Signs Of Spiritual Awakening: Feeling Disconnected & Lonely (And What TO DO About It!)


Do you feel disconnected from the people or
places around you? Like your old life is just completely disappearing
right in front of your eyes? If so, you may be experiencing a spiritual
awakening. And in this video I’m going to share with
you why we disconnect from our old realities during an awakening, and what you can do to
feel less lost and lonely while you’re going through this process. Stick around. Hello, beautiful soul. This is Christina Lopes, the Heart Alchemist
here to help you open your heart, heal from the past and live with purpose. In this video, we’re going to be talking about
one of the most common signs of spiritual awakening, and that is disconnecting from
people and places and the loneliness that comes with that. In the first part of the video, we’re going
to go behind the scenes and take a look at what disconnection is and why we even experience
it during an awakening. And then in the second part of the video,
I’m going to give you some valuable tips that will help you remain centered and at peace
even when you do feel disconnected and lonely. Let’s get to it. So what is disconnection, and why do we experience
it in the first place? There are a lot of blog posts and videos out
there talking about spiritual awakening, and usually what you’ll find is that they talk
about one of the signs of spiritual awakening as being connection. Meaning that as we spiritually awaken, we
start to feel connected to all things and we begin to experience the oneness of life. And that is true, you do experience a sense
of connection as you spiritually awaken. But what’s not talked about as much is disconnection. And that also happens during a spiritual awakening. So if you think that you’re reading these
blog posts and watching all of these videos of other spiritual teachers and thinking,
what are they talking about? I don’t feel connected, I feel disconnected,
I feel completely lost. What’s wrong with me? There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just going through another very common
phenomenon during a spiritual awakening, and that’s disconnection. Okay? It’s just as common as connection. Okay? It’s just not talked about as much. So what is disconnection? In order to understand what disconnection
is, we need to take a step back and look at reality from an energy perspective. Okay? So think of your reality from an energy perspective,
not from a 3-D perspective. Not from a perspective of matter, the things
that you can see and touch and feel, okay? We’re going to take a look back into the energy
reality of life. All right? So if you think of your reality, everything
that’s in your reality from your partner to your house, your job, your career, your car,
the city you live in, the home you live in, the country you live in, if you begin to look
at everything that surrounds you sort of as a network, an energy network that you’re plugged
into. Okay? So you are plugged in to the energy matrix
or network that constitutes your reality. All right? This is how the world of energy operates. It’s very simple in this way. The world of energy, this universe is an attraction
based universe, meaning that I co-create my reality through the power of my consciousness
and through the power of my energy. Everything that comes into my reality must
be in energetic alignment with me. Otherwise it wouldn’t materialize in my life. Okay? So that’s simply how the world of energy works. Anything that is part of your reality, you
can think of it as being in resonance with you energetically. All right? So what does disconnection mean then? Disconnection means that the reality that
you were plugged into before, you suddenly unplug from. That’s what disconnection is. Disconnection literally means that I was plugged
into a reality before, and I have suddenly unplugged from it. And now I’m in sort of this no man’s land. Okay? So that’s what disconnection essentially means. It means that you are no longer connected
to the energy network, or energy grid that you are connected to before. Now, I’ll give you an example of how this
looks in the outer reality, how this looks in real life. I’ll give you an example of what disconnection
looks like in real life by using my own experience. So I had my spiritual awakening in 2013 and
it was triggered by the complete collapse of my marriage. At the time … I don’t know if you know much
about me, but I was born in the US, and then I was raised in Portugal. And when I was 17, I returned to the US to
go to college, and I remained there for many years. I considered the US my home, I didn’t imagine
living anywhere else at that moment. But in 2013 when I had the collapse of my
marriage and it triggered a spiritual awakening in me, suddenly I disconnected from the energy
grid that I had been connected to. It was very quick. And from one moment to the next, first I didn’t
want to be in my home, so I moved out. Then I didn’t want to be in DC, so I flew
out to California. Thinking that it was maybe just because of
DC, I flew out to California. And then when I got to California, I noticed
that I didn’t want to live in the US anymore, So I moved back to Portugal. Now mind you, all of this happened within
two to three months after my spiritual awakening. So imagine how jarring and how stressful this
was for me at the time, because how is it possible that from one day to the next, I
don’t want to live in the country that I’ve lived in for years, and that I considered
my home before. So you see, my entire reality disappeared. My home, my marriage, my car, everything. Everything disappeared. The city that I lived in, everything disappeared. And suddenly I found myself living in Portugal. So here’s an extreme example, because this
happened very quickly in my life. But here’s an extreme example of what disconnection
means, and how it materializes in your life. When you disconnect from your reality, one
of two things will happen. One of the possibilities is that when you
disconnect from your reality, some people and things that were in your reality can also
change their energy, meet you where you are, and they stay in your life because they remain
in energetic alignment. And we see this all the time with couples,
for example, where one person goes through a spiritual awakening, and then the other
one starts their spiritual awakening too. And although they’re both evolving, they’re
