Sleep Hypnosis For Inner Peace | Healing Your Mind Soul and Body | Australian Mathew King

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Welcome to your hypnosis session. I am Matthew King who will be guiding you
through this deep relaxation session to heal your mind, soul and body. Firstly, please turn off or silence your cell
phone and anything else that may interrupt this session. Find a comfortable position either seated
or lying down. Whichever is better for you. If you feel the need to cough or move that
is OK. Attempt not to fight or suppress anything
you are feeling. If possible keep your legs and arms uncrossed,
and if you have glasses on please remove them. Hypnosis is a perfectly safe process. You will enter a state of increased relaxation
and focus, but you will be in control the whole time. If you want to, you can close your eyes now. To begin please place one or both hands over
your heart – or another place that feels soothing to you. Give yourself a warm feeling of appreciation. Take 3 relaxing, deep breaths. While you do see if you can give yourself
a feeling of affection. Now place your hands back at your side. Now we will focus on your breaths by taking
5 deep, slow in and out breaths. Come into the present moment and notice only
your breath. As you breath in look to bring in the sensation
of gratitude, love and kindness towards yourself. As you breathe out let go of any regrets of
the past or worries about the future. So on the in-breathe feel a sensation of appreciation
for yourself. Compassion. Being nice to yourself. On the out breath let go of any stresses you
may be experiencing. Enjoy these few breaths as you begin to relax. Feel a deep, warm sense of relaxation come
over you. Bring attention to your head, jaw and neck. Notice any tension you may be holding. Allow that tension to soften. If you notice any pain then bring kindness
and love to this part of your body. Allow your neck, jaw and head to soften…
bring relaxation into those areas. We spend a lot of our time in our heads…
wrapped up in worrying, fears, anxiety and thinking. Bring your awareness now into the body…
beginning to ground into the present moment. Again bring your hand or both hands to your
heart. Feel the gentle and warm touch of your hands
on your chest. Do some small circles on your heart area with
your hands and give yourself a feeling of unconditional love and compassion. Notice this sensation of care you give yourself. Let go of any specific goals or expectations
you may have. You are simply being present and embracing
with kindness whatever sensations you experience in your body. You can rest your hands again by your side. Notice any tension you may be holding in your
shoulders. Soften your shoulders and let them relax and
fall down. Notice you can bring yourself a sense of love
and warmth from deep within. Any pain you may feel through this process
of sensing into the body, don’t resist… avoid… deny… distract yourself from it..
or cover it up. Simply allow yourself to become aware of the
sensations and how your body holds tension and pain. Bring a soothing feeling into any part of
your shoulders that may be tight or have discomfort. Rest here for a few moments, taking in everything
you are feeling. Appreciate this moment. With mindfulness we practice embracing each
part of our body with love and attention. Feel free to repeat these words silently in
your mind after me: May I be kind to myself. May I be accepting of myself just as I am. May I be completely safe. May I forgive myself. May I find peace in my heart. Now bring relaxation into your chest and back. Let them soften and relax. See if you can bring a sense of deep relaxation
into your whole body. If you notice any areas that are tight or
sore then bring them love and compassion. Feel them relax and soften. With each out breath exhale any stress or
tension you may be holding. Now bring one hand to your cheek. See if you can give yourself a gentle, caring
touch to show yourself how much you care about you. In this moment give yourself love and forgiveness. Make this touch soothing and compassionate. You can bring your hand back to your side. Next notice any tension in your arms and hands. Gently release this tension by softening and
relaxing. Make your breath bring relaxation throughout
your whole body. Now give yourself a small hug. Like you would someone who you loved who you
hadn’t seen in a long time. Someone you cared about and wished the best
for. Enjoy this moment of giving yourself affection. You can bring your hands back to your side. Now bring a sensation of deep relaxation to
your stomach and abdomen area. Release any tension and soften this area of
your body. Notice any tension in your body. If you feel tension repeats the words silently
after me and direct those words to any part of your body that may be tight: May I love myself completely just as I am. May I be safe. May I feel peace. May I feel loved. May I feel compassion towards myself. If you want to place one hand on your abdomen
and one on your chest. Touch yourself gently and with care. Feel your breath. As you breathe in experience a feeling of
deep love for yourself. As you breathe out, let go of any stresses
or worries. We’ll stay here for a few rounds. On the in breathe tell yourself how much you
care about yourself. On the out breathe let go of anything that
no longer serves you. With the in-breathe feel an intense sensation
of love. Notice your touch on yourself and give yourself
a feeling of warmth and love. If you want to gently make a circle on your
