Simple Meditation Techniques : Deciding to Do Meditation

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Hi! Many people are intimidated by the thought
of meditation. They don’t really understand a lot about what it means exactly and they
kind of just conjure up images of monks chanting, sitting very still for hours and then which,
it’s painful and boring and really not something you could even possibly think about with your
life and everything you got going on. The way we live especially in Western society,
days of multi-tasking and you know, doing eleventy million things at once trying to
make ends meet and just living our lives, children and jobs and everything else that
we do make the thought of sitting still for an hour a day and doing absolutely nothing
seem laughable at best, but definitely completely out of the question. The thing is, is that,
with meditation, you can make your life better. You can improve concentration and focus which
improves your job performance and your performance as a parent or partner. You can also get better
sleep. You can feel better, you can learn to quiet your mind, all that chatter, all
those outside influences that we get everyday. You can learn to live inside your mind and
make it a place that you enjoy, so that then you can enjoy the outside world more fully.
In these videos we’re going to talk about some techniques for meditation, some traditional,
some not so traditional, but they’re all very valid ways to get yourself into that space.
So I hope you enjoy and I hope you feel better.


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