Sixteen points 15. The Importance of Collective Meditation


Namaskar. The 14th point of 16 points
is called Dharmacakra. The term was introduced about
2500 years ago by Lord Buddha. And it means… Dharma is spirituality, and cakra is circle or nucleus. So in the context of 16 points, Dharmacakra means
collective meditation. The word describes a proper, a certain way to do collective meditation. But before I go there I’d like
to discuss the word, the concept of dharma a little bit more. So what is dharma? Dharma is the very essential
characteristic of the object. For example how do we
know that this is water? There is water flowing in the river. And I know water is there.
So how do I know it is the water? The water is liquid, the water can dissolve things. It has certain taste, and it has a number of characteristics,
a number of qualities. If it becomes below zero,
it will become hard. If it will become above
100°C, it becomes vapor. So by all of those characteristics, if I lay forward all of those
characteristics before a person, the person will know “Oh this is water.
You are talking about water.” Similarly fire. Fire is something
which burns things to ashes. There’s a process of oxygenation, chemical reaction and as a
result most of the things is no more and a little
bit of ashes are there. And the heat is produced. So we say it is fire. So those characteristics of
objects they’re called dharmas. They are essential characteristics,
and without them… For example if this water wouldn’t be flowing, if it would be just very hard
at the normal temperature I wouldn’t say it it was water
I would say it’s rock actually. It is not the water. So that essential characteristic
of the object is called Dharma. And there are three types of dharmas. One is called vastu dharma. And the physical science, the material
science studies the vastu dharma. What are the qualities of oxygen? What are the qualities of hydrogen? And how they mix, how
they react with each other? How to produce new materials? All those studies they are in
the framework of vastu dharma, the dharma of non-living things. Then there’s another one called jaevii dharma. Dharma of living things. What a rabbit needs to survive? What kind of food the rabbit eats? What kind of environment we need to create for that rabbit to prosper
and multiply and to… And we study all the characteristics. And then also we study the
psychology of living things. Those are the emotions of the horse, those are emotions of the birds. Those are intellectual
capacities of the dog and the parrots and the
human beings also. Human beings we have our biology. And the human beings
we have our psychology. And this jaevii dharma,
the very, very basic, which is common to all is ahara, nidra, bhaya, maethuna. The eating instinct, sleeping instinct, fear instinct, and procreation instinct. Those are very, like the basic psychology
of all living things, common to all. And then that common psychology it develops and it manifests as a multifarious instinctive
and emotional expressions. Through difference in those expressions we understand a different species. We understand the different humors
also, different psychologies. So that is jaevii dharma. To understand the psychology and
understand the biology of living things. And then there is something
very special to humans. Is the dharma not of human body, and not of human mind, but of the human consciousness. Which is reflected in human
mind and human body. And that special dharma, special characteristic of
human consciousness is called Manava dharma, human dharma Or another name bhagavad dharma,
bhagavad means divine dharma. Because the true humanity is divinity. To become divine you have
to become true human. So that is Manava dharma
or bhagavad dharma. So this Dharmacakra is about cultivating the Manava dharma, the
bhagavad dharma in ourselves. To find what really makes us human. Am I human because I’m eating? Am I human because I’m sleeping? Am I human because I’m doing business? Am I human because I’m making money? Am I human because I’m intellectual? No there is something, something because the dog is also intellectual. Though less intellectual than the human,
but still intellectual. Still there is a thinking process.
