Should everyone in the world meditate? Meditation Q&A with Dhyanse and Kristin.

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Do you think everyone in this world should be meditating? That’s a tough one. I think generally speaking yes, but not everybody has come to that point in their life. it’s like when you’re a small kid you’re you know playing with your doll or whatever your toy and you’re constantly so much identified with the toy that anything that happens to the toy you start crying and you can basically turn the world upside down for that and when you’re a little bit older that toy becomes totally history for you, you don’t even care about that. So what has happened what has changed from somebody who was at the age of two loving his or her doll and then at the age of ten now has moved on similarly you have a certain evolution a certain development in yourself and once you’re, once you see the absurdity of all our games that we play in this world the chase for money power and what not we realize that there is something more that we need to know that you need to experience. And that’s where there is a natural move towards meditation, move towards going inside. So you’re saying when I am too much identified with my car in my house I cannot be meditating? I think when you’re meditating slowly you will lose that identification, not that you lose your car, not that you lose your house. oh I’m glad. But this is the exact thing actually what has gone wrong with people that they think that when they meditate or become spiritual they will lose all their materialistic possessions. i mean in the past a lot of cults and lot of I would say organizations in the name of spirituality, they exploited people and then they took all their money and whatnot so that’s why this notion has developed some sort of fear in people but I think now with the access to information, people are reading more, people are getting to know more so they know that it’s not like this and there are many more ways in which they can learn meditation without having to follow any of those organizations or ways this is what we have tried to do with meditation easy to give people away, sitting at their home they can enjoy, learn and practice authentic meditation. yes


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