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Hello this is davidji, and welcome to
this week’s Life Tools. Right now today was a day off for me, just that sliver of
pattern interrupt between a whole bunch of events and trainings, and the
celebration of the divine goddess of affirmations, Louise Hays birthday, and
then we launch into our teacher training. So today was just a day for me to pull
back the bow, to really connect to the stillness and silence that rests within,
and so today I figured I would go indoor skydiving, and that would be the perfect
thing for me to do classic pattern interrupt. Something I don’t do every day,
and you can watch the video, and hopefully that will inspire you to take
action as well. Now I’m not telling you to jump out of a plane, even though we
can hear one overhead, but on your breaks between all that action, action, action.
Going, going, going. Non-stop, relentless flow of thoughts,
experiences, conversations, and interactions that we’re having. If you
can just take some time to do something new, spend time in nature just for an
hour, read something that you haven’t been
reading before, watch something that you’ve been holding off, really
connecting to. If you can do that or dare something big, run into the cold ocean or
take a walk just as the sun is setting. But if we can dream to dare, dare something new,
dare the pattern interrupt and allow it to come into our life, then that will act
as our pulling back the bow. Allowing our brain to take a breath. That space
between thoughts, words, our breaths, actions. So today I encourage you, this
week I encourage you, to do something new. Do something unique, do something special.
Something you’ve been thinking about but haven’t really committed to. And just
that break in the action will provide you with the strength, the courage, the
confidence, and the Yogastha Kuru Karmani- Establishing yourself in the
present moment, and then taking action. So that your next trajectory will have greater
clarity and a deeper chance of fulfillment. From the Sweet Spot of the
Universe, this is davidji. Keep meditating! And I’ll see you in the gap.


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