In the monkey also. So how we are different
from those creatures? What is the special gift, what is the special endowment
of a human being? And how to develop and
how to cultivate it? That is dharmacakra. So human dharma actually I should record one entire big lecture on the topic of dharma. But just shortly I will say. The human dharma is about four spiritual or in divine instincts. Just like there is a physical instinct. To eat, to sleep, to procreate and to fear. So likewise there are four divine instincts. The first one is to expand. There is this feeling for expansion. When this feeling is directed towards the physical realm it becomes greed. Like animals they have greed but
not so much as human beings. They will eat and they will sleep. They don’t have to accumulate all the food, all the land of the earth
to become complete. Because they just use what they need. And they don’t aspire for more. But human being is a different story. We approach very near to consciousness. And the contact of human mind
with consciousness is very, very tight. The consciousness is infinite. And that consciousness
inspires human mind. And we feel, internally we feel that we are actually infinite. There is infinite thirst and infinite capacity,
infinite potential within us. So we long for expansion. To become what we really are. I’m not satisfied with this much. I have done this experiment
so many times during my off-line lectures I would ask people “So what do you want?” Different ideas. And then I ask
“You want health but what for? “OK you want money but what for? OK you want harmony but what for? OK you want to have good
relationship but what for?” Finally we would arrive
“Oh we want happiness.” Then I would say “OK very fine. We all want happiness. But how
much happiness do we want? Is it okay this much? If I give you this much is enough?” “No no”. Ok this much? This much? This much?” And then finally as we play people realize that actually it will never be enough. Because there is only happiness
when there is an increase. At the moment of increasing
you feel “Oh that was good.” But already very next second you think “Actually it’s a little bit it’s not, just a little more
and it will be enough.” So that instinct for the expansion,
that greed within us is actually the first divine characteristic. We are so greedy because we are so divine. That is why. Because we feel
the thirst of consciousness. The consciousness aspires to return home. To become as it is– infinite. And then we try to fulfill that thirst by taking the limited objects and throwing them into ourself. But it doesn’t matter how much we throw. We can throw the cars, we can throw people, we can throw
projects, we can throw so many things. But that emptiness which
is within is not filled up. And we still feel empty,
we still feel hungry. We still feel thirsty. So the expansion is the first characteristic. We must expand. And dharmic way the human way, the harmonious way is to let go of the expansion
in the physical realm. We don’t need to expand
in the physical realm. I don’t need to expand
so much in the psychic realm. The physical realm is limited. If I expand too much, if I get
that much money per month then maybe somebody may have
to live with this much. You know this accumulation of the
resources of the planet is limited. So I have to understand what is
my allotted share on this planet. Capitalism doesn’t agree with that. Capitalism believes in the growth economy, which is destroying our planet. Because we don’t want to accept that there is a certain share
for me of the resources on the planet and I feel that I deserve more and I need more. And that cannot be stopped because if we try to suppress people then
there will be a reaction within. Like Communism, they
tried to suppress the people, but there was no happiness also. So this cannot be done through force. This cannot be done through preaching. Because people still feel that thirst within. It can only be done when this thirst for infinity is satisfied elsewhere. The intellectual realm. If you acquire intellectual capacity,
capability you’re not depriving anybody. The intellectual realm is much vaster. And by acquiring intellectual
property in your mind, by acquiring knowledge, by acquiring wisdom, you are not depriving anybody from their due, from their resources. So everybody can acquire
as much knowledge as much of intellectual power as possible. And it’s OK. But, when you move in that
realm of intellectuality you find that there is this, the wall. You are there but you’re not getting
actually infinite. You still understand this knowledge is–the more I know, the more
I know that I don’t know. So intellect at one point it surrenders. It understands “I cannot know everything. I cannot acquire everything of this intellectual realm.” So then there is another
awakening happens. You understand that your
intellect is still limited. But then there’s something
really unlimited. and that is the spiritual sphere. Spiritual domain. And through that, by merging in that spiritual stance, I will truly become infinite. So when the thirst is redirected there it solves all the problems of humanity. You become finally happy and
