. Ah! but the relationship of brother
and sister is good! You souls are brothers. However, the vision that has become firm for
many births does not change. A lot of news comes to Baba. Therefore, the Father explains:
The hearts of you children have to be removed from this dirty world. You have to become
beautiful. Many hear the knowledge and then forget it; all the knowledge disappears. Lust
is the greatest enemy. Baba is very experienced. Kings have lost their kingdoms because of
these vices. Lust is very bad. Everyone says: Baba, this is a very strong enemy. The Father
says: By conquering lust you will become the masters of the world. However, the vice of
lust is so strong that, even after making a promise, souls fall. Souls reform themselves
with great difficulty. At this time, the character of the people of the whole world is spoilt.
When did the pure world exist and how was it created? How did they claim their fortune
of the kingdom? No one can ever tell you that. The time will come when you people will go
abroad too. They will hear about how Paradise is being established. All of these things
are very clear in your intellects. This is the deep concern you should now have. All
other things must be forgotten. Achcha. To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found
children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The
spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. Essence for dharna: As you walk and move around and as you sit,
churn this knowledge and become like a swan that picks up pearls. Imbibe virtues from
everyone. You must pass your virtues on to others.
In order to keep your face cheerful, talk to yourself: Oho! We are becoming the masters
of limitless treasures! We are winning the lottery of the jewels of knowledge from the
Father, the Ocean of Knowledge. Blessing: May you be a jewel of contentment
who remains constantly content and gives the experience of contentment through your drishti,
attitude and deeds. With their speciality of constant contentment,
special souls in the Brahmin clan are those who themselves remain content and with their
drishti, attitude and deeds, they also give others the experience of contentment. They
are jewels of contentment who always experience golden flowers of contentment being showered
on them by BapDada in their thoughts, words, deeds, connections and relationships in the
gathering. Such jewels of contentment become the garland around BapDada’s neck; they
claim a right to the kingdom and also become part of the rosary rotated by devotees.
Slogan: Finish everything negative and wasteful and become free from having to labour.


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