chest and abdomen feel free to do so. You can return your hands to your side. Now notice your upper legs. And send them gratitude and love. Any tension you may be feeling there release
it and soften. Being gentle and kind towards your body. If you notice any you have an inner resistance
to loving or appreciating any parts of your body then repeat after me: May I love my body exactly how it is and send
it a feeling of health and love. Feel a sense of deep relaxation within you
and spread this feeling through your whole body. Next send appreciation, peace, happiness to
your lower legs. Send a feeling of tenderness towards this
area of your body. Thank these parts of your body for what they
do for you. Simply feel any sensations without judgement. Now soften and relax your lower legs… there
you go. Now notice your feet. Appreciate your whole body even with its imperfections,
scars, pain and appreciate it for how it is right now. Send your feet a feeling of gratitude, care
and love. Think of a place is very peaceful, beautiful
and enjoyable for you. Notice your breath and begin to take long,
slow, deep breaths. Feel your abdomen really expand when you breathe. You want it to extend and stretch as you breathe
in. When you breathe out make it the letting-go
of everything kind of breath. With your out breathe feel as though you can
let go of absolutely everything you might be holding onto. Stress, tension, the past, the future, discomfort,
something on your mind, distractions, anything you want to let go of… do it now. You are using your breath to bring your attention
internally… from the normal external. We are going to travel to that place that
is peaceful and beautiful for you. You will feel a deep sense of inner calm and
relaxation. When you breathe in you are breathing in fresh
oxygen that is regenerating and refreshing you. With each exhale you let go of just a little
more tension and stress. So each in-breathe you breath in peace, comfort
and relaxation. With each out-breathe letting go of anything
you need to let go of. Think of this place that is beautiful to you. It may be a place you’ve actually been or
one in your imagination. A place that makes you feel really good. It could be a specific place or a combination
of places. That doesn’t really matter. So long as this place is beautiful to you.. Safe… calm… and makes you feel good. Imagine yourself going to your beautiful,
peaceful place now. See the colors, hear the sounds… notice
the things you see there. Feel the temperature, the setting, what time
of day it is… Be totally present in this special place… noticing all your senses. Notice how you feel being in your beautiful
place. How calm you are. How relaxed. This place is healing your mind, body and
soul. Feel the relaxation wash over you. This is your special place… feel warmth and vibrancy from your head to
your toes. As you immerse yourself into your special
place of healing and peace notice how you become more relaxed, at peace and more rested. Pay attention to any sounds you hear at your
special place. Or maybe it’s very quiet. Immerse yourself in the experience of being
in your beautiful place. Notice any smells or aromas at your beautiful,
peaceful place. Maybe you don’t smell anything and that
is OK as well. You are free to do this exercise however you
choose. You are complete and totally healed in your
special place. Take a moment to notice what being completely
healed feels like. Experience that relaxation, peace and healing
that this place brings you. Allow yourself to feel those sensations. Have this sense of healing go deep within
you. You have no worries, concerns, cares in your
special place. You can completely rejuvenate here. This is a mental vacation for you. You’ve got nowhere else to go right now,
and no place else to be. So enjoy being at your special, healing, calming,
beautiful place. Now find a spot at your wonderful place and
settle in. Relax. Make yourself comfortable. As you enjoy spending time at your beautiful
place allow yourself to let go of anything that may prevent you from healing. It’s a time to recharge your body and your
mind. Feel this relaxation and healing go deep within
your soul. You will feel restfulness, real calmness…
peace… let that feeling of healing flow deep within you. To the furthest reaches of your soul. You are welcome to visit this place any time
you like. The moment you need a sense of calm, feel
free to visit your special place. It will give you that feeling of relaxation
and peace. You can leave your special place now knowing
you can return at any time. Release any tension and enjoy that feeling
of relaxation. Now we’ll look to experience a sensation
of deep relaxation. You can remember a time you were so deeply
relaxed, do you remember that feeling continuing deeper and spreading as your mind went inside
more relaxed. Find yourself doing that now, so that your
mind can take you on a journey inside your mind so that you find yourself going deeper
and deeper into a wonderful comfortable, calm, relaxing state. I know you are wondering why you are so incredibly
relaxed and you are still aware of my voice and the sounds around you and that’s ok
because you are drifting to deeper levels of hypnosis calmly and comfortably all the
while. Realise that you are relaxing deeply and calmly
and that this powerful session of hypnosis is particularly enlightening. Because you are relaxing, in your imagination
construct a picture of an ornate and grand staircase. Make that picture in your mind now. The stair case has a magnificent banister
with wonderful ornate artwork. This majestic flight of stairs has ten stairs. You notice that you are at the top of those