you become finally satisfied. So to cultivate that urge for expansion to direct it properly into the spiritual realm you do the practice of
collective meditation. Because it refreshes, it awakens you. If the collective meditation is not done, or other things like Yama
and Niyama and meditation then you forget that inspirative
goal of the consciousness. And you start to direct your thirst in the material world. And then it turns–the divine spoils. The milk becomes sour milk. and it becomes greed, just greed. And it brings suffering in life. So to redirect the emotions
into the highest expression we do dharmacakra. So this is one thing. Another thing when the mind expands the wavelength of the mind expands. When the mind is small,
it cannot understand large. But when the mind enlarges it can grasp the largeness of the cosmic. So when you expand you come in resonance,
you come in tune in the same dance. You dance with the cosmic flow. Maybe not with the highest
waves of the cosmic flow. But with certain waves of the cosmic flow. There are a multitude of waves. It starts the “bhava” from the lower and then
go higher, higher, higher, higher. So when you dance
with the cosmic wave, when your mind is in that rhythm, you experience it as a joy and bliss. And that is a special taste. So the name for the second characteristic of the human dharma is “rasa”. Rasa means taste. Rasa means flow. You are enjoying the taste of the divine. So to come together to enjoy the taste to enjoy that bliss,
to enjoy that atmosphere is also a part of collective meditation process. Then there is “Seva”. Seva is to do something noble. It actually is our need, it is our need. We all want to be recognized. That this person is a respectable man, is a respectable woman. He does something noble,
he does something great for society. So that need is there. “I want to be useful. I want to do something for others.” Actually there is this confusion. Because we are brought up
with this idea of selfishness. That “I should do something for myself. And better I am, the happier I will be.” But this is a misconception. Because human beings are truly happy when they serve others,
when they help others. When they try to uplift others.
To uplift the entire humanity. To uplift the entire society. So another portion of
dharmacakra is to unite with other people and to create chemistry, to create a platform for service. To discuss “how we can help other beings? What we can do collectively?
What projects we can start? What service we can do to help others?” So that is also. So seva is selfless service. It means I’m not doing something,
because I’m getting money for that. But I’m doing something because I truly want to contribute to the welfare of humanity. That is another portion. And when these three are followed– You are making effort to expand your mind. And when you repeat mantra,
this is what happens. The rhythm of the mantra will
just expand the wave of the mind. And especially when you do
it collectively with others there will be this atmosphere created and there will be so many
doors and windows of the mind open. You will just see the
world with different eyes. After collective meditation this is how I feel. So many doors and windows open and you peer into another
dimension of reality. And it’s a beautiful thing. So regular practice of that expands the
mind to become different person. And then secondly due to expansion the bliss occurs. You experience devotion.
You experience divine love. And you experience that taste of ecstacy. This is another thing. And then finally service. We are together. Let us do something good for others. “First let me serve these people. My brothers in meditation. My sisters in meditation. Let me bring something,
let me cook the food for them. Let me prepare a poem. Let me prepare a speech,
a presentation, something. Let me make this event of
collective meditation colorful.” So I’m serving first this
small company around me. And then when everybody
tries to serve each other when everybody comes with the idea. Like some people they say
“Oh I don’t go for collective meditation because at home I feel better concentration.” It happens because collective
meditation creates such a powerful vibration that it will straighten the mind and it will start removing different
distortions from the mind. And when it happens you
subjectively experience it as many, many thoughts
arising just like bubbles. If you take the bottle of carbonated water And you hit it like this then
the bubbles brrrrr…..will come. So with a collective meditation
it’s just like “bang” And then all the bubbles
from the subconscious unconscious mind they all rise and the person experiences, “Oh this is very hard to concentrate
during collective meditation.” Sometimes it happens. But later on as you progress with
your practice, you enjoy the beauty. But people say “Oh actually I feel better
to do meditation at home, it’s good, I’m good, I don’t need
to have this Collective meditation. But that is against the spirit of dharma. You believe you feel that, “If I’m going to go there I am going to serve, even with my energy,
even with my vibration I’m going to help others to
progress on the spiritual path. I’m not going for myself,
I’m going for others. Let me bring something.
