Simple Meditation Techniques : Art Meditation


Alright, this meditation is lots and lots
of fun. This is an art meditation. I like to do collages, especially when you’re meditating
on an issue. Or a challenge that has come up in my life. And I need to find an answer
to a question. Or when I feel like, I’m energetically stuck, somehow. And I need to break through
that. I want to discover cycles or circles or patterns of thought. Or coincidences, things
that the universe is trying to tell me. That are coming into my consciousness. I use this
meditation. I’ve got lots of props. So I’ve got tons of old magazines, I’ve got scissors
and glue. We’re going to do some old fashion cutting and pasting. I’m going to use purple
construction paper. I like purple because violet is really a great color. If you’re
trying to the energy or the aura of something. I’m going to sit here, for a second. And I’m
going to take a few breaths, as I flip through these. Seeing what kind of images, jump out
at me. Thinking a little bit about my, my query or my issue. Then I’m just going to
start cutting. I’m going to start cutting images that catch my eye. Or they seem as
though, they’re speaking to me in some way. Let’s see, I’m going to look through one of
these other. One of these other gals. What is this? Where did I get? What did I get here?
And I’m just going to keep doing this. I’m going to do it old school. Any words, any
words that happen to jump off the page, at you. Maybe you need to meditate on those words.
Just let the breath find you here, as you sit. And cut your words out. You do this whole
thing, right? Any images that happen, you can also use markers or pencils or whatever
you want to draw. In and around these images that you cut from magazines. You can do this
meditation, over and over. It’s highly effective, if you do this meditation everyday, for a
week. Put all your collages, up on the wall. And then, meditate on that visual image of
all these collages. See if an answer, doesn’t occur to you. So this is what I just made
in my art meditation, that I did very quickly. And just, maybe five minutes. The images that
jumped out at me, were images of watches. So I’m thinking that maybe something might
be coming on my life right now. That has to do with time. Either my management of time
or time on a more universal scale. My, me getting older, I don’t know . I’m thirty this
year. What’s happening? Also the word classics, the word infinity. And this image that I saw
right here, of a polar bear rolling on the ice. Maybe, I’m thinking about environmentalism.
Maybe, I’m thinking about traditionalism. I don’t know. These might be a mode of thought,
that I might be stuck in. That I might want to acknowledge. You try your own and see what
comes up.


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