ten stairs. In a moment, you are going to carefully and
easily move, in your mind’s eye, from the tenth stair, down to
the ninth stair… Then from the ninth stair, slowly move down
to the eighth stair, all the way down, until eventually you get to the very
last of the stairs. When you get to the bottom of this impressive
staircase, you are going to feel completely relaxed in every way Because you are calm now, imagine yourself
at the top of the magnificent staircase Moving now from the tenth stair, down to the
ninth stair Taking the next step down… you become more
and more relaxed. This sensation of relaxation doubles with
each step Now move from the ninth step down to the eighth
step… And from the eighth… down to the seventh… Deeper and deeper, more relaxed
Allowing your mind to drift And your body to relax, deeply and comfortably From seven to down to six
Six to five… Five to four… Nearly there… Doubling the feeling of relaxation Feeling comfortable and so relaxed
Three… Two… One… In your mind’s eye, you are down on that
bottom step and you are feeling total relaxation which means you are opening your mind to new
thoughts, new ideas, and new resources. That’s right. Say to yourself now, “today I am choosing
to let go of subconscious negativity so that I can enjoy having inner peace.” Imagine now a fountain flowing with radiant,
clear, refreshing water. The fountain is in a beautiful garden and
is the most incredible design you have ever seen. It’s the most beautiful water fountain in
the world. The fountain design is a symbolic representation
of the oneness of unity and spirit and the power of the universe. The fountain design is a mixture of greek
and roman influences and features mythical beings in statues as part of the design. You feel a sense of awe as you approach the
fountain. That deep inner feeling that your life will
be changed after visiting this wonderful place. This is a magical fountain where the water
has the power to heal your mind, soul and body. This is a true fountain of youth. You walk up to the fountain now and with your
hand you take a handful of water and begin to sip it. This magical water has the power to create
healing and happiness. Feel its effects on you as you take a small
drink. You make a conscious decision to allow yourself
to heal. You allow your body to regenerate and refresh. It is as if nothing bad has ever happened
to you. As you drink the water from the fountain a
sense of peace and healing flows through you. Feel these sensations on a deep, inner level. You now get a cup and take a larger drink
from the fountain. By doing so you give yourself permission to
heal. You are now willing to forgive yourself. You also forgive anyone that has caused you
pain or hurt you. As you drink from the fountain this sense
of relaxation, peace, healing and newness flows through you. You can feel the sensation of recharging you,
and letting go of any negative events of the past. You now let go of any pain… you are able
to see things differently now, from new empowered perspective. You let go of any need to be right… you
now see the world from a fresh, clear, pure perspective. Like that of a small child who has not experienced
any pain. Now take a larger drink from the fountain. As much as you want to drink. Become aware of the warm, tingling sensation
of drinking these healing waters. The energy from this water is the energy of
the universe, which is in every living thing. In every part of nature and every cell in
your body. You begin to connect with this source energy. You can feel every cell in your body vibrate
with energy and health. You are flushing out any negativity at all. You actively choose to heal your mind, body
and soul. You feel a deep sense of forgiveness towards
yourself and anyone who you need to forgive. Take a moment now to experience this deep
sense of forgiveness. You are extremely grateful for this healing
you are able to experience. You give yourself permission to heal inside
and out. Visualize your energy beginning to shine bright. You are capable of unconditional love. Any pain you may be feeling is an opportunity
for growth. Start to feel this deep sense of healing flowing
through your whole body. Return to the fountain and start to splash
water over yourself. Especially focusing on any areas of your body
that require extra healing. Using your hands pour water on the top of
your head and allow it to flow all over you. Feel this healing energy of the water travel
down your body from your head, over your chest, onto your arms, legs and to your feet. It is totally rejuvenating you.. Refreshing you.. Making you whole again. The energy from the water goes deep inside
you to every cell in your body. It is healing every part of you. Every nerve, bone, muscle, organ… every part of you is being healed and made
new. This healing energy gives you the power to
bring all your deepest desires and intentions to life. This incredible sense of healing clears any
blockages stopping you from going after what you want. Continue splashing this magical water all
over yourself. Experience a deep, relaxing, peaceful sense
of bliss. You use your intuition to tap into healing. Your body is incredible at self-healing and
by using this magical water from the fountain of youth you stimulate your body to naturally
heal anything needing attention. This could be anything in your body needing
healing… or your mind… or letting go of the past. Identify anything that specifically needs
healing and splash the healing water on that area of your body, mind or soul. You have complete power and control to use
this healing water however you want to. It is time to heal and you allow your body