evolving together, so they stay in energetic alignment. The relationship doesn’t fall apart. But it also can happen … one of the possibilities
that can happen during a disconnection process is that you disconnect, your energy is now
different, and the people around you, none of them, or maybe just one or two of them
follow you, the other people don’t follow. And so what happens is, if you are no longer
in energetic alignment, then that part of reality will fall. Meaning that whoever doesn’t follow you, whoever
doesn’t accompany you energetically when you’re going through a spiritual awakening and you
disconnect from the old grid, the people or places that don’t accompany you energetically
will drop out of your reality. Okay? So that’s one of two things that happens. Now to some common characteristics. Five common characteristics of a what it means
to be disconnected, the process of disconnection, to help you identify it better. The first one is that it’s very rapid. So spiritual changes, especially the process
of disconnection, they happen in, I mean no time at all. This is a quantum process. So no time at all. It suddenly feels like you were one person
a minute before, and now you’re completely different. So whenever you’re experiencing the process
of disconnection, it’ll happen very, very quickly. And a lot of people tell me gosh, you know,
like I went to bed one person and I woke up another. I’ve heard this so many times and this happened
in my own life. And that’s because the process of disconnection
is a spiritual process that occurs very quickly. It quite simply is a shift in your energy
that occurs on the quantum level outside of time-space reality, meaning that it happens
now. All right? So that’s one of the characteristics. The second characteristic is that it is temporary. All right? And this is really important and I really
want you to listen to this part, this is temporary. Because I get a lot of emails, I get a lot
of people reaching out to me where they feel completely, completely disconnected from their
reality. And they go into a state of depression and
sadness and extreme loneliness, because they think, their minds think that it’s going to
be like this forever. It’s not. This disconnection process is temporary. You got to work with it. Okay? And why is it temporary? Because essentially, we really are connected. We are beings of connection. Again, we are beings that make our reality
based on attraction. Meaning that if I unplug from one network,
I will have to plug into another one, because I’m constantly attracting new things and new
realities. So the process of disconnection is temporary
because I will disconnect from my old grid or my old reality as my energy is changing. And I’ll stay temporarily in this no man’s
land, but it is temporary, because sooner or later I’m going to plug into a new network. New souls are going to come into my life. New opportunities, new jobs, new homes, whatever
it is that happens, new things are going to materialize. So remember this. If you feel disconnected right now from places
from people, don’t stress. Okay? Don’t stress, this is all temporary. All right? Another characteristic that I often struggle
with with clients is that the disconnection process is irreversible. Meaning once your energy disconnects from
your old reality, whatever that is, people, places, it doesn’t matter, when you disconnect
from your old reality, you cannot reconnect back to it. It’s irreversible, the process. Okay? And I really stress this a lot with clients
because a lot of times … this happened in my own life too. When my marriage fell apart, right when it
was falling apart, I resisted it. I was like, no way. I’m not letting this marriage disintegrate. We’re going to counseling. And so I ended up taking my ex-wife to counseling. And we were in counseling, I don’t know how
many sessions, because I was fighting the process of disconnection. But the counseling didn’t help, because I
had already disconnected from the relationship. Okay? So it was just my ego that was fighting the
changes. You cannot plug yourself back in to the old
grid. You got to go with the flow. Okay? So if you’re struggling with this right now,
if your ego is just saying, no, no, no, I don’t want to unplug. The ego is going to say that because the ego
is a survival mechanism. It’s here to keep you safe. It doesn’t like change. So it’s going to want to instinctively plug
back into the old, because in the old at least you were safe. Everything was normal. Everything was going okay. The day to day was going okay. So the ego is going to want things as they
were, but it’s impossible for you to go back there. Okay? So don’t even try. Don’t try because you’re only going to be
fighting against the energy and slowing the process down. Okay? So you cannot plug back into the old reality. What you can do is just remain calm and centered
knowing that the new reality, the new network is going to be coming up for you to plug into
now. The process of disconnection, that’s another
characteristic, is that the process of disconnection happens multiple times during a spiritual
awakening. It actually happens multiple times throughout
our lives. Even before you have a spiritual awakening,
you’re going through the process of disconnection every once in a while. So you may have a friend way back when, and
then suddenly from one day to the next day you’re like, oh, I don’t really get along
with my friend anymore, and you just terminate that friendship. Or maybe you change homes or maybe you change
careers. So before a spiritual awakening, we go through
processes of disconnection. But it’s just that before a spiritual awakening,
the instances of disconnection are slower and they occur less frequently. When you go through a spiritual awakening
though, part of the reason why you’re having a spiritual awakening, is that it accelerates
your energy. It accelerate your evolution. So during the process of spiritual awakening,
while you’re awakening, these disconnection moments are going to occur more and more dramatically. Like it happened in my own life. From one day to the next, I didn’t have a
wife, house, car, nothing. Just everything disappeared from my life. Okay? So that is something that we all need to get
used to. Because sometimes I’ll have people say to
me, all right, I disconnected from my old reality and now I have a new reality and I