Instead of thinking, instead of hoping to get something
let me bring something, let me give something.” And with this ideation
when everybody comes wanting to contribute, it becomes heaven. It becomes a heavenly atmosphere. And then once the opportunity to serve within that small circle is no more, you try to find opening to another larger amount of people and try to give something of your love to them by feeding people, by whatever is necessary in the location. Like for example in the
countries which are struggling In the physical realm, it is good to make food and give to the
people who have not eaten. Or you can find. And then in the developed societies
there are many psychological problems. And need to serve by giving yoga
classes, by teaching meditation. And by creating the work opportunities which are satisfying for the soul. By caring for ecology, by cleaning the environment,
there are so many ways to serve. So these people when they meditate
together they draw the inspiration out of love. When you get the
feeling of bliss in your mind then you’re overflowing with that bliss. And when you cannot
hold it anymore within, and when you want to share
that bliss with others that is called love. Just like a cloud it’s full of water and cannot hold anymore and pours with that water
down that water flows. So when you have that inner fullness. And out of that fullness, you act
and you share, that is called love. So that love is the part of spirituality. First create that love, then share that love. And then when you follow
these three- expand your mind, be in the state of bliss, enjoy the taste. It’s very, very important. In mysticism it’s not books, it’s not that what you read intellectually, but it’s the divine atmosphere,
the divine flow that you are enjoying the new world. This is what is important. And you create that atmosphere,
and you enjoy in that. And then finally you do service.
You give yourself to others So these three if you follow,
then fourth happens. Fourth is so called “Tadsthiti” Or “that state.” Is when you become one with God. So by virtue of these three. This human dharma. It’s so interesting. It’s so inspiring actually. When you fulfill the three instincts, the fourth is fulfilled. The fourth is that you feel one with God. Not only you. But also other people feel
that you are one with God. Because of your ideation,
because of your inspiration. Because of your genuinity. So when you do proper Dharmacakra Then other people start to perceive that energy within you which is so precious. And the world is so thirsty
for that spiritual energy. For the touch of spirituality. OK now let me finish little more time. Dharmacakra is the practice
of collective meditation. You come together, you sing together. In some other video I will explain
the process how it is done. You sing together Kiirtan,
Lalita Marmika. Do the dance. Sing Baba Nam Kevalam.
And after that preparation you sit and then you sing the mantra called “Samgachadvam” and we’ll explain some other time. Then you meditate. Then you sing the mantra
“Nityam Shudham” And then you do the process
of Guru puja. I will explain also later. And then you read some spiritual books. And you talk, you have
a discussion on spirituality. Maybe share a meal. This is it. But what happens?
When so many minds they focus on one idea, it becomes a resonance. Everyone starts to resonate with
this vibrational field created. And when you enter
that vibrational field, you’re immediately getting elevated. One time I was in India. I was very sick. The first time in India during one month, maybe five times sick. And I was very sick. So much fever, and running nose, I felt very bad. And I was walking by,
there was one place In Ananda Nagar in India. And there was one place
where my brothers and sisters, they were doing Akhanda Kiirtan. It’s the practice of long
singing of the mantra. And it was so beautiful, so charming. I felt “OK I will go just five minutes. Enjoy a little bit of that, because
I feel so bad I need to rest. But I will go there for five minutes.” So I went there. And they were playing full like It’s like a flow of I don’t know what– the flow of light, And then I entered there, put my arms up and I went, for another three
hours, I just was lost there. Then after three hours I feel I’m actually not sick I’m healthy, “What happened? How is this?” Because I was just like.. I was sucked into this world of divine ideation and I was crying, I was laughing, it was so Incredibly beautiful and unforgettable. So this is Dharmacakra. The resonance that everybody– You, you, you, you, everybody. Maybe I’m one year practitioner Maybe I’m 20 years practitioner. But when we are uniting in one flow everyone thinking about the same, everyone ideating the same Consciousness. The field is created which elevates everybody. That is dharmacakra. So it is advised, dharmacakra is just like– I don’t know if you have
