Simple Guided Meditation for Beginners: The Avocado Technique | Dhyanse

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So for today’s session all of you are
avocados. Just imagine that all of you are avocados, big avocados, small avocados,
male avocados, female avocados. Just imagine yourself that you are right now
sitting here avocados and there is a brown Indian
avocado sitting in front of you. Alright then a very warm welcome to
all of you in this meditation session that is happening every Monday from 7 to
8 p.m. I see there are quite some first-timers so I will take a moment to
introduce myself and tell you what we do here before we go into today’s session.
I’m known as Dhyanse in the meditation community. I’ve been myself
meditating for the last 25 years, as a daily practice not consistently 25 years.
I learned meditation from my father when I was 5 years old and at that time I did
not know what I was really learning but I kept that art with me as I grew up
with just like you having the normal education, the mainstream education, the
mainstream jobs. I lived my life exactly like each one of you with the only
difference that I kept on this art of meditation with me since the age of five
I practice every morning every evening one hour of meditation. So it has been
there in my life for forever and it has given me things which I cannot even
begin to describe. And I reach to a point with this art of meditation that I
realize I need to share it with people like you who are not necessarily wanting
to become monks or go to an ashram in India or go to Himalayas or things like
that. But rather want something that is more practical in your daily life and
yet authentic. One thing I noticed living for the last 10 years in Europe, in
Germany, Switzerland area that there are many many ways in which you can learn
meditation but either they are very religious in nature or they are very
superficial in nature. I found or I find it
difficult to have those ways in which it can be delivered, the authentic
meditation can be delivered to people with the lifestyle with a normal
lifestyle that we have. With that intention I started this group in
January this year in Basel. Now over the last six months, more than six months we
have been going on a journey where we learn authentic art of meditation which
is more contextualized to our lifestyles to the way we think about
things – which is not necessarily Indian which is not necessarily Western but
somewhere in the middle. What we do here is not a promotion for any religion, it’s
not a promotion for any cult any belief system. I am not affiliated to any
institution or any of that sort. So what I share with you is based on the wisdom
traditions of Yoga, Tantra and Zen and a bit of my creativity too to put that in
front of you in a way which is understandable and which is more relatable.
And in these sessions every time we try to approach the topic of
meditation from a different angle, from a different stream, from a different
approach simply because there is so much misunderstanding about this topic that
somebody says meditation is just sitting down and doing nothing and then you say
well that’s so boring why should I do that there is no point of
doing that in my life. Or somebody says it’s focusing on the
breath and there are many many more versions of it. So I try to give you a
taste of all of those in all these sessions as we proceed. If you move along
these in these meditation sessions every Monday there that are happening here one
thing that will happen is that you will make a habit out of it. That’s the
hardest part where to bring and integrate this into your life is very
very tricky because we always have many many things to do we don’t
and we don’t have space. So when you come here every Monday there is a certain
trigger you can relate to what you can take back from this session to your home,
what you can do on your daily basis and the second thing that will happen is
there will be more clarity on this topic of meditation which will also give you a
chance to do a bit of introspection. In these sessions we go from the surface of
relaxation to sometimes deep into spiritual topics and into introspection,
into ways in which we can give ourselves a moment out of our very very busy lives
to just sit down and understand ourselves a bit better, our mind, our body
our heart, our energies in the context of meditation. So in every session we do
something different and you might be wondering why is this avocado lying down
here. This is the theme of our session today.
It’s the avocado meditation. So for today’s session all of you are avocados.
Just imagine that all of you are avocados. Big avocados, small avocados
male avocados, female avocados just imagine yourself that you are right now
sitting here avocados and there is a brown Indian avocado sitting in front of
you. Why do we do that? We would do that to understand ourselves, our system and
use that understanding to move into meditation. When you look at avocado, the first thing that you see is that it has an outer shell. This shell
represents for you your personality, your outer covering, your skin, your ways in which you deal with other people, your culture, your language
your you know everything that helps you, everything that is utilitarian that you
use to interact with the outside world. And this is something that is just one
millimeter thick in you. Then if you open that up and I had cut this before it’s
no magic, you see there is a soft part inside. This is your experience. So when
you go from the surface down one millimeter down you come to something
that is what you eat in the avocado but for yourself is your experience of life.