just want to stay here. Please don’t let this one disappear. So people will get very stressed about it. But I just say, breathe, take a deep breath. Everything is okay. Disconnection is going to happen multiple
times throughout your life, especially when you’re going through a spiritual awakening. And it’s okay, because here’s the fifth characteristic
of disconnection. And that is that it’s a process that occurs
for your benefit, not to hurt you. Okay? So when you disconnect, it’s your soul part
of you, the energy part of you that’s saying, we’re done here. Now it’s time to go to somewhere else. Somewhere else that’s better for us, somewhere
else that’s more aligned with our evolution. It’s time to go somewhere else where we could
be more joyful, where we can live a life with more purpose. You see? So whenever this process of disconnection
happens in your life, it’s always happening for your benefit, okay? Not to hurt you. The best analogy that I can give of the disconnection
process is the caterpillar going into a cocoon. So a caterpillar isn’t afraid of going into
the cocoon, right? So imagine if there were caterpillars all
over the world, they’re from one day to the next decided, no way. I’m not going into that cocoon. I want to stay a caterpillar. You see? We wouldn’t have any butterflies in the world. So the Caterpillar doesn’t resist going into
the cocoon, because she knows that if she’s still and at peace, eventually she’s going
to emerge with wings and she’s going to be a butterfly. So the process of disconnection is really
that image of being in a cocoon. You know that eventually you’re going to break
free and you’re going to have wings and you’re going to be a butterfly. But at the moment that you’re going through
the disconnection, just be at peace being in the cocoon and that’s okay. Now to the second part of the video, and that
is tips and advice to help you remain at peace and centered when going through this process
of disconnection. If you feel completely disconnected from life
right now and from the people around you, these tips are going to help you. So the first tip is know what’s happening,
be aware of what’s happening. Gosh, what I would have given to have a video
like this back in 2013 when I was awakening, because at that moment I literally felt like
the rug of lifeless pulled from me. I mean, I lost so many things. So many things disappeared from my reality
at the same time that it was really frightening at times. But when you are aware of what’s happening,
when you are aware, since you’re watching this video, now you know that if you feel
disconnected from others, this is a temporary process. You know exactly what’s happening because
I’ve explained this all in the video. So when you’re aware of what’s happening,
then that makes the process become easier and lighter. Because you know that it’s temporary. You know that it’s here for your benefit. You know that when you unplug from one network,
you will eventually plug into another. So doesn’t this feel good to know when you’re
aware that there’s a purpose to this process, that there’s a purpose to what you’re going
through. So that’s the first tip is just being aware
and knowing what’s happening. Understanding what’s happening on an energy
level and understanding that the process of disconnection is necessary and it’s for your
good. The second tip is ground yourself. Okay? In any way that you possibly can. When we unplug energetically, it can be frightening. It was to me and it is to so many people that
reach out to me. It can be really frightening, when from one
moment to the next … remember that the disconnection process energetically is quantum. It occurs now. It takes no time at all for you to change
energetically. Now the repercussions of those energy changes
in your outer environment, in your life, it can take time. For instance, in my own example, my marriage
disintegrated in an instant. And my spiritual awakening happened in an
instant. But then it took weeks and a few months for
the whole thing to actually take its course, and for me to get divorced and move on, right? So even though the energy shift, even though
the disconnection occurred in a quantum moment, it can take time for that energy to ripple
out and completely change your reality. Sometimes it’s fast, and sometimes it takes
a little bit longer. But while you’re in this limbo, in the in
between worlds, while you’re in this cocoon transforming yourself into a butterfly, it
can feel a bit stressful. It can feel like you’re lost. Some people say that they feel like life is
surreal. They don’t know left from right, up from down. They feel completely lost. They feel lonely. And that’s normal to feel right? Because we’re energetic beings. Even if we’re not spiritual, we’re still energetic
beings. And when we’re plugged into one reality, at
least that gives us some security. But when we unplug from that reality, now
it’s like we’re floating. We have no idea what’s happening. And that could be frightening. So this tip to ground yourself is super important
because it will help you stay calm. It will help your ego quiet down. Because again, the ego is the mechanism of
survival. It will constantly be trying to fix things
for you, even though there’s nothing wrong with this process. Okay? So your ego may be coming up with a million
reasons why something’s wrong in your life. It could either be saying, go back to your
boyfriend, or what are you doing? You can’t leave your job. So your ego will constantly be saying things. And it’s really important to remain grounded
as you’re going through this disconnection phase. All right? Now what does it mean to be grounded? Being grounded to me means being in your physical
body. You do not try to escape your physical body. So you’re not sitting on the couch imagining
what life’s going to be like later on. Less imagining exercises, and more mindfulness,
in your body exercises. Your physical body is a very grounding force
to you. Okay? So anything that you can do that can put you
in your body, is a grounding exercise. So it could be dancing, I love to dance as
a grounding exercise. It could be walking in nature, especially
by trees. Trees have a beautiful grounding energy. So if you can go hiking in the forest or if
you can go sit by a tree every single day, do it. It could be salt baths. It could be meditation, but not envisioning
