Shiv Baba English Murli 5 October, 2019


Sweet children, the Father has come to make you beautiful (like flowers).
You children who are flowers can never cause anyone sorrow. Always continue to give happiness.
In which one thing do you children have to remain very cautious?
Be very cautious in your interaction with regard to your thoughts, words and deeds.
Your intellects have to forget all your fear of people’s opinions and what they would say
and the codes of conduct of the vicious world. Check yourself: How many divine virtues have
I imbibed? Have I become as civilised as Lakshmi and Narayan? To what extent have I become
beautiful (like a flower)? Om shanti. Shiv Baba knows that you, His children,
are souls. You children have to consider yourselves to be souls; you have to forget your bodies
and remember Shiv Baba. Shiv Baba says: I teach you children. Shiv Baba is incorporeal
and you souls are also incorporeal. You come here to play your parts. The Father also comes
to play His part. You know that, according to the drama plan, the Father comes and makes
you beautiful. Therefore, you have to renounce all defects and become virtuous. Those who
are virtuous never give anyone sorrow. They do not ignore what they have been told. They
remove the sorrow of anyone who is experiencing sorrow. When the Father comes, the sorrow
of the whole world is definitely removed. The Father gives you shrimat: Make as much
effort as possible and continue to remove everyone’s sorrow. Only by making effort will
you receive a good status. By not making effort, your status will be reduced. That will then
become a loss for cycle after cycle. The Father explains everything to you children. The Father
doesn’t want you children to incur any loss. People of the world don’t know about profit
and loss and, therefore, you children have to have mercy for yourselves. You have to
continue to follow shrimat. Although your intellects wander here and there, try and
check why you do not remember such an unlimited Father. It is only by having this remembrance
that you receive a high status. You will at least go to heaven, but you have to claim
a high status in heaven. Some children’s parents say: Our children should study in school and
claim a high status. Here, no one knows anything. Your relatives don’t know what study it is
that you are studying. In those studies, all your friends and relatives know everything.
Here, some know and others don’t know. Someone’s father would know about this, but his brothers
and sisters might not know. Someone’s mother would know about this, but the father might
not because this study and the One who is teaching you this study are unique. You understand,
numberwise. The Father explains that you have done a great deal of devotion and that too
is numberwise. It is those who have done a lot of devotion who then take this knowledge.
The systems and customs of devotion are now coming to an end. Previously, it used to be
said of Meera that she renounced the opinions of society and the codes of conduct of the
family. Here, you have to renounce all the codes of conduct of the vicious clan. You
have to discard everything from your intellects. You don’t like anything of this vicious world.
Those who perform sinful actions are not liked at all; they spoil their own fortune. There
wouldn’t be any father who would like his children to disturb others or not study. You
children know that there are no such children there. Their very name is deities. It is such
a pure name! You have to check yourself: Do I have divine virtues in me? You also have
to be tolerant. It is a matter of the intellect’s yoga. This battle is very sweet. There is
no question of a battle in remembering the Father, but yes, Maya does cause obstacles
in this. You have to be very cautious about her. You have to gain victory over Maya. You
know that whatever you have been doing every cycle, the very same accurate effort that
you made every cycle is being made now. You know that we are now becoming multimillion
times fortunate and then, in the golden age, we will be very happy. The Father explains
in this way every cycle. This is not something new, this is something very old. The Father
wants the children to become absolutely beautiful. A physical father would also want his children
to become beautiful. The parlokik Father comes to change thorns into flowers. Therefore,
you have to become like that. You have to be very cautious in respect to your thoughts,
words and deeds about your interaction. You have to be very cautious with every physical
organ. Maya is very deceitful. You have to be very careful of her. The destination is
very high. For half the cycle, your vision has been criminal. It has to be made civil
in one birth just like the vision Lakshmi and Narayan have. They are full of all virtues.
There is no criminal vision there. Ravan himself doesn’t exist there. This is not anything
new. You have claimed that status many times before. The world doesn’t know anything at
all about what you are studying. The Father comes to fulfil all your desires. Impure desires
are Ravan’s. Your desires are pure. You mustn’t have any criminal desires. You children
have to move along with waves of happiness. No one can
speak about your abundance of happiness; they do speak about sorrow; they don’t speak about
happiness. You children only have one desire and that is to become pure. How will you become
pure? You know that the Father alone is the Purifier. You will be purified by having remembrance
of Him. The first number pure souls in the new world are these deities. Look how much
power you gain by becoming pure. You become pure and attain the kingdom of the pure world.
This is why it is said that there is a lot of power in that deity religion. From where
do they receive this power? From the Almighty Authority Father. You can have two to four
main pictures in your homes and do a lot of service with them. The time will come when
there will be curfews so that you won’t be able to go anywhere. You are Brahmins who
relate the true Gita. Knowledge is very easy. There is a lot of peace in a home where the
entire family is in knowledge. It is very easy for them. Let there be two to four main
pictures placed in your homes. The pictures of the Trimurti, the cycle, the tree and the
ladder are enough. Together with those, also have the poster which shows that the God of
the Gita is not Krishna; that poster too is good. It is so easy! There is no question
of spending money in this. You have the pictures. By looking at the pictures, knowledge enters
your awareness. You can just have a small room in which you can also sleep. If you continue
to follow shrimat, you can benefit many. You may be bringing benefit but, nevertheless,
the Father continues to remind you: You can do this and this. People keep an idol of Thakurji
(Idol of baby Krishna). Here, there are also things to be explained. For birth after birth,
you continue to wander around the temples on the path of devotion, but you don’t know
who they are. People worship the deity idols in the temples, and then they go and sink
them (the idols) in the water. There is so much ignorance! They worship those who are
worthy of worship and then take those idols and put them in the sea. They even sink Ganesh,
the goddesses and Saraswati. The Father sits here and explains to you children every cycle.