the habit of going to sauna. I’m living in a cold place. It is very cold in the winter sometimes -30C. And there is this sauna; the place
you heat it, is very hot. And you go there and you stay
in one hundred degrees almost boiling temperature. And you make yourself very, very hot. So after sauna your body is very hot. And then you come out. Outside which is -30. But your body is so hot. That you are enjoying that cold. You are there and the body is just steaming. And you’re not feeling cold at all. And for sometime,
maybe for 10, 15 minutes you’re not going to feel
cold it’s just your ah…. So I’m comparing that with the
effect of collective meditation. We live in society. Whenever we meet a person, when we talk,
we exchange our energies. And then sometimes we feel
tired from people. Some people are positive and after talking with them we feel charged,
and some people are very superficial at the materialistic level. And after talking with them we feel like a….a…a…a… I need to sleep, I need to rest and we feel like we are losing the energy. So it is a common problem
for the meditator. You elevate your mind and then you go to the world and you lose everything of that . And then how to do? If for example
your environment, if your colleague, if your
relatives, if your friends, they are not at that frequency,
what to do? There are two options;
one option is to sever the relationship and this is not option. If you drop them, if you leave them, It is not very spiritual actually. But they suck your blood. Then what to do? Then you
need to have a lot of energy for yourself and for everybody. So collective meditation is such a practice. You do it once a week and then you get so much energy. That entire week just like after sauna for 15 minutes you don’t feel cold. So for entire week you don’t feel cold. You don’t lose inspiration in meditation. Your inspired to do meditation,
you want to wake up early. You want to sit and you want to progress in meditation.
This is the sign that you have enough of spiritual energy. And when you force yourself to meditate “Oh I must meditate.” It means already you have been
bankrupted. And it means that you need urgently that you have to
attend collective meditation. So once a week that effect lasts. Actually if you are careful. When I
started we were doing collective meditation twice a week. And from Sunday to Wednesday It was OK. But from Wednesday to Sunday I was feeling like
“Ah, another day, another day. Somehow I’m already losing
inspiration in my meditation. I just need collective meditation.” And then after collective meditation, aaw…. Now another three days I’m fine I’m good. But then later on it became OK. Just once a week, if I do it’s fine for me. So it is very important to do collective meditation,
to do dharmacakra Cakra is circle. So circle of people who remind you. The practice in such a circle where you cultivate your divine qualities. Maybe you have forgotten
that you are divine. maybe you have remembered your psychological needs, biological needs. But you’re not remembering spiritual need. So in Dharmacakra you revive that divinity, you revive that humanity. And you remember
“These are my needs.” Not only you remember intellectually,
but you feel the desire. “I want to succeed in spirituality.” And that inspiration is everything. If you have, you have everything. So that is Dharmacakra. There is nothing more
important in human life, to do twice a day individual meditation. To do once a week collective meditation. And to do once in three months
or maybe once in six months a big collective meditation which is like three days retreat, three days seminar. When you are four, five times per day,
you are doing meditation together. Maybe 100 people together,
maybe 300 people together. You are meditating together and
creating that huge stock of spiritual energy. So in that rhythm if you
move, you’re never going to lose inspiration. You always be fresh. You’ll always be just inspired. So that is the very secret part of success in spiritual life. And many people they don’t understand. Even when I initiate people,
when I teach meditation, I say “You can see that you need
to do collective meditation.” “Oh yeah, yeah.” And then next time I meet
“Oh I don’t feel inspiration. Oh it’s very much struggle.” “I told you you do collective meditation. Because if you do, you don’t
have these struggles, you don’t
have these difficulties. You just always feel inspired.” And you don’t understand
why this is not why he is not Inspired. Why she is not inspired. Because they’re not doing
the thing that they need. They’re not fulfilling their spiritual need. So I will try to elaborate more,
because it becomes very long video now. I will try to elaborate more
and explain the procedure of collective meditation
in the further videos. So thank you very much for your attention and I hope that there is now understanding of this dharmacakra. Thank you. Namaskar.


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