meditations, meditations that are more body focused. So just a simple mindfulness meditation, like
sitting and focusing on your breath. Okay? That’s a grounding exercise. And there are many more, but you get what
I’m saying. Try as much as you can to simplify your life
at that moment and ground yourself as much as possible. Taking your shoes off and your socks off,
and walking around the earth barefoot, that’s another great grounding exercise. And the list goes on and on, but you get what
I’m saying. Ground yourself as much as possible during
this process. It will really help, and it will accelerate
the disconnection process. The third tip is connect to your spiritual
guidance. Ask Your angels for support. Ask Your guides for support. We are so loved, and we have a team of spiritual
beings that are always accompanying us, even if we don’t feel it. Okay? So if you’re new to spiritual awakening and
you still can’t feel, or your intuition isn’t working very well yet, it doesn’t matter. You’re still guided, even if you can’t communicate
with your guides. You’re still guided and you’re still loved,
and your guides are always there waiting for you to ask them for help. Remember, our free will cannot be violated,
so you can have a bunch of angels or guides or spirits around you wanting to help you. They will not intervene unless you give authorization
for them to intervene. Okay? This is a universe of free will, all right? This is a reality of free will. So be very proactive about asking for guidance. Even if you can’t channel it or even if you
can’t feel it immediately, your guides will know how to communicate with you in the best
way that you can receive it. It could be through a synchronicity, it could
be through a conversation that you have with someone that was actually answering something
that you had asked your spirit guides. It could be a bunch of different things. The important thing though is to give authorization. Constantly ask for help from your guides. And this will help bring in more and more
energy to help you go through this disconnection process while you’re feeling like you’re in
no man’s land, and your old reality has fallen to the side. All right? Always ask for help. And the fifth and last tip is … I left this
tip for last because this is the one I want you to focus on the most. Okay? And that is do not fight the disconnection
process. I struggle the most with my coaching clients
in this, and I struggled the most in my own awakening, because disconnection can be really
frightening. It could be really frightening. It could activate the ego. The Ego is there for survival. So the first thing the ego is going to do
is no, no, no. We’re going to go plug right back into the
reality we had before, because we are perfectly happy. We’re not changing anything. So your mind is going to be pushing for you
to plug back into the old, for you to be okay with the way that you were before. All right? And this will slow down your disconnection
process. You can accelerate it, you can make it faster. Meaning that you can just be in that no man’s
land between one world and the next. You can be in that no man’s land for less
time if you don’t resist the process. Okay? Now, what does resistance look like? And this is what I work with clients a lot
on is, when you disconnect from your old reality … your ego is going to want to connect back. That’s normal. But people also feel very lonely. And when they start to feel lonely, when they
start to feel disconnected from the environment and from people around them … because we’re
such social creatures and because we have this tendency to want to belong and to connect
with others, that’s natural in us … when we are in this process, when we’re in this
limbo land of disconnection, it could cause emotions like sadness, loneliness, depression. So if we go with that energy, it will spiral
downward and we’ll begin to feel more and more depressed, more and more sad. And what that’ll do is it’ll pull down on
your energy. So when you went through the spiritual awakening,
your energy awoke. You went up in energy, and then suddenly if
you start having depression, sadness, rage, all of these things resisting change. You’re starting to pull your energy down,
and this slows down the process of disconnection. Meaning that it actually keeps you in disconnection
and in no man’s land longer than necessary. Okay? So please do not resist disconnection. Again, remember what I talked about before? You cannot plug in. It’s inevitable. You can’t plug in. It’s irreversible. You can’t go back. So if you can’t go back, let’s not look back
anymore. Let’s look forward, okay? And let’s look forward with lightness, and
with just feeling positive. This doesn’t mean that you can’t feel sadness
and that you shouldn’t feel lonely and that if you’re feeling these things, you’re doing
something wrong. You’re not doing anything wrong. But just remember, when you’re feeling sadness,
when you’re feeling lonely, when you’re feeling like life doesn’t love you, please remember,
say this to yourself. I’m just going through a process of disconnection. And sooner or later, I’m going to connect
to a new network, and I’m going to call new souls, and new opportunities, new jobs, new
homes, whatever. The sky is the limit. And I’m going to get there. Right now I’m in a cocoon phase. Right now I’m a little bit in no man’s land,
but it’s okay. I will not fight this process because this
process is for my benefit. And when I come out of this process, I’m going
to be a whole new person. I’m going to be more joyful. I’m going to be filled with purpose. And I’m going to have around me the people
in the things that are in alignment with my new energy. Okay? You don’t want to be in alignment with your
old energy, because your old energy was lower, right? Your newer energy is higher. That’s the energy you want to be in alignment
with. Okay? And you want to call souls to you that have
the same energy as you. You want to call opportunities and experiences
that have the same energy as you, as the new you. So don’t resist the process. All right, beautiful soul, that’s it for this
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when you can’t feel it sometimes. All right, I love you beautiful soul. Stick around for the next video. If you liked this video, consider subscribing. The second part of the … and then in the
second part of the video … let’s try this again. Take Four.


