Short Guided Breath Meditation for Anxiety: Calming the Body and Mind


In this short meditation we will be
working on using the breath to relax the body and the mind.
So find a nice
comfortable seated position or you can be be lying down if that’s more comfortable
for you. You can have your arms resting wherever feels nice. Let’s just take a big deep full breath
in… and a deep full breath out… Throughout most of the day we probably don’t pay much
attention to the breath but the breath is really the gateway to
relaxation. It’s what helps us switch from a fight flight mode into one of
rest and relaxation. So we’re going to focus on breathing from the belly, from
the diaphragm So it’s this area below the ribcage.
If it might be helpful for
you to take a hand to rest on the belly and a hand to rest on the chest you
might use this to feel where the breath is happening in the body.
Take an
inhale fill up the belly with breath exhale belly deflates inhale belly rises exhale belly deflates We’re going to start to count the
inhale- one… two… three… four… exhale- one… two… three… four… five… six… inhale- one… two… three… four… exhale- one… two… three… four… five… six… inhale- one… two… three… four… exhale- one… two… three… four… five… six… continue to count on your own- the same
rhythm for the inhale and the exhale, making the exhale even
longer than the inhale and as you breathe deeply, noticing the
sensations in the body notice what your heartbeat is doing when we slow the breath, the heartbeat might slow down as well notice what’s happening in the mind our thoughts may begin to slow as we
focus on slowing the breath and as you breathe noticing how the belly rises and falls see if you can expand the breath not
just forward but out towards the sides expanding the ribcage.
See if you can
expand the breath into the back the lower back so that we have a full circle
of breath breath- moving forward, to the sides, to the back- a full circle and then
exhale let it go just as if you were a balloon blowing up
on the inhale in all directions the whole body filled with breath and
then we exhale to let go take three more deep breaths.
Full breath in… deep breath out full breath in letting go on the exhale deep breath in full breath out check back in with the body and the mind notice how you’re feeling with kindness allowing everything to slow the whole system the whole body slowing
down with the breath You can stay here and work with your breath
for as long as as you’d like Namaste, my sweet friends


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