to do that however it needs to. Feel this sensation of relaxation, healing,
happiness and refreshment flow through you. Feel these sensations come from deep within
you. A sense of healing you’ve never felt to
this level before. You deserve to heal.. So use the healing water as you need. Visualize splashing it over you, drinking
the water… using it as much as you need to get over any events of the past… you
are becoming made new again. Next you are going to step into the fountain. The water is chest deep.. You immerse yourself into these magic waters
and it’s energies completely heal you. The feeling and sensation of the water is
felt deep within you. Experience the emotions of being one with
this healing energy. Go under water now and completely immerse
yourself in self-healing. Feel this healing energy swirling through
your entire body… and flowing in and out of every bone, muscle, tendon, cell, nerve
in your whole body. Experience a deep sense of gratitude toward
yourself. As you are completely immersed in this magical,
healing water… repeat after me: I accept myself completely and unreservedly
as I am I am completely relaxed and healed
My mind, body and soul are in complete harmony My emotions are nourishing and make me feel
good I practice to experience a deep sense of calm
and ease within myself Feel this healing sensation flowing throughout
your whole body. As you completely immerse yourself in this
water think of the one or more things that most need healing within you. It could be anything in your mind, soul or
body. It might be related to pain, or something
that happened in the past or is happening now. Whatever you’d like to specifically heal,
imagine this problem right now. Use this magic water to heal this problem. Use the water however you need… either drinking,
splashing it, swimming and immersing to direct the healing energy on this problem. Feel the water trigger your internal self-healing
mechanisms… from your immune system, to getting stronger, to your body’s ability
to clean toxins, and detox itself. Imagine the energy from this magical water
from the fountain of youth. Notice the dark areas that need to be healed
becoming light as this healing energy flows to where you need it. You notice these dark areas flowing out of
you. And this water completely healing you and
making you new again. For a few moments feel this healing process
going on within yourself. All parts of your mind, body soul that need
healing are receiving them now. And you are open and accepting of this healing. Feel confident in your body’s ability to
heal and experience that sensation of calm and peace. Now while you are in the water you notice
yourself becoming part of the water. You begin to become at one with this magical,
restorative, healing water. The water starts to become part of you and
you become part of the water. The healing power of the water becomes part
of you. This allows you to experience powerful healing
within your very being. The strongest feeling of love and peace you’ve
ever experienced washes over you. You now allow your heart to heal from all
past hurts. As you become one with the water you visualize
every part of your being healing. It may be normal to feel emotions right now. And that is normal. This is part of the healing process. Visualize the love created through healing
coming up from deep within you and permeating every cell in your body. Allow yourself to just be and enjoy this healing
sensation. Be grateful for giving yourself this time
to heal. See the sensation of light as you become one
with the magical, healing water. Feel what it is like to be completely healed
from everything that was ailing you. Take an extra moment now to feel this sensation
of bliss flow through you completely. You are now free to chase your dreams and
desires without anything holding you back. You are completely made new. Experience the sensations and feelings that
come with this new, fresh start. This is your time to enjoy this feeling. Take a few moments now to reflect. Now it’s time to heal yourself completely
by drifting off to sleep. Take a moment now to feel how relaxed you
are. If you notice any tension in your body…
then release it. Notice where in your body you are most relaxed. We will do a sleep countdown now from 50 to
0. At 50 you feel relaxed, sleepy, peaceful…
drifting off. Count to 49… and feel even sleepier and
more relaxed. Feel your mind letting go and your body feeling
heavy. 48 – your eyes are heavy, your concentration
is turned off, you feel less conscious 47 – peaceful, calm, tired, exhausted… ready
to sleep 46 – drifting off… Count yourself down now for a few moments… Peaceful.. Calm… Letting go. Deep, peaceful, relaxing breath Drifting off… With each number you count down you get more
relaxed. You surrender to the deepness of sleep. Count all the way down to zero slowly. Counting slowly. You are in a safe, peaceful, relaxed place. You feel yourself drifting down. Deeper… and deeper. Counting down. Dreaming… Thinking of positive things.. That make you happy and relaxed. Counting down further… slowly. Enjoying this feeling of drifting off. Content. Calm. Peaceful.. Counting down further. Dreaming now. Any thoughts slipping away. Counting down more now. Floating gently into the world of sleep. Drifting deeper. Slowly count down. The heaviness of sleep feels so good. Not a care in the world. Counting down. Drifting off. Comfort. Relaxation… Counting down one by one. Deep sleep. Heavy eyes… Heavy body. Continuing to count down. Falling asleep.


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