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    Choosing to be alone is not loneliness for me..
    I'm always at peace within irrespective of all that's happening externally around me.
    I am where I want to be at last..😊

  17. Nab Afer

    December 1, 2019 6:58 pm

    I'm disconnected from society about 7 years. No friends no much talking at work. No religion no belive I'm very complicated person Because I found everything is a lie.(I'm a left handed artist)

  18. The boy that says Hooty Hoo

    December 1, 2019 8:41 pm

    Im very young at 16 but as soon as I started getting into spirituality, i started to break down. Im currently going through this feeling of stagnation, feeling very empty, tired and extremely disconnected from even my closest friends. All i want to do is sleep, meditate and draw readings. A side of me is obsessed with self improvement and trying to ‘get better’ and feel happy when i know i need to leave myself alone and let this happen.

  19. Manuela Cavazos

    December 2, 2019 3:35 am

    I stumbled to this video for some reason thanks for sharing it’s beautiful wonderful blessed inspired that I’m going through something cause I don’t care if I see my friends or not I don’t have the same thrill and I het upset when I see any kind of animals killed and it hurts me I’m trying to find a way not to eat no meat at right know I’m eating chicken but I feel I don’t want that either once in a while maybe a little turkey but I don’t eat no other meat I feel bad 😢 now I feel sick I have a lot of synchronicity specially numbers and intuition so and so but I feel different a very spiritual but I’ve been spiritual when I was a few years younger but now it’s different I feel connected with the Divine more cause I’ve been connected with God for many years but now it’s deeper than before. And like nature more and sun 🌞 moon 🌝 be by water 💦 so many beautiful things but don’t know what else is coming only God knows and I wish for the best if its for me Thanks Blessings 👍♾🙏🤗😘🙌🏼❤️😢♾♾

  20. Silvi Jenine

    December 2, 2019 8:00 pm

    Now I know what’s happening with me. I lost everything in a matter of months…Job, home, car, love, friends and family. I’m still disconnected and I hope I can connect soon I feel so sad, lonesome and lost.

  21. Ulrike Romero

    December 3, 2019 1:15 pm

    hoo i sufed here on you tube and came to yours sorry my englisch is not so good but i anderstand you what you mean. thank you for your finest tips to come in my connection ago feel love thanks ulli from german 🙂

  22. Djimi Wrey Bigsby

    December 3, 2019 6:45 pm

    IDK WTF is going on.
    Listen to several spiritual growth audios every single day, endeavor to practice presence and TM
    (without the "T") emmerse my self in thoughts of endeavoring to come from a place of love and kindness but im still dealing with perseverative thoughts of the past and my body gets into fight or flight and i feel anger and even rage… shameful episodes
    Im 65 years old and feeling so disconnected and mad at myself for not embracing this pursuit long ago .
    I wish i could find a teacher or pathway to become the different person you mention

  23. Laura Cain

    December 3, 2019 9:49 pm

    I'm only 1:04 in. And I had to stop. Just watching this lady her body language says "I know more than you, better than you, and I'm a good person for telling you about it." huge. Ego.

    If you're following your emotional guidance system ofc your life is going to change. If you clicked on this video I encourage you to go check out teal swan. She's quite a wealth of information. But similarly I won't lie, she has a bit of a big head too.

  24. Sunflower Shine

    December 4, 2019 2:54 am

    Yeah and if you even want to reconnect with that old reality ….. it makes you cringe t f out so bad and feel super grossed out and you can’t wait to gtfo of there.

  25. Deborah Lawson

    December 4, 2019 4:11 am

    My spiritual awakening has been going on since 1991. This ongoing awakening has assisted me in learning who I am suppose to be all along! It's brought about freedom, self confidence ad infinitum! Once I started on this journey what 'fell away' was unhealthy behaviours, self loathing, questioning, questioning, questioning. I'm now in the process of more growth. I still question but my questions have changed.The wonderful thing is I know I'm never alone! Thank you for this video.


    December 4, 2019 5:01 am

    Thank you so much, I burst into tears after a visit from our son & his girlfriend tonight. My Birthday is Friday Dec 6th and he is such a mama's boy, he had to do a separate visit apart from his siblings tonight. After my husband went to sleep and my son who's leaving soon again on duty, US ARMY, I went right on youtube asking WHY am I crying, isn't this SUPPOSED to feel BEAUTIFUL and I found YOU! Thank you🌬

  27. sen kurenai9264

    December 4, 2019 6:05 am

    Ive been dealing with thid since September when my guides were telling me to change my friendships, and i fought it. I started a depression that has lasted for 2 months until i moved into my dads home and i felt better but more so numb and there is this tree at my school that i have to pass by to get to all of my classes, and it just idk makes me feel safe and comfortable, like i can take on the world and come out alive, so i kinda just talk to it every day. But lately ive felt better but i have spells of numbness like im lost and i relly love my solitude a lot more when i used to hatd it

