Shiv Baba English Murli 3 October, 2019

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Sweet children, you have personally come in
front of the Mother and Father to receive limitless happiness. The Father removes you
from immense sorrow and takes you into immense happiness. Only the one Father stays in reserve
and doesn’t take rebirth. Why? Because there has to be someone who can make
you satopradhan from tamopradhan. If the Father too were to take rebirth, who would make you
beautiful from ugly? This is why the Father stays in reserve.
Why are deities always happy? Because they are pure. Because of their purity,
their activities were reformed. Where there is purity, there is peace and happiness. The
main thing is purity. Om shanti. The spiritual Father explains to
you sweetest, long-lost and now-found, children. He is the Father and also the Mother and Father.
You used to sing: You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children. Everyone continues
to call out. Whom do they call out to? To the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. However,
they don’t understand which immense happiness they received through His mercy or when they
received it. They don’t even understand what that immense happiness refers to. You are
now sitting here in front of Him and you know how much immense sorrow there is. This is
the land of sorrow whereas that is the land of happiness. It doesn’t enter anyone’s intellect
that they were very happy for 21 births when they were in heaven. You did not experience
this previously. You now understand that you are sitting in front of that Supreme Father,
the Supreme Soul, the Mother and Father. You know that you come here to claim the sovereignty
of heaven for 21 births. You now know the Father and you have also come to understand
the whole world cycle from the Father. Previously, we had immense happiness and then we had sorrow.
This remains in the intellect of each one of you, numberwise. You students should always
remember this, but Baba sees that you repeatedly forget this and that this is why you wilt.
Your stage becomes like that of a “touch-me-not” plant. Maya attacks you. You no longer have
the happiness that you should have. The status is numberwise. You all go to heaven, but there,
too, they range from kings to paupers; there are poor people and wealthy people there too.
It is like that in heaven and also in hell; there are the highest and the lowest. Now,
you children know that you are making effort to claim immense happiness. Lakshmi and Narayan
had immense happiness. The main aspect is purity. Unless you have purity, you cannot
receive peace or prosperity. Very good behaviour is needed for this. The behaviour of people
is reformed by their purity. When people are pure they are called deities. You have come
here to become deities. Deities are always happy. Human beings cannot remain happy all
the time. It is the deities who have happiness. You used to worship those deities because
they were pure. Everything depends on purity. It is in this that there are obstacles. People
want there to be peace in the world. Baba says: Without purity, there can never be peace.
The first and main aspect is purity. Only by having purity is one’s behaviour reformed.
By becoming impure, one’s behaviour is spoilt. You have to understand that, if you want to
become deities once again, purity is definitely needed. Deities are pure and this is why impure
human beings bow down to them. The main thing is purity. People call out: O Purifier, come
and purify us! The Father says: Lust is the greatest enemy. Conquer it. Only by conquering
it will you become pure. When you were pure and satopradhan, there was peace and happiness.
You children have now remembered that this is a matter of only yesterday. When you were
pure, there was immense happiness and peace and you had everything. You now have to become
Lakshmi and Narayan again. The first and main thing in this is to become completely viceless.
This is remembered. This is the sacrificial fire of knowledge. There will definitely be
obstacles in this. People cause so much trouble because of purity. “The devilish community”
and “the divine community” are remembered. It is in your intellects that, in the golden
age, they were deities. Although their faces are of human beings, they are called deities.
There, they are completely satopradhan. There are no defects there. Everything is perfect
there. The Father is perfect and so He also makes you children perfect. You become so
pure and beautiful with the power of yoga. That Traveller who comes and makes you beautiful
from ugly is ever beautiful. There is natural beauty there; there is no need to make anyone
beautiful. Those who are satopradhan and beautiful then become ugly when they become tamopradhan.
The very name is Shyam-Sundar (the ugly and beautiful one). Why is Krishna called Shyam-Sundar?
No one, except the Father, can tell you the meaning of this. No human being can tell you
the things that God, the Father, tells you. In the pictures, they have shown deities with
the discus of self-realisation. The Father explains:
Sweetest children, deities have no need for the discus of self-realisation. What would
they do with the conch shell etc? You Brahmin children are the spinners of the discus of
self-realisation. You are the ones who have to blow the conch shell. You know how peace
is now being established in the world. Together with that, your activity also has to be good.
On the path of devotion too, you used to go in front of the idols of the deities and speak
about your own behaviour. However, the deities do not reform your behaviour. The One who
reforms it is someone else. That Shiv Baba is incorporeal. You would not say to Him:
You are full of all virtues. The praise of Shiva is separate. People sing praise of the
deities, but how can we become like them? It is souls that become pure and impure. You
souls are now becoming pure. When you souls become perfect, those impure bodies will not
remain; you will then go and take pure bodies. There cannot be any pure bodies here. There
can only be pure bodies when even the elements are satopradhan. In the new world, everything
is satopradhan. At this time, the five elements are tamopradhan and this is why there continues
to be so many calamities. Look how people continue to die! People go on pilgrimages
etc. and if an accident takes place, they die. The water, earth etc. cause so much damage.
All of these elements are helping you. When there are sudden floods and storms during
destruction, those are natural calamities. The bombs that people manufacture are also
fixed in the drama. They cannot be called Godly calamities; they are created by human
beings. Earthquakes etc. are not caused by human beings. All of those calamities get
together and create lightness for the earth. You know how Baba makes you completely light
and takes you with Him to the new world. When your head becomes light, you become very alert.
