Sidewalk Sermon – What’s Your Purpose

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Hi my name’s June Morrow and this is your Sunday Sidewalk Sermon. This week we’re talking about the purpose of your life. Wow what a big question. And I’m thinking about it this week because well actually I think about it all the time. It’s something I’m kind of fascinated with but I’m also thinking about it because this week I read this book. It’s called Life After Life by Kate Atkinson and it is a book unlike any book I have ever read before. Now spoiler alert I’m going to give away some key plot points in this book. So if you’re going to read Life After Life by Kate Atkinson you might not want to watch the rest of this video but if you want to hear it’s really neat theory about life and reincarnation and purpose keep watch it. So in this book Life After Life, it tells the story of a single heroine. Her name’s Ursula Todd and she’s born in 1910 and the book starts when she’s born. And as soon as she’s born she’s stillborn she dies. That’s the first chapter. Second chapter she’s born. She lives. And life goes on in childhood and then later on in childhood something tragic happens to her and she dies. And then in the next chapter she’s born again. And this is what the book is. It’s the same woman living her life over and over and over again. And in each chapter either she or the people around her make different choices and because they make different choices death is averted, tragedy is averted, trauma is averted. Bad things that happened in previous parts of the book are averted because she’s now living a different life. So it’s almost like she has all these lives that are happening at the same time but they’re all taking different paths. And this is kind of like a theory of spirituality that’s out there. Like there are many lives happening subsequently. Like there’s a version of you right now who’s doing something completely different in their life based on a choice that you made when you were 10 years old or yesterday or what you had for breakfast right. So there could be very many different versions of us happening. So in this book. With the choices she makes in her life as she as she goes through different lives, the same life, over and over again but different versions of that same life the choices that she makes are choices designed tochoices made out of love choices made out of love for herself or love for her family or love for the people around her. And they’re designed to kind of prevent these horrible things from happening to them and it works and in the next life different things happen and in the end she – this is a big spoiler alert – in the end she makes like the ultimate decision that would save millions millions and millions of lives. In that it’s 1930. Adolf Hitler is coming to power and she assassinates him. So that’s one life that she lives. So all those kind of made me think about the purpose of life. And you know in some spiritual worlds there is this idea that we are all just spiritual beings having a human experience right as opposed to human beings having spiritual experiences and and our whole purpose of waking up is to remember that to remember that we are actually all just connected and are in fact you know a part of God. And God is a part of us. And it’s it’s all one beautiful thing. And when we’re born we know this. When we’re children, we start to forget it. You know we’re naturally creative and playful and joyful and connected and and not afraid of pretty much anything except for some very basic instincts that we have. And then as we grow up we learn all these things these false ideas about what we can and can’t do and what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate. We start to develop this identity this kind of ego and as we take that on we forget. We forget that we are actually all connected and that we are actually all one and we are all part of source. So for some people getting to this level of consciousness where you remember that is the purpose of life. And I believe that is one purpose of life for sure. And then another part of me after reading this book was thinking well we all are here in our meat suits or our human identities and we are living these these kind of like human lives and having these human expressions of who we are. And so maybe another part of us is forgetting what our future is. Maybe another part of us is actually forgetting that there are multiple realities out there for us. And our highest future could be whatever would be our highest expression of love in this lifetime. So you know in the book the highest expression of love is she sacrifices herself she gets shot so that Adolf Hitler can die and I’m not saying that this is what I recommend for you but what would be the highest expression of love in your life? In the Bible and a lot of other religious traditions, our purpose is to love one another and to recognize that we are all expressions of God’s love. And so what does that mean in your life? What does that mean In terms of the experience that you’re having now how can you in your life live your highest expression of love? And when you answer this then you will know your purpose. So my question for you today is what can you do starting today to either identify what your highest expression of love in this lifetime would look like? The biggest gift that you could give to the world. The biggest way you could serve humanity. What would that look like in a way that’s going to be joyful and fun and filled with love for yourself and something that you love? And what step can you take today to start bringing that into your life to start creating that to start stepping into your highest expression. And once you know that my friend you have found your purpose. Peace.


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