  28. Ayushi Chouhan

    December 6, 2019 11:05 am

    111 and this vedio, I've been seeing butterfly these days,she talked about butterfly…. synchronized?…. bottom line: I feel this vedio is a sign,I am disconnected from my reality, also manifestation is my game,omg I am crying,thankyou:)

  29. Abotha Mmunga

    December 6, 2019 4:40 pm

    Thank you Christina for the message, it located me to know how to handle the situation am currently facing…

  30. Gabriela Hemmie

    December 6, 2019 8:13 pm

    I started feeling disconnected around the end of 2017. When my birthday rolled around at the end of January, instead of being happy like I was every year to celebrate, I arrived to work in tears, not understanding why. I started to feel so disconnected from my longtime boyfriend who had taken me for granted over the last 12 years. I tried so hard to make it work for the son we share. From night to day I had to look for a new apartment, 2 of my dogs passed away, my mom moved to another state… things were changing so fast and the anxiety creeping up was unbearable. I meditated, I prayed and put myself into the universes hands. I surrendered and said I was open to whatever changes needed to happen. 2 months later by happenstance I met my current boyfriend who believe it or not, we'd connected on instagram a month before, but hadn't met. We met one day out of nowhere because he recognized me and sent me a snap. Things keep changing so fast and I feel guilty for wanting/needing to take care of myself first and foremost. And the anxiety… ugh. This video has truly shed light on my feelings and I am so grateful you put this out for us to see. Thank you Christina.

  31. Fred Eric

    December 8, 2019 4:20 am

    Get to know God, to understand His wisdom and why we are here, and you will never feel alone nor disconnected – disconnected from those who are asleep, but in communion with the search for the truth.
    If you experience depression, it’s God calling you, because you are fed up with lies and not knowing what is the truth nor the way, so search for the truth and you will find Him.

    He said it Himself, that those who are tired with him we find rest, He is the comforter, the life giver, the peace, the power and everything there is. Don’t listen to these false doctors and pathetic philosophers and shit talkers, there is no truth in them. This woman and her little laughs prove she has mental issues. She never talks about the truth, but of earthly things and the common « soul »/« energy » bullshit.

    God is found outside first off. In the natural things, in animals, so get outside to a comfortable place where you can be yourself, away from people and unnatural distractions, and contemplate, think, ask yourself questions, question the power in the highest place to give you insight and you will be answered.

    I experienced depression for about 5-6 years in my early 20s, only God and His wisdom could reassure me and comfort me, I’m out of depression, because i am at peace knowing the truth.

    Remember the truth is what sets a Man free.

    No need for long talks from people who look clearly out of reality, needless to say, dont listen to a woman for this, women are the craziest creatures on earth, that’s why since the beginning of times they had to shut up.
    But now they rebelled and look at the world ? Feminized left and right, crazier than ever, a total mess.
    The world began to fall faster with the « liberation of women » in the 1960s, this happened because after the wars young people got further and further away from tradition and belief, and gave into the drugs/economy stuff. Ever wondered why bankers and traders love cocaine ?

    The truth is people dont know where to look nor what is the way, but the way never changed, it has always been here for millenials.
    Do you know anything that transcended the test of time but the idea of God, the stories within it like Noah, like Moses, Jesus, the paraboles, the many writings from different people at different ages, all sharing the same source and giving glory to the one who created all things ?
    It will never change, because God doesn’t change first of all, but because the truth is ultimate, like the sky is blue and cannot be altered nor changed.

    Get back to your senses and begin to listen to the Creator, our Father.

    These false prophets cannot help with anything, they just confuse even further. Utterly useless speech.
    They claim they know and yet you see them blindfolded and with all sorts of neurosis telling you advices on what to do. But they dont even know where they are going, they dont even know what they are talking about, because there is only one who knows these things.
    Yes, the only real prophet, the only teacher, the only director, the only doctor, the truth is found in God ONLY, nowhere else and especially far from the lips of sinners.

    This woman knows what she is and what she’s trying to do here, and she is just misguiding lost sheep.
    Remember who is shephered people. Who claimed to have made the world and to be the shephered of men ? Who else ?

    What you need is simply the truth.

    Find God, ask yourself the right questions to begin with, it’s in each and everyone of us, HE IS in each and everyone of us, and if you are lost, it’s because HE IS CALLING YOU.

    Ever wondered why Adam and Eve where afraid being confused and knowing they were naked ? And who showed up first asking Adam where are you ? See this ? It came straight from the essence of Adam in his heart, he knew he had nowhere to go on his own, because outside and detached from God there is only despair and confusion.

    Time to lower yourself, know the time is at hand, it’s been in the air for years and everybody can feel it, as we get close to the end, He is calling everyone to get to know Him. Do it, you will find the way, the truth and the life for no one can be saved, or healed or reassured but by Him.