It’s comprising of all your thoughts, all your emotions, all your ups and downs of
life, all the turmoils, all the happiness, sadness everything that you experience
is like the avocado which can be sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, sometimes
bitter, sometimes foul sometimes tasteless. And this is what is
comprising your entire experience of life. And at the moment the way you know
yourself, you know the outer surface which is helping you to interact with
the world your persona, your personality, your
gestures your hellos and hi’s and thank-yous and everything. And then what
you actually feel inside is your experience, the software experience which
not everybody knows of. You go through that all throughout your
life on your own. But you know only these two layers or these two things about
yourself you know the surface you know your experience of life. And I want you
to move from this type of avocado to this one. What is the difference between
these two? There is a seed in this. This seed, this core is something
that is also there in you but you have not discovered it yet. It’s something that
you ignore it, you don’t pay attention to it and in this analogy of
avocado this core is your pure being. This is what
actually who you are. Everything else is the experience of your life, the outer
shell this is all external, this is all about you. This is not you, what you are
is the center of it. With meditation we are not concerned with the
outer surface, we are not concerned with changing your personality, we are not
concerned with how you deal with people. We are not even concerned with the
fruit part of it. We are not concerned necessarily with your thoughts, your
emotions, your ups and downs of life. Meditation indirectly impacts that but
we are not concerned or we don’t work on it directly. What meditation is it’s
concerned with the core, it’s concerned with your pure being.
What is this pure being? This pure being is that infinite potential, that core of
silence, that pure awareness, that pure being,
that once you realize yourself as that pure being then the entire rest of
the experience of life this starts to harmonize. The part that you eat, the
part that you experience in life starts to harmonize and also then the external
layer how you deal with people, what persona you have, what clothes you’re
wearing and all that starts to not matter that much. It’s not that then
you change that it’s just that you are somewhat not over identified with it,
you’re not over identified with the outer, you’re not over identified with
the experiences of your life. The sadness, the happiness, the depression, the
excitement and so on and you settle yourself at the center.
And anytime in life where you feel that things are not working well you don’t
know what to do and we all have so many things which we cannot even share with
others and we have no solution to. When those moments are coming, your strategy
or your way is to come back to this core. To sit in silence, to sit in meditation
to sit in pure awareness in pure being and that gives you a refresh of energies.
That gives you again a perspective of clarity to deal with the experience of
life, to deal with the outer. Now how to reach to this core? We do this in
this session today as a meditation technique. The way to do that is to free
up your awareness to realize this core. So we will start from the outside, we
will start from taking your awareness to the external surroundings, to the sounds
that you hear outside, to the the body posture that you have – anything that is
that is external that is outside you. You will close your eyes and you will become
aware of all that is happening first so that you can come here in the moment in
the now. Then as a next step we will go into taking our awareness to our inner
layer of our mind. We will try to observe what are the thoughts that are
constantly going on in our head. How are we feeling right now?
Are we feeling happy in this moment, are we feeling sad are we feeling angry, are
we feeling why am I here, are we feeling good? So we will just become aware of it.
In this entire process we will not interfere with any of the thoughts, we
will not interfere with anything that we become aware of. We will simply remain
aware as a very neutral person. Think of yourself as somebody very neutral
looking at all these things just remaining aware of.
