Simple Meditation: stop & awaken to radiant aliveness | Jon Bernie

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[meditation bell] And that’s why sitting–what people sometimes call “meditation,” (I like to call it sitting or just being here) –is the
easiest way to wake up for many people. Because you’re not going somewhere or
coming from somewhere, you’re actually…stopped. And I’m sure you notice if you stop, that there may
be other movement that continues, kinda like when you stop at a stop sign and your
body continues to go forward into the seat belt. So you stop and the mind might
keep moving, the body’s energies are moving, sensations, feelings, emotions, imagery. Or maybe you’re not caught in any of that and you’re just this pure energy happening. And even that’s totally alive, radiant and vibrant. So when we sit and find true effortless, balanced Stillness, we simultaneously are available to discover the
movement that is always happening. The radiance of the light. And, we realize that we are that. [meditation bell]


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