  32. kathleen Nabor Denten

    December 9, 2019 5:54 am

    Disconnected…painful illness took over me and my 20 year career and had to leave on disability.
    20 years and co workers were my family…they slowly disappeared.
    I am in groundedness now.
    Thanks for helping me understand whats going on .. synchronicities to speaking with higher self.. then that stopped…went right into dark night for a couple years..
    Yes lonely and lost but finding my way…I am AWAKE my ego is resting…finally!

  33. MindfulModern MusicTeaching95

    December 9, 2019 10:17 pm

    What if you financially can not afford to not resist? What if you won’t be able to pay your bill?

  34. Lau of Attraction Life Coaching

    December 10, 2019 10:55 am

    Plugged in to the old grid with a full time job after working a year on my business and now I am so unhappy and sick from anxiety and stress! I have quit my job and going to focus on my business in the new year! I have learnt this lesson the hard way – in phase 6 right now. Universe showed your channel to me yesterday and you are just what I need right now 💕🌻

  35. Kavita Pujari

    December 10, 2019 3:19 pm

    I'm Kavita ,from India I'm 21 yrs old now……in 2017 I got admission in med clg ….so 2017 was good…..then in 2018 , during summer time I had exams which I failed then in same yr during winter time again exams were there which again I failed ….like this my yr was bad…..then in 2019 starting 2 ,3 were okay but after that I got taunts and negative from my teachers and my classmates don't like to talk to me even now also ……in summer of this yr I failed in exams again ….still I didn't give up……then in the starting of dec month I felt something new inside me and I felt quite happy without any reason …..from sep or oct I'm seeing lot of repetitive numbers mainly 11:11, other numbers too ….but this 11:11 no.i see most of the times in a day …..but yesterday I got late in my exam due to train problem even when I gone early from home then my supervisor didn't give me allow to write exam ….I cried badly but after that when I tried to call my University to inform my situation that time I saw time 11:11 again …..but after I felt really disconnected from everyone including my family plus hopeless and suicidal thoughts …..I don't feel like what's my purpose ??why I am here ?I'm just giving pain to my family ….in this 2 yrs I just felt stuck and in darkness ….I didn't tell to my family that I got failed about 3 times plus yesterday onwards I'm feeling more lonely and no one is there to help me to understand me etc and this happened all of a sudden …..can you please tell me that I'm really going thru dark night of my soul or else it's just something else …..please Cristina help me out …….I don't know why is happening ……it's happening from last 2 yrs and feeling really stuck please help me out

  36. P

    December 10, 2019 7:40 pm

    Wow… I literally thought I was screwed emotionally and mentally. I've recently really been focused on law of attraction and manifestation and becoming aware of my mind. I had a daughter a year and a half ago. I was suppose to go back to work and I was just kind of accepting it. I had always said that I would be a stay at home mom so I was very unhappy when I was realizing that wasn't going to be my reality. And then one day, literally overnight, I woke up and said I'm going to quit my job! Some might say "well you made that decision" and although I did, it was almost as if it just happened… Because like I said, I had already kind of accepted the fact that I had to get back to grind and conform to society's ways. But like I said, one day, I woke up and I just said "nope, I'm staying home"… it was a major shock to the system. I quit my job literally yesterday and I am having that feeling of total disconnect. It's a strange feeling because this was something that I've always wanted and I expected to feel relief from this weight off my shoulders. But I feel kind of sad? Disconnected? It's very strange. Although, I keep telling myself something that I listened to in a lecture "sometimes you have to lose something in order to gain something"… And maybe I had to leave this job in order to gain whatever it is that's coming my way.

  37. Tammy harris

    December 11, 2019 5:06 am

    Thank you so much I have been discounted for 5years love and light omg thanks please email me I need a community……….

  38. Jack Lewis

    December 11, 2019 11:38 am

    Your videos have helped me so much to cope with people. I recently started dating and I found out my girlfriend has such a high sensitivity to empathic abilities that supersedes anyone that I have ever met. We were talking one night and she started crying and explained to me all of the emotions that I have. She has been so troubled by all of the flood of emotions since was 4 years old. I explained that I believe that she is empathic and I hope to have her watch your video. I want to thank you for your vast knowledge and ability to explain it in simple ways. I hope that she understands more after watching you and gains a friendship with you.

  39. Solitude LaFae

    December 12, 2019 6:47 am

    I’ve had this several times, but the last time…everything fell away…almost total isolation, almost 10 years now…doesn’t feel temporary. Just feels as if I’m not meant to be here at all.

  40. Courageous Agers

    December 12, 2019 4:23 pm

    This is one of the most life-changing teachings I've ever received. I'm so grateful to you Christina for the wisdom you've integrated and compassionately shared with all of us!

    Life looks very different for me from five years ago. Many of the changes, though not all, have been by "default" of transitioning from a mid-life person to one who would be considered a senior. Some of the things, I have chosen because it was time to shift. The result has been that I've made steps into new energies and better alignment, yet I've been trying to cling to the old. So, here I am again. It's been a circling, a "holding pattern". It's been a difficult, painful year and I'm determined not to return to the familiar if it's not supporting my evolution. But I've been suffering anxiety, sadness, loneliness; all the things you talked about.