Baba makes you completely light. All your sorrow is removed. All of you now have very
heavy heads, and then all of you will become light, peaceful and happy. Whatever religion
anyone belongs to, everyone should be happy that Baba has come to grant everyone salvation.
When establishment is accomplished, all the religions will be destroyed. Previously, your
intellects did not have these thoughts. You now understand. It is remembered that establishment
took place through Brahma and that all the innumerable religions were destroyed. Only
the one Father carries out this task. No one, other than Shiv Baba, can do it. No one can
have such an alokik birth or alokik task. The Father is the Highest on High and so His
task is also very high. He is Karankaravanhar (the One who acts and inspires others to act).
You relate the knowledge that the Father has come to remove from this world the burden
created by sinful souls. It is remembered that the Father comes to establish the one
religion and to destroy the innumerable religions. You are now being made into such great souls.
No one else, apart from the deities, can be great souls. Here, they call many people mahatmas
(great souls). However, only elevated souls are called mahatmas. Heaven is called the
kingdom of Rama. There is no kingdom of Ravan there, and so the question of vice cannot
arise there. This is why that is called the completely viceless world. The more full you
become, the more happiness you receive for a long time. Those who are imperfect cannot
receive as much happiness. In school too, some are perfect and some are imperfect; the
difference is visible. A doctor means a doctor, but some have a very small income whereas
others have a big income. In the same way, deities are deities, but there is so much
difference in their status! The Father comes and teaches you this elevated study. Krishna
can never be called God. Krishna is called Shyam-Sundar. They even show an ugly Krishna,
but Krishna cannot be ugly. His name and form change. When the soul becomes ugly, he has
a different name, form, place and time. Everything is explained to you and so you now understand
how you entered your parts from the beginning. At first, you were deities and then, from
deities, you became devils. The Father has also explained to you the significance of
84 births which no one else knows about. The Father Himself comes and explains all the
secrets to you. The Father says: My beloved children, you used to reside with Me in the
home. You were brothers. All were souls; there were no bodies. There was the Father and you
brothers. There was no other relationship. The Father doesn’t take rebirth. He remains
in reserve according to the drama. Such is His part. The Father has also told you for
how long you have been calling out. It isn’t that you began calling out to Him from the
copper age; no. You began to call out to Him a long time after that. The Father makes you
happy, that is, the Father gives you the inheritance of happiness. You say: Baba, we have come
to you every cycle, many times. This cycle continues to turn. Baba, we meet You every
5000 years and we receive this inheritance. All of you students are bodily beings whereas
the One who is teaching you is bodiless. This body does not belong to Him. He Himself is
bodiless; He comes here and adopts a body. How could He teach you children without a
body? He is the Father of all spirits. On the path of devotion, everyone calls out to
Him, and they truly rotate a rosary of Rudra. At the top is the flower (the tassel) and
then there is the dual-bead. They are both similar. You now understand why people salute
the flower first, then also those whose rosary you rotate. Do people rotate a rosary of the
deities or of you? Is a rosary of the deities or of you? It cannot be said to be of the
deities. It is of the Brahmins whom the Father sits and teaches. From Brahmins, you then
become deities. You are now studying and you will attain the deity status when you go there.
The rosary is of you Brahmins; it is of you, who study with the Father, who make effort
and become deities. The greatness is of the One who teaches you. The Father has served
you children so much. There, no one even remembers the Father. On the path of devotion, you used
to rotate a rosary. That flower has now come and is making you into flowers, that is, He
is making you into the beads of His rosary. You are becoming beautiful. You now receive
the knowledge of souls. You have the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the whole
world in your intellects. There is praise of only you. You Brahmins sit here and make
others into Brahmins, like yourselves, and then make them into deities, residents of
heaven. Deities reside in heaven. When you become deities, you won’t have the knowledge
of the past, present and future there. You Brahmin children now receive the knowledge
of the past, present and future. No one else receives this knowledge. You are very, very
fortunate but Maya then makes you forget. This Baba is not teaching you; he too is a
human being and is studying. This one was the last one. The number one impure one then
becomes number one pure. He becomes so happy. Your aim and objective is in front of you.
The Father is making you so elevated. May you have a long life! May you have a son!
This too is fixed in the drama. The Father says: If I were to give these blessings, I
would have to continue to give them to everyone. I come here to teach you children. You receive
all blessings by studying. Achcha. To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found
children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The
spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for dharna: 1. Just as the Father is perfect, so make
yourself perfect in the same way. Imbibe purity and reform your behaviour. Experience true
peace and happiness. 2. Whilst keeping the knowledge of the beginning,
middle and end of the world in your intellect, do the service of making people into Brahmins
and then into deities. Never forget your elevated fortune.
Blessing: May you be one who has unlimited disinterest and who remains loving and detached
like a lotus flower while staying in a household with facilities.
You have been given facilities and so use them
with a big heart. These facilities are for you to use but do not allow your spiritual
endeavour to become merged. Let there be a complete balance. The facilities are not bad;
they are the fruit of your karma and yoga. However, while staying in a household with
facilities, be detached like a lotus and loving to the Father. While using them, do not be
influenced by them. Let your attitude of unlimited disinterest not become merged in the facilities.
First of all let this emerge in yourself and then spread it into the atmosphere.
Slogan: To enable someone who is distressed to stabilise in his
spiritual honour is the best service.


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