He makes you realize what you were doing. You children should have dislike especially
since the Father continues to explain so much and says: Sweetest children, what are you
doing? This is called the river of poison. It isn’t that there is an ocean of milk there,
but everything there is plentiful. Nothing costs money. In fact, there is no paper money
there. You only see gold coins everywhere and even the buildings are of gold; the bricks
are of gold. So, this proves that gold and silver have no value there. Here, they have
so much value. You know that there is wonder in everything. Human beings are human beings;
even those deities were human beings, but they are called deities. People go and confess
their own dirty habits in front of them (Idols): We are degraded sinners; we have no virtues.
You children have an aim and objective in your intellects: We are changing from human
beings into deities. Deities have divine virtues. You know that people go to the temples, but
they don’t understand that they (deities) were also human beings. We too are human beings.
However, they had divine virtues; we are those with devilish traits. It now enters your intellects
how unworthy you were. You used to go in front of them (the idols) and sing: You are full
of all virtues. The Father now explains: They existed in the past. They had divine virtues
and an abundance of happiness. They have now become extremely unhappy. At this time, the
five vices exist in everyone. You now wonder at how you continued to fall from the top
and have reached right to the ground. The people of Bharat were so wealthy. People now
continue to accumulate so much debt. Only the Father sits here and explains all of these
things. No one else can explain this to you. Rishis and munis also used to say, “Neither
this nor that (neti neti)”. You now understand that they told the truth: they neither knew
the Father nor the beginning, middle or end of creation. Even now, no one, apart from
you children, knows this. Even great sannyasis and great souls do not know. In fact, it is
this Lakshmi and Narayan who are the great souls; they are ever pure. Even they didn’t
know, so how could anyone else know? The Father explains such simple things, but some children
forget. Those who imbibe divine virtues very well are found to be so sweet. The more sweet
virtues are seen in you children, the happier the heart becomes. Some even defame the name.
Here, they defame all three: the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru. By defaming the true
Father, the true Teacher and the Satguru, triple punishment is accumulated. However,
some children don’t have any understanding at all. The Father explains that there definitely
will be some of those. Maya is no less either. She makes you into sinful souls for half the
cycle. The Father then makes you into pure and charitable souls for half the cycle. You
become that, numberwise. The ones who make you this are two: Rama and Ravan. Rama is
called the Supreme Soul. People chant the name of Rama and then, at the end, they give
salutations to Shiva. He alone is the Supreme Soul. They count the names of the Supreme
Soul. You don’t have to count anything. This Lakshmi and Narayan were pure. It used to
be their world; that has now become the past. That
was called heaven, the new world. When a building becomes old, it is only worth demolishing.
This world is also like that. It is now the end of the iron age. These are such easy things
to understand. You have to imbibe these things and enable others to imbibe them. The Father
will not go to everyone to explain to them. You children are on Godly service. You only
have to do the service that the Father teaches you. Yours is only Godly service. Baba has
given you mothers the urn of knowledge in order to make your name elevated. It isn’t
that the men don’t receive this; everyone receives it. You children now know how you
were the happy residents of heaven. There was no one unhappy there. It is now the confluence
age and we are becoming the masters of that new world. It is now the iron age, the old
impure world. It is as though human beings have become those with completely ox-intellects.
All of those things now have to be forgotten. Forget your body and all bodily relations
and consider yourself to be a soul. When there isn’t a soul in a body, the body cannot
do anything. People have so much attachment to their bodies. The body has been burnt,
the soul has gone and taken another body but, in spite of that, they continue to cry out
in distress for 12 months. Now, when you souls shed your bodies, you will definitely take
birth in high families, numberwise. Those who only have a little knowledge will take
birth in ordinary families. Those who have elevated knowledge will take birth in elevated
families. There is a lot of happiness there. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning
from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual
children. Essence for dharna:
1. Do not hear but not hear what the Father tells you. Become
virtuous and give everyone happiness. Make effort and remove everyone’s sorrow.
2. Do not be influenced by vices and thereby perform sinful acts. Become tolerant. Do not
have any criminal desires. Blessing: May you be a
constant yogi and an easy yogi who merges the consciousness of “I” in “Baba”.
Those children who have love for the Father in their every breath, who have only “Baba,
Baba” in their every breath do not have to work hard for yoga. The proof of them having
remembrance is that the word “I” never emerges from their lips. Only “Baba, Baba”
emerges. The consciousness of “I” is merged in Baba. Baba is the backbone, Baba inspired
you, Baba is always with you. “To be with You, to eat with You, to walk and move around
with You”: When this awareness has emerged in your form you will be said to be an easy
yogi. Slogan: To say “me, me” means to invoke
Maya, the cat.


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