    I had only a partial understanding of what has been going on. Now I have a much more thorough, deeper understanding which I know will help me not sink and not resist and "kick and scream", but rather, take courage. Deepest thanks, much love and blessings to you.

  41. Courageous Agers

    December 12, 2019 4:23 pm

    This is one of the most life-changing teachings I've ever received. I'm so grateful to you Christina for the wisdom you've integrated and compassionately shared with all of us!

    Life looks very different for me from five years ago. Many of the changes, though not all, have been by "default" of transitioning from a mid-life person to one who would be considered a senior. Some of the things, I have chosen because it was time to shift. The result has been that I've made steps into new energies and better alignment, yet I've been trying to cling to the old. So, here I am again. It's been a circling, a "holding pattern". It's been a difficult, painful year and I'm determined not to return to the familiar if it's not supporting my evolution. But I've been suffering anxiety, sadness, loneliness; all the things you talked about.

    I had only a partial understanding of what has been going on. Now I have a much more thorough, deeper understanding which I know will help me not sink and not resist and "kick and scream", but rather, take courage. Deepest thanks, much love and blessings to you.

  42. Tori Cunningham

    December 12, 2019 11:24 pm

    I became so depressed last year, this was years after I felt that I had experienced a spiritual awakening. After what I felt was my ‘awakening’, I thought as bad as things may ever get in the future, they could never be as bad as they were before that shift. But they did. I was suicidal, I couldn’t leave my room/bed. I quit my job. I gained 15kg in six months. I couldn’t talk to people. I ‘lost’ all of my friends that I had known for 10+ years. I deleted Facebook and Snapchat which I had always heavily relied on. I decided to move to a new state on the other side of the country without telling anyone except for my family.. I moved 3 times. I couldn’t figure out where home was. I was out of a job for almost 6 months. I had so many people gossiping about me but no one asking me anything personally. I started to feel like EVERYONE that I knew was fake. I’ve always valued honesty more than others but I just couldn’t get over how two faced everyone seemed to be and i felt like I was such a genuine person and no one around me found value in that and that there was no one else like me. I felt so isolated and alone because of this. I spent that time period in therapy.. I remember feeling like I wanted to be rid of all my past pain. The things that had hurt me most. I knew if I didn’t face them head on, they would continue to hold me back and hold me hostage in a life I didn’t want to live. I worked so hard and I’ve grown so much. As a person, I have changed, I feel more ‘me’.. authentic. But I look around and I don’t see others who are authentic. I see people who follow others. They are all the same and I feel an outcast. I feel so disconnected. Not in a depressing way. I just want a deep connection, to love and be loved in the most genuine way possible. I don’t have time for fake people. I feel alone but I can’t bring myself to spend time with shallow people for the sake of feeling like I have friends.

  43. sreedevi haridas

    December 13, 2019 10:32 am

    My friend send me this vedio.. My Heartfulness meditation helped me move beyond..I too have these disconnection,i learnt to embrace them lovingly, accept it, and move beyond.. thank you so much ,i still learnt a few things from this vedio..Love and gratitude 🙏😇love you too beautiful soul❤️❤️❤️💃

  44. Sheila Renee Middleton

    December 13, 2019 3:11 pm

    Hi Christine, first Thank you for following your dream. I am 59 years old and had my awaking start at 53 years old. I am disconnected from my family, I ended up moving to another state. Got lonely and allowed my ego to try and connect me with a family. What a hard life lesson that was for 4 months. I went through serious growth emotionally, and physically. I was physically ill for the 4 months this person lived with me. I got clarity on my role in the situation. This video is helping me understand the disconnect process. This was the first time I have ever been alone, lived alone and moved away from everything I knew. It has been a real growth experience. I have found you at the most perfect time in my life. I will be watching you for more clarity on this journey. Peace and Blessings.

  45. Ai

    December 13, 2019 4:13 pm

    Thank you so much. I am in the situation that I am not connected anywhere. I am lost, feel lonely and sad. I kept thinking why and insisting to be alright. But now I notice that I am in process to go up and improve the level of my life. I really appreciate your video. God bless you.

  46. Lisa Bäär

    December 13, 2019 6:22 pm

    I have the feeling, that since I began to think, I never was connected again. I´m afraid to share this all here, but I feel very alone since a loooong time.

  47. Marina Filfili

    December 14, 2019 2:51 am

    As i was watching this video i took a glance at the time and noticed it was 4:44.. I was here for confirmation i was actually being guided and when i googled 4:44 it legit said "its often your angel giving you a sign that they are with you, it's a number of protection and encouragement.." I teared up

  48. Kashu B

    December 14, 2019 7:28 am

    Thanks so much i was just drowning… clueless,sad and loneliness crying
    Feeling of the need of connecting back…bit scared to step out…move out from my comfort zone
    Bless You 🙏🏽😇


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