In these two phases of meditation you’re aware of some object. So your awareness
is about something. In the first phase when you are aware of external
surroundings, that awareness is about the external environment about the sounds
that you hear, about the sense of being here, about the air that you feel on your
skin and the sensations in your body and so on. Then when you go to the phase to
where you are observing and becoming aware of your thoughts of your emotions
of your inner space that is also awareness of something. In the third
phase we will move on to just becoming aware and just remaining aware and
removing all the objects from it. There is no object that we will keep our
awareness on. We will simply sit in silence at rest and remain aware. When you do
that you will see that things will slowly start to converge, you will start
to settle down, your energies will start to settle down you will feel much more
centered and the more you allow that the more you sit in this silence in this
pure awareness the more is this taste of pure being that starts to appear in
front of you. It’s not a visualization, you can call it an experience. Although
it even goes beyond by experience but for simplicity sake you can think of it
as an experience. I will guide you through this process. It’s very simple. We
will go from the outer, so from becoming aware of the surroundings, becoming aware
of the noises that you hear then we will go slowly to the inner experiences of
what you are thinking at the moment. What kind of emotions are there in your
Innerspace anything any sensation that you feel become aware of all that, notice
all that observe all that just take a note of it. You don’t have to do anything
about it, you don’t have to wrestle with it and then we are ready to just sit in
silence in pure awareness in pure being. Any questions? Before we start
is it clear the sequence? Alright then I’ll put the avocado back for later. Close your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths. Inhale and
exhale and allow your body to relax. Take another deep breath. And allow your body to completely come
to rest. Keep your back straight. Not too stiff, not too loose just in the
middle relaxed. Allow yourself to breathe in and out
very normally as you always do. Relax your face, your shoulders, your hands, and just become aware of the
surroundings. Listen to the noises. The sound of the tram, sound of the movements, simply remain aware of your surroundings. Allow your body to come to rest and your
mind to settle in this awareness of the surroundings. As you do that keep on breathing very
naturally and normally. Become aware of your body, of your
posture how you’re sitting on the mat right now. Free up your awareness from everything
else and just remain aware of your body. Keep on breathing very normally and
naturally. Now bring your awareness to your inner
space and observe all the thoughts that are there in your inner space. Just observe whatever is going on in
your mind. Don’t interfere with it just remain aware of all that is going
on in your mind. Become aware of your feelings. How are you feeling right now? Become
aware, don’t judge don’t interfere simply remain aware of how are you feeling
right now. Allow yourself to rest fully observe all
that is happening in your Inner space. Let the thoughts come and go. Don’t
interfere with them. Only observe all that is happening. Give yourself time for your awareness to
settle. Allow yourself to settle in this
awareness. And slowly take all the objects away
from your awareness. Simply stay in awareness. For the next minutes forget everything
else and simply stay in awareness. Remain completely silent and aware. Allow yourself to rest in this pure
awareness. Without any object. No more movement. Maintain the state of silent awareness
for a couple of minutes. This restful awareness is your default
State. Allow yourself to settle in it. If you want you can stay with your eyes
closed in the state for a few more minutes or simply very gently you may
open your eyes. If you like you can stretch your body. Now this last part of the session is for
sharing our experiences, our questions if you didn’t like something about the
session, if you like something, if you face difficulty in sitting with your
posture, if you face difficulty concentrating or remaining aware of
something or you find something intriguing about when you are in this
awareness of yourself of your mind of your thoughts anything that you
would like to share or have questions we take now a couple of more minutes. Yeah there is somebody living over there
and on this side so you can actually open the door and ask them to stop
the dishwasher or something like that. Anything that you guys felt went
through which you think is not clear enough which is you know I don’t want
you to leave the session with some questions in your mind that you did
something you didn’t understand or was not working for you anything? Anybody? Yes. Yeah sure first of all you might notice
that I’m kind of forcing you to sit for so long it’s because when you would sit
at home you would probably not sit for more than 10 15 20 minutes like that and
in here when you are stretching that first of all in the talk then in the
sitting in silence it will you know give you more experience. Yes so I’m
coming to that so that’s point number one but yes it’s a very
genuine problem or thing that everyone faces unless there is some specific body
problem, a structural problem that you know either the leg has fallen asleep
or there is pain in the leg or there is, you just find it difficult to sit in
cross-legged posture. The easier solution is to not sit in the cross-legged
posture, to sit next to the wall, to sit in a posture that is comfortable for you
that’s the easiest solution to it. But you will see that as you are
meditating more, as you are spending more time in sitting in silence so like
you now sit every day 20 minutes, you would feel that this is the only posture
in which you can actually sit for longer than a certain amount of time. So the
posture that you would hate would become your friend. You would like that posture,
there is a reason why this cross-legged posture has been so emphasized in
meditation. It does not mean that you can only meditate like this, it only means
that this is one of those structural positions of the body in which you can
sit for 1 hour 2 hour 3 hour provided you have practice, provided you have a
certain experience with it that you can allow yourself to be completely free of
the body. So that state is something that you
at some point of time hopefully we’ll reach to, if not you can sit on a chair
keep your back straight. The one point to remember is to sit in a way
which is easier for you so that you can move away, move somewhere where your
awareness to the mind your awareness to the practice and not constantly your
awareness on the pain that you have somewhere in your body. So that’s
one thing and the last thing is which is more like an announcement. I have recognized
this problem for quite a while so I’m almost that close to coming up
with cushions that are exactly helping you to sit in in a certain way which is
giving you that structural support, that your leg is not falling asleep. So i am still
designing the prototype and it’s still in the.. as well there the foot is
different parts. That’s something which I think if it’s the least of problems to
to sit in an easy way but well thanks. Anything else? Yes That’s the tricky part to put it
into words because we are constantly programmed to have our awareness on
something so you always have the subject and the object. That’s how our mind is
wired to perceive things as the subject and the object. As somebody who’s
observing and something that is being observed is something that is having the
awareness of something and this is what meditation is when slowly this
object starts to disappear or you can release yourself out of this concept or
in other words your awareness is not trying to find something to focus on
it just settles on its own. And when it settles on its own there is just
awareness there’s no other way to describe this sentence, describe this
experience. Still not. It’s still yes focusing on the breath awareness on
your body awareness on your breath awareness on any object all these are
ways all these are techniques all these are ways to allow yourself first of all
come out of your awareness being at a thousand places to at one place. And that
can be achieved by having the awareness on the breath or awareness on you
know today we went from outside to inside so that the movement of awareness
was external then coming down to internal and then to pure awareness. But
it could simply you could also do which is the most famous meditation to simply
bring your awareness to the breath that allows you to first of all let it settle
on one thing but eventually the goal is to also move away from that
object. And that happens almost naturally you don’t have to do it. Today in the
session I’m emphasizing for you to do it so that you at least get a sense of what
I’m saying or what the experience could look like, maybe it’s not hundred percent
clear but this happens on its own when your mind is one-pointed, when your
awareness is not scattered when it’s at one place and then it slowly starts
to lose the object as well. But this happens naturally it takes a bit of
practice a bit of time and this is the state of what people call as blissful
state or complete rest or you know complete silence, Zen state zero state
emptiness so many names to one state which is pure awareness of nothing but
everything. No object ,simply the subject is the object, the object is the subject
and so you can you know spin the words in many different ways. But the
experience the taste of it is the moment you know it, the moment you experience it
you will know what I’m talking about. Yes.. Yes yeah we.. about to.. Yeah I mean
today we sat in meditation for more than like 25 minutes that’s already pretty
long for some of you who are not having a regular practice of it so it’s very
good that you survive that somehow. I sit every morning for one hour, every evening
for an hour and the whole pitch here is that if you can touch this state,
this experience on daily basis it just completely gives you a refresh
on everything like no matter you have whatever going on in your life in any
aspect you come back to this zero state and then go back into the world, go back
into your experiences, go back into dealing with everything else and it just
enables you and empowers you in a completely different way. That’s the core,
the gist of meditation. The interpretations are many, people use it
to or people go on a journey on a spiritual journey to find themselves to
find God to find enlightenment and so on these are all interpretations of things
but the core of it is so simple. It’s you in awareness at rest without being
involved with anything. Any last comments questions? In that case I wish you a very nice week.
Thanks a lot for joining me in this session. I hope you got something for
yourself out of it for your daily life from this session and I hope to see
you in in these sessions which are happening every Monday so if you
have time if you are interested in this journey with me
I’ll be more than happy to support you. If you have any questions anytime
not now outside if you want to discuss with me in person I’m always available.
Please write to me I mean it’s not that difficult to
find my contact it’s over there thanks a lot
and enjoy the rest of the evening I’m sure some of you will go to inflows I
will see you there as well if you were there thanks a